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Short Spoken word Poems | Short Spoken word Poetry

Short Spoken word Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Spoken word by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Spoken word short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Spoken Word poem by x x| Details |


Artistry, freedom.
Learn to look outside the box.
Truth through spoken word.

Short Spoken Word poem by harry horsman| Details |


The spoken word can be lost in silence

But can silence in the spoken word be lost.

Short Spoken Word poem by Tirzah Conway| Details |


There is a lot to be said about the spoken word,
But sometimes it takes silence to be heard…

Short Spoken Word poem by Ashley Abel| Details |

A glance

Starts with a glance
Then a spoken word
Elevates to a conversation
Moves to a touch
Which leads to a kiss

Short Spoken Word poem by cecil hickman| Details |

Poetry Fad

Slam poetry a form so new
Spoken word more than a view
Some are great some are bad
It is really just a fad
Bringing attention to poetry true

Short Spoken Word poem by Aaron Crow| Details |

An Ancient Course

Tonight we sing to join an ancient course
Whose umbrage wrought both dove and flaming sword.
Our notes join the song whose age increased its force.
Our song plucks strings of early spoken word.

Short Spoken Word poem by tom bell| Details |


Friends have departed,
I could not go,
The ones left grieve,
In a sea of memories
It's all within oneself,
This I know
But the spoken word,
silenced for now,
Is achingly awaited,
When dear friends re-unite
For eternity.

Short Spoken Word poem by Wanda Ridley| Details |


Quest to
qUill my brains orgasmic quiver
poE inspired laid out
gamE is my
tokeN way to say

to the Spoken word artist increasing
higher Heart rates
it's my forEver endeavor
crown the Best
with an edgAr allan acrostic valentine apple of the eye test.

Short Spoken Word poem by Albert Ahearn| Details |


Everything but the spoken word
is aware of its existence:
vegetation, rivers, the stars;
they are centered on nothing else.
They, all, comprise the universe. 
Even this imprudent poet
lives it in part, less dignified 
within it save benighted
freedom of my talkative mind.

Short Spoken Word poem by Christopher Flaherty| Details |

Writing out loud

Writing out loud to solitary crowd is a sombre affair
Without an audiences touch the word’s appear a crutch
A diary in testament to isolation
The quietest spoken word reverberates loudest 
In the noise and angst that in the pen resides
Cornered on all sides the festering never subsides  


Short Spoken Word poem by Peter Taylor| Details |

An I for an I

I is a vowel,
I am a man,
Part of the 
Human alphabet race;
A powerful letter or word,
Searching for other
Consonants and vowels
To combine with,
And tell an everyday story,
Finding form and meaning:
A letter has potential
To become a spoken word
And bring happiness or despair,
Becoming lost in a breath of air.

Short Spoken Word poem by Ruben Ramos| Details |


It's been ten years or more since,
We last shared a spoken word or, 
Broken bread at the same table.

You left so suddenly with no goodbyes,
No exchange of long goodbyes that,
Would normally precede departing.

The ponderosa pines you planted have,
Long since grown so high that they,
Almost touch the passing clouds.

Short Spoken Word poem by Christy Hardy| Details |

To Love Or Not To Love

To love or not to love,
do we have enough,
can time hold on to the memories,
that once were flames of desire,
Years of thoughts,
locked inside my heart,
shall I free them,
or will I need them.
The spoken word,
love is the key,
unlock my feeling,
let me show you,
a woman,
waiting for her que,
gentle, yet strong,
all night long.

Short Spoken Word poem by Autumn Rose Wood| Details |

Next Neck

She struts on oval stage
Ready rage
to tantalize
and also scandelize
With weighty witty
paraded poetry

prehaps pretty
lies lovely
in ice
cold cries

Or other emotional expression
of ornry agony ages

music mages
steal slammer's show

She shivers

gathers guts

walks with


spoken word

left to echo, unheard

Short Spoken Word poem by SHERRY WATSON| Details |


What are the true
Ingredients of love
Is it honesty 
Is it commitment
Is it faithfulness 
or could it be all three
can someone tell me
Is this how true love should be

Love is an action
It's not just a spoken word
show them that you care
display your love everywhere

show them by your actions
and not just a spoken word 
that never travels

Short Spoken Word poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |

Thank You


It is clear that love is not just  a human emotion
And gratitude may be shown in many ways
A spoken word or a sweet kiss on the cheek
Or a lick on the face on the worst of days....

I can't speak in your language its true
But a very great gift you've given to me
Greatful to you  for saving my babies
I hope in my eyes the love you can see....

Short Spoken Word poem by Kevin Clark| Details |

Love forever right down to your soul

Starry look about your eyes

Angels face with no disguise

With spoken word so soft and sweet

Always a kind way to everyone you meet

A touch of heaven from beginning to part

Always an eternal open heart

A hearing ear to give advice

A kind nature that's so precise

peace and friendship is your only goal

Love forever right down to your soul

Short Spoken Word poem by Tim B| Details |

Without Passion

What passion that lies before
Has drowned the truth offshore
Written heart, carved in blood
The spoken word is a flood

The written word is an earthquake
What passion is in doth shake
Lies in permanent form, carved in stone
Shakes the core, shakes the bone

Feel the rhythm in the hands
The fierce artificer 
Dead without passionate plans
Now they’ll frolic wiser

Short Spoken Word poem by Martin Hopkins| Details |

Haiku medley

Watched you pack your bag.
Sadness stood with me as i
Waved goodbye to love.

The hard of hearing
Listen to the spoken word.
Never sounds the same.

High winds bend forest
Trees, that shiver their green leaves.
Takes my breath away.

The night crept along
Silently window shopping,
Observed by a patient moon.

Silver freckles in 
The sky at dusk make me smile.
They twinkle twinkle.

Short Spoken Word poem by Rick Parise| Details |

Like a windsong she was gone

At best a memory flutter alone my love whisked away before the new dawn a thief had come so silent, unheard where mercy deserted her soft spoken word Upon the new day where time would not cease a truth of nevermore lay tears on my cheek mercy I cry out thorns at my side death had come alone why must I die...

Short Spoken Word poem by Ashley Abel| Details |

What makes you smile?

What makes you smile?
Is it a memory
Maybe a special moment
It could be as simple as a spoken word
Or perhaps an idea
Does it happen when you look at a picture
How about a song that sparks a memory
Or even a scent that takes you back
Whatever it might be that makes you smile,
Keep it with you always and never be afraid to add to the list
And no matter what happens never forget to smile.

Short Spoken Word poem by Dougie Sargent| Details |


To write is to hold, to cherish and adore.
It is to absorb all around you and put it into words.
It's to make history, the telling of your soul.
It speaks for itself, it needs no spoken word.

To read is your own perception, take it as you will.
It is your life that you reap as you read with all intent.
Every story has an end, yet your mind can add a new chapter with an endless clarity.

Hold onto this and feel what you wish.

Short Spoken Word poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |

What a tongue is truly for

She stares with anticipation
As it seems to roll about
Side to side, in and out

          Oh, the things she imagines
          As my lips tighten then curve
          She wants what she deserves

So I give in to her entirely, I do
As, to her, I begin to recite
Her flames, they then ignite

          She loves each and every spoken word
          Of my poems, sometimes sung
          She… simply loves my tongue

Short Spoken Word poem by Jim Skinner| Details |

A Whisper

  With the softest voice ,she speaks.
A simple caress implied.
My mind races with thoughts ,of exctassy,
vision blurred,I tried.
Shadows of glimpses,caught ,
some how, not heard.
The pure pleasure ,
the pain,
of the mere, spoken word.
Time hinges,on a thought,percieved
Whispers of the Love recieved.
Solid now in form and feel,
the word is a bond,
I know is real.
The heart given ,as it speaks,
a Whisper,
the soul yet seeks.

Short Spoken Word poem by Kunal Arora| Details |

The Game

Rap is quick, witty and fun.

Poetry is smooth, rhythmic and heartfelt.

Rap and poetry had a love child.

A daughter, named Spoken Word.

She grew to maintain the better characteristics of her parents;

From Rap, she took freestyle, freedom, and grass roots movement.

From Poetry, she took imagery, theme, and voice.

Together, all three, as common forms of expression,

spread to every rapper, poet and storyteller in the world.

Short Spoken Word poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |

words are power

words are power God is love an words are power, By words manlipulate’s the hour, And get the masses thinking. Strong prophets see it rightly ours, Followers hang on the word that flower’s, Because, because, because. The spoken word becomes the deed, The great unwashed, sub-conscious feed, And it becomes reality. The one God creates by thought, We can too, but fall way short, Great faith does bring you clarity. Don Johnson

Short Spoken Word poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details |


Where speaks the mind’s most silent voice
So deep, internal, offering choice
It sways decisions, so then to make
With hopes that good are those to take

It may be loud, resounding high
To then see clearly with thine eye
It may, too, be low, a whisper soft
To not be heard when mind’s aloft

Yet, know its presence, hold it true
Always listen, sense it, within you
For there residing, with hopes to be heard
Is your little voice, with spoken word

Short Spoken Word poem by Drake Eszes| Details |

Maybe, I love you

Soul’s window

Liquid satin
Blanketing sin

Unintentional embrace
Spoken word
Spoken soft




Hold me

Hold me
As if God
Condemned our tomorrows

Ventricle screams
Smile rediscovered
Eyes unwrapped

Even after all these years


Song of infant
Church Bells


This belief
That maybe

Just maybe…

© Drake J. Eszes

Short Spoken Word poem by Kevin Clark| Details |

Love goes beyond

Love goes beyond the deepest dream

Love goes beyond the smallest seam

Love goes beyond the spoken word

Love goes beyond the heart that's heard

Love goes beyond life's hill we climb

Love goes beyond the worldly time

Love goes beyond the written verse'

Love goes beyond the infinite universe

Love goes beyond the look from then eye

Love goes beyond even when we die

Love goes beyond the ending story

Love goes beyond reaching heavenly glory

Short Spoken Word poem by Patricia Opel Jaye| Details |

The Gift

Everyone is born with it can you imagine someone born with one without it
this is something we all have this is something that will last
this is a gift given to us by god some gifts are hardly put into

words some gifts are spoken some gifts are heard I pray to god
for his spoken word a gift is like a kiss to the sun a candle in
the wind I give anything to know where my gift begins

as life goes on it will dawn on me that god will show and tell me.


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