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…… Searing pain shot through my body like a wave of heat. I raised my arm to feel my cheek, but he grabbed my wrist, forcing it back to my side. A small whimper escaped my lips. "Shut up!" he growled slapping me so hard that I could hear the clap of his scaly, calloused skin on my cheek. My body was overcome by shock and I cowered down into the corner, giving him even more of an unfair advantage. I ran my back down the wall and squealed in pain as a rusty nail drew a long bloody line from my shoulder blades to the bottom of my abdomen. "I said shut up!" he snapped as he jabbed me in the side with his leather hunting boot. I screamed, I couldn't help it. I converted to the fetal position terrified of what my outburst had cost me. To my sunrise, I heard him mumble something under his breath and shuffle to the other side of the room. I peeked through the gap in my forearms. He was sifting through the closet. He snatched his black, leather jacket off the hanger and forced it over his broad shoulders. He then reached to the top shelf of the closet and grabbed a burgundy red box, our emergency safe. He spun the dial and it clicked open. He shoved all the money into his pockets and reached back in for our small .22 caliber pistol. (Shit, I forgot we had that.) I was stricken with panic, wondering what he planned to do with it. He tucked the gun in the back of his pants and pulled his shirt over it. He approached me again but only stood there and glared at me. I retuned the gaze. His face was concealed by a film of sweat and his short, dark brown hair smoothed back by mousse. His soft eyes were clouded by anger and pain. He was an attractive man, and I loved him. I tried to stand, but I became dizzy and collapsed back to the floor. "Psssh, weak bitch," he snarled. He took one last agonizing glare at me and headed for the door. I swallowed and attempted to stand once more. I firmly pressed my hands to the wall, pushing, forcing myself up. I swallowed again, attempting to moisten my throat, but my mouth was too dry and chapped from my painful screams. "David, wait. I love you. Wait, please," my throat burned as I forced out the plea. The screen door creaked as he jerked it open. He stepped out, not even bothering to look back at me. I cringed as the door slammed, leaving my ears ringing. * * * * *
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