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Its All Gone


Michael couldnt help him self, he had a bad addiction.
He coud sit there for hours, and not care about the friction.
His wife was hanging by a thread, their life was in a shamble.
He thought that he could fix it all, whenever he would gamble.

Dollar after dollar, each day he pockets would be clean.
Hoping that he would strike it rich, on a winning slot machine.
At first he only spent a little, the problems werent that bad.
Now the loan sharks looking for him, and everything he had.

Blowing paycheck after paycheck, trying to get out of debt.
Even putting the mortgage, of their house placed on a bet.
Michael was addicted, and there wasnt that much time.
His kids and wife would soon be gone, cause he crossed the line.

His job was on the edge of gone, his bills are months behind.
The car got repossessed last week, and he owes so many fines.
Unless he realizes he has an addiction, and its layed out on the lawn.
Everything that surrounds his life, will soon be its all gone.



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