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A poetry anthology is a book or collection of selected poetic writings by various authors, usually in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same subject.

PoetrySoup in not currently involved in the publishing of anthologies or poetry books. Perhaps we will one day. However, we do provide links to external FREE poetry anthologies, anthology news, and other poetry anthology resources. Read and enjoy.

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Tue,19 Aug 2014
Poetry's evolutionary niche at Cornell Plantations
Consider an orchid’s foot-long spur and a moth’s 12-inch tongue stretching through the spur to reach the orchid’s nectar. Poet Joanie Mackowski sees in this biological oddity the same co-evolutionary process that gives us poetry.
Fri,08 Aug 2014
New Poetry Book Inspires Recovery From Pains of Loss
'A Journey Through Poetry' by Dorothea Fleming touches on themes of misery, moving on to encourage spiritual revival (PRWeb August 07, 2014) Read the full story at
Sun,10 Aug 2014
The 'lost' poetry of World War One
The patriotic verses that sent soldiers to war
Wed,20 Aug 2014
Malta for major poetry festival in Macedonia
Malta will be represented in one of the most presigious festivals of world poetry.
Tue,05 Aug 2014
The strength of poetry
Saranya Francis’ first anthology of poetry Being Purple is a reflection of a woman’s multi-layered emotions
Wed,23 Jul 2014
London Book And Poetry Events: 24-30 July 2014
Atrocious poetry, London Adventure and Tottenham Outrage.
Thu,14 Aug 2014
Poetry and Literature Calendar (Aug. 17-Aug. 23)
Today, 7:30 P.M.: The Screening Room Series presents “A Tribute to Rosemary Kothe,” the ninth annual memorial reading celebrating the life and work of the founder and longtime host of the series, who died in 2005. The tribute also features videos by Tim Bienkowski and Bill Kothe.
Mon,04 Aug 2014
Poems of a great cynic
What Bloody Glass? An Anthology of Poetry Henry Spencer Self published BOOK REVIEWER: books editor IN his author’s note at the start of this book, Henry Spencer tells how he was once described as “the world’s greatest cynic”.
Fri,15 Aug 2014
No easy stroll to freedom for SA poetry's restless howler
Dissonant, dissident wordsmith Lesego 
Rampolokeng waxes poetic about the new 
oppression in his debut documentary film, 'Word Down the Line'.
Thu,14 Aug 2014
Howard University Professor and Poet Releases 11th Published Volume of Poetry
Washington, DC — Join Lady Janét R. Griffin in her latest publication joy of writing poetry. Amphony Volume IV , dedicated to her colleague and friend, Mr. Rackham Goodlett and as always to all of her students, is a collection of poetic messages and themes that are recorded throughout literary times, such as “inner reflections”, “faith”, or “confusion and war”.