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Poetry Articles - Articles on Poetry and Writing

Poetry Articles. Enjoy a variety of poetry articles and articles on poetics. These Poetry Articles provide information on poems, verse, prose, meter, writing rhyme, consonance, alliteration, metaphor, and other valuable tools for the poet and poetess. These Articles are about poets, poems, and poetry in general and cover a wide variety of subjects.

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 Article TitleWriter
Meters of Latin Poetry PoetrySoup
Be a Poet Jun Abines
Colon or Semi-Colon? Andrea Dietrich
Comma Rules Andrea Dietrich
Think You Can't Write a Poem? Gail DeBole
Literature of Love Mckhy Styx Mallari
Earl Schumacker - An Introduction Earl Schumacker
Words: An Endangered Species Emily Schaffer
Caged Bird by Maya Angelou Molly Ross
To The Old Year, 1787 by Anne Hunter Molly Ross
Iambic decapentasyllabic verse (or Political verse) Giorgio A. V.
Pablo Neruda, La Chacsona Maria Kruk
On the Steps of Pablo Neruda Hortense Soulier
Anna Akhmatova's Life wuwu
Robert Frost Jeff Stats
Robert Frost: Renowned American poet Risper
World of Wisdomly Words Aleasha Martin
Changing "Bullies" in the School Zone Aleasha Martin
Self-Published Authur Theresa Ann Casten
My Response: Style of Poetry Jiril Clemons
Considering Self-Publishing & The Reason I Write Poetry Louis Borgo
An accurately written Iambic Pentameter Villanelle. Giorgio V.
Quatorzain - Fourteeneer - Iambic Heptameter Giorgio V.
Iambic meter! (Did you know that it expresses our heart-beat?) Giorgio V.
What's a Limerick Mel McIntyre
Three Types of Cinquain poetry Gary R. Hess
My Cinquain Thanksgiving Erin Schmidt
Cinquain Poetry Short and Simple Monica E. Smith
A Nonsensical History of Limericks Jan Smith
Limericks - How to Write Them Mike Dinicola
The Limerick Style of Poetic Humor Joseph Spence Sr.
Limericks Are Easy and Fun to Write Jack Wilson
Writing a limerick Dorothy Massey
Limerick Writing as an Art Peter Finlayson
Dr. Allama Iqbal, the Pioneer of Urdu Poetry Sanjiv Saraf
Mercy Otis Warren: Drama of the Revolitionary Period Mercy Warren
A Biographical Introduction to Po Chu-i Arthur Waley
The Method of Chines Poetry Translation Arthur Waley
The Rise and Progress of Chinese Poetry Arthur Waley
Chinese Poetry Techniques Arthur Waley
The Limitations of Chinese Literature Arthur Waley
Ssu-K'ung T'u, Chinese Poet L. Cranmer-Byng
Po Chu-i, Chinese Poet L. Cranmer-Byng
Li Po: The most famous name in Chinese literature L. Cranmer-Byng
Chinese Verse Form L. Cranmer-Byng
Tu Fu, the God of Verse L. Cranmer-Byng
The Influence of Religion on Chinese Poetry L. Cranmer-Byng
The Poets of the T'ang Dynasty L. Cranmer-Byng
The Ancient T'ang Ballads L. Cranmer-Byng
Poetry before the T'angs L. Cranmer-Byng
Is Shakespeare Dead? Mark Twain
The Writings of Shakespeare E. Nesbit
The Advance of English Poetry in the Twentieth Century William Lyon Phelps
Ben Jonson: An Introduction to his Life Ben Jonson
Chronological Summary of Petrarch's Life Petrarch
The Life of Petrarch Petrarch
The Life of John Keats M. Robertson
A Defence of Poetry Percy Bysshe Shelley
On The Symposium, Or Preface To The Banquet Of Plato Percy Bysshe Shelley
Essay On The Literature, The Arts, And The Manners Of The Athenians Percy Bysshe Shelley
On the Nature of Virtue Percy Bysshe Shelley
Speculations On Morals Percy Bysshe Shelley
Speculations On Metaphysics Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley On A Future State Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley On Life and the world Percy Bysshe Shelley
Percy Bysshe Shelley On Love Percy Bysshe Shelley
Lays of Ancient Rome: Roman Poetry History Thomas Babbington Macaulay
The Meters of Latin Poetry PoetrySoup
Is poetry messing up with your writing skills? Vicky Tsiluma
The Day I met T.S. Christopher Boskovski
Haiku is Sharing Moments of Our Lives Nancy Walkup and Pam Stephens
Haikus By Richard Wright Joseph Spence, Sr.
Street Mud - An Awesome Articulation of Haiku Poetry Joseph Spence, Sr.
Everything You Need to Learn Haiku Edward A. Weiss
Rich Haiku Poems With Diversity of Religious Awareness Joseph Spence, Sr.
A Haiku Love Poem Edward A. Weiss
Japanese Haiku and Western Haiku - Who Wins the Fight? Edward A. Weiss
Haiku Poetry Examples - Its Form, Nature and Evolution Rakesh Ramubhai Patel
Japanese Haiku Poet Yosa Buson Ashraful Musaddeq
Writing a Haiku - Its Truest Form Gary R. Hess
Good Examples of Haiku Poems Edward A. Weiss
The Origins of Haiku Mel McIntyre
About A Haiku Poem Alejandro Martinez
My Freedom. My Words. Myself. olive eloisa guillermo
Me and My Poetry Wrting Process Kim Morrison
You Know...You Don't Look Much Like A Poet Kim Morrison
A History of English Romanticism in the Nineteenth Century Henry A. Beers
A History of The Romantic Movement in France Henry A. Beers
Langston Hughes - A Brief History Allen L. Taylor
Li Bai - The Greatest Poet in Chinese History Young M Qingwei
Tanka to Haiku: A Brief History Ashraful Musaddeq
Hideki Ishikura Drunkard's Haiku - Wine Glass Joseph S. Spence, Sr
What is Haiku? How Has Haiku Changed? Edward A. Weiss
Traditional Japanese Haiku Mel McIntyre