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The Power of Love

As I stood in the clouds in perplexy
and looked around me satirically
I shook my head and sadly said
“be it life thus, I may be living not”
standing there, I wished for death.

I was sad because I was lonely,
lonely because I had nobody,
nobody because I have not seen the right one.
the right one was not there for me for comfort
the right ones are always scarce

And so i continued living a life of voidness
in me there was no sweetness
but then never did I lose faith in God helping me
I continued being optimistic
then suddenly it all happened!!!!

walking home from school one noon
this Queen i beheld
she was as beautiful as a goddess
as enticing as an apple
and as sweet as lollipop

just watching her made my heart skip
a tingling sensation left my heart to my toe
I started seeing things in slow motion
as I watched, a soft wind swept my brow
I was so hpnotised

she started featuring in my dreams.
she was voluptous,
and moreover, vivacious,
she was also enticing and tantalising.
my heart started yearning for her.

when insects chirp on moonlit nights,I long for her
when on moonlit nights
the breeze blows leaves in slow motion
I will always think of her
I now have a will to life for eternity

when on snowy nights trees are swaying in snow,
when the dew mix with snow blanket the earth
I will always love her
for love can turn balck to white



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