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Kids love Kenn Nesbitt's hilarious poetry! With their rollicking rhythms, playful rhymes, and mischievous twists, kids can't stop reading these poems.

Children's poetry by Meadowbrook Press. Lots of funny poems, poetry contests and more! Ideas for educators on teaching poetry in fun and interesting ways.

Poetry and prose for children and kids from the United Kingdom. Funny and hilarious.

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Poetry For Kids | Poems for Children

Poetry for kids is a resource of funny and hilarious examples of poems for children. This page directs children to poems and other poetry websites that may be of interest to them. It also provides ideas to kids for poetry projects.

Famous Children's Poems

Poetry For Kids Written by PoetrySoup Members

These are examples of poems for kids written by PoetrySoup members. This collection of children's poetry is an ever expanding archive. Submit your poetry for children or just read and enjoy.

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PMPoemTitleCategoriesFormPoetDate Posted
Premium Member Poem Stork bird,for children,Limerickwilliams, john11/25/2015
Premium Member Poem Christmas Day anxiety,beautiful,childreHaibunPinet, Emile11/24/2015
Santa an Angel childhood,christmas,for cABCBharat, Mansi11/24/2015
Kenn Nesbitt appreciation,encouraging,LentoSwingler, Mary11/22/2015
Kids Get My Goat animal,child,cute love,faQuatrainMolasar, Roderick11/21/2015
Premium Member Poem Betty's Little Calf for children,pets,Rhymewilliams, john11/20/2015
Premium Member Poem The Pirate Captain for children,funny,Limerickwilliams, john11/20/2015
Premium Member Poem Hot Dessert for children,funny,Limerickwilliams, john11/19/2015
Premium Member Poem Hungry King for children,funny,Limerickwilliams, john11/19/2015
Little Sparrow bird,for children,RhymeSharma, Ajitha11/19/2015
See Spot Run animal,dog,for children,fRhymeMolasar, Roderick11/17/2015
Premium Member Poem Sneeze for children,humorous,Rhymewilliams, john11/16/2015
Premium Member Poem Sipping Soda for children,humorous,Rhymewilliams, john11/16/2015
Premium Member Poem Pancakes for children,humorous,Rhymewilliams, john11/16/2015
The midnight sunrise adventure,art,death,for cRhymemanthata, Theo EMARALDA11/16/2015
The Poem of a Poem for children,for kids,funFree verseWriter, Amice11/14/2015
Epic VISION adventure,blue,epic,for cFree verseBhurani, Rizwana11/10/2015
Scraps for children,life,mom,RhymeCrisafulli, Anthony11/09/2015
Butterfly butterfly,depression,famiFree verseKhan, Tasmina Hayat11/08/2015
Mama children,for children,motFree verseKayode, KAYOD511/07/2015
You Are Not Here for kids,humor,time,I do not know?Molloy, Declan11/07/2015
Sun for kids,imagination,RhymeRajadurai, Govarthenan11/06/2015
Moon environment,for kids,moonRhymeRajadurai, Govarthenan11/06/2015
Premium Member Poem BROS ON THE BEACH beach,brother,for childreFree verseGrenness , Julie11/05/2015
HOW I DROVE GRANDPA CRAZY child,childhood,children,RhymeSolvitt, Khanya11/05/2015
Torn break up,for children,lifABCDunaheagh, Casey11/01/2015
Premium Member Poem SCARY CARRIE adventure,courage,fear,foFree versedunn, cherl10/31/2015
Funny For Kids- Fazzbot Adventure adventure,for children,foRhymeWoods, Mark10/29/2015
What Makes For a Funny Kid butterfly,child,childhoodLight PoetryFord, Don10/29/2015
Dr Seuss for children,lyric,RhymeDonnelly Ellis, Joan10/28/2015
If You Think Kids Are Funny for kids,fun,RhymeWhispering-Breathless, Willow10/27/2015
Funny Kids Love Lucy best friend,bio,dog,for cLight PoetryCheema, Balveen10/27/2015
Young We All Came From baby,caregiving,for childElegaic LyricMillerStutzman, Marian10/25/2015
Premium Member Poem Wheelie Bin Fun for children,funny,Rhymewilliams, john10/25/2015
All the Funny Kids appreciation,child,for chABCJohn, Monique10/24/2015
TODDLER TWEET animal,baby,cheer up,chilLimerickBhurani, Rizwana10/21/2015
Dragon Drive adventure,animal,beauty,fFree verseBhurani, Rizwana10/21/2015
Premium Member Poem Funny Kids Poem-Best of Friends for children,for kids,RhymeNance, Casarah10/20/2015
Nosy Neighbors - Haiku business,fish,fishing,forHaikubarchettadrive, red10/20/2015
Daniel Joshua and Jonah bible,for children,song,sLyricDonnelly Ellis, Joan10/20/2015
Trapped child,childhood,communityRhymeMonihan, Rhoda10/20/2015
Little Bill for children,LimerickTowner, Rachel10/19/2015
Funny Song My Grandkids Like for children,for kids,sonLyricDonnelly Ellis, Joan10/18/2015
Funny cat and rat poem for kids animal,best friend,cat,foRhymeBurman, Shonima10/18/2015
Kids Are Funny for children,fun,kid,RhymeFisher, David10/17/2015
Hunger in the Cradle angst,child,death,emotionRhymeDempsey, Brian10/16/2015
Emptiness for children,song,LyricDonnelly Ellis, Joan10/16/2015
HALLOWEEN MEMORIES for kids,halloween,humoroRhymeCwiak, Dan10/16/2015
Premium Member Poem Emerald Green fantasy,for children,greeRhymePinet, Emile10/16/2015
It's OK For A Daddy To Cry for children,song,LyricDonnelly Ellis, Joan10/16/2015