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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
To Those Who Wrote5/28/2016Justin Bordner
Craig Cornish?5/27/2016Sandra Haight
Tanka Society Winners / Our BLACK EYED SUSAN is on the LIST!!!5/27/2016Andrea Dietrich
Back?5/27/2016Kim Merryman
Jaw Dropping Contest UPDATE5/27/2016FJ Thomas
Winners of Summer Short Form Poetry5/27/2016Andrea Dietrich
Tried the Audio Thing5/27/2016Tom Quigley
Growth5/26/2016David Brooks
Trying to Judge; please edit!/ A Note on Modern Haiku/Tanka of US5/26/2016Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog Is there a link between mental illness and poetry, more so than other arts?5/26/2016Team PoetrySoup
Hot Blog From Catie and For Catie...5/26/2016binibining P.iNk
where and when is the best place to write?5/26/2016Lewis Raynes
Hot Blog Where is Catie? 5/25/2016Becca Teagan
Be mindful of hogging blog space5/25/2016Anthony Slausen
Hot Blog A Question About Best Poems5/25/2016Timothy Hicks
Hot Blog Happy birthday BL Devnath5/25/2016Silent One
THE HEART OF RUMI5/24/2016arthur vaso
At the Mountains of Madness - Concluded5/24/2016Timothy Hicks
Enchanted House5/23/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Hot Blog In case you want to laugh right now, hmm maybe this can help?5/23/2016binibining P.iNk
Innocent of All 5/23/2016SKAT A
Hot Blog Notes for the poems The DEVIL and The ANGEL5/22/2016arthur vaso
A CRY FROM THE POETIC HEART5/22/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog Happy Birthday, Phyllis Babcock, Carrie Richards & to the dearly departed Linda-Marie5/21/2016Andrea Dietrich
Monorhyme results5/21/2016Shadow Hamilton
I Did It !!!!! AND AGAIN5/21/2016Broken Wings
New Poetry Contest: Audio Poems5/21/2016Team PoetrySoup
At the Mountains of Madness - Update5/21/2016Timothy Hicks
NEW CONTEST 5/20/2016Andrea Dietrich
Family Reunion5/20/2016Roy Jerden
Hot Blog Double Whammy! (The Power of Words & I'm a Youtuber now!)5/20/2016Eileen Manassian
Reality5/20/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Funny Kids Poem Contest Results5/20/2016Team PoetrySoup
Hot Blog Audio- what I learned5/19/2016Suzanne Delaney
Hot Blog Out Of Commission!5/18/2016Laura Leiser
Animus-Anima--Part 1: Anima CONTEST FINALIZED5/18/2016Tom Quigley
Hot Blog Spring in Canada5/18/2016Broken Wings
Hot Blog Happy Birthday Mama Bear5/18/2016Eileen Manassian
Hot Blog PUB NIGHT- AMERICAN SPECIAL5/18/2016Brian Strand
Summer Sight5/17/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Hot Blog Happy Birthday Dearest Eileen Manassian Ghali ( 18th May )5/17/2016Charmaine Chircop
We changed our name again. 5/16/2016Heather and Chantelle The Aritistic Poetry Sisters
Sad Dizain Contest Update-CHECK YOUR SYLLABLE COUNT5/16/2016Laura Loo
UPDATE: Text to speech for mp3 audio file5/16/2016Sandra Haight
Hot Blog Oops: This is a long, rambling blog on Rain, the smell of rain (rain don't go away, please come back and refresh me tonight/today) 5/16/2016binibining P.iNk
Hi5/16/2016Alexis Y.
Anybody seen Wulf5/16/2016Marugu MO
Hot Blog Poetry Therapy5/16/2016Poet Destroyer A
common words vs uncommon words.5/15/2016Lewis Raynes
So Still5/15/2016Christy Teas
Embed YouTube Video Performances of Your Poems (and Audio)5/15/2016Team PoetrySoup
faber castell polychromos5/15/2016Heather and Chantelle The Aritistic Poetry Sisters
Any Poem Not For A Contest5/15/2016Broken Wings
PUNGENT PENTAMETRE5/15/2016Brian Strand
Briefly about me5/15/2016Heather and Chantelle The Aritistic Poetry Sisters
Hot Blog CONGRATS TO MY AWESOME WINNERS in Poetry ____________5/14/2016Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog Beta Testing New Feature: Attach Audio to Your Poem5/14/2016Team PoetrySoup
Avenies5/13/2016Christy Teas
Dont quit5/13/2016Christy Teas
Avenues5/13/2016Christy Teas
New Avenues5/13/2016Christy Teas
New Avenues5/13/2016Christy Teas
So Still5/13/2016Christy Teas
Peace is a Fugitive 5/13/2016SKAT A
Any Couplet You Wish II -re-opened5/13/2016Laura Loo
Hello Me5/13/2016Christy Teas
Listen To The Warm Poem By Poet Karam Misra5/13/2016Laura Loo
Get your Dr. Seuss on! - Contest5/12/2016The Seeker
Hot Blog Ten word challenge5/12/2016Silent One
Hot Blog Within A Gilded Frame is finalized5/12/2016Broken Wings
Hot Blog What Do Friends and Family Think?5/12/2016Timothy Hicks
Hot Blog A Special New Poetry Soup Member!5/12/2016Laura Leiser
Hot Blog perfect timing5/12/2016Olive Eloisa Guillermo
Hot Blog The piles and piles of poetry in my nest ...5/12/2016Broken Wings
Hot Blog Arthur Vaso’s GUEST POET of the week, Emile Pinet5/11/2016arthur vaso
Spoofed Emails and What is Email Spoofing5/11/2016Team PoetrySoup
CONTEST UPDATE - Making Their Jaws Drop - Moving Forward5/11/2016FJ Thomas
Slipping Away 5/11/2016Becca Teagan
Future5/11/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Prisoners here of our own device 5/11/2016Becca Teagan
Positive Psychology as Basic Permacultural Attendance5/11/2016Gerald Dillenbeck
Hot Blog Isn't it about poetry?5/11/2016Silent One
Listen To The Warm Contest Finalized5/11/2016Laura Loo
Taboo topics5/11/2016Lewis Raynes
I DREW A BLANK .... POETRY CONTEST5/10/2016John lawless
Hot Blog How is your garden growing . . .5/10/2016Broken Wings
PostMillennial EcoTherapy5/10/2016Gerald Dillenbeck
Is it just me?5/9/2016Charlie Smith
DESIDERATA5/9/2016Teddy Kimathi
Hot Blog Become Part of an Anthology!5/9/2016Debbie Guzzi
Mother's Day5/8/2016Royal Ninja
Hot Blog Making A Difference 5/8/2016SKAT A
American Dream 5/8/2016SKAT A
Worn out computer keys5/8/2016Broken Wings
Hot Blog DOUBLE DOG DARE FOR ALL SOUPERS5/8/2016Cyndi MacMillan
Hot Blog Come back Becca5/8/2016Silent One