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  1. Date: 8/2/2013 12:27:00 PM
    Tim so very true and a wonderful write you have penned. I enjoyed the read, best to you in the contest~Caryl With reply on one of my last pantoum. It really it's at all that hard, give it a try; you'll fall in love with the style. Caryl

  1. Date: 8/2/2013 1:00:00 AM

  1. Date: 7/30/2013 8:25:00 AM
    Yes it is true, everyone can relate to this one.. For loss and losing yourself.. Thanks for visiting, Tim :) I'd rather say that I have something for charismatic guy :p

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 8:27:00 PM are so right....especially unexpected takes many days before it becomes real...a great poem

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 6:24:00 PM
    A great poem with a powerful message. For me, I see this as a message about aging. Every morning when I look in the mirror, I see an older person staring back at me. The younger me from the day before is gone and never coming back. Sort of scary, huh?...Milt

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 6:04:00 PM
    Tim--you have chisled away at pure truth. I often think about what the world will be like without me--not much different except for a few family and friends. The web site may keep a few of my ideas alive for a while. I thank each day for waking up. And you are right--laughter is the best medicine. I didn't specifically point that out in case anyone wanted to settle on viagra.

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 5:53:00 PM
    Tim, wow... I know Susan, will love this... what a morning... good luck in the contest... xox~ Linda

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 5:28:00 PM
    I like what you did here, Tim. I think we all expected a recount of the morning after a drinking bout. Hats off to you, my friend. I know you'll do well in the contest. Licia :-)

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 3:27:00 PM
    Very interesting write.

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 2:32:00 PM
    Very good write, should do well in the contest Peter

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 12:07:00 PM
    I felt this poem poet like you and I were having a conversation. Nicely done poet

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 9:34:00 AM
    This is so true..........there is a numbness that wraps one in a cocoon...... and then out of nowhere, the reality washes over and it seems it will drown you with that delayed tidal wave. I can imagine your memory of that morning after.....but I also know that there isn't only one.......they come and go with a life of their own. This poem touches a different kind of morning after than most. It will do well, I'm sure

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 7:56:00 AM
    I understand this piece pretty well. It's certainly why it's so vital to smile or, at least, be in peace before you fall asleep. Nicely done!

  1. Date: 7/28/2013 7:50:00 AM
    wow, Tim, I see you took the serious route with your entry and this ROCKS!!! I love it!