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The Way It Is: Echo Poem 3

Afraid To Face The World

You may be the one to help redeem my spirit 
For you seem so incredibly inspiring. 
Anything I create I destroy 
Save me from destroying myself 
Oh potential Muse 
A wild vision I can't ignore 
A wild shade of cherry red 
Embrace my mind 
And I will embrace your soul 
Despair is the key to failure 
And with you I cannot fail 
And with you I cannot lose 
Let our imaginations bind together 
Let us make something magical happen 
I want to kiss you with my chain of philosophies 
Philosophies that are rational within reasoning 
For I haven't been rational lately 
I am afraid to face the world 
For why is the world so judgmental 
When one is at their lowest? 
So many times I have fallen apart 
Irrational circumstances bring major reactions 
Come to my rescue oh potential Muse 
Drive me wild 
Give me strength 
Touch me with your provocative appeal... 
Do you feel? 

Do you feel a little bit of attraction between us? 
This is so wildly tragic I can't explain 
I shall die a little... 
A moment of bliss.

Beauteous Victory
April 21,2014

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Rationality Is Way Over-Rated! 

Every true poet is my muse. Their poems, 
The cannon fodder of dreams exploded, 
(Feed me a dark crow) , even if they walk 
With only one leg, or have to be carried 
In the arms of, on the back of a friend. 
Even if they have forgotten their purpose, 
And only in fleeting lucid moments, 
Remember their days as a poet, 
Who could make sunshine last forever, 
A mere smile into Christ's death on the cross, 
I swear to God I will love him/her till death. 

And you, you blackguard of Hell's gate, 
This is your punishment, God's justice. 
I bite off your head and spit the bitterness out. 
I drink the warm blood of your still flapping body, 
A flagon of the sweetest wine at a wedding feast, 
My white shirt now bright red with your blood. 
In your days of merciless flight, did you ever dream 
That your death would bring such pleasure? ! 
Oh let me till death bring fear to the black heart 
Who cannot distinguish me from its next victim, 
Just by knowing I await you too, like Dexter. (1)         

And you, heart of every poet, dare to dream 
Of an absence of crows in blue skies 
For this is God's Grace that awaits you. 
Embrace the irrational, for the joy it brings, 
We are truly the children of God. 
In its time, what is low will be lifted up. 
God is real and His Love is your reward, 
Be your words without rhythm or rhyme, 
For your words are the words of a poet. 
And I do feel (though I am old and getting older) , 
You have a well earned place in my heart. 

Rage with Dylan ‘against the dying of the light, ' 
Like a child rest your head on my thigh, 
Rationality is way over-rated, 
Just open your heart to my poem and you'll see.

Brian Johnston
April 23,2014



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