Green and pure

Written by: babajide awobamise

Mankind seeks dominion, and takes it all by brute force..
we took the trees, to have roads, companies and buildings all in a rush...
we mined for gold , not caring the cost..

looking back we realize we should have taken another course..
for every tree cut, another should have been planted of course! 
we didn't do that, and so the forests got sparse,the soil got coarse.. 
beautiful cities emerged, wow! who would have thought?!
 with them however, man got spoilt, 
we stopped walking, and in came the cars,those were classy, but they came with emissions and noise.

Hahaha, the ozone layer gets burned..
even light bulbs emit spurts,
 now the sun shines ,not to warm, but to scorch..
The  rains come to nourish our crops and then take our houses with flood..
Enough !

Now we must retrace our  steps, and chart a new course..
we must plant a tree for everyone we cut..
 no more indiscriminate burning let each waste/refuse be properly disbursed..
we must opt for alternative energy resource..
let us keep mother-earth as much as we can,Green , rich and  Pure.