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Fijian Poems and Poetry from Fiji

Fijian poems and poetry from Fiji. Read examples of fijian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Cry of An Eight Year FijianFijiChand, Ravneel02/03/2016
Fair Not To Care FijianFijiChand, Ravneel01/28/2016
Power of Love FijianFijiChand, Ravneel01/28/2016
Your Eyes, Cheeks and Lips FijianFijiChand, Ravneel01/28/2016
I FijianFijiChand, Ravneel01/28/2016
Never Quit FijianFijiSingh, Balbir12/21/2015
Time and I FijianFijiViti, Kai12/15/2015
Mind Storms FijianFijiViti, Kai12/02/2015
Alone FijianFijiViti, Kai11/13/2015
Contained FijianFijiViti, Kai09/07/2015
From Rock Bottom FijianFijiViti, Kai09/02/2015
Changing Tides FijianFijiViti, Kai09/01/2015
Material Love FijianFijiViti, Kai09/01/2015
Mum FijianFijiSingh, Balbir06/06/2015
Betrayal FijianFijiSingh, Balbir02/13/2015
Valentines Day FijianFijiSingh, Balbir02/13/2015
My Life 2 FijianFijiTora, John06/27/2013
Rejection in Love FijianFijiSingh, Balbir06/19/2013
Rejection in Love FijianFijiSingh, Balbir06/19/2013
Love is so hurting: Let the tears talk FijianFijiSingh, Balbir06/16/2013
Love is so hurting: Let the tears talk FijianFijiSingh, Balbir06/16/2013
Happy Mothers Day FijianFijiSingh, Balbir05/11/2013
The People Around Me FijianFijiSingh, Balbir04/10/2013
Wine Stewrad FijianFijiSingh, Balbir04/10/2013
I loved My Life of Bird FijianFijiSingh, Balbir04/10/2013
First Love FijianFijiSingh, Balbir04/09/2013
Life is like Music FijianFijiTora, John11/28/2012
Life FijianFijiTora, John11/28/2012
Feeling I am FijianFijiTora, John11/28/2012
Dark Feeling FijianFijiTora, John11/28/2012
Believe FijianFijiTora, John11/28/2012