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Prose | What is Prose, Prose Examples, Definition, Articles & More

Prose Poetry. This is the ultimate prose resource with prose poetry examples, information on what is prose, the definition of prose, articles on prose, links to prose eBooks, examples of prose written by famous poets, and examples of prose written by PoetrySoup members.

What is Prose?

Definition of Prose

Prose is writing distinguished from poetry by its greater variety of rhythm and its closer resemblance to the patterns of everyday speech. The word prose comes from the Latin prosa, meaning straightforward. This describes the type of writing that prose embodies, unadorned with obvious stylistic devices. Prose writing is usually adopted for the description of facts or the discussion of ideas. Thus, it may be used for newspapers, magazines, novels, encyclopedias, screenplays, films, philosophy, letters, essays, history, biography and many other forms of media.

Example of Prose

A Port is a delightful place of rest for a soul weary of life's battles. The vastness of the sky, the mobile architecture of the clouds, the changing coloration of the sea, the twinkling of the lights, are a prism marvellously fit to amuse the eyes without ever tiring them. The slender shapes of the ships with their complicated rigging, to which the surge lends harmonious oscillations, serve to sustain within the soul the taste for rhythm and beauty. Also, and above all, for the man who of mysterious and aristocratic pleasure in contemplating, while lying on the belvedere or resting his elbows on the jetty-head, all these movements of men who are leaving and men who are returning, of those who still have the strength to will, the desire to travel or to enrich themselves.

--Charles Baudelaire--

Prose Poetry. Examples of Prose Written by PoetrySoup Members

Prose. These are examples of Prose poems written by member poets. PoetrySoup is a great resource of prose examples, articles, poets, poetry & definitions.

PMPoem TitleCategoriesFormPoetDate Posted
In my mindfor her,poems,poetry,Prose PoetryMaxima, Stefan04/18/2014
Making Mistakesanalogy,god,growth,inspirProsePalmer-Ham, Cynthia04/17/2014
Humilitydeep,faith,god,heaven,hopProse PoetryPalmer-Ham, Cynthia04/17/2014
AM STILL IN LOVE WITH YOUfirst love,girl,i love yoProse Poetrymichael, temajung04/17/2014
Premium Member Poem The ' Hoppy Ban 'chocolate,day,easter,for Prose Poetryforce, kj04/17/2014
MAN AND DOGadventure,dog,Prose Poetrycurtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka04/16/2014
Premium Member Poem We Don'tbeautiful,love,Prose PoetryTempleton, Patricia04/16/2014
A Truthful Reconstruction of a Prayer under a Tree of What it Should Have Beenimagination,ProseV , Freddie04/16/2014
Roads Of LifetruthProseJordan, Ken04/15/2014
Premium Member Poem The Egg Shelldevotion,emotions,mother ProseGeorge, Elaine04/14/2014
Premium Member Poem The Bigots Mole Quinzainediscrimination,ProseSergi, Ralph04/14/2014
I Like You Nowgrief,ProseVialpando, Aaron04/14/2014
Infection Sublimenostalgia,Prose PoetryRoark, Odin04/14/2014
Shadowsbusiness,jobs,Prose PoetryToil, Sam04/14/2014
Is it a dreamdream,Prose Poetryferry, richard04/13/2014
A DOMESTIQUE structured prose-recitedmarriage,VerseStrand, Brian04/13/2014
Receive with simplicity everything that happens to youaddiction,age,care,fareweProse PoetryCutlip, Wesley04/13/2014
COWBOYSamerica,cowboy,Prose Poetrylawless, John04/12/2014
WORDS SPEAKadventure,betrayal,Prose Poetrycurtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka04/12/2014
Vase Dreamadventure,change,fun,happProse PoetrySchumacker, Earl04/12/2014
Premium Member Poem Innocent Perfection Of Vibes Across The Telephone Linebeautiful,celebrity,faithProse PoetryBorgo, Louis04/11/2014
The Day The Stone Cried Outchristian,easter,Prose PoetryBillheimer, Clarence04/11/2014
The Battered Ship And The Anchorallegory,christian,Prose PoetryBillheimer, Clarence04/11/2014
While she sleptangel,dark,death,deep,depProseKelley, James04/10/2014
We Are What Beautiful Looks Likebeautiful,beauty,people,Prose PoetryPiwang, Sharon Rose04/10/2014
I'M ENTITLED TO CHANGEchange,identity,seasons,Prose PoetryRoberts, Nikkia04/09/2014
stronger mefunny,happy,hate,Proseteji, nova04/09/2014
The Beachbeach,Prosestussy, cassidy04/08/2014
Apache Junctionleaving,ProseJordan, Ken04/07/2014
Premium Member Poem Where I Come Frombeauty,heaven,poetry,reliProse PoetryTempleton, Patricia04/07/2014
IF ONLY a prose poem -recitedfilm,poetry,VerseStrand, Brian04/07/2014
A Thunder Suitelife,nature,ProseKendrick, Sara04/07/2014
The Thunder Rollslife,nature,Prose PoetryKendrick, Sara04/07/2014
Ode to the Writermetaphor,write,writing,Prose Poetrysibiya, siza04/07/2014
Forgotten Clothes and Stolen Whiskeydrink,imagery,lost love,lProse PoetryKelley, James04/06/2014
Premium Member Poem WHERE THERE IS TRUE LOVElove,truth,ProseMcSweeney, Lyn04/05/2014
Premium Member Poem STRIVING TO BE FAMOUS NOTICED AND SEENlove,power,ProseMcSweeney, Lyn04/05/2014
Premium Member Poem THE WAYS OF THE WORLDdark,light,world,ProseMcSweeney, Lyn04/05/2014
MARRIGE IS TEAM WORKadventure,bible,Prose Poetrycurtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka04/05/2014
The Courage of Mankindautumn,Prose PoetryPiwang, Sharon Rose04/05/2014
April Observationsbeauty,Prose PoetryPiwang, Sharon Rose04/05/2014
Many Miles Awayenvironment,nature,Prose Poetrylawless, John04/04/2014
AS YOU PRAYHERE'S WHAT TO SAYadventure,grief,Prose Poetrycurtis futch jr, kurtis scott aka04/04/2014
Premium Member Poem Oveal and Sugeniaanniversary,friend,love,ProseTempleton, Patricia04/04/2014
Premium Member Poem Share My Lovelove,romance,valentines dProseTempleton, Patricia04/04/2014
Untitledfamily,loss,Prose PoetryOlson, Becky04/04/2014
DAY 3 of national poetry monthadventure,america,blue,feProse Poetryhice, charles04/03/2014
Misfits in Liverpoolbest friend,betrayal,judgProse Poetryhansen, jan oskar04/02/2014
Alchemyallegory,Prose Poetrylawless, John04/02/2014
Day Two of NPM April is national poetry monthbest friend,boyfriend,heaProsehice, charles04/02/2014