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Short Spoken Word Poems

Short Spoken Word Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Spoken Word by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Spoken Word poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Spoken Word poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details | |


All Porto geese 
speak Portuguese.

Volodymyr Knyr

Short Spoken Word poem by cecil hickman| Details | |


Only a few words
Spoken strong with liberty
Ever misleading

Short Spoken Word poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details | |

Your lips

Close-clenched lips 
stop tongues' slips.

Volodymyr Knyr

Short Spoken Word poem by Kira Price| Details | |

The Only Voice That I Have

Money may not be
Key. But it speaks loud and clear.
The mean green echos.

Short Spoken Word poem by x x| Details | |


Artistry, freedom.
Learn to look outside the box.
Truth through spoken word.

Short Spoken Word poem by harry horsman| Details | |


The spoken word can be lost in silence

But can silence in the spoken word be lost.

Short Spoken Word poem by Tirzah Conway| Details | |


There is a lot to be said about the spoken word,
But sometimes it takes silence to be heard…

Short Spoken Word poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details | |

A peach and a speech

The bigger the peach, 
the better the chance to catch up someone's speech.

Volodymyr Knyr

Short Spoken Word poem by Ashley Abel| Details | |

A glance

Starts with a glance
Then a spoken word
Elevates to a conversation
Moves to a touch
Which leads to a kiss

Short Spoken Word poem by Cameron Coolidge| Details | |


I am defined
In darkness.
But an immaculate shadow;
A mere silhouette
Against the light
Of the world.

Short Spoken Word poem by Marissa Faries| Details | |

Be My Valentine

It is fine if thou cannot be mine, But if only for today can thine self be my valentine?

Short Spoken Word poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details | |

Deathbed Regrets


(c) Raymond Ngomane

Short Spoken Word poem by Alexander Schwartz| Details | |

Catching Fire

Catching Fire
Some of us are watching the skies for works of fire
While some of us are quietly catching it.

Which are you?

Short Spoken Word poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details | |


Forgive my senses/ 
I turn to hurt invisible angels/
Speak in turntable bible verses/
Painting stanzas in graffiti sounds/

Short Spoken Word poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

Sans Servile

In sang-froid, sass cords:
Sangoma dashes siren,
Thunder crashes trunk;
Sarky banters with lippy.
Spim for Santa maidenhead.

Short Spoken Word poem by cecil hickman| Details | |

Poetry Fad

Slam poetry a form so new
Spoken word more than a view
Some are great some are bad
It is really just a fad
Bringing attention to poetry true

Short Spoken Word poem by Ag Ki| Details | |


Read my lips.
With your lips. 
They’re saying kiss,
Kiss me.
In the rain,
In the back of my car.
Read my lips that are saying,
Don’t break my heart. 

Short Spoken Word poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details | |



Short Spoken Word poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details | |


If only i could give you pictures of my thoughts/

If only the paint never dried up/

If you only gave me a chance to dance in my portraits/

I would be more than poetic/ 

Short Spoken Word poem by Aaron Crow| Details | |

An Ancient Course

Tonight we sing to join an ancient course
Whose umbrage wrought both dove and flaming sword.
Our notes join the song whose age increased its force.
Our song plucks strings of early spoken word.

Short Spoken Word poem by Elizabeth-Dea Shanta| Details | |

Let's sing a new song

The new trinity of language, music and poetry ready
for giving birth to brand new words, which glows when crossing the lips,
silencing forever the songs of old that no longer works.

Short Spoken Word poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

If Thought

If (all) thoughts are words
To (easily) come by exactly
As internally initiate,
Believe me, no word thinks,
Will go un-remind.

- Abdulhafeez Oyewole.

For: Giorgio Veneto's 
"Laconic Verse I" 

Short Spoken Word poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details | |


strive for a PIECE of you in your words/
motivation ENTRAPPED by unholy baboons/
expect less ALOOF poetry shapes political cartoons/
words travel COOLER when your heart’s cold/
emerge spoken rage ELECTRIFIED by hope/

Short Spoken Word poem by Casarah Nance| Details | |

Rumors Whispered

Tip toe
On silent words
We know

The heart hides lies

Hushed hopes
Gone...but not gone
Love copes

Poet: Casarah Nance
Form: Musette 

Short Spoken Word poem by tom bell| Details | |


Friends have departed,
I could not go,
The ones left grieve,
In a sea of memories
It's all within oneself,
This I know
But the spoken word,
silenced for now,
Is achingly awaited,
When dear friends re-unite
For eternity.

Short Spoken Word poem by Nwanokwai Joy| Details | |

My obsession

My obsession has found me
am hidden in the light of his reflections
for the years past he went away
and for today,the day he returned
i know this isn't love 
but i will hold on to it
i know this isn't love 
you are just an obsession.

Short Spoken Word poem by Patricia Prosvirnin| Details | |

Shadow Light

I saw a little light go by
it curled around your face
a wisp of smoke
a spoken word
it colored all the same
this little light
it stung my eye
like an angry honeybee
its poison swelled within my heart
and filled my soul
with glee

Short Spoken Word poem by Wanda Ridley| Details | |


Quest to
qUill my brains orgasmic quiver
poE inspired laid out
gamE is my
tokeN way to say

to the Spoken word artist increasing
higher Heart rates
it's my forEver endeavor
crown the Best
with an edgAr allan acrostic valentine apple of the eye test.

Short Spoken Word poem by siza sibiya| Details | |

The Mind

The mind, Man’s intelligence nearly blind; The uncharted grey matter; The thought provoker: The main controller; The word ruler; The tool of the clever; The ignorant? Never. Only for the thought bind, Not idle mind.

Short Spoken Word poem by John Beam| Details | |

A good winter's cleaning

What are Cabinites                                                                                                          all things you find when cleaning                                                                                      cabinet dwellers

Short Spoken Word poem by Nwanokwai Joy| Details | |

Love got me thinking

Love got me thinking
a silent wish to be loved
love is standing close
close enough to me
love got me thinking
a network that's out of reach
love oh love!
My heart is blank to love
a closed case decided by me
but who am I to rule out love?
love got me thinking.

Short Spoken Word poem by stefania marchetti| Details | |

Raging soul

Rage the derivation of fury
I sit quietly, like a judge listening to his jury
Eternally stressed, I lay and think of what it might possess
Could it be distress?
No, it is my soul that confess
Eternally obsessed
The stage of my soul will never be expressed

Short Spoken Word poem by John Beam| Details | |

Lollapalooza Drive-in

carry you a tune                                                                                                            I have to bring my bucket                                                                                            ice but what the Eh 	

Short Spoken Word poem by nina mihandoust| Details | |

I am a dreamer

I am a dreamer!!!

Dreaming is a way of having hopes,
see your self in a better place,
realizing how wonderful is to have something,

and yes dreaming makes you WANT something,

but is that enough?

Dreamers know one thing,


Short Spoken Word poem by Robert L. Hinshaw| Details | |

Nothin' Rimes With Orange, Oar Sew They Say

Weave bin tolled ain't nothin' rimes with orange!

Weave bin duped end eye prey with this exchange,

Two rebutt all that nonsense,

With sum poetic lyecense,

Butt doubt that vary few minds aye will change!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

Short Spoken Word poem by kelechi Emeaba| Details | |

You Love Me For Me

You really would not thought it that way.
If there is any you would have behests to play.
some said such is life.
and is of course worth its while.
Here you found joy and bored. while love go the jove. However  nothing indifferently swayed.
Your trust 'll I stowaway.

Short Spoken Word poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

The crowd is untrue

The crowd is untrue,
Thus the need to stand aloof,
...Honestly be friends
With an honest few, is right.
Aye, the key to the victory.

Cower not under
The impulse of consumerism,
Since you aren't a beast.
Thus, to set things as always,
Means giving the best in you.

Short Spoken Word poem by Albert Ahearn| Details | |


Everything but the spoken word
is aware of its existence:
vegetation, rivers, the stars;
they are centered on nothing else.
They, all, comprise the universe. 
Even this imprudent poet
lives it in part, less dignified 
within it save benighted
freedom of my talkative mind.

Short Spoken Word poem by shadab shaikh| Details | |

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega

Short Spoken Word poem by Jeinara Odonio| Details | |

Just So You Know

I am hard to understand
I am hard to be with
I am hard to love
just so you know..

If you choose to be with me
It will never be easy
I fight. I claw. I kill
just so you know..

But if you are brave to take me
I might take you too
And you cannot turn back
just so you know..

Short Spoken Word poem by Susan Payne| Details | |

Lament of Scorn

No words to mend,
Hell's lack of moderation. 
No salve to cool, 
This fire’s damnation. 
No drink to drown, 
This love's dying thirst. 
No breeze to blow, 
Away this wretched curse. 
No passion to hold to, 
Through days so trying. 
No voice to scream 
But inside I'm dying!!

Short Spoken Word poem by Gordon McConnell| Details | |

A Social Drawback

All I ask for
is to unloose the tongue
believing it won’t block
among people bar none

A social gathering
is a step too far
where you are not wanted
feeling you have a scar

Indeed scarred you are
socially unable to compete
what is your future?
sitting alone in your back seat


Short Spoken Word poem by Leaha Pohlman| Details | |

My love

The sound that stirs my inner soul hath no comparison to the beauty in you I 
behold. My heart though it longs to be bathed in your grace, I yearn much more 
to hear you speak my name. For your words are like gold more precious than life 
that to hear your spoken word would bring peace in this night.

Short Spoken Word poem by TROY GREECE| Details | |

Understanding Why

Some things unsaid by
bamboos quiet in a pose of repose;
there are shivers in the
chords of leaves 
unseen by glances from
eyes unread.
And still,
they close and bow,
things must have been
said from the depth of 
a heart bursting not with words
but of silence understood
and affirmed.

Short Spoken Word poem by Christopher Flaherty| Details | |

Writing out loud

Writing out loud to solitary crowd is a sombre affair
Without an audiences touch the word’s appear a crutch
A diary in testament to isolation
The quietest spoken word reverberates loudest 
In the noise and angst that in the pen resides
Cornered on all sides the festering never subsides  


Short Spoken Word poem by Kristina Glackin| Details | |

Love over Hate

Broken promises
Meaningless words
Empty feelings
Secrets unheard
Thoughts racing
Heart wondering
Feet pacing
Tears thundering
Illusion of love
Faking of fate
Imitation of above
Leaking out hate
Purity in the day
Darkness at Sun fall
Finding a way
To conquer it all
We unite
We Fight
Love over hate

Short Spoken Word poem by michele gay| Details | |

I'll Love You Forever

                                  I'll Love You Forever

I loved you then,
I love you still,
No matter what,
I always will.

Through thick and thin,
right and wrong,
I still love you,
And have all along.

I love you so much,
And things will get better.
I'll never give up,
I'll love you forever.

Short Spoken Word poem by Peter Taylor| Details | |

An I for an I

I is a vowel,
I am a man,
Part of the 
Human alphabet race;
A powerful letter or word,
Searching for other
Consonants and vowels
To combine with,
And tell an everyday story,
Finding form and meaning:
A letter has potential
To become a spoken word
And bring happiness or despair,
Becoming lost in a breath of air.

Short Spoken Word poem by Seren Roberts| Details | |

Autumn Watch - Tanka Contest

I listen and watch
the canada geese, fly in
vee shaped formation*
what a beautiful vision
as onto the lake they glide

Penned on November 2nd 2013.

*This is an annual occurrence, so wonderful to see them all fly in.  
Then every day they fly to different water spots and back in the evening to a near by reservoir.

Short Spoken Word poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details | |

Africans know God

They’re bold/ 

Prophecies are spoken in prose/ 

They never shy away their African bones/ 

Hearts never freeze cold/ 

Natives know words exist in action and songs/ 

Born zeros to heroes speak bold / 

Flexible faces in empty tummies with folded manifested personhood scriptures speak bold/ 

Africans know God/ 

Short Poems