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And here I am again completely weird But the clock it just keeps on ticking But not the only reason why I'm tired And my eyes they keep on flickering When outside all these flashing lights The sound of cars keep whishing on by It's no good all these sleepless nights If I could get some blink in shut eye I keep on telling myself sweet dreams Though most of the time they are vivid It's like I'm jumping in and out of scenes And only leaves one restless and livid Yeah I defiantly need some more r,e,m's It's like this bad case of sleep depravation I'm often asked where is it that it all stems Though I've never been one for relaxation I need some more rapid eye movement If I could get some of those sweet lullaby’s Of course that would be an improvement To those bags that are under my eyes Thoughts keep going round in my head If I could give some rest to my aching bod I've just got to start getting myself to bed Though still trying to find the land of nod Something wanted to write about for a while couple of verse not to happy with might update in futre just getting some thoughts out of my head im sure a lot of people can relate to this when in my ywenties did not need as much but so much going on at times find it hard to relax get in to that third stage of sleep WRITTEN BY MY SELF DAVID SCOTTFE MARCH (2013) INSPIERD BY ALL THE COOL SOUP MEMBERS ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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