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Heart Of Stone Poems

A list of poems using the phrase Heart Of Stone. Heart Of Stone Poetry.

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Eyes of Fire and Heart of Stone

I see pain in their eyes.
I hear sorrow in their cries.
Inside I break and cry alone,
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

No matter how much pain I feel
I am sure that I will always deal
the way I know..alone
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

Others may not know the fear.
They know just what they see or hear.
I come off cruel and cold.
Inside I'm not...I'm just not bold.

I have to thank my mother
for the love she's never shown
The one thing that she did give me...
her eyes of fire and heart of stone.

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The Gosht Of Her Still Follows

Sit, look back, dream back, remeber,
She reflects back
Through her eyes as a child,
The happy, carefree way of life,
Contrary to her now, lifes heartahces and pains
Years of tears, a heart of stone,
Sit, look back, dream back, remeber,
But the carefree gosht of her still follows.
She'll laf, rejoice, and she'll hide,
Her true real feelings deep inside,
Inside shes aching, inside shes breaking
But you'll never know,
For shes found its better to hide,
To keep it all deep down inside,
Sit, look back, dream back, remeber,
But the gosht of her still follows.
Wshing, sighing, imagine back then,
A life so easy, where troubles were none,
With dreams and hopes and so much more to come!
But now to her it all seems useless.
She was once happy and full of joy
But shes changed, things changed, she grew, time happend,
Sit, look back, dream back, remeber,
The gosht of her still follows.
Behind the mask upon her face,
There lies a broken soul, 
The fire has gone out with the anguish shes sufferd,
Hurtful words of the accusing crowd,
Ring forever in her ears,
She covers her ear, tries to drown them out,
She sits back, tears in eyes, looks back, dreams back, remebers,
Her childhoods gosht still follows

The happiness will always follow her,
Though the pain in her eyes is always evident,
Shes never been able to live life just the same,
For the sadness is there, haunting her for eternity,
Shes helpless as it overtakes, the power of her fight is out, 
And days, turn to weeks, and weeks to years,
Shes locked in this cage of melancholy
She'll just sit back, look back, dream back, and remebers.... 

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a love song

its hard to explain 
exactly how i feel inside 
everytime i see u 
all i can do is smile 
i used to have a heart of stone 
u turned it into something true 
u tore down tha walls around my soul 
and i fell in love with you 
just one kiss was all it took 
and now im yours forever 
ive gotten really close to u 
i thought i couldnt trust anyone anymore 
until u came into my life 
and gave me something to live for 
u gave me life 
because u are my life 

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The Saviours Will

            ~ GOD~
To change a heart of stone,
To teach His very ways.
To give His guidance,
To guide in every way,
To love so very deep,
to be the Precious One.
This is, The Saviours Will!
           ~ HIS CHILD~
To know the change took place,
To learn His blessed ways.
To recieve a guide that's true,
To follow as He leads the way.
To share His love so perfect,
To know He is the Precious One.
This is, The Saviours Will!

             ~ HIS CHILD~
To grow in Grace Devine,
To feast on His Holy Word,
To trust and look to Him.
To teach His Gospel to all,
To give not being found out,
To help even when not needed.
This is, The Saviours Will!

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When Shall The Sun Steal Back Time- Part 1

And back when I was a child 
I was shaped by how life started to defile
Absent of trial
Always another extra mile to walk 
Learned a lot learning not to talk 
I prefer to listen 
Not missing a word
Remembering each that is heard 
Some may have been better falling upon deaf ears 

I learned a lot in a few short years
And how did I ever expect to grow with out tears 
I may have been molded from clay and baked into stone
These shames have been chiseled into bone 
So I’ll burden them alone 
Inside my convictions have grown 
I speak in mild half tones 
And the wind has blown out the sun 
And the milky way runs across the sky

I’ve tied a bow on my finger 
To trigger a recollection of my collection of memories 
Now I’ve begun to spill them onto paper
And I’m beginning to tapper off into a daze
With fixated eyes and a mind that prize at a heart of stone
Trapped behind some fragile bone
It’s a battle of strangle holds between mind and soul

The days are long and black 
The thunder claps 
The lightening snaps
The rain makes mud in patterns without explanation
Only and just for me 
All in attempts to appease my self-destruction that is baffling 
And my tabs run up I don’t have enough to pay a cab to carry my dust
And everything will always be as it was
Reality just does what it does best 
My composure regressed
I’ve undressed all of my regrets 
Always felt exposed 
Now I guess everyone knows
Hope shows some bravery building and boiling over
And when I’m feeling blue I write some words that I never thought I knew
Sometimes lies always true
Just for me, never you

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What happens to people?
When they are kept in the darkness

The darkness of  their soul,
Stuck in the pitch black of Eternity.

In the darkness we go mad.
In the darkness we go blind.
Then, when finally shown the light,
We don't recognize it.

We can't see the warmth of the light
For our souls have gone cold
Full of pain,
But nothing else

Not Joy, Happiness,
Not even love.
It becomes a heart of stone,
Any potential space for good emotions disappear.

With No Light,
We Are Left In The Darkness

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Heart of Stone

It was a painted puzzle
of a poet in the rain.
somewhere in New Jersey

blowing bubbles
on a train.
She ate her last Dorito
and scribbled down a line,
about a shattered goblet full
of poisoned berry wine.

she didn't see the changes
all around her shadowed form
and how the color ranges
left the spectrum of the norm.

she thought she fell asleep and
of  dandelions and home

her open eyes transitioned
as she turned to hardest stone.

Her density had doubled up
and doubled once again
every time she turned her face
and failed to help a friend,

I put her in my pocket and I put her
on my desk
her heart of stone ,
is mine to own
T'was I who loved her best.

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untouched love

I admire her from a distance.
As you would a piece of art.
Afraid to say things that I feel.
To touch .Or show my heart.
My body is a vessel. With a heart of stone within.
I fear for all to see it. Or to use it once again.
I wore it on my shoulder . For all the world to see.
It seems I gave it freely . And it got the best of me.
If my life could be started over.
I would pick a different time.
One where I would'nt know her.
Or ever have her own my mind.
If now I was struck with blindness.
If I could never see again.
Her face would never leave me.
Her love always within.

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Unable To Love

you took away my happiness, 
you took away my joy, you took away
from me the things that ment the most,
you took away your love.

If you cared for me so much, then why did you leave,
why did you take away the memories?

you took away the want from me to get up everyday,
feels like you took away the sun, all I see is rain.

you took away my heart of flesh, I have a heart of stone,
you took away what I had inside, now I am unable to love.

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The earth endures
Even if we can procure
Every thing our heart treasure
Grief will still mature
Kings sitting on great throne
great warrior with heart of stone
wise hearts more precious than gold
Still they all go cold
Wisdom is a strong hold
For those that desire the road
To exist above grife and cold
The end is more than gold

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The Heavy Weight

There it sits this heavy weight,
Like a anvil upon a paper plate,
A crushing force it does affect,
A mighty power I must respect.

It bleeds my joy, my love of life,
It takes away my pain and strife,
It takes away all colours bright,
Replacing them with dead of night.

No light it permits me to see
No singing of songs will there be
It holds all enthralled in its might
Shielding them from my poor souls sight

Emotion in prison deep within
Nothing gets through, not even sin
Nothing gets out for even a day
Nothing can escape in any way

Hard as a rock and twice as cold,
Born of a tale of sadness told,
It will not break or wash away,
To last forever you might say.

It was caused by Love won and lost
And locks me in eternal frost
A man of Ice I have become
Now forever my emotions numb

Though small it was it has but grown
It crushes me now, flesh and bone
Doomed forever to be alone
For I now bare this heart of stone.

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Thy Bitter Hands Be Heal

Gold hands of kings shall rule the world
Bold hands of heroes shall slay the giants
Old hands of time shall pass the seasons
Cold hands of steel shall till the earth
The hands of God shall guide thee
Unto a heart of stone, He whispered
His sweet words penetrate thy soul
Through His love and mercy
Thy bitter hands be healed

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i see I'm a pain to you 
so let me die no no no
i dont want to see a tear in your eye
please no tears for when they plant me in the ground
please no tears for those will make me dround
for my life was sad aslo cold and bad
so please let me die
yes i know i wont live in the land in the sky
so please let me die 
for the longer im alive the more tear i cry
for i know theres no place for me in this place you call home
i feel my heart turn to heart of stone and all i feel is the pain straght to the bone
and all i want to do is die alone far from this place you call home
for my heart is a heart of stone so please let me die a lone

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Troubled One

There you are, locked inside your heart of stone,
 held captive by satans snare and it seems that no one knows.

There are doors left unopened and doors closed to your entering,
the key to unlock them can't be found.

There are places in your heart unknown th thee,
and untouched by human care,
but their is One who knows your heart and He 'll search it thoroughly.

GOD's grace is greater than your sin,
it's temptuos, alluring ways will have no barrier on thee.

Every door left unopened has a purpose, a place and a time
and the key is The LORD JESUS CHRIST.

JESUS knows every place inside of you,
 and just One touch from Him will shatter your heart of stone.

He will remold you, reshape you and build you up in CHRIST,
trust His power to make you whole!

(c) Feb. 9, 2007      Rosemarie Schrock

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my part

If I am a part,
my part is small.
If I am a piece,
my piece is broken.
If I am a place,
my place is lost.

Small, broke, lost, 
but in the mix
It's only me.
My heart of stone doesn't bleed.