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The Love of "Fall"

F alling in love with Winter; she’s ice cold dressed in snow white lace 
A ll the while dating Summer, who’s still sizzling hot
L ove affairs bruised with revengeful reds, oppressed oranges, and yelling yellows
L eaving Summer with a promise to one day rekindle their love

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Stone Chalice

Hands of jagged cliffs Reach to cup clear mountain wine Earthly communion
for Raul's contest - Rhythm of the Falls

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12,045 Days ......(and counting)

My affirmation deceitfully severed
forever robbed by selfishness
Left to tackle life alone 
Tumbling in the wake of my dad's mess

He left when I was three 
The crevasse has increased for 33 years
Traded his life with us 
For another woman and a couple of beers

He wasn't there to pick me up
When I fell off of my bike 
To teach me how to fish 
Or enjoy a nature hike

Now I'm a father to my son 
Hoping not to make the same mistake
Living day to day on this lake of life
My son in tow through my own wake

It's been nine years and we're going strong 
Six more years with my son
That's more with him than I had with mine 
My son I guard in a web I've spun

A web of love, discipline, and nurture
Full of "I love you's" and "see ya in the morning"
A kiss before school and one before bed
Lots of playing, talking, reading, and singing

My son doesn't know the pain I feel 
To not know my dad in intimate ways
No hands to comfort me or words to heal
No dad in sight for 12,045 days.............................(and counting) 

My son and I have a great relationship and for this I am thankful......

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I Am..(Tagged by raul, now i'm tagging Elaine george).

I’m a young boy A single mother’s son I’m a young beach beaten by a tsunami Sent by an undersea earthquake delivering ripples of death Carrying my mother and hers out to sea Ravaged sands asking the sunset to reveal the secrets of the sunrise I’m a father to a wonderful child A beautiful wife’s husband I’m the love in each rain drop of a gentle rain Nurturing arid hearts with the moisture of my words Watering seeds of the future with hope The catalyst for the magic of spring I’m a teacher A Painter I’m the strike of a snake My fang: a pen’s nib full of black venom Poisoning compressed cellulose pulp; The anti-venom: beautiful words Administered through the ink gracing the surface A student of verse ~ I am a poet ~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I was tagged by raul to write a poem that ends with "I am a poet" now I'm tagging Elaine George

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Wild Orchid; Is She The One

filling the radio with words of availability lot lizards selling their souls to diesel driving “Joe-s” in and out of truck cabs under a weeping moon’s protection Jane, works the night, wondering if her daddy knows lipstick on and high heels strapped as the sun sets in May call sign; “Wild Orchid” …. “Anyone looking for a good time?” a traffic jam of radio chatter…… congested air waves the August sun rises on a night of sexual crime Orchid petals caressed with greased stained hands her pale white color quickly wilts to brown the young November night is holding her final bloom evidence of violent pruning becomes talk of the town a knock on the door……………….. a flower delivered Wild Orchid’s father is asked, “Is she the one?” he checks her stem, quickly recognizing his roots inevitably, the withering of his blossom has begun……

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Concealing Heart


                                 keeper of secrets
                            intimate memoirs grinning
                                visceral hope chest


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Cool Breeze

.                     Nomadic whispers 
                            North winds speak to the great plains
                                            Warnings of winter

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White Buffalo

elder's spirit born white fur roams among brown capes pale face prophecies

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Delphic Bee

Singing pollen songs
Lips anointed with honey
Priestess of Delphi
Filling her pollen basket
Propolis giving comb love

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Hostess twinkies

.     The yellow cream filled twinkie
               A frozen delight,
        Try eating it nice and cold;
             Tongue enveloping
               Tonsil tackling
                Throat filling

{throw them in the freezer before you eat them}

inspired by:

sweet treat contest (Laura Mckenzie)