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Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
Comments 8/21/2014Alfred Vassallo
**PLEASE READ ** News on Darren Watson's Absence And Contest Update8/21/2014Jadazzle united
A new contest to come I need genuine advise!8/21/2014Alfred Vassallo
Hot Blog The Soupiquette of Return Comments **edited**8/20/2014Chris D. Aechtner
What's So Phunny?8/20/2014Just That Archaic Poet
THIS IS POETIC PROSE8/20/2014Cyndi MacMillan
Hot Blog You Sunk My "BATTLESHIP" :) 8/20/2014Poet Destroyer A
In Out Up Down8/20/2014Just That Archaic Poet
How to do a scansion of your poem to verify the meter8/19/2014Roy Jerden
Hot Blog Dedicated to You8/18/2014Poet Destroyer A
Things That Suck 8/18/2014Poet Destroyer A
Special Stuff8/18/2014craig cornish
Hot Blog New Footles Contest/ Some Suggestions for Footle Writing8/17/2014Andrea Dietrich
The Little Mermaid in my Pond8/17/2014Suzanne Delaney
The Shells Have It!8/17/2014Andrea Dietrich
Comments8/16/2014jack horne
The Scrolls are Filled!8/16/2014Isaiah Zerbst
The Lady of Shalott8/16/2014Isaiah Zerbst
Are You a Room with No Roof? 8/16/2014Trisha Sugarek
On the edge of the riots8/16/2014Carol Eastman
Mermaids Contest Update8/15/2014Suzanne Delaney
Random Thoughts #1027: We8/15/2014Chris D. Aechtner
Abecedarian contest8/15/2014Shadow Hamilton
Results for Three Themes contest8/15/2014Shadow Hamilton
Too Subtle?8/15/2014Roy Jerden
Dark Poetry Contest Judged8/15/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
The tears of a clown...8/14/2014Deb Wilson
Hot Blog Some wildlife photos of mine8/13/2014Chris D. Aechtner
Hot Blog 6-Month Anniversary!8/12/2014Lyric Man
Lauren Bacall8/12/2014craig cornish
Hot Blog Rip It Out8/12/2014Carrie Richards
Hot Blog I Wish I Could Give Him..8/12/2014Eileen Manassian
Hot Blog DEATH OF A COMIC GENIUS8/11/2014Tim Ryerson
Contest You're a Super Hero8/11/2014Carol Eastman
Summer Acrostic contest judged8/10/2014Francine Roberts
Hot Blog You are missed...8/10/2014Team PoetrySoup
8/10/2014Charles Melody Lightning Ink
Inspired By Our Rose8/10/2014craig cornish
Charlie and I are back...with our Poetry (Charles Bukowski)8/10/2014Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog Am I wrong?8/10/2014Jared Pickett
Re my contest..'8/10/2014Joe Maverick
Hot Blog What Is Your POEM Most Like?8/9/2014Lyric Man
Cycles Of LIfe 8/9/2014Mystic Rose
Hot Blog Salutations, my dear friends!8/9/2014Just That Archaic Poet
~~~Contest~~Triolet with Zeugma~~~8/9/2014Sara Kendrick
Can Someone Explain or Help Please!8/9/2014Alfred Vassallo
Crazy Lines8/7/2014Betty Bateson
We'll Take It....Bukowski and me8/7/2014Trisha Sugarek
It's A Love Story You Would Love To Know8/7/2014Ravindra K Kapoor
To My Dearest Soup Friends.8/7/2014Alfred Vassallo
Vibrant Verse 2 Contest Judged8/7/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
Imperfections8/6/2014Joe Flach
Blogger Declares August Charles Bukowski month!!8/6/2014Trisha Sugarek
Maybe a contest and other ideas8/6/2014Sara Kendrick
You Are Now Connected8/5/2014Poet Destroyer A
Hot Blog Perhaps They Could Be Re-located To The Moon?8/5/2014Chris D. Aechtner
Issue: extra spacing between each line of the poem8/5/2014Team PoetrySoup
As promised, I have posted a new poem! 8/5/2014Anne Currin
Make Me Cry...A List Of Winning Poems With No Names.8/5/2014Dan Kearley
The Best Medicine8/4/2014Catie Lindsey
FINAL UPDATE (Premium membership ends the 7th)8/4/2014Christian Guild
Alligator Humor 8/4/2014Mystic Rose
'You're a Super Hero' Contest8/3/2014Carol Eastman
Poem Art is HERE!!!8/2/2014Team PoetrySoup
My Latest Contest & A GREAT new movie BOYHOOD8/2/2014Andrea Dietrich
New Feature -Poet's Notes About the Poem8/2/2014Roy Jerden
~~~Computer~~~8/2/2014Sara Kendrick
Visceral LIght 8/2/2014Mystic Rose
Vibrant Verse Contest Judged & New Contest Posted8/1/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
All Of Me Loves All Of You By: John Legend8/1/2014Mystic Rose
SING A SPOOKY SONG (How Bout You?)8/1/2014Tim Ryerson
Hot Blog ON AIR WITH DRAKE!7/31/2014Eileen Manassian
Unsung Hero Contest7/31/2014Carol Eastman
Only because I am Not Feeling Well7/31/2014Alfred Vassallo
First Blog Since My Return7/31/2014Sara Kendrick
Mahatma Ghandi 7/31/2014Mystic Rose
Hello ! (for those who bother to read) 7/31/2014Anne Lise Andresen
Hot Blog Doowop 7/30/2014Debbie Guzzi
Hot Blog New Feature: Create a cool image from a poem and share it!!!7/30/2014Team PoetrySoup
Update On Vibrant Verse Contest7/29/2014Charlotte Puddifoot
Hot Blog Maybe I'm Invisible 7/28/2014Poet Destroyer A
Fill up a Scroll!7/28/2014Isaiah Zerbst
Hot Blog Some Thoughts Concerning The Islamic/Zionist Situation7/28/2014Chris D. Aechtner
Hot Blog A Bit of Humor...about MEN7/28/2014Eileen Manassian
Not Just Any Old Quatrain - Contest Winners7/27/2014Kelly Deschler
Hot Blog Prayers for Lucilla7/27/2014Andrea Dietrich
Unsung Hero Contest7/27/2014Carol Eastman
Winners of Let's Get Technical Poetry Contest7/27/2014Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog Assumptions7/27/2014Eileen Manassian
Belated Greetings!7/26/2014Leonora Galinta
Animals Alive Contest Finalized7/26/2014Carol Eastman
Vacation Humor Contest Results7/26/2014Carolyn Devonshire
FREE Book Give Away This Weekend7/25/2014Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog TALKING TUNAS, DISNEY, Planet of the APES. WASSUP tonight?7/24/2014Andrea Dietrich
Hot Blog Thank Ruben! OH Oh, Mr. O7/24/2014Debbie Guzzi
Part 2 of my Interview with author, Ace Atkins7/24/2014Trisha Sugarek
The Scent of Water Contest Judged7/23/2014Faye Gibson