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Short Retirement Poems

Short Retirement Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Retirement by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Retirement poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Retirement poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

Hello arthritis

Pain from joint to joint
or am I losing my mind
hello artritis

Short Retirement poem by Mark Halliday| Details | |


Log in the fireplace,
Enjoying a good author
While petting my dog

Short Retirement poem by Sallam Yassin| Details | |

Retirement of my beef

Horse who won in Yorkshire
Last year how come
To be a  beef in my menu  this year

Short Retirement poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

A crystalline ode

crumbling deadwood in composting leaves,
retirement brings a life of ease

Short Retirement poem by amber davis| Details | |


Short term the school.
Long term the house of love.
A career until retirement.
My world.

Short Retirement poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |

pic nic

sitting on  green grass 
watching a large black ant climb up my leg 
sipping red wine from a plastic cup

Short Retirement poem by jay del fierro| Details | |

Pension Fund Raiders

                 Fox in the henhouse

             retirement nesteggs eyed,

                bond market shakeup...

Short Retirement poem by Mitch White| Details | |


I lost my job two years ago today
Unemployment ran out sometime in May
Saving cans you know
Still play the Lotto
My little retirement plan, per se

Short Retirement poem by Andrew Crisci| Details | |


Eh, pal what are your chances of winning?
Ah, you could have banked all this saving
for an early retirement...
to cherish that sentiment!
When you're completely broke, start cringing!

Short Retirement poem by jack horne| Details | |

old Smeaton's Tower

old Smeaton’s Tower
spends its retirement dreaming
recalling its youth

no light in its eyes
glares at the young usurper
on Eddystone reef

Jack Horne for Russell’s In the Light of Haiku contest

Short Retirement poem by Joe Maverick| Details | |

Dinosaurs misty vale, curtains

World scene..'

Dinosaur snuffs noisey,

crash!  eternal silence.

Copyright Joe Maverick 2010

(breaking news) Dinosaur writes , for SKATS contest.
back to extinction...i mean retirement for now..!

Short Retirement poem by Don Schaeffer| Details | |

The Insanity of the Old

Protected from the past, 
insulated in a box 
made of star-dust, 
closed where it 
points to the earth 
but open toward the 
vacuum of the sky,

why does he
bring the old world back 
when he creates his dreams?

Short Retirement poem by Steinar Gismeroy Olafsen| Details | |


Strolling around town 
At prohibited time 
Ignoring the church bell sounds
While I see people hurrying 
Down the sidewalk
On their way to work 

Think maybe I'll find 
Pen and paper
And have a coffee somewhere 

Or maybe not

Short Retirement poem by Ken Jordan| Details | |

Tall Grass

Poet: Ken Jordan
Poem: Tall Grass 
Edited by: Sparkle Jordan
written: August/2014

Some folks 
Beverly Hills -


Beverly Hills,
for me -

I prefer

the open 



Tall Grass
grows -

Short Retirement poem by Mayra Lucas| Details | |


Oh death, death, death
When will you feast be over?
When will you be gratified?
When will get exhausted?
when will all your energy be used up?
When will you excuse yourself?
When will your own spell come to you?
When will your heart be content?
For all of us are  anxious for you retirement

Short Retirement poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |

a package from Amazon

getting old
sitting on my rocker
waiting for mail 

a package
from Amazon 
with my first fast elder walker with seat

they say that this fast elder walker with seat
could last 
up to ten years to the day

I do pray 
that this walker 
is not my last 

and that it and I 
don’t go too fast

Short Retirement poem by Singh Ram Krishna| Details | |



I’ve outlived
the winter’s
and depressing rains
in a human zoo

I can live
my retirement too
without pension and

the wheelchair
doesn’t frighten
I can live

uncared and unknown
survive broken home
the numbness of the
the  pain in the

and inflation too

Short Retirement poem by chris hardy| Details | |


Follow the money
maybe somewhere 
far, far away
hidden, divided
follow the money

lips that can't speak
eyes that will not see
ears that have forgotten
how it came to be

retirement can be long
time to pad the nest
living the lifestyle
must have the best

take it all
who will tell
spend it wisely
at the mall in hell

Short Retirement poem by Dan Keir| Details | |

Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Short Retirement poem by ilene bauer| Details | |


Here’s a thought I had today
(And really, it’s inspired):
It’s possible to be exhausted
When you are retired.

For if, in your retirement,
Some interests you’ve acquired,
You may be far too busy
For the sleep that you’ve required.

So if a work cessation is
A goal that you’ve desired,
Accept the fact that you will be 
Both “re” and “re”-less tired.

Short Retirement poem by Tom Wright| Details | |

We're Never Satisfied

Oft times, as we near trail's end,
We discover that we've used up our days,
Just chasing wind through the trees.

Exploring our "what ifs" of life trend,
Always glinting hinder as if through a haze,
Thoughts that time seemed to freeze.

Only then, with lesser days to spend,
Is psyche surrendered to much malaise,
On finding trees gone and wind a breeze.

Short Retirement poem by Dalila Agtani| Details | |


I maybe bored To the extent of googling How to use the toilet bowl properly Amazingly, there is a detailed answer How dare U-tube gives so much information An informal education, yet Informative to the layman’s need and curiosity! Hmmm, I maybe bored A retirement aftermath (in my case) The unstructured time available Has turned me into a jack of all trades!

Short Retirement poem by Glen Enloe| Details | |

Labor Day

He never made retirement—
palmed sallow watch.

Years bled bloodless,
stooped obliquely
in steel mills.

Mother said
he was tired—
so tired
as he drank
last days in liquid slurs.

The mill closed
after his death—
now both rustle bones,
remember russet dreams
of molten metals
faint as old billboards
whispering what once was
but never was
in rust-washed wind. 

Short Retirement poem by Elton Camp| Details | |

The Senile Chemistry Professor

The Senile Chemistry Professor

By Elton Camp

On retirement old Doc did belong
But he stayed at the job too long

Although his students it did amuse
When ionic and covalent he’d confuse

Carbon in organics is never found
To them had a very strange sound

The dean didn’t know what to say
But the problem resolved one day

Doc took a drink and was no more
What he thought H20 was H2SO4

Short Retirement poem by Julian Bohan| Details | |

From The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand - E PLURIBUM ANUS


In modus fasciculumque Brady pus.
Rogationes, confractum egemus.
Minara excommunica
Ripa nostra, sus amica,
Sic superbum precum, pape beatus.


The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand moves in mysterious ways. Just ignore him.

Short Retirement poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details | |


The retirement age for SSB
Is fast approaching seventy
And age past which - we should retire
Leaving little time - 'til we expire

We'll take pills to medicate
Which will keep us somewhat healthy
And are over priced - as merchandise
But make others - very wealthy

Our fixed incomes won't keep up
With run away inflation
So we'll sit at home - we'll eat like birds
And live in caged - anticipation

Short Retirement poem by DrJim Martin| Details | |

Retirement Plan

 Retirement Plan

Dr. James E. Martin
©February, 2013

Now that I’ve reached a ripe old age,
I sit on the porch and sip sweet tea.
Some may question the wisdom in this,
My response is simply, “It works for me!”

Jealousy is undoubtedly fostered in some,
For that matter anger may surely arise.
I simply continue in my well designed plan
And know that many my life they despise.

Short Retirement poem by cory long| Details | |

my retirement place

LOVE crystal blue seas, with snow covered sands, dreaming of this place.
Grass skirts, necklaces, pig roasts and coconut drinks. Soaking up the rays, hanging 10 and snorkeling, a FUN place to retire at.
I'm sitting around the fire. Speak of island legends, take with me words of wisdom, and POETRY of this land. Fun and frolic contest cory long

Short Retirement poem by Gwen Schutz| Details | |

The Day Of Miracles

Today was a day of miracles,
Struggles that are reconciled,
A place to call home again,
God's beautiful blessings,
Friendship, the liason with understanding,
A reprimand of the supernatural,
Difficult passages for a senior,
A restored normal kingdom,
Beautiful rapport with retirement,
Days and nights of blessings,
God's guidance and thankfulness.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

Short Retirement poem by Erica Gould| Details | |

Age is Just a Number

I know that 21 is young,
But inside,
I feel so old.
I've always had to be the adult.
I've never felt my age.
My friends,
Have no problems cutting loose.
They tell me to relax.
I envy their ability to go with the flow.
But too much is at steak for me.
They pay for courses they don't like,
Trial by error.
While I'm,
Planning for retirement.
I know I'm only 21
But age is just a number.

Short Retirement poem by Vicki Acquah| Details | |


Kind eyes peer 
out of pages 
gentle features 
of grace replace 
calculated poses 
touched by 
the sun-The sun 
color --into his 
cheeks and face 
hints of roses. 
And yes 
I believe 
my eyes as they 
No doubt- 
Obviously we have 
met here before.. 
Yet unscathed 
by this world 
We come back 
There could be more 
like us 
So we are here 
to watch and wait

Short Retirement poem by julie heckman| Details | |

Why I am content

My life is meadow of wildflowers
a grace to breath into the hours.

Breezes blow calmly upon faces
that fill me with their ardent graces.

My old Chevy runs absolutely great 
but for a tire I may need to wait.

Education will never be over 
and retirement is not for this rover.

The sun's rays are too bright
and shift over the ocean caves.

Aqua-green they rise in the light
home ashore go the foamy waves.

Short Retirement poem by valerie bellefleur| Details | |

Lil and Frank

True Story

My hubby's aunt was ninety three
Spry and full of energy

Lost her man of sixty years
Remembered all the joy and tears

Retirement living she could thank
For meeting up with new beau Frank

Her new mate was ninety five
"Hey, she said I'm still alive!'

Lil and Frank have set the stage
Love can flourish at any age

Hand in hand they share their love
Until the call from up above..

Short Retirement poem by John Posey| Details | |

Haiku Shoppe

Great idea here Let’s open a Haiku Shoppe They go great with beer Easy to find I’m told They hide under nibs of pens Don’t let them get old To make a great stew Take a limerick or two Mix well with Haiku If all has gone well And your mix has turned out right You’re ready to sell One more thing to do We must put them on a bun - Sit and have a few Written by John Posey 12/22/12

Short Retirement poem by nette onclaud| Details | |


EXCHANGING DREAMS ----------………-------------- two old men with retirement’s eyes exchange dreams on a bench, growing tendrils of old age… as cosmos grows dim they recline like curled sleeves wrinkling, memories recycled on phonograph's needling tunes crossing young regions
poetic form:shadorma © *come and join my shadorma contest! blog to follow when TPS resumes full operating system.

Short Retirement poem by Gordon McConnell| Details | |

Lifetime of Work

 No longer at work
 now in retirement
 having worked since school
 many a task I was sent

 Began apprenticeship with electrics
 blew a fuse I'm colour blind
 then work in sweetie store
 before redundancy not too kind

 Worked in many a warehouse
 looking after many a stock
 from food to clothes
 kept busy no time to talk

 Made redundant again last year
 decided to take a rest
 believe it's well earned
 after giving my very best


Short Retirement poem by Dan Keir| Details | |

Solitude: To Yoda, An Ode

Green bark a prism creates,
Feel the pull of earth, you must.

Rotates, a slime of endless hates,
Can hold me not, this world’s crust.

Friendship’s ties, isolation Deflates,
Succumbs, my spaceship, to bitter rust.

Mist, my soul forever permeates,
Lift-off, booms the rocket’s thrust.

My spirit when light returns, elates,
Swamps swell, swallowed hope’s swirling dust.

Trapped, I am, until student from fate
Arrives to learn; Cloud City or bust.

Short Retirement poem by Gwen Schutz| Details | |

God's Miracle

Shakespeare's pen surrendered to retirement,
Elizabeth Barrette Browning a constant motivation,
Robert Barette Browning, love's companion,
The mysteries of God's universe,
Discovered by humanity,
Honourable companions of the past,
A memory of contemporary excellence,
Companions of the present,
Defined traditionally,
God's nature encompassing us daily,
Blossoming through the seasons,
A writer's paradise.

Author: Gwen Meyer-Erlach Schutz

Short Retirement poem by Gordon McConnell| Details | |

Free From Time

During most of life's years
time has a grip upon mankind
in our working years clock bound
looking for freedom in our mind

Then when one comes to retire
from one's working years on earth
you feel like a bird set free
making you think returning to birth

So now not having any clock control
freed from it's alarming hold
so today living free from time
where yesterday set in its mould

Enjoy now today being free
for its whats meant to be

Short Retirement poem by Bridget Martin| Details | |

The End

keep your eyes on the East
be prepared to see the Mark of the Beast
world peace, don't believe what you see
all hell break loose
persecution of the Christian and Jew
God or Satan
whose possession are you
Stock Market is through
corporations took advantage of you
retirement money is a thing of the past
republicans mad
leaders steady stacking their cash
voters know they've been had
end is coming
be prepared for the blast 

Copyright 2001. Bridget S. Martin

Short Retirement poem by Oluwatobi Ogundiran| Details | |

That's When I'll Stop Loving You

When Christmas come in June
In the heat of the summer
And two moons shine at noon
In the heavens and yonder
When the cock crows at midnight
And birds croon at twilight
When with harmattan comes sleet
And white bears thrive in the heat
When the sea produces water fresh
And the Inferno freezes over
When the reveille sounds for retirement
And in war no one dies on the battlement
When all these happens, it is true
That's when I'll stop loving you.

Short Retirement poem by Tim Smith| Details | |

Life Is What You Make IT

                                Awesome, Beautiful
                          Crawling, Walking, Running
                  Toddler, Student , Retirement, Elderly
                             Falling, Aging, Agonizing
                                   Painful, Lifeless

for Dave Wood's
Life Is What You Make It Contest
Tim Smith

Short Retirement poem by john freeman| Details | |

"Tis Smoke, My Bloke"

As the mind of humanity’s flesh
Simply wants all of the world’s cash
As bills smell in congress they pass
Laws  resembling methane gas
Poof, aloof, savings gone in a flash
Of cash stash, my soul is free at last

Our retirement savings of cash stashes 
Like bad memories as congress passes 
Their bills smelling like methane gases
Like moles complain of smelling mo__ lasses
As the politics of fresh air clashes
`Tis smoke, my bloke; use miracle glasses

Short Retirement poem by Seosamh De Burca| Details | |

A Hug's Breath

Silent tears as friends hug restricted bodies,
Lingering awkward silences for moments long gone.
A hugs breath on his cheek as friends leave him alone,
Lingering smoke and whiskey shades tints the mind.
A parting quip and a crystal tear shivers in the air,
The gesture wave of failing friendship walks unsteady.
A lonely discomfort nips the soul, a hugs breath,
Clutching a card stained with friends pain,
He leaves for home and retirements reign.

2008 © B.

Short Retirement poem by Dalila Agtani| Details | |


On Retirement

Retiring or retirement
An innovation  to graduation
Whether it be retirement or graduation
There’ll be definitely another actions coming.

Retirement is seeking another endeavor
Why the thought you are in a junction
If we go on the negative of retiring
Then turn passiveness the next time.

So, if you are really tired
Then leap another through
Of tiring or resting
Therefore, you are not in  a crossroad
But between active rather than passive!

Short Retirement poem by Connie Moore| Details | |

Old Heart

My Heart Is in Retirement 
I Gave it Too Much Pain 
The Hurt Has Made it Old 
And it Refuses to Love Again 
If My Heart Can't Be Persuaded 
To Give Love Another Try 
Then I May as Well Give up 
And Tell You this Is Goodbye 
Heart and Mind Are Different 
And Do Not Always Agree 
They Leave Me in Confusion 
But the Heart Does Hold the Key 
So I Don't Know What to Do 
But I Have to Make this Stop 
My Mind Says I Do Need Love 
But My Heart Says I Do Not 
Connie Moore 
1 2 93 

Short Retirement poem by Joe Maverick| Details | |


Encased in corruption white and frail mocking life!

it travels within on our journey in strife, and though

feeling its form with each move that we make we

blindside the presence and statement it makes!we

gaze on the form and connotate to beauty, yet its

end is apparant forbidding indeed! once departed a

shell its inheritance dust, and therewith possesion

derision and lust!

written cirica 1991, for Paula Swansons contest (now i'm out)
of retirement! well sort of.

Short Retirement poem by Mark Halliday| Details | |


Creative, artistic, musical, analytical
Brother of Michael and Susanna; son of Fred and Marlyn
Lover of Nelly (Bourieau) H., science fiction novels and films, private serenity 
Who feels respect for God and humanity, love for nature, worry for the Earth’s future 
Who fears mediocrity, retirement, economic collapse leading to a popular insurrection
Who would like to see successful sons, grandchildren, his songs produced/recorded 
Marina, California (for the moment) 

Short Poems