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Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Cheets, the Effervescent Elf11/23/2014Trisha Sugarek
Precious Stones and Gems contest Judged11/22/2014Anthony Slausen
"Thanksgiving"11/22/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Hot Blog Just In Case11/21/2014Poet Destroyer A
New Contest: Children's Christmas orHolliday Tale11/20/2014Carol Eastman
I need help...11/18/2014Jack Jordan
Contest: Fable to the Rescue has been Finalized11/18/2014Carol Eastman
Hot Blog Clean and Clever Limerick Contest Update11/17/2014Roy Jerden
Hot Blog I HOPE THIS ENOUGH.11/17/2014Olive Eloisa Guillermo
Poetry winners!!!!11/16/2014Regina Riddle
Chopped III11/16/2014craig cornish
My Yummy Epulaeryu Winners & Nette's Poem (Not seen for a glitch) 11/14/2014Andrea Dietrich
Wow, 20,500 views of my forum question11/14/2014Robert Stoner Jr
~~~Contest~~~Some Other Odd Bits And Pieces~~~11/14/2014Sara Kendrick
Bring on the Ballroom Poems11/13/2014Isaiah Zerbst
The Titles Are Picked11/13/2014Isaiah Zerbst
Hot Blog Peace Through Understanding Using Poetry & Art11/12/2014Debbie Guzzi
A Call for Action help save our planet11/12/2014Shadow Hamilton
Mama's Letter We Need Smiles11/12/2014craig cornish
Veterans Day, and a Personal View11/11/2014Carrie Richards
Veterans Day11/11/2014Carol Eastman
"My Poems Tab" - why is title repeated?11/11/2014Dave Williams
MEMORIAL TRIBUTE ON THE CONTEST PAGE: A WORD COLLAGE FOR CHAN. PLEASE, Take up the challenge. <311/10/2014Cyndi MacMillan
Finally the winners of "Solitude"11/10/2014scott thirtyseven
Changes / Upgrades to PoetrySoup11/9/2014Team PoetrySoup
Hot Blog A Piece of Chan Dale Hurst11/9/2014F. J. Thomas
Destined to write11/9/2014Robert Stoner Jr
In Honor of a Lost Poet11/9/2014craig cornish
Mirror Of Your Soul11/8/2014Gail Angel Doyle
"Make Each Day Count"11/8/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Hot Blog Chan Hurst11/8/2014Debbie Guzzi
My Interview with best selling, Author, Anne Gracie11/8/2014Trisha Sugarek
Precious Stones Contest11/7/2014Anthony Slausen
Top Gun Poetry - Structured forms - Iambic verse III - The winners!11/7/2014Giorgio A. V.
The World is FULL of Good Books11/6/2014Debbie Guzzi
Proper results for Hoe Down contest11/5/2014Shadow Hamilton
Carpe Diem - Seize the day Poetry Contest Judged11/5/2014Regina Riddle
Ghost Stories - Contest Winners11/4/2014Kelly Deschler
New contest Pets11/4/2014Shadow Hamilton
Hoe Down results11/4/2014Shadow Hamilton
Sketching....11/3/2014gautami phookan
Hot Blog P- S is the heavens (?) - F.B's people on earth (?)11/3/2014Anne Lise Andresen
Hot Blog My First Short Story - Accepted for publication11/2/2014Roy Jerden
CONTEST11/2/2014Rick Parise
Chopped I11/1/2014craig cornish
Hot Blog Two of my poems won first place11/1/2014Kim Morrison
my contest update10/31/2014Shadow Hamilton
Happy Haloween!10/31/2014Carol Eastman
- How many Halloween Pumpkin can we get today :))))10/31/2014Anne Lise Andresen
Kevin Kern Responded (Lyrics)10/31/2014craig cornish
Happy Halloween10/31/2014Roy Jerden
"Halloween"10/30/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Prologue to a Saturday Post...New Orleans10/30/2014Trisha Sugarek
'Free For All' Contest Judged10/29/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
My Interview with best selling, Author, Elizabeth Hoyt10/25/2014Trisha Sugarek
MY LATEST WINNERS' LIST & NEW CONTEST Has begun!10/25/2014Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog My Last Contest: 'Free For All'10/24/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
A.S.P.C.A10/24/2014Shadow Hamilton
Hot Blog For Whom Do We Write10/23/2014craig cornish
'The Taste of Murder', Book 5 in the mystery series is NOW AVAILABLE! 10/22/2014Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog Terrorist attack at Parliament. Ottawa, our national capital, is on lockdown.10/22/2014Cyndi MacMillan
New Contest10/21/2014Isaiah Zerbst
Cowboys and Cowgirls10/21/2014Isaiah Zerbst
THE DARK CLOUD10/21/2014Igor Goldkind
A Kiss Of Sunshine10/21/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Hot Blog Bio Poetry Contest10/19/2014Regina Riddle
Non-Christian Poetry Contest Update10/19/2014Roy Jerden
The Scent of Your Soul contest judged10/18/2014Anthony Slausen
Contest10/18/2014Rick Parise
A Heads Up10/18/2014craig cornish
Be a butterfly!10/18/2014Giorgio A. V.
Haiku from Around the World and here at Home!10/18/2014Trisha Sugarek
My Poetic Short Flim'The Secret Story of Mulberry Birds'on YouTube 10/17/2014Ravindra K Kapoor
New Contest called 'Fable to the Rescue'10/16/2014Carol Eastman
Inspiration From The Past - Ghost Stories Contest10/16/2014Kelly Deschler
The Winning Poems of 'The Sweetest Touches of a Verse'10/15/2014gautami phookan
****DARREN WATSON UPDATE - UPDATED 25TH OCTOBER******10/15/2014Jadazzle united
Top Gun Metrical Poetry (August & September 2014)10/14/2014Giorgio A. V.
The Raven - Contest Winners10/13/2014Kelly Deschler
If I Lost You10/12/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Thank you all for your concern..'10/12/2014Joe Maverick
Hot Blog My Most Amazing Contest Entries Ever10/12/2014Andrea Dietrich
Things That Make You Go Hmmm10/11/2014Debbie Guzzi
Syllable Counters/ something disconcerting to me10/11/2014Andrea Dietrich
Seasonal Acrostics Contest Judged10/11/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
Pinnacle Contest judged10/11/2014Anthony Slausen
Hot Blog FAVORITE MUSIC VIDEOS - HOW BOUT YOU?10/11/2014Tim Ryerson
You are A Super Hero Contest Finalized10/9/2014Carol Eastman
Hot Blog The Power and Peril of Punctuation 10/9/2014Debbie Guzzi
My Interview with best selling, Author Barbara Delinsky (part 2)10/9/2014Trisha Sugarek
Romantic Acrostic Poetry Contest10/9/2014Regina Riddle
autumn colours contest finally judged, new contest up10/9/2014Francine Roberts
Hot Blog Just wanted to say "Hi!" Soupers...10/8/2014Team PoetrySoup
Poems of Praise Contest Is Judged10/7/2014Catie Lindsey
Hot Blog ~~~Dismissed~~~10/7/2014Sara Kendrick
Hot Blog HAPPY BIRTHDAY to THE ABSENT POETS: Kashinath & Frank10/7/2014Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog Happy Birthday To Our Awesome Poet Friend, Miss Poet Destroyer (Poet Linda)10/7/2014Leonora Galinta