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A poetry anthology is a book or collection of selected poetic writings by various authors, usually in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same subject.

PoetrySoup in not currently involved in the publishing of anthologies or poetry books. Perhaps we will one day. However, we do provide links to external FREE poetry anthologies, anthology news, and other poetry anthology resources. Read and enjoy.

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Sun,06 Jul 2014
Creative outlets tapped
When Nel Coloma-Moya began a post-doctorate program at Queen’s University in 2009, the pressure of study forced the geography major into a whirlwind of emotions.
Wed,23 Jul 2014
London Book And Poetry Events: 24-30 July 2014
Atrocious poetry, London Adventure and Tottenham Outrage.
Fri,25 Jul 2014
Poetry break at the For Teas wartime cafe
A cafe with a Home Front wartime theme is selling a booklet of poetry inspired by the First World War.
Sat,05 Jul 2014
Got a minute? Read a poem
Poetry: The art that offers depth in a moment.
Mon,07 Jul 2014
Baker students' poems get published
Get involvedRead the Baker students' poems To read some of the poems by Fort Morgan students that recently got published, visit teacher the Poets page on Julie Frink's website, mrsfrinksclass.
Tue,01 Jul 2014
Local Weather
Young budding writers discovered their passion for poetry last night as they showcased their talent at a performance evening.
Tue,22 Jul 2014
Author Raza Mir writes a guide to Urdu poetry
Want to fully understand the nuances of an Urdu couplet enchanted by its spoken cadence?
Wed,30 Jul 2014
Author signing set for Red Mountain Library in Mesa
Red Mountain Library in Mesa will host a book signing by author Erik J. Ekstrom for his military-based anthology.
Fri,18 Jul 2014
A Land in the Storytelling Sea: A North American in Malta
There is no beginning or conclusion to the idea of Malta, perhaps the most exotic and oddly accessible island in the Mediterranean.
Wed,09 Jul 2014
London Book And Poetry Events: 10-16 July 2014
Comic Con, musical poetry and Pop-Up Festival.