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Poetry Slam

Poetry slam is performance poetry which can feature a broad range of voices, styles, cultural traditions, and approaches to writing and performance.

A poetry slam itself is simply a poetry competition in which poets perform original work alone or in teams before an audience, which serves as judge. The work is judged as much on the manner and enthusiasm of its performance as its content or style, and many slam poems are not intended to be read silently from the page.

National Poetry Slam

The National Poetry Slam (NPS) is a performance poetry competition where teams from across the United States, Canada, and France participate in a large-scale poetry slam. The event occurs in early August every year and takes place in a different US city.

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Slam Poetry in Written Form

These are examples of Slam poems written by PoetrySoup members.

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Premium Member Poem RIOT anger, anti bullying, image, slam, Free verseWalker , Verlena S.
Personal Prison slam, Free verseLarson, Brittany
Your Word is My Spirit slam, spoken word, BioNgomane, Raymond
Premium Member Poem No Answer slam, RhymeCurtis, Jerry T
Addict slam, Free verseLarson, Brittany
Silence slam, strength, Free verseAnne, Megan
Why i hate Rap haters, but love Poetry slam, spoken word, Dramatic VerseNgomane, Raymond
Ultimatum slam, AcrosticMacfarlane, Cecilia
Little Beast child, feelings, identity, slam, society, spoken word,Free verseCh, Katie
I Shall slam, CoupletVassallo, Alfred
Acceptation, part 2 anger, celebration, imagination, rap, slam, society, truth, MonorhymeBurchard, Timmy
Acceptation, part 1 appreciation, education, inspiration, rap, slam, society, truth, MonorhymeBurchard, Timmy
Om Ega cancer, cry, dark, death, slam, BalladBurovac, Milan Georges
Open Letter to a Black Soul africa, black african american, slam, spoken word, BioNgomane, Raymond
The Meaning Of Poetry art, metaphor, poetry, slam, spoken word, Free verseNgomane, Raymond
Love is Love gender, girlfriend, identity, love, slam, I do not know?Davidson, Karina
Death Of A Lover dark, death, depression, lost slam, Free verseLarson, Brittany
A Queen's Lips angel, beauty, butterfly, life, slam, spoken word, Free verseNgomane, Raymond
Disturb the Comfortable slam, spoken word, wordFree verseNgomane, Raymond
Those women slam, woman, Prose Poetryhunjeri, njeri
Like A Girl beautiful, girl, identity, rights, slam, women, Free verseA , Poet Destroyer
Your so smart slam, Epigramperanteau, jimi
Common slam, spoken word, BioNgomane, Raymond
A Different Kind of Heart anger, blessing, care, heart, slam, Free versehunjeri, njeri
Little Lady bio, change, childhood, slam, Free verseSantos, Lianna
Premium Member Poem Accident grief, natural disasters, slam, SenryuMakama, Funom
Premium Member Poem A Legend In His Own Mind slam, RhymeSmith, Arlene
Premium Member Poem Slamming The Super-Duper-Soupers slam, RubaiyatD., Nathan
God Given encouraging, introspection, philosophy, religion, slam, visionary, RhymeVH, Jessica
Hello, My Name Is abuse, anger, anxiety, betrayal, slam, Free verseLarson, Brittany
Sleep slam, Free verseTyler, Marchel
REVENGE SIX POINT ZERO abuse, anger, angst, betrayal, slam, QuatrainDe Castro, Jesus
Anxiety slam, Free verseFox, Kaitlyn
Prisoner slam, Free verseFox, Kaitlyn
Love Making Poets anti bullying, creation, cute slam, soulmate, spoken word, EpicNgomane, Raymond
Fast Forward anti bullying, betrayal, body, slam, Free verseCo, Lisa
Growing Into Womanhood slam, women, I do not know?Fox, Kaitlyn
Tobacco Match-Questionku with Tobacco Bridge- Haiku abuse, addiction, betrayal, care, slam, QuestionkuSchumacker, Earl
Survive Another Day slam, spoken word, visionary,Free verseNgomane, Raymond
Hip Hop slam, spoken word, writing, VerseNgomane, Raymond
The Writer In Me slam, spoken word, wordFree verseNgomane, Raymond
Men are just men africa, men, metaphor, slam, spoken word, voice, VerseNgomane, Raymond
HER anger, betrayal, bullying, discrimination, slam, RhymeMyers, Bobbi
Measuring Insecurity slam, woman, I do not know?Fox, Kaitlyn
I Wish dedication, deep, eulogy, feelings, slam, Free verseMinero, Carly
GREEN-EYED MONSTERS slam, RhymeGnik, Nehpets
Eyes on Words courage, education, judgement, slam, spoken word, Free verseNgomane, Raymond
Spare Nails and a Hammer slam, I do not know?Fox, Kaitlyn
A Letter slam, women, write, I do not know?Fox, Kaitlyn
I Salute Writers slam, spoken word, Free verseNgomane, Raymond