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A Broken Heart Poems

A list of poems using the phrase A Broken Heart. A Broken Heart Poetry.

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Hear Me, O God! A broken Heart, Is my best part;
Use still thy rod, that I may prove therein thy love.
If thou hadst not been stern to me, but left Me free, I had
Forgot myself and thee time.
For sin's so sweet, as minds ill bent rarely repent, untill they meet
Their punishment who more can crave than thou hast done,
That gav'st a $on, to free a $lave? first made naught with all
$ince bought ABOVE my loss as sure to win under dive cross six wishes.

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Out of thin air there you stand, 
Lie to us, you always can,

We look at you, you look at her, 
You don’t understand how bad that hurts,

There is nothing worse than a broken heart,
When we are all together, we are so far apart,

You went out with her,
I still got my dance,

Might as well give up,
We don’t have a chance,

We gave up,
You can’t accept it,

You’re the one that said to,
You could have kept it,

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Let Go and Love

Alone but not lonely, sometimes this is true
Lonely but not alone, even when I’m with you

We live within a world of our own creation
Never altering it of our own volition

Taking from each other that which we need
Keeping ourselves apart, that is just greed

Afraid to open up and completely give
Ivory tower dwellers do not really live

What is there to fear, why are we so frightened 
We who always claim to be so enlightened

Many lonely people long for a chance like this
Someone who will hold them, someone to kiss

We come together and then we move apart
Afraid to risk the possibility of a broken heart

Living like this defies all understanding
Searching all of our lives and finally finding

A companion and a friend on whom we can rely
But not letting love in, not willing to try

“Tis better to have loved and lost”
We must stop anticipating the cost

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Oh, to be Young

Oh, to be young again
To do the things I did then
To run and play, dance and sing
With not a worry about anything

Oh to be young once more
Before middle age crept in the door
Before the pull of gravity
Made these wrinkles on my knee

Oh, to be young and in my prime
Happy-go-lucky all of the time
All my dreams were ahead of me
Knowing just what I wanted to be

Oh, to be young an physically fit
Doing things just for the fun of it
Crazy and wild and taking risks
Before I had herniated disks

Oh, to be young and so smart
No worries about a broken heart
Thinking life would always be
The way it was for you and me

Oh, to be young and free
I would not go back, you see
Unless I knew what I know now
Mistakes I made, I'd fix somehow

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Set Me Free

A broken heart seems to never want to heal
You learn to love someone and you forget how else to feel
Even though they’ve made you so high
You forget they’re the same person causing you to sigh

Loving someone sometimes leads to a reckless path
Problems can’t be solved with simple math
And even though it hurts to keep going, loving this person unconditionally
There seems to be no where else to run, but to provide this love endlessly

You fall quite hard but continue to brush yourself off
While every one around you only continues to give condescending scoffs
But when you’re in love its hard to know when to stop
With not much left you continue to race towards the top

Realize this though, some things aren’t meant to be
Until this fact soaks in your mind, you’ll never be set free

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I looked in the mirror today, and i saw my mother's face staring back at me.
same dark coffee skin, same sad brown eyes-
and I began to wonder if we'd meet the same demise.
See, my mother died of an alcohol overdose
(don't know the clinical name).
But I know she died of a wound that wouldn't close...a broken heart to 
Finding solace in a bottle or glass-
trying to drown a pain that seemed not to pass.
I thought I would forget what she looked like-the melodic ring of her laughter fades from my memory...until I laughed!
that laugh I thought I would never hear again rose from my soul,
it felt good,
cause there stood-
not sad, but full of life, and love. Happy that through me she remains-
so I no longer strain to place a face 
that through His grace I live.
No longer worried or concerened with how or when my life would end...and then
my only child walks past;
and before i could wonder if I will fade from her memory...I realized that one day, She'll look in the mirror and see my face...
and be glad time couldn't erase me
from her memory.
When she smiles, it's just like mine.
I take it as a sign-
our rich cocoa faces will grace generations
leaving ebony traces..of..MAMA!

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Life Worn Heart

“A Cowboy is born with a broken heart”
I once heard someone say
But it’s life’s travails
that make it seem that way
Just settle back & lend an ear 
I will see if I can explain

Its every “good bye” left unspoken
every tear that’s never shed
It’s the pride you just can’t swallow
every apology left unsaid
It’s the emptiness & sorrow
you carry with you on life’s trails

It was in the way back years
must have been six or seven
I watched a strong man crumble
When I saw my Daddy cry
He’d just come from burying Grandpa
Never got to say Good Bye

We lost the ranch when I was eight
and though his dream had failed
I watched my Daddy shoulder on
Never buckling under the weight
He altered course & tried again
Heart worn & weary but he prevailed

When I was but a woman child
True love found, my forever friend
We’d talked of “Through Forever”
He rides in Heaven’s arena now
True love’s bonds the veil can’t sever
All to soon I lost him to a Brahma wild

A Cowboy’s heart isn’t broken at the very start
It’s the unspoken words and unshed tears
Its all those lonely midnight memories
that creates a Life Worn Heart

(c) January 2004

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No Such Thing!

I was born with a broken heart.
So you can’t brake what’s been broken from the start.
I was born between two people torn apart.
Why love?
You can’t feel something not real.
Why hurt?
I’m a brick wall that feels nothing at all.
You are ready to walk out that door.
You want me to say the words
That can make you stay.
What fore?
For a while those words were so easy to ignore.
All I can do is ask you to stay.
I can’t lie to you that way.
Please, Don’t cry!
You don’t know how much I’ve tried.
Love has never been an important part of what’s inside my heart.
I thought you knew that from the start.
You say you love me.
This just cannot be!
One time I believed in love
Until he made me see.
Every night he beat me he said 
“Who could possible love you.”?
That’s when I knew.
Love cannot be true.
Then my daddy went away.
I learned a lot that day.
So walk away!
I was never taught how to feel.
I hope you find something true and real.
Don’t act so sad.
At least you got out before it got bad.
You are the only heart I knew to be true
But understand

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Imitation Of Life

Nought but an impression left upon the deepening snow,
  Where once upon a dying lay my bones on New Years' Eve,
Who or what I have become you do not care to know,
  A broken heart worn shamelessly upon the trench coat sleeve.
How I stared up at the stars and felt the crystal glow
  With ice that stabbed like needles lumbar puncturing my spine,
How the tears froze in salty pools and simply ceased to flow,
  Weeping inward into emptiness and sorrowful decline.
If the falling flakes could blanket me and bury me below,
  I would gladly give my ghost to hypothermia and frost,
An impression left no longer on the surface of the snow,
  Only memories of life and imitations cold and lost.

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Pain and Sorrow

Thoughout the months my life has been filled with mixed fellings; feelings you never image you'd feel.
Thoughts unthought of and feeling unfelt.
Love lost and love untold.
Then there comes the time when you experience those changes.
Changes not call for
Changes unpredictable 
Then there comes a time when there comes the end 
The time when everything that you're gain you have to let go
Let go forever
There comes the pain
The pain of a broken heart that soon will heal and mend
last but not least , the sorrow
The sorrow of soon coming home one day not finding everything and the the ones you once loved.

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what is left for me to do

Often times i wonder what can i do
to mend a broken heart
wipe a tear drop from someone eye
say a prayer to see my life through
when i see the trouble that gets in my way
each day i pray for the Lord to make away
often i see in a distance my eyes filled with
tears but in my heart i feel the peace within
 Jesus is not just my father he is also my friend

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Lady Misery

She who walks in darkness, they call her. 
She lives where the sun is turned to darkness. 
The black depths of death, she never sleeps. 
At night she rises from her shadowy place in the world, 
In search of the one who stole her soul.

Into her very heart the fire burned, 
Because of he, her heart is cold. 
She yearns for a life where there are no more tears, 
For it's been too many years. 
She gave him her heart and all that she could give 
And in return… he gave her fears. 

Fears of another he let into his heart and therefore he parted.
She tried making him stay, she begged and pleaded. 
He said he no longer needed her love, her touch…
He knew she loved him so much. 
He left, never to return again, in the end she did not win. 
So she packed up the three things that meant the most to her 
And left to go down under. 
And with her she took pictures of him and her, her poem book, 
…and a broken heart. 

She is now forced to roam this planet sadly and lonely. 
She feels used; she looks for no ending to her agony. 
She cries tears of red, they say. 
She's as beautiful as the goddess Aphrodite. 
People claim to see her nightly. 
The look upon her face is sad and lifeless, 
As a ghost they say she floats. 

Never again will she love another 
She'll search for him till her life is over.
Lady Misery is her name 
And forever her heart lies in pain.


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Her Pain

I dont know what to say,
yeah its one of those kind of days. 
All mixed up surrounded by mortality.
Why he did it its still a mystery,
he beat her over and over again. 
It hurts me like it hurt her then. 
She accepted it and we dont know why,
she thought it was love but love dont make you want to die. 
Two kids and a broken heart,
so many reasons to live a life spent in the dark. 
The pain stayed longer than the bruises.
With guys she had felt she always loses.
I stayed up and cried all night,
Not sure if what i did was right
He will never see her again, 
and she will never hurt like she did back then.

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Torn And Lost

I'm torn between decisions
I can't come to a conclusion
I'm lost between what's wrong and right
I can't stop of thinking day and night
I don't know which way to take
'Cause i don't want to do another mistake
I'm sick of asking opinions of his and her
'Cause no one really knows the right answer
I want to make the right choices to not regret
'Cause of remorse i enough had
But the problem is that i don't know
With which choice and decision to go
I want to make a choice and decision that no one criticizes me
I want to take a decision that doesn't make me feel guilty
A choice 'I'll be satisfied of
And to take its consequences I'll be tough
A choice that won't make me feel ashamed
And for choosing it i won't be rudely blamed
If i only knew which one is the right one
To a final conclusion i would come
And the result i would wait
Then be happy for the right choice i made
But life itself is all about this
You either aim the target or you miss
You give your luck a try and keep trying
Like a lottery you might lose or win
But in this case losing will be hard
'Cause the result will be a broken heart

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From England's dark blackout
We came to these shores
I and my siblings
In refuge from war.
How enchanted we were
With all we saw.

First Sydney's fine harbour
And her bridge of one span
Then the azure blue sea
The long beaches of sand
The beautiful city lit up at night
To our youthful eyes a wondrous sight.

The Aussie soldier in his famous slouch hat
The long train journey to the far outback
The Cockies screech the Kookaburra's cackle
New sights and sounds for my brain to tackle.
The grazing sheep the fields of wheat
The fun of the master the blistering heat
The long hot summers with respite at the sea
Where we swam and surfed in unspoilt glee.

School days were spent in city or mountain retreat
Strict was the discipline our uniforms neat.
Happy the friendships spacious the grounds
Nuns telling rosary beads flitting around.
With firmness and patience they taught us well
Recreation was announced by the tolling bell.

Oh the joy when the holidays came
What fun we had on the old school train.
It trundled along past wilga and gum
Past meandering creeks and billabongs
Past Emus grazing and Roos hopping along
Through wide open spaces rich in bird song.

At the graceful homestead with veranda surround
Stood the welcoming grandmother so recently found.
With parents far off she gave care and love
How proud we were of her pioneer blood.
She cooked and scrubbed and chopped the wood
She could do everything she really could.

But tragedy stuck
With her soldier son killed.
She grieved and withered and lost her will.
No longer in her life
Would he take part
Months later she died of a broken heart.

There came a time when with many tears
I bade farewell to this life so dear.
I had no choice I had to go.
The years passed on
I missed it all so.

This time when I came
I touched down by plane.
New visions flood my startled brain
Australia I find is absorbed in change
it makes me feel so very strange.

The laid back Aussie with his old world charm
A computer wiz now and amazingly calm.
The coastline is cluttered highrises abound
The noise of the traffic an ugly sound.
But the song of the Bellbird is still a wonder
It soothes my senses as I ponder.

For no land on earth has so much to offer.
So I’ll settle here I will not hover.
Perhaps the maternal ancestors smile from above.
For at last I'm here In the land they loved.
And I'll spend the twilight of my years
In this country I've always held so dear.