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  1. Date: 8/27/2010 11:46:00 AM
    I was here Lynette. I enjoyed you little Veronica rhyme, sounds like me when I was a kid. I did like to supprise, even sometimes shock people. Smile!Agape, Moses

  1. Date: 8/12/2010 8:20:00 AM
    Nice job Lynette...Jimmy

  1. Date: 8/10/2010 11:21:00 PM
    hi, sweet Lynette. Thanks for reading my poems today. Glad you liked my talking produce. Naughty veggies. hahaha. I know you are like me that way!! Luv, Andrea

  1. Date: 8/6/2010 6:20:00 PM
    congrats on the hot poem list!!

  1. Date: 8/5/2010 12:12:00 AM
    Thank you-- that is one cool compliment, to be the best mis-speller for the day ^_^ -- I think I just might get the hang of writing that way haha :)

  1. Date: 8/5/2010 12:06:00 AM
    hi Lynette :) thanks for stopping by and good evening to you :) over here it's still afternoon though ;) -- as for my *lokt* write-- try reading it again ^_~ I had fun writing that-- was just playing around with my spelling since I seem to have such an attraction for typos, so I messed up my spelink on purpose ;) -- nikko :)

  1. Date: 8/4/2010 10:15:00 PM
    Dear Lynn, Hi SIS How Habe YOU been I see YOU have not lost any POETIC Talent Is this YOU as a little girl or do YOU have a Daughter if so she has Genious Qualities as do YOU I LOVE YOU my Sister Spirit Always and Forever YOUR Spirit Brother...Harry

  1. Date: 8/4/2010 8:53:00 PM
    An impresario too.. my little Lynette.. a sweet poem for Joe's contest if so good luck... my kiddie entry was Puffs the Panda.. u many have read.. luv..

  1. Date: 8/4/2010 7:24:00 PM
    very charming Lynette!

  1. Date: 8/3/2010 3:44:00 PM
    What a delightful child Veronica Lynn must be! Is she your girl, Lynette? You seem to understand her so well. A delightful poem! Love, Carolyn

  1. Date: 8/3/2010 12:36:00 PM
    Hmm I have a feeling this Veronica Lynn is you or your alter ego? I sure would've love to teach Veronica Lynn, haha leaving me all puzzled too I bet! Enjoyed your write as always and I am doing great thanks, haha still awake at 330 am though ;) hope your day is doing great-- nikko :)

  1. Date: 8/3/2010 1:06:00 AM

  1. Date: 8/2/2010 8:45:00 PM
    zero trouble, such an interestng phrase, Lynette. Quite a four year old this is, LYnette. Maybe it was YOU at four? Oh, and that is cool , you think of me as a cat/kangeroo. I could combine it and be a Cataroo. Or Kangacat. Hmm, I think I like KangaCat. LUv, Andrea

  1. Date: 8/2/2010 7:41:00 PM
    Smile ~ "She" sounds so very beautiful this, heart of a childs pureness and, rare gift of a girl ~ "The Learning Book" we could All be blessed by and grow from I am sure ~ "Beautiful Picture Painted Here Dear Lynette Chachere" ~ "My Love & Warmth to You Always," John!:) ~ Smile, on we go....

  1. Date: 8/2/2010 7:36:00 PM
    Smile ~ "Hello Precious & Beautiful Lynette Chachere" ~ I am sincerely sorry that I have failed to make my way to Your Gifted Treasures until now but, as I just mentioned to another, I do not sometimes pick-up my Soup coms from upon another phone for a couple of days or so but, Your lovely and kind ones are truly those I would wish Never to miss ~ I hope that Your life has been treating You beautifully dear and, that Your Precious Heart is smiling with joys over-flowing ~ ....Cont:)

  1. Date: 8/2/2010 4:55:00 PM
    cute poem

  1. Date: 8/2/2010 3:59:00 PM
    Good write about a life situation...Reads like high intellect using it to work the situation...Enjoyed reading this antic of a little one..Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my work..Sara

  1. Date: 8/2/2010 3:39:00 PM
    I would really like to meet this Veronica Lynn,, lol,,Lynette she sounds like tons of fun. Nice to see you back and ha ha you got to go back to school already. As for me I get to watch all them kids around me head of to the high life on learning.. By the way Veronica L, might be to clever for a 4 year old. your friend ,..p.d.

  1. Date: 8/2/2010 2:46:00 PM
    made me smile, thank you... Michael