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LOOK OUT, IT'S GETTING DARK Look out, itís getting dark Time never strode Viciously before Treachery, torment And unleashed lust Demonstrated route-march Even at broad day light Look out, itís getting dark. Daughter has not reached home Look out ÖÖÖÖ. Clutches of evil So visible, virulent Brutish libertines Clung in air embodied Tender child She is not at home Look out- Sharp beaked vultures Incorporeal Invisible, They flap wings, Ugly luring of tongue Resounding rhythm Vagrant beasts roam, grunting. Celestial bodies, guardian angels Keep eyes shut Look outÖÖÖÖ Way side brooks Bogs lay bare Ferocious shades in darkness Fireballs roll from gut to throat- Dispassionate halogen lamps Hostile streets concealing Treacherous holes And ferocious bipeds to pounce On pray. Itís dark As dark as the Black Angel Our daughter- Look outÖÖÖÖ. A wail on wings of wind A choked scream- Nauseating odour swells in air A shadow at the rear end Of St. Joan street. Stage sets of a trap pit Scary shades, bitter fruits Of calumny, distressing. Arresting with claws The black scorpion stings Prey shivering in fear, disgust Flames, flesh burning A self immolation Crumbling down to ashes. Our daughter Look out- Itís dark As dark as Black Hole Devilís stake Charred body- My cherub My blood- She is not at home. Night spreads heavy shroud Over our dreams. A death knell mourning Slovenly Crushing life Our life
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