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  1. Date: 11/7/2013 8:45:00 PM
    I felt all your pain in this poem Thomas, and had great compassion for you. Ho awful this must have been for you. A truly great writ. my friend...Peter

  1. Date: 11/1/2013 7:45:00 PM
    Thom This is extremely heart wrenching and powerful. The reader can feel the sorrow and pain in every line. Tugs at the heartstrings. Sad story told in poem form. Hugs

  1. Date: 10/25/2013 4:02:00 PM
    After reading this poem, I am glad that my father was not around to cause more pain. No one should ever have to relive memories like these. I am glad that you did not follow in his footsteps. Really great work!

  1. Date: 10/18/2013 10:28:00 AM
    It is awful for a child to see abuse like this, I am sorry you had to go through this awful moments. But you grew up to be better men than your father, and that's good, and this is something to be proud of. Sad, but strong write, thanks for sharing ... with love... Ellie..

  1. Date: 10/16/2013 5:26:00 PM
    Wow, I remember things like this myself, I don't remember this of my dad * mom. Though she left him when I was 3, Though my older sis,two brothers remember. Humans, can't live with or with out them ;} My Alzheimer poem, my heart goes out to them as well ;} I wrote a poem for my mom called Lillian, you might light Fireflies too ;} I will be reading more of your words ;}

  1. Date: 10/8/2013 2:33:00 PM
    This is horrific..That you had to see that. I'm so so sorry for the pain that young boy must have suffered in that moment in time, a pain I'm sure you still carry. Bless you for sharing. I'm so so proud of you for your resolution to NOT follow in his footsteps. I wanted to stop by and thank you for your visits to my work. I was also a bit worried that you had gotten the wrong impression as most of my poems you have read seem to be some rant or another. Hope you read more to be a better idea. :)

  1. Date: 10/5/2013 6:59:00 AM
    Goes without saying, but extremely powerful and emotional. It's not something to which I relate, but I felt your fear, confusion--your determination and conviction. Strong piece well-penned :)

  1. Date: 10/4/2013 9:31:00 PM
    You tell a sad tale here and I admire your resolution not to hit a woman. I am glad you liked my Tolkien tribute - I have written plenty of them - and I'm Jewish. Peace & Blessings Matthew Anish

  1. Date: 10/2/2013 10:43:00 AM
    Hey Thomas... A very nice write here. It is good that you learned from your fathers mistakes. How ever painful they must be.

  1. Date: 10/2/2013 3:56:00 AM
    Thank you for this poem Thomas.

  1. Date: 10/1/2013 6:32:00 AM
    This is a very heartfelt poem. my first time that I read one of your poems, but It won't be the last. Your mother did the right thing.May God forgive your father. I have seen this kind of abuse before. you are a good man. many blessings to you..... Lucilla

  1. Date: 9/27/2013 11:45:00 AM
    7 & 7 ..for being honest , and brave , real truth in pain is a poet discovered , yet bring me to tears . I think you are well on your way here to being Australia 's finest ~

  1. Date: 9/27/2013 3:29:00 AM
    Hi Thomas- First time I am stopping by your poems, and this one had me almost in tears-- very powerful and so sad. This is an issue that should be spoken/written about more. Abuse.. physical or emotional is unacceptable-- Great write.