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Ukrainian Poems and Poetry from Ukraine

Ukrainian poems and poetry from Ukraine. Read examples of Ukrainian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

An egocentrist UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr02/02/2015
On being in trend UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr01/22/2015
Linda Evangelista UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr01/18/2015
Time and a clock UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr01/16/2015
A weening player UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/31/2014
Communication by touch UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/29/2014
An oral law UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/26/2014
A leek and leaking UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/22/2014
On what is good for a tic UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/15/2014
Any thing lost UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/11/2014
A skin peel UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/07/2014
It's a snap UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/30/2014
On brain training UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/27/2014
Quite a lad UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/23/2014
A VIP UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/19/2014
Robin Hood UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/16/2014
The best job UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/13/2014
A jacket and a jack UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/12/2014
As to being a spouse UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/10/2014
A peach and a speech UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/04/2014
A grasp and a gasp UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/31/2014
A punchbag UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/29/2014
A friend UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/27/2014
Our age UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/25/2014
Geese UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/22/2014
A loser UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/20/2014
Eve UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/17/2014
Marines UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/15/2014
Classes and glasses UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/13/2014
An air raid UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/12/2014
Eden UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/09/2014
Sex UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/06/2014
An advice UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr10/02/2014
Some ale UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/30/2014
Your IQ UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/29/2014
Ale and love UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/26/2014
A sole and a Soul UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/25/2014
His ass UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/23/2014
The poor UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/22/2014
Professorial glasses UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/19/2014
Brown and blue UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/16/2014
By fluke UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/15/2014
It's easy UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/13/2014
Your lips UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/11/2014
Racketeers and tears UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/10/2014
Right girls UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/07/2014
The heavy swell UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/05/2014
Wine and a swine UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/04/2014
An honest lie UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/03/2014
A strong wimp UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr09/01/2014