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  1. Date: 12/27/2010 5:56:00 PM
    Congratulations on your win in Gareth Jame's "2012" contest Lynette. Love, Carol

  1. Date: 12/23/2010 10:49:00 AM
    Many congratulations Lynette on you wonderful win in Gareth's fine contest. Have wonderful festive holiday >> James :)

  1. Date: 12/23/2010 10:37:00 AM
    So happy to see your outstanding poem in the winners' circle, Lynette. Congratulations and Merry Christmas. Love, Carolyn

  1. Date: 12/23/2010 8:09:00 AM
    Congrats Lynette on your super top win in the 2012 contest with this astounding write and entry my dear friend.. enjoy sweet success during these happy holidays with luv..from all of us to u...

  1. Date: 9/28/2010 3:01:00 PM
    Nice science fiction here! What is "Gliese" - is a moon or a planet? Keep 'em coming! Peace & Blessings Matthew Anish

  1. Date: 8/27/2010 6:20:00 AM
    Yes, Lynette. And what if our spirit was in tune with our Creator?! Can you imagine the level of peace we'd have? Beautiful and is my fav. for today. Love, Audrey

  1. Date: 8/19/2010 10:22:00 AM
    Many wonders yet for humanity to discover, in the deeper depths of his consciousness. Thanks for the read, and sharing. Agape, Moses

  1. Date: 8/18/2010 8:33:00 AM
    Life is always a series of staring over again and again..this is an exquisite poem Lynette and wise words within your lines... the reader will have to read this one more than once.. enjoy your day sweet thing..with luv from Italy..caio..

  1. Date: 8/17/2010 7:23:00 PM
    Hey! Lynette, how are you thanks for them,, so what is up and are you back in school yet..So cool if you are,, lol someone has to learn Better you than my old brain..kidding,, have a cool one,,p.d.

  1. Date: 8/17/2010 7:19:00 PM
    HI, Sweet friend. thanks for your comments ON three of my poem. I always look forward to your comments because you give non standard ones that are often quite cute. Gosh when will this contest of Gareth's be judged? I forgot to wish you luck in it! Luv, Andrea

  1. Date: 8/17/2010 3:06:00 PM
    I like it!

  1. Date: 8/15/2010 6:43:00 PM
    I am hoping for the new heaven and earth to come down.

  1. Date: 8/15/2010 11:19:00 AM
    Great imagery in this poem, my dear friend Lynette. I really love this one. An interesting perspective on the cycle of the Universe. Good luck in the contest! Emily

  1. Date: 8/15/2010 12:10:00 AM
    good luck Lynette, you have to be dreaming here. I can not believe in this 2012 if it was to happen.. i would bite my own tongue.. Cool poem,, and the best of luck to you and the contest,..p.d.

  1. Date: 8/14/2010 4:10:00 AM
    Ps. Smile ~ And of course, a fave dear lady; one of "Your Brightness'" very best ~ "Bye Again!":) ~

  1. Date: 8/14/2010 4:07:00 AM
    Smile ~ And those "Dreams," hopefully for All, to forever be lived, "Happily Ever After" ~ "Absolutely Beautiful Precious Lynette!!!" ~ Smile, and "Thank You Dear," for "Your" very kind com; Always means the world to me ~ "My Love & Warmth to You Always, & All You Love," John! ~ Smile, "Have The Very Brightest of Celestials Days, Amid The Most Beautiful Stars of Love, Dear Lovely Lynette;" Bye!:) ~

  1. Date: 8/14/2010 3:57:00 AM
    Smile ~ "What An Astonishingly Vibrant & Image Laced Vision of Creativity This Is Dear Gifted & Beautiful Lynette Chachere!!!" ~ Its as if "Your Brilliance" has taken Us to a magical place and time and perhaps time to come which "Your Splendors" have seen and been to "Yourself Dear Lady" ~ A majestical place whereas "You" say, "One Can Live Their Dreams" ~ ....Cont:)

  1. Date: 8/13/2010 8:46:00 PM
    I bet you are gonna do well with this one. I liked the imagery and thanks for seeing my poems, Lynette! Luv, andrea ps If this had been done in quatrain form, gosh, with a few additions, it could also have been in the Elements contest!

  1. Date: 8/13/2010 7:54:00 PM
    Wow another amazing & deep write from you Lynette! Enjoyed your ponderings with this one Like I said before you sure are really mature for your age-- haha I think more mature than I am! Now I feel old-- you were just in 1st grade when I wrote that poem?? Eeek I am having an age crisis right now-- lol :) hope you're having a great day :) -- nikko :)

  1. Date: 8/13/2010 5:15:00 PM