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Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
In Memory Of Lucilla9/29/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Self Published Authors! We are in Good Company!9/29/2014Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog Published Poetry of the 21st Century [not mine]9/28/2014Debbie Guzzi
Creative Haiku Contest Judged9/27/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
Lyrics Contest Judged9/27/2014craig cornish
An example of what I'm looking for re: Eccentricize my eyes contest 9/27/2014Mystic Rose
I want to show you what God can do9/27/2014Toquyen Harrell
Hot Blog Update:-( Lucilla Carrillo RIP9/26/2014Poet Destroyer A
Free Verse Poem Winners9/26/2014Regina Riddle
Hot Blog THE BEAUTY OF AUTUMN9/26/2014Monterey Sirak
Cowboys in the Badlands - Part 3 and Epilogue - Roy Jerden9/25/2014Roy Jerden
Need Your Help TPS9/25/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Any New Poem - NEW! Any Style - FINALISED AND WINNERS KNOWN9/24/2014Alfred Vassallo
How To Post A Picture On Your Poem9/23/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Hot Blog We Will Never Know9/22/2014Poet Destroyer A
A SPECIAL MEMORY9/22/2014Regina Riddle
CBC Poetry Prize: "Tar Swan" by David Martin9/22/2014Aberfoyle Dave
Cowboys in the Badlands Part 2 - Roy Jerden9/21/2014Roy Jerden
Hot Blog TRIP9/21/2014Lyric Man
You Were There9/21/2014craig cornish
At 50, 60 70, 80 and 90 Years Young 9/21/2014Alfred Vassallo
Autumn Reflections9/20/2014Gail Angel Doyle
poems for hopefully new magazine9/20/2014little known nothing
A Lighthouse Still Stands By Gail Doyle9/20/2014Gail Angel Doyle
Everything But the Kitchen Sink...Diary of a Mad Writer!9/20/2014Trisha Sugarek
Cowboys in the Badlands Part 1 - Roy Jerden9/19/2014Roy Jerden
Calling all poets!9/19/2014Jessica Munoz-Vuillet
Hot Blog ***My Contest Winners' List**9/18/2014Sara Kendrick
I Am Still Alive9/18/2014Faye Gibson
***CONTEST WINNERS***9/17/2014Sara Kendrick
Summer's End - Contest Winners9/16/2014Kelly Deschler
Hot Blog POEM OF THE DAY! Is It Right?9/16/2014Alfred Vassallo
Eccentricize My Eyes New Contest 9/16/2014Mystic Rose
Part III, My Interview with author, Peter May9/16/2014Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog Tell Me Your Number Part II: What Your Numbers Mean9/16/2014Andrea Dietrich
A Lovely Alouette Contest Finalized/ The #1 Flawless Example9/15/2014Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog Tell Me Your Number!9/14/2014Andrea Dietrich
Cowboys- Aint that Excitin'?9/14/2014Isaiah Zerbst
The Modern Tennysons9/14/2014Isaiah Zerbst
Contest Judged- The Poet II Leave you a kiss/Leave my tears9/14/2014gautami phookan
Marriage9/13/2014Ed Ebbs
Check your Alouette & a little ChitChat9/13/2014Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog PRAYERS FOR SARA KENDRICK9/13/2014nette onclaud
Answer To Mystery Challenge 9/13/2014Mystic Rose
Part II, My Interview with author, Peter May9/13/2014Trisha Sugarek
The End Is Near9/13/2014Sara Kendrick
Hot Blog A Senior Moment 9/12/2014Poet Destroyer A
Rejection Poetry Contest9/11/2014Regina Riddle
Paraphrasing Teresa Veliz9/11/2014SillyBilly theKidster
The Pedicure Virgin9/11/2014Roy Jerden
Solitude Update9/11/2014scott thirtyseven
9.11 Remembered!9/11/2014Trisha Sugarek
How I judge Contests by Cyndi MacMillan9/10/2014Cyndi MacMillan
Our Peg9/10/2014Shadow Hamilton
Wisdom9/10/2014Justin Bordner
Poets Corner9/9/2014Jessica Munoz-Vuillet
A moment of Pride for Me and You9/9/2014Ravindra K Kapoor
Requests received from book publishers, composers, and educational institutions, etc. 9/9/2014Team PoetrySoup
HELP the Meow Meow Pussycats!!!9/8/2014Debbie Guzzi
Interview with International author, Peter May (part I)9/7/2014Trisha Sugarek
Abecedarian Contest Results9/7/2014Shadow Hamilton
Hot Blog To All Poets9/7/2014Shadow Hamilton
Sun and Fun! Don't forget me!9/7/2014Eileen Manassian
Beautiful Prayers!!!9/7/2014Regina Riddle
Heart And Soul Confessionalism Contest Judged9/6/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
Hot Blog Happy Birthday To Andrea !! And A Message From Nikko !! :)9/6/2014Carrie Richards
Jesse Evans & The Boys & the kid9/6/2014SillyBilly theKidster
Hot Blog You're a "River Legend" 9/5/2014Poet Destroyer A
Hot Blog THOUGHTS9/5/2014Poet Destroyer A
Intimate Relationship Sonnets9/5/2014Regina Riddle
When doing wrong feels right!!9/5/2014Jared Pickett
TWILIGHT 9/5/2014Poet Destroyer A
Does anyone else notice this???9/5/2014Broken Wings
Hot Blog PUNK TUATION IN POETRY9/4/2014Cyndi MacMillan
Hot Blog A Before and After Poem Thanks to Debbie G9/4/2014Eileen Manassian
Hot Blog Edgar Allan Poe9/3/2014Poet Destroyer A
How to make an image out of a long poem9/3/2014Roy Jerden
Encore - anonymous positive new sonnet9/3/2014Elly Wouterse
Hot Blog EXPOSURE- OH, YES!9/3/2014Eileen Manassian
Hot Blog Grammar and poetry: a Fiction Writer’s Oddball View9/2/2014Cyndi MacMillan
Lyric Contest Judged9/1/2014craig cornish
Bring on the fall colours8/31/2014Francine Roberts
Hot Blog Shoddy Grammar8/31/2014Chris D. Aechtner
Hot Blog PLEASE READ **** UPDATE ON DARREN WATSON ****8/31/2014Jadazzle united
The Many Faces Of Us What's On Your Noggin8/31/2014Jerry T Curtis
Brief (I promise!) Contest Update - Hints & Tips8/31/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
"The Lewis Man", by Peter May, A REVIEW8/30/2014Trisha Sugarek
Moon contest finalized8/30/2014Francine Roberts
'Poems About Places' Judged and New Contest Posted8/29/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
September8/29/2014SKAT A
My Comments Contest8/29/2014jack horne
Hot Blog Calling poetry soup and the world.... S O S..SOS... SOS..!8/29/2014Joe Maverick
Hot Blog What Does Debbie Sound Like???8/29/2014Debbie Guzzi
I'm Standing Behind You8/29/2014Poet Destroyer A
Hot Blog My Awesome Footle Winners8/29/2014Andrea Dietrich
For many people here, this is a long, boring blog: The Cetacean Brain and Hominid Perceptions of Cetacean Intelligence 8/28/2014Chris D. Aechtner