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Good Night Love Poems

Below are the all-time best Good Night love poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the love examples of good night poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Good Night Verse

                                         Heaven is covered with stars
                                         All children should sleep now
                                           Eating the evening meal
                                         Milk and bread on the table
                                      Eyes are tired and cheeks are red

                                       The night has come my little one
                                          All children should sleep now
                                              A small body is so tired
                                             Brushing small milk teeth
                                               Little feet need to rest

                                      The moon glows through the window
                                            All children should sleep now
                                             Safe and warm in their bed
                                                Soft pillow, warm hugs
                                       The sleep comes with beautiful dream
                                            Angels watch at your bedside

A-L  Andresen :)

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Lovers' Tryst

In whispered silence two hearts run in league
Reluctant each to raise the wakeful mist
By mantle of night and moonlight’s sweet mystique
While forbidden fate hides a lovers’ tryst

The moon espies what hides in gentile guise
Though fate forbid a love one can’t resist
To live, to love and chance a heart’s demise
While dreams hearken to this lovers’ tryst

Bright moon, stand fast!  Pray, ‘yond dawn, be stayed!
For Juliet, knowing well they’ll e’er desist
Wills not this blessèd night be here waylaid
For fear this dream remain a lovers’ tryst

Her surrendered heart belongs to Montague
The ‘morn will show if his own love be true

Christopher Thor Britt
Motif: Romantic

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I Pinky Promise

I am, in moments apart
though dark,  looking
in-between the shadows

Always, a whisper away
a footstep behind..
echoing doors

And the hand that
brushes, softly on
your cheeks

I stain my kisses
each time you sleep

Closer, than far
the star of stars
in the sky of skies

I lie, inside your heart
inside the beats, I hide.

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A Good Night Kiss by Kenny Davis

A Good Night Kiss by Kenny Davis

Oh! How I wish I could
Give her, but one good night kiss
Affection shown from my heart to hers
As she drifts off into a slumbering bliss

I could see laying, but a gentle kiss
Upon her soft, angelic cheek
And whisper to her, “Good night love…..”
“….I’ll await you in my dreams.”

A kiss from lips as soft
As the pillow where lies her head
Such relaxation for her that she had never felt before
That she lays her head on my chest and in my arms instead

Her ear pressed along my chest
To get the mere chance to listen to my heartbeat
Like a lullaby, music to her ears
As she drifts slowly off to sleep

As I cherish the privilege
Of watching her sleep
I think to myself, “God….”
“….I don’t deserve this blessing of having this angel of yours next to me.”

“Lord, I couldn’t thank you enough.”
“There really are no words.”
“I can’t help, but to always wonder….”
“….am I really worthy of her?”

Through all of her frights and fears
Her smiles and her tears
That when awakens from them all,
She knows that I am there

As she opens those eyes
To the blessing of another sunrise
I can’t help, but look at this stunningly, beautiful woman and say,
“Blessed is the man that wakes up by her side.”

With bright light of her eyes
Glaring from that very somber sunrise
Is the most majestic image of God’s creation
Enough to make a man cry

Cry out tears of joy, happiness
Cries of Thanks unto the Lord
For the blessing of this angel, here on earth
The best blessing, I never deserved

You would never have thought
The intimacy from a good night kiss meant so much
What it means to have our lips draw us closer
By just allowing them one last touch

Such love from a single kiss
By God, might it be made to last
Oh, but to lay, but one single kiss upon her cheek
Even if it is to be, but my last.

© October 2011 k.davis

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                                            Smiling expression 		
                                Two hearts dream love at first sight  		
                                       Sweet good night lasts long	

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A Father And Dyslexia

Daddy, your bed time stories were the best.
The extra prescision you took while reading a book,
To overcome your struggles and ensure you pronounced each word correctly,
Were the most beautiful sounds.
The way you would sit and practice slowly, 
Sometimes repeating words out loud or to yourself,
In efforts meant to bring our sleepy ears an image written down.
They were always the most beautiful words Daddy.
They were the best stories, that I lay in bed,
An adult now, and listen to my memories, where you retell them again.
You stuttered - it mattered not.
No other stories compare.

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At night

When sleep evasively denies
and slumber slips from tired eyes
I think upon your fair facade
and quietly I thank my God
For blessings of thy tender lips
which oft I think upon and drift,
Down into dreams so softly kissed 
By you my love

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We Need to Talk

Letting the words soak in
I stayed

The mist pool filled
I couldn’t say goodnight
The night told me
There would not be “us” much longer.
How long?

No one ever knows these things.
Who can predict?
Working as hard as anyone should,

Going back to tonight,
Love dying,
I have to say good night.

((Notes:  The title is supposed to have quotes around it, but it won't let me put special characters.  
Also, this is an erasure poem, but there was no option for that under the form section))

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Haiku 2

Wherever I am
Your breath on my neck
Feels like home

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let me see you in your birthday suit

there are times of tests when the mind becomes ambidextrous
there are moments in time when the body becomes multidirectional
when the horizons are being bullied and all organisms begin to pollute
won't you please set my wearied mind at ease and let me see you in your birthday suit