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Urdu Poetry | Urdu Poems

Urdu poetry is a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms which were basically originated from Arabic and borrowing much from the Persian language. Urdu language poetry is today an important part of the cultures of Pakistan and India. Like other languages, the history of Urdu poetry shares origins and influences with other linguistic traditions within the Urdu-Hindi-Hindustani mix.

Urdu is the national language and lingua franca of Pakistan, and an official language of five Indian states and one of the 22 scheduled languages in the Constitution of India.

Definition & Discussion of Urdu Poetry

Forms of Urdu Poetry

Ghazal (pronounced as "ghuzzle"), Fard, Hamd, Hazal, Hijv, Madah, Manqabat, Marsiya (muhr-see-yaa), Masnavi (pronounced "mus-na-vee"), Munaajaat, Musaddas, Naat, Nazm, Qasida (pronounced "quh-see-daa"), Qataa, Rubayi (pronounced "ru-baa-ee"), Ruba'i, Rubaiyat, Salaam, Seharaa, and Vaasokht.

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Below is Urdu Poetry written by PoetrySoup members. These examples illustrate what Urdu poems looks like and its form. There is also a link (above) to the definition where you can discuss Urdu poems.

Urdu Poetry by Form

Premium Member Poem Quote Me Rumisilence,storm,writing,GhazalWings, Broken
The Pain Train-----------Halooimagination,mystery,pain,MasnaviSalehi, Pashang
Premium Member Poem Never Really Gonelove,Salaamcornish, craig
If you still want to hear from mefor her,love,Nazmsediqi, bahram
Premium Member Poem Order For The Worldadventure,RubaiyatHenderson, Steven
Mr Pleasurebetrayal,grief,imaginatioGhazalKakamu Aliyu , Umar
If I am not there--------Halooallusion,fantasy,love,natGhazalSalehi, Pashang
Premium Member Poem DISTANCE AND TIME AS WIN WINbio,blessing,celebration,GhazalSankey-Lewis, Iris
Lost Loveanniversary,betrayal,chanVaasokhtKhan, Tasmina Hayat
From me to me---------Halooconflict,confusion,deep,iRubaiyatSalehi, Pashang
If death was the only truthlonging,love,GhazalPalanchoke, Pushpa
Without me-------------Halooallusion,confusion,fantasGhazalSalehi, Pashang
Trappeddepression,emotions,hurt,GhazalNichelson, Alicia
Premium Member Poem Do Not Weepemotions,GhazalVassallo, Alfred
Premium Member Poem You Apply Suits Eyeadventure,RubaiyatHenderson, Steven
Machi fishfish,GhazalGill, Gagan
Where am I going-------Halooallusion,confusion,grave,GhazalSalehi, Pashang
Samara Part 1 ----------Haloochange,destiny,happiness,MasnaviSalehi, Pashang
Samara Part 2-----------Haloochange,destiny,happiness,MasnaviSalehi, Pashang
Wingless Angel----------Haloobeauty,death,flying,lightGhazalSalehi, Pashang
The Bubble--------------Halooadventure,loneliness,loveMasnaviSalehi, Pashang
The Gambler-------------Haloodark,deep,destiny,truth,wGhazalSalehi, Pashang
The puzzle----------------Halooconfusion,courage,fear,hoGhazalSalehi, Pashang
Perplexity----------------Halooappreciation,beauty,crazyGhazalSalehi, Pashang
In my memories-------Halooage,confusion,cry,destinyGhazalSalehi, Pashang
Flying Swallows---------Haloodestiny,hope,journey,lifeGhazalSalehi, Pashang
Crystal Bowl------------Halooinspiration,journey,life,QasidaSalehi, Pashang
Crybaby-----------------Haloocry,death,pain,GhazalSalehi, Pashang
Broken mirror-----------Halooage,pain,youth,GhazalSalehi, Pashang
Strange lover -----------Haloogod,love,GhazalSalehi, Pashang
Autumn Leaves ---------Halooautumn,love,GhazalSalehi, Pashang
The Circle ---------------Haloogod,love,peace,GhazalSalehi, Pashang
Premium Member Poem Play Not A Dirge When I Am Gonedeath,RubaiyatNunez, Kim Patrice
Premium Member Poem Beggars of Californiaallegory,city,education,eGhazalBarry, Stephen
Dil koi sahara ab lekar sharminda-e-ehsaa kya hogaanniversary,urdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Maranao Poem - So ilano akn kiranart,SalaamMangondato, Khadaffy D.
Mil hi jayega koi kinara mujheurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Nehan hai khoo-e-sayyadi hamare bagbanon meinurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Jabeen apni kahin kham ho na jayeurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Paida abhi mazaq gulistaa na kar sakeurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Premium Member Poem Sir Henry Morganhistory,RubaiyatROBERTS, SEREN
Life R2beautiful,life,senses,RubaiyatA. Sharma, Dr. Upma
Hum woh hain jo talab lazzat-e-gam karte hainurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Hayat ek tag-o-do ka naam hai shayedurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Ai dile bekhabar abhi kya haiurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Kya kahun dil mera kis darja gani hai ai dosturdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Sadqe teri nazron ke mera dil bhi jigar bhiurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Every lovelove,GhazalGill, Gagan
Yeh hawaein thandi thandi yeh sukoon bakhsh saayeurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar
Jafaon par bhi maine jaa fida kiurdu,GhazalMuslimi, Akhtar

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