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Jordanian Poems and Poetry from Jordan

Jordanian poems and poetry from Jordan. Read examples of jordanian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

your own parade JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia09/02/2016
my coming back poem JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia09/01/2016
Struck the strings of my heart JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia03/11/2016
The rare kind of love JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia02/25/2016
My last breath JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/24/2016
A bellow made of stone JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/18/2016
Dedicated to my best friend , collaboration with white sage JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/14/2016
The notebook part 2 collaboration with white sage JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/12/2016
The notebook part 1 collaboration with white sage JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/12/2016
I can't breathe JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/10/2016
Come close JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/09/2016
GOD JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/09/2016
Just breathe JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/08/2016
My love is a spell JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/08/2016
You choose JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/07/2016
Place your faith in God collaboration with mystic Rose JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/06/2016
My gashes JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/05/2016
Born like a white page JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/05/2016
My funeral JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/04/2016
The fault in our stars JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/04/2016
Bless or curse JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia01/03/2016
Three words, happy new year JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/31/2015
Would you let me win JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/29/2015
You revels through my veins JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/29/2015
As the sun heat I feel your warm JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/28/2015
YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/27/2015
I still feel the storm JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/27/2015
That's their wrong JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/27/2015
Wide open sky JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/21/2015
Life is not fair JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/19/2015
I swear my beloved JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/18/2015
Today and tomorrow JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/18/2015
To SKAT JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/17/2015
To broken wings JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/17/2015
The difference between me and you JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/17/2015
Not only weapons can kill JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/17/2015
I'm gonna chose a name for you JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/17/2015
Tender lips JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/17/2015
The pride and the prejudice JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/16/2015
What's wrong with you my heart JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/16/2015
In the name of love JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/14/2015
Merry Christmas for you all JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/14/2015
Feelings JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/06/2015
We are the universe JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/05/2015
You JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/03/2015
Let's use the time that's left JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/03/2015
Don't need stitches JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/02/2015
Chains JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia12/01/2015
Little dark boat JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia11/09/2015
Anonymous JordanianJordanShahein, Dalia10/30/2015