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Prose | What is Prose, Prose Examples, Definition, Articles & More

Prose Poetry. This is the ultimate prose resource with prose poetry examples, information on what is prose, the definition of prose, articles on prose, links to prose eBooks, examples of prose written by famous poets, and examples of prose written by PoetrySoup members.

What is Prose?

Definition of Prose

Prose is writing distinguished from poetry by its greater variety of rhythm and its closer resemblance to the patterns of everyday speech. The word prose comes from the Latin prosa, meaning straightforward. This describes the type of writing that prose embodies, unadorned with obvious stylistic devices. Prose writing is usually adopted for the description of facts or the discussion of ideas. Thus, it may be used for newspapers, magazines, novels, encyclopedias, screenplays, films, philosophy, letters, essays, history, biography and many other forms of media.

Example of Prose

A Port is a delightful place of rest for a soul weary of life's battles. The vastness of the sky, the mobile architecture of the clouds, the changing coloration of the sea, the twinkling of the lights, are a prism marvellously fit to amuse the eyes without ever tiring them. The slender shapes of the ships with their complicated rigging, to which the surge lends harmonious oscillations, serve to sustain within the soul the taste for rhythm and beauty. Also, and above all, for the man who of mysterious and aristocratic pleasure in contemplating, while lying on the belvedere or resting his elbows on the jetty-head, all these movements of men who are leaving and men who are returning, of those who still have the strength to will, the desire to travel or to enrich themselves.

--Charles Baudelaire--

Prose Poetry. Examples of Prose Written by PoetrySoup Members

Prose. These are examples of Prose poems written by member poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of prose examples, articles, poets, poetry & definitions.

Chasing a Dreamabuse, change, christian, divorce,ProseRix, Gwendolen
Jesus In the Colorsencouraging, inspiration, ProseEutsler, Edith D
God Isn't Greatanger, angst, anxiety, conflict,Prosewriter, tattooed
LIFE QUESTIONSanxiety, confusion, feelings, Prosesamuel, evrod
My Snoring Dogbest friend, dog, humor,ProseRix, Gwendolen
Premium Member Poem I Will Be Leaving The Soup For A Short Whilefarewell, ProseYvonne, Maurice
Muse With Pen and Swordimagination, introspection, muse, writing, ProseKiser, M. L.
Premium Member Poem Trains and Memorieslove hurts, new york,ProseReeves, Terry
HEART OF STONEabsence, analogy, death, feelings,ProseNASIR, HINA
Why On Earth I love Such a Manappreciation, cute love, devotion,ProseCarmichael , Faith
There Was a Fire Truck in my Kitchen Todayadventure, grandmother, grandson, happiness, ProseRix, Gwendolen
Myriadbreak up, ProseShaw, Owen
Dead Warmthlove, winter, ProseShaw, Owen
Lightaddiction, ProseShaw, Owen
The Mind-To-Mind Linkanimal, nature, poems, poetry, ProseKiser, M. L.
Life Is Like A Maypolecelebration, may, poems, poetry,ProseKiser, M. L.
The Loneliest Caterpiller-A Tale of Braveryautumn, christian, courage, inspiration, ProseRix, Gwendolen
Hole- Part Twoaddiction, ProseShaw, Owen
Hole- Part Oneaddiction, ProseShaw, Owen
Shatterloss, love, relationship, ProseShaw, Owen
The Feet of My Saviorbeauty, best friend, blessing,ProseRix, Gwendolen
Guarding Her Vaultpoems, poetry, pride, technology, ProseKiser, M. L.
Atlantis Lessoncorruption, philosophy, poems, poetry, ProseKiser, M. L.
ROY MERGIEDcute love, fun, love,ProseNYAGA, LEWIS
Gypsy Windsinspiration, introspection, poems, poetry,ProseKiser, M. L.
Where would we be, without cloudsimagery, imagination, inspiration, poems,ProseKiser, M. L.
Let there be lighteducation, poems, poetry, wisdom, ProseKiser, M. L.
A Letter Never Writtenfunny love, relationship, ProseRix, Gwendolen
Do I Existabsence, death of aProseMurrish, Sam
What, Does it Become from Theyanger, angst, friend, night, ProseMurrish, Sam
Midnightmoon, night, ProseMurrish, Sam
Premium Member Poem A Bittersweet Goodbyegoodbye, ProseReeves, Terry
The Spirit of Love Rides on the Tail of a Mighty Cometchristian, epic, faith, love, ProseRix, Gwendolen
Twitchin' Sisterabsence, art, blessing, inspirational,ProseHodson, James
The Parable of the Shepherdchristian, inspirational, love, ProseRix, Gwendolen
Tailgate Partyfood, football, happy, ProseJordan, Ken
Premium Member Poem Tasting Joybest friend, day, ProseLetkeman, Valerie
The Parable of the Ant Hillbody, character, christian, community,ProseRix, Gwendolen
Love Blossomed Early Springbeauty, innocence, life, love, ProseHawkins, Joshua
A Single Hummingbirdbeauty, bird, nature, paradise, ProseRix, Gwendolen
The steam engineinspirational, ProseNgoma, Thabang
The 'talent' geneinspirational, ProseNgoma, Thabang
Premium Member Poem Soul Searchemotions, longing, love, sadProseAnderson, Kimberly
Black Birds Gatherbeautiful, bird, earth, imagination,ProseRix, Gwendolen
As The Petals Fall -Prose-february, flower, imagery, inspirational,ProseJones, Cynthia
Keep forever in your memoryimagination, ProseWard, CS
A day that didnt seem to endhope, ProseWard, CS
Vivaldi Winternature, poems, poetry, weather,ProseKiser, M. L.
The Value Of Prophecyfuture, poems, poetry, ProseKiser, M. L.
Through new eyesafrica, community, political, ProseNgoma, Thabang