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These are the most-recent poetry blogs by poets on PoetrySoup. Read some of the most interesting poetry blogs, journals, articles and poetry notebooks on the internet. PoetrySoup Premium Members receive a blog page where they can promote themselves, or, a non-competing service or website. These poet bloggers write about their poems, poetry, life, or whatever strikes their fancy. Become a Premium Member and create a blog for sharing your writings, photos, videos and more. See also: Poetry Articles.

Most Recent Blogs

#Blog TitleDate PostedPoet
A Genuine Appeal for Peace7/25/2016The Seeker
The Death of Community Points7/25/2016Team PoetrySoup
Two Stanza- Two Only Finalized7/25/2016Broken Wings
Etheree contest7/24/2016Kim Merryman
taking the surprise out of romance7/24/2016David Smith
PATRIOTISM IN POETRY7/24/2016Brian Strand
Loneliness 7/24/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Hot Blog Best Poems Pages: Update!7/23/2016Team PoetrySoup
Compose A Choka7/23/2016Janis Thompson
My Poetry Book7/23/2016SKAT A
Hot Blog Female Spirit7/23/2016Poet Destroyer A
Poems of Poets I follow7/23/2016Carol Eastman
Garbage Contest judged7/22/2016Anthony Slausen
New Contest7/22/2016Kim Merryman
Hot Blog Triple Tetractys 7/22/2016Eve Roper
More Motivational Moments...for Writers!7/22/2016Trisha Sugarek
Kenyan Wonder Fish7/22/2016Teddy Kimathi
AS IT REALLY WAS or is7/22/2016Brian Strand
I just had another thought regarding the soup7/22/2016David Smith
Hot Blog Heartbreak7/21/2016Kelly Crenshaw
Limerence7/21/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Hot Blog As a poet, what do you really want out of this site?7/21/2016The Seeker
Hot Blog The Perfect One7/21/2016SKAT A
Cancer / Illness and Poetry7/20/2016JP Armstrong
~~~~~~PINK DOMINO/DOMINOES~~~~~~7/20/2016Sara Kendrick
OUR DILEMMA7/20/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog One Stanza - One Only Finalized7/19/2016Broken Wings
Tuesdays are Now Officially "Share Your Soup Day" on PoetrySoup7/19/2016Team PoetrySoup
Backwards Poem Contest Example II7/18/2016Laura Loo
HOW DO I LOVE THEE part two7/18/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog Give me your best one liner contest finalised7/17/2016Silent One
Any Poem Written in 2015 Finalized7/16/2016Laura Loo
Dodge Poetry Festival7/16/2016JP Armstrong
The Shadow of ME - REFRESHED 7/16/2016SKAT A
WEEK END PUB NIGHT food for thought7/16/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog The Perils of Getting Old7/16/2016Poet Destroyer A
Problems with line length7/15/2016Barry Stebbings
Hot Blog False Face Must Hide 7/15/2016SKAT A
Screwed XIV Finalized7/14/2016rob carmack
Garbage Contest is up and running, you could win an "oscar" 7/14/2016Anthony Slausen
Someone Has a Birthday!7/14/2016Kim Merryman
Shout out to my Students!7/14/2016Debbie Guzzi
A Cup Of Tea 7/14/2016Eve Roper
Best Rondeau Poem Contest Finalized7/14/2016Laura Loo
FIRST LINE FAVOURITES7/14/2016Brian Strand
Night Sky7/14/2016Teddy Kimathi
Make Me Feel It - contest finalized 7/13/2016Becca Teagan
Honorable Mention Award - Loudoun County Public Library Poetry Compitition7/13/2016Robert Stoner Jr
Any Poem You Ever Wrote NOT for a contest finalized7/13/2016Broken Wings
Hot Blog In Red's Silent Fury7/13/2016Poet Destroyer A
Make a poem results7/12/2016Shadow Hamilton
Motivational Moments....for Writers! 7/12/2016Trisha Sugarek
Now here is something wierd7/11/2016Broken Wings
~~~~~~PINK DOMINO/DOMINOES~~~~~~7/11/2016Sara Kendrick
Setbacks7/11/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
poetry in schools7/11/2016David Smith
MEMORIES what do you remember7/11/2016Brian Strand
Make a Wish Contest issues7/10/2016Kim Merryman
Second Place Only Contest Finalized7/10/2016Laura Loo
A Delightful Childrens Fable Contest7/10/2016Carol Eastman
The affair has been judged7/10/2016Lewis Raynes
Make me feel it - new contest 7/9/2016Becca Teagan
Hot Blog The Garden Spider7/9/2016Poet Destroyer A
Time to Die7/9/2016Teddy Kimathi
ON SECOND THOUGHTS7/9/2016Brian Strand
Biggest Mistake Contest Finalized7/8/2016Laura Loo
An assalt on my senses7/8/2016David Smith
QUANTITY OR QUALITY?7/8/2016Brian Strand
The Red Parasol by Alfred Glendening 7/7/2016Eve Roper
Hot Blog System Error 5007/7/2016Broken Wings
Hot Blog A Birthday Shoutout7/7/2016Kim Merryman
Contest Update7/7/2016Catie Lindsey
Hot Blog PAIN GETS IN THE WAY OF FORGIVENESS7/7/2016Poet Destroyer A
Allo. Quietly creeping in through the back door.....7/7/2016Viv Wigley
Hot Blog How long can you keep hatred in your heart?7/7/2016Silent One
Make a Wish Contest7/6/2016Kim Merryman
Mystery 7/6/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
A deleted poem7/6/2016Lewis Raynes
SUMMERTIME7/5/2016Janis Thompson
Hot Blog ...and I think it's gonna Rain today~ (rainy results)7/5/2016binibining P.iNk
MID WEEK PUB NIGHT SPECIAL-a vertical verse in lower case7/5/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog I guess this was STUPID and not as easy as I thought. I doubt TPS will fix the contest results7/4/2016Poet Destroyer A
POETRY&MUSIC7/4/2016Brian Strand
Hot Blog - Friendship Is Lifelong Medicine -7/3/2016Sunshine Smile
Motivational Moments....for Writers! 7/3/2016Trisha Sugarek
Hot Blog UNION OF DISGUISING FACES "HZ1" blog #27/2/2016Poet Destroyer A
UNION OF DISGUISING FACES "HZ1" blog #1 7/2/2016Poet Destroyer A
ART OR POETRY?7/2/2016Brian Strand
Contest Judged7/2/2016Anthony Slausen
I Got Zero, Nothing, Nada Finalized7/2/2016Broken Wings
update CANADA DAY WITH MYSTIC ROSE7/1/2016arthur vaso
Cynosure7/1/2016Nayda Ivette Negron
Villanelle A Flower or Flowers Finalized6/30/2016Broken Wings
Story Poem Contest is now judged6/30/2016Carol Eastman
Your favorite food contest is done.6/29/2016Lewis Raynes
The risk was worth it.6/29/2016David Smith