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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
HAPPY THANKSGIVING11/26/2015Kim Merryman
An Interview with author, Matt Jorgenson11/26/2015Trisha Sugarek
Bye Bye Birdie11/26/2015SillyBilly theKidster
Creative Haibuns Judged11/26/2015Charlotte Jade Puddifoot
ALL ABOUT ALCOHOL11/26/2015Alfred Vassallo
Poem that time forgot contest11/25/2015Silent One
Amazon Contest11/25/2015Debbie Guzzi
Hot Blog My book signing event results11/24/2015Robert Stoner Jr
The Haiku and Senryu Through Pictures11/24/2015Alfred Vassallo
One of My Fondest PICS11/24/2015SillyBilly theKidster
Epigram couplet contest judged11/24/2015Silent One
Grandmother's poems11/24/2015Richard Jordan
New Contest - Write Me a Duet11/23/2015Heather Ober
The Music of Our Lives - a fun exercise!11/23/2015Keith Trestrail
No Like-ee, No Share-ee, No Agree-ee11/23/2015SillyBilly theKidster
Sunset Poetry Contest11/23/2015Nayda Ivette Negron
Hot Blog I couldn't have said it better myself...11/23/2015Silent One
Hot Blog WHAT MAKES US BLOCK MEMBERS FROM OUR PAGES?11/22/2015nette onclaud
Hot Blog Random Thought #70077000000011/22/2015Chris D. Aechtner
MY FIRST CONTEST11/22/2015Tommy Boy
Hot Blog Thanks11/22/2015Alexis Y.
Hot Blog The Recipe Book11/22/2015craig cornish
Sibling Revelry11/22/2015SillyBilly theKidster
For The Birds Contest11/22/2015Anthony Slausen
"INNA LILLAHI WA INNA ILAYHI RAJI'UN." - Omar Mukhtar 11/22/2015Alfred Vassallo
Hot Blog Wonderful, Wonderful Verses in the Retourne Contest11/21/2015Debbie Guzzi
Must be read contest judged11/21/2015Silent One
Songs of power contest judged11/21/2015Silent One
BREEDING - Like Rabbits?11/21/2015Alfred Vassallo
I Lay My Desires Deep Into You11/20/2015SKAT A
Hot Blog I am the Pen 11/20/2015SKAT A
Homeward Bound Judged and New One11/20/2015craig cornish
Hot Blog The Spoken Word11/20/2015Tommy Boy
Hot Blog Is the pen mightier than the sword?11/20/2015Silent One
ENID VASSALLO11/20/2015Alfred Vassallo
Write Me A Winter Poem Is Judged(and an apology)11/19/2015Broken Wings
TIDE FASCINATION11/19/2015Alfred Vassallo
Hot Blog Dedicated to Becca Teagan11/18/2015Judy Konos
HARDY, GEORGIE and SPRINKLES11/18/2015Alfred Vassallo
Hot Blog Oil Paintings 1-2-3 Contest11/17/2015Eve Roper
Hot Blog The Undeserved Honorable Mention 11/17/2015FJ Thomas
Line It Up11/17/2015Casarah Nance
Hot Blog Help! I need a pseudonym!11/17/2015Carol Eastman
Hot Blog INTRODUCING ... 11/17/2015Becca Teagan
DRAMATIC - My Cat11/17/2015Alfred Vassallo
Hot Blog Get By with a Little News from Your Friends11/16/2015Debbie Guzzi
New Contest11/16/2015Kim Merryman
Shadows at Night results11/16/2015Shadow Hamilton
peoples peace day..'11/16/2015Joe Maverick
Dark Poetry Contest11/16/2015Nayda Ivette Negron
Hot Blog I CARE, WE ALL CARE revised11/15/2015arthur vaso
Rare Photo Found #111/15/2015SillyBilly theKidster
Rare Photo Found #211/15/2015SillyBilly theKidster
Hot Blog Humor- The Grease of Life11/14/2015Tommy Boy
Hot Blog Do You Even Care? IMPORTANT UPDATE11/13/2015Eileen Manassian
Hot Blog Bev Smith11/13/2015SKAT A
Hot Blog Winter Dodoitsu Contest Finalized!11/13/2015Heather Ober
PoetrySoup Heroes contest is finalized11/12/2015Catie Lindsey
I finally finished11/11/2015Tyshawn Knight
Results of Poetry Contest: The Eagle, the Dove, or the Turkey11/10/2015Mary Oliver Rotman
Hot Blog Terms and Conditions of Arthur Vaso11/10/2015arthur vaso
Hot Blog Terms and Conditions of PoetrySoup Membership11/10/2015Team PoetrySoup
There is Something in the Air!11/10/2015Alfred Vassallo
The Writer's Retreat11/9/2015Heather Ober
Hot Blog Dancing with description contest results11/9/2015Casarah Nance
Favorite Flower Poem Contest11/9/2015Nayda Ivette Negron
Trashed #3 Is Judged11/9/2015Broken Wings
Update on Winter Dodoitsu Contest11/9/2015Heather Ober
The Little Red Cup11/9/2015Mystic Rose
Hot Blog Paris11/9/2015arthur vaso
Update on songs of power contest11/8/2015Silent One
Hot Blog Happy Birthday Casarah <311/8/2015Poet Destroyer A
Hot Blog 10 interesting facts about poetry11/8/2015Silent One
Analysing poetry...11/8/2015Silent One
Hot Blog The Only Thing To Fear, Is Fear Itself 11/7/2015SKAT A
How Does It Feel To Be Unwanted - Contest Judged11/7/2015Alfred Vassallo
Hot Blog A Poet's dozen contest judged11/6/2015Silent One
Hot Blog Update on Baby Ezra for those who are praying ... last one for a while ... 11/6/2015Becca Teagan
Hot Blog Thoughts...11/6/2015Silent One
Hot Blog Question11/6/2015Silent One
Hot Blog Is you glass hall empty or half full?11/5/2015Silent One
New Contest: Winter Dodoitsu11/5/2015Heather Ober
Green Beans11/5/2015Vee Bdosa
Hot Blog It's a boy! 11/4/2015Becca Teagan
Love Your Muse11/4/2015Vee Bdosa
Hot Blog Calling Out November (Who Do You Know?)11/4/2015Poet Destroyer A
End Line Word Contest finals11/4/2015HGarvey Daniel Esquire
Hot Blog Screwed VII Finalized11/4/2015rob carmack
Hot Blog I Did Not Know I was a BIGOT... AM I?11/3/2015Alfred Vassallo
Life according to....11/3/2015Silent One
Hot Blog Any Sad Poem Is Judged11/3/2015Broken Wings
One More Thing11/2/2015Poet Destroyer A
Hot Blog UPDATE about my daughter and grandson 11/2/2015Becca Teagan
Favorite Poem Form Contest11/2/2015Nayda Ivette Negron
GUID GEAR COMES IN SMA BULK11/2/2015Alfred Vassallo
Anacreontic Verse 111/1/2015Edward Ebbs
Hot Blog I read this poem today, TPS TELL ME WHAT IT MEANS?11/1/2015SKAT A
Poetry Soup and "Real Life"11/1/2015Eileen Manassian