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Bolivian Poems and Poetry from Bolivia

Bolivian poems and poetry from Bolivia. Read examples of bolivian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

four o' clock, high. BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/08/2010
Humanity BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana03/11/2010
Humanidad BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana03/11/2010
Exactly 17 People Passed by without Stopping to see if I was Alright BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana12/20/2009
White is the Color of Wanting to be Stained BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana12/15/2009
Her Eyes Hold Stars (for Maria) BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana12/06/2009
And His Freedom left Cracks in the Plaster BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana12/06/2009
Raw Honey BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana12/02/2009
Bitterstar (for Molly) BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana11/23/2009
The Pit of her Stomach BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana11/23/2009
Messianic Thighs BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana11/23/2009
time is in sight but beyond reach BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana11/23/2009
All-Encompassing BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana11/03/2009
Empathy BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana11/01/2009
Intricate Tsunami BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/30/2009
Internal Bleeding BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/30/2009
And Rising BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/30/2009
Fighting Sleep BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/30/2009
Unflinchingly BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/24/2009
Bone-Licker BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/11/2009
Penance BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/05/2009
Road More Traveled BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana10/03/2009
What We Lose BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/28/2009
Ashes Might Go Down Easier BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/28/2009
Finding Fire For You BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/26/2009
Anticipation BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/26/2009
Declaration of Independence BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/26/2009
Liquid Tragedy BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/16/2009
Yet to Come BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/15/2009
Faith Like a Phoenix BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/15/2009
I Told You I Was Lost So You Would Leave Me Alone And Then You Did BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/09/2009
Nostalgia BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/07/2009
Split Second Glance BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/04/2009
Harmony BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/04/2009
Discordant BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana09/01/2009
Jagged Edges BolivianBoliviaL., Auden07/26/2009
A Mind Set BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana07/21/2009
The Safety Net BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana07/14/2009
Faithful Duplicity BolivianBoliviaL., Auden05/30/2009
Falling and Cut BolivianBoliviaL., Auden03/20/2009
Unabashed Confusion II -Who am I? BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana03/09/2009
Unabashed Confusion I -Where Am i BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana03/09/2009
Waiting BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana02/18/2009
Pathetic BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana02/18/2009
Immortal Siren BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana02/18/2009
Dance BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana02/18/2009
Eden BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana02/17/2009
Conspiracy BolivianBoliviaRyusaka, Hana02/17/2009