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Poetry Resources for Teachers

These free poetry resources for teachers serve as valuable poetry teaching resource. If you create documents or other resources for teaching poetry, please share them with other teachers by emailing them to PoetrySoup. Once we receive them, we will add them immediately to this directory of teaching resources.

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 forms_terms_definitions File folder
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 meter File folder
 poems File folder
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Education-By-Poetry-Robert-Frost.pdf PDF file 57 KB
Elements-of-Poetry.pdf PDF file 87 KB
Examples_of_Haiku_Poems.pdf PDF file 124 KB
how-to-read-poem.pdf PDF file 15 KB
How_To_Teach_Poetry.ppt PPT file 586 KB
introduction_to_poetry.ppt PPT file 1,192 KB
Introduction_to_Reading_and_Understanding_Poetry.ppt PPT file 3,601 KB
lesson_plans_worksheets20-days-of-poetry.doc Microsoft Word document 136 KB
lesson_plans_worksheetsFigurative_Language_in_Poetry_Analysis_Worksheet.pdf PDF file 320 KB
lesson_plans_worksheetshaiku_lesson_plans.pdf PDF file 335 KB
lesson_plans_worksheetsOde_Poetry_Writing_Worksheet.pdf PDF file 136 KB
lesson_plans_worksheetspantoum_poem_poetry_worksheet.pdf PDF file 72 KB
lesson_plans_worksheetsPoetry_Analysis_Worksheet.pdf PDF file 15 KB
lesson_plans_worksheetsPoetry_Scanning_Worksheet.pdf PDF file 46 KB
lesson_plans_worksheetspoetry_unit_deshotels.pdf PDF file 21 KB
meterMetered_Poetry.pdf PDF file 63 KB
meterpoetry_and_meter.ppt PPT file 1,450 KB
meterPoetry_Rhythm_and_Rhyme .ppt PPT file 1,450 KB
meterrhyme-in-poetry.pdf PDF file 90 KB
Mill_What Is Poetry.pdf PDF file 71 KB
Narrative_Poetry_Lesson.pdf PDF file 97 KB
Poem Analysis.doc Microsoft Word document 58 KB
poemsBeowulf.txt Text file 294 KB
poemsDantes_Divine_Comedy_Complete_by_Dante_Alighieri.htm HTM file 36 KB
poemsedgar-allen-poe-complete-poems.pdf PDF file 2,590 KB
poemsEdgar_Allan_Poe_Complete_Works.txt Text file 400 KB
poemsEdgar_Allan_Poe_Poemas_Spanish.txt Text file 91 KB
poemsEmily_Dickinson_Poems_Series_One.txt Text file 63 KB
poemsEmily_Dickinson_Poems_Series_Three.txt Text file 203 KB
poemsEmily_Dickinson_Poems_Series_Two.txt Text file 90 KB
poemsLeaves_of_Grass_by_Walt_Whitman.htm HTM file 883 KB
poemsPoems_And_Songs_Of_Robert_Burns_by_Robert_Burns.txt Text file 848 KB
poemsThe Collected Poems of Rupert Brooke.txt Text file 172 KB
poemsThe_Canterbury_Tales_and_Other _Poems_by_Geoffrey_Chaucer.txt Text file 1,662 KB
poemsThe_Cask_of_Amontillado_by_Edgar_Allan_Poe.txt Text file 32 KB
poemsThe_Iliad_of_Homer_by_Homer.html HTML file 3,733 KB
poemsThe_Masque_of_the_Red_Death_by_Edgar_Allan_Poe.txt Text file 33 KB
poemsThe_Patriotic_Poems_of_Walt_Whitman_by_Walt_Whitman.txt Text file 194 KB
poemsThe_Raven_Edgar_Allan_Poe.txt Text file 64 KB
poemsThe_Vision_of_Hell_Complete_by Dante_Alighieri.htm HTM file 294 KB
poemsThe_Waste_Land_by_T_S_Eliot.txt Text file 39 KB
poemsThe_Works_of_Edgar_Allan_Poe_by_Edgar_Allan_Poe_Volume_1.txt Text file 537 KB
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