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Prose | What is Prose, Prose Examples, Definition, Articles & More

Prose Poetry. This is the ultimate prose resource with prose poetry examples, information on what is prose, the definition of prose, articles on prose, links to prose eBooks, examples of prose written by famous poets, and examples of prose written by PoetrySoup members.

What is Prose?

Definition of Prose

Prose is writing distinguished from poetry by its greater variety of rhythm and its closer resemblance to the patterns of everyday speech. The word prose comes from the Latin prosa, meaning straightforward. This describes the type of writing that prose embodies, unadorned with obvious stylistic devices. Prose writing is usually adopted for the description of facts or the discussion of ideas. Thus, it may be used for newspapers, magazines, novels, encyclopedias, screenplays, films, philosophy, letters, essays, history, biography and many other forms of media.

Example of Prose

A Port is a delightful place of rest for a soul weary of life's battles. The vastness of the sky, the mobile architecture of the clouds, the changing coloration of the sea, the twinkling of the lights, are a prism marvellously fit to amuse the eyes without ever tiring them. The slender shapes of the ships with their complicated rigging, to which the surge lends harmonious oscillations, serve to sustain within the soul the taste for rhythm and beauty. Also, and above all, for the man who of mysterious and aristocratic pleasure in contemplating, while lying on the belvedere or resting his elbows on the jetty-head, all these movements of men who are leaving and men who are returning, of those who still have the strength to will, the desire to travel or to enrich themselves.

--Charles Baudelaire--

Prose Poetry. Examples of Prose Written by PoetrySoup Members

Prose. These are examples of Prose poems written by member poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of prose examples, articles, poets, poetry & definitions.

Love carvings love, societyProse PoetryHenry, Henry
Two Doors conflict, dark, lightProseFlannery, Vincent
Impeccability celebrationProseRodriguez, Carlos
Premium Member Poem Maybe Tomorrow Night depression, hopeProse PoetryRoark, Odin
Premium Member Poem Noiseless Thunder dream, growthProse PoetryRoark, Odin
Like A Whisper In The Wind friendship, old, soulmate, tree,ProseKrieger, CJ
Dear God emotionsProseVassallo, Alfred
Falling asleep - how to sleepProse PoetryCostales, Josefina
Life is what you want it to be allegory, beauty, imagination, inspirationalProseMishra, Agnimitra
Toll Of Duty angst, confusion, corruption, depression,Prose PoetryPoetry, Shepherd
A Tale of the Wind childhood, death, grandmother, life,Prosem.n.i.w, m.n.i.w
A Morning Of Reflected Light child, light, memory, morning,ProseKrieger, CJ
Wary as one appreciation, beautyProse Poetrynapthali, ilahtpan
Premium Member Poem A Softer Way To Die childhood, conflict, confusion, dark,Prose PoetryAcquah, Vicki
Premium Member Poem ANNOYING GAME baseball, humorous, parodyProse PoetryAcquah, Vicki
The College Caravan change, education, inspirational, schoolProse PoetryWyler, Elizabeth
Premium Member Poem This Dark And Twisted World beautiful, blessing, faithProse PoetryRobertson, Milton
A Little Boy's World america, beauty, blessing, childhood,Prosejohnson, curtis
Diario del Fuego -fragmento- society, symbolismProse PoetryPath, Dharma
About Beauty appreciation, beautiful, beautyProse PoetrySolis Radius, Rita
Premium Member Poem Christopher griefProse PoetryLorenzo, Janet
Finding Your Way Back, A Letter To ED christian, friend, godProsejohnson, curtis
Premium Member Poem Tree Blog for CONTEST Tree Personification funny, humorous, treeProse PoetryOliver Rotman, Mary
Everlasting Love angel, love, romanceProse PoetryJordan, Ken
Premium Member Poem Hi nice character, wordsProse Poetryhunjeri, njeri
When The Revolution Comes care, happinessProseRodriguez, Carlos
Deborah art, beautifulProseRodriguez, Carlos
Nadine betrayal, courageProseRodriguez, Carlos
Premium Member Poem Mom, I'm home momProse PoetryLorenzo, Janet
Premium Member Poem Grief bereavement, griefProse PoetryLorenzo, Janet
Friendship best friend, emotions, feelings,Prose PoetryBoodhun, Azad
Eternal Love loveProse PoetryJoseph, Vinaya
Emancipation allah, emotionsProse PoetryJoseph, Vinaya
Premium Member Poem Trails And Tribulations faith, hope, truth, upliftingProse PoetryRobertson, Milton
Premium Member Poem The Melting Pot childhoodProseGuzzi, Debbie
THE UNFINISHED POEM death, muse, poemsProse Poetrycisneros, norberto franco
THAT FRIGHTFUL DAY - 911 america, eulogy, faith, fear,Prose PoetryMorgan, Raymond
Drops From Heaven rainProse PoetryJoseph, Vinaya
Time Heals break up, hurt, lonely,Prose PoetryJoseph, Vinaya
Premium Member Poem Instinct of Innocence character, innocenceProseEbbs, Edward
Premium Member Poem A Day at the Beach beach, my children, summer,Prose PoetryOliver Rotman, Mary
Elevated Ellie beauty, character, community, culture,Prose PoetrySojourner, Magneeta
An Abyss feelings, god, hurt, introspection,Prose PoetryJoseph, Vinaya
Premium Member Poem An apology heartbreakProseRose, Brenda
Race of Life emotions, feelings, lifeProseJoseph, Vinaya
THE HAPPY RABBIT animal, poems, poetryProse PoetrySolis Radius, Rita
When I was Young adventure, age, christian, future,Prose Poetryjohnson, curtis
Curb Children children, girl, sweetProse PoetryWash, Lara
ALLITERATION STYLE KILLINGS: Recent Missouri Massacre abuse, conflictProse PoetryPAPYRUS, KEITH
Partly woken sun Snooping through cloudy blind autumn, nature, summerProse Poetrynair, sadashivan