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Untying of a Love Knot
When I used to dream I used to dream about him Fantasizing about how it happened and how it could have been Demons, chasing Nightmares, Happiness on Poles Tied into a loveknot and dangled in front of me No matter how I ran, how far, how fast It seemed to sweetly Escape Just when he was in my grasp I tried it all New haircuts New styles New boys Sexy sexy skirts With new pairs of heels Filling holes with things that Really don’t mean anything Except to say I’m doing just fine without you Days go by, Months slip away Years appear on doorsteps like unwanted infantile Infatuations I beat my self up for loving the way He moved Spoke, touched Laughed, ached, cried He could Heal the burns on my fiery soul He could handle Dangerous curves On roadways unknown My first love Today I no longer linger On whispers in photographs Or chain ball letters I don’t chase after white sports cars Or sink when I hear his name I see him sometimes and I feel his stare Sting me on the places it hits I’m with my own And his with his other But just to let him know It’s okay I smile and let go Unraveling This cord of discord Love is forever No matter the occasion I forgive, i forget and let him live Without me I appreciate His gift, wrapped with detachment For the benefit, of each other He showed me with open eyes That I did not need a man For me To love Me He gave A bittersweet Indescribable Emotion. The Gift Of Poetry. Thank you…
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