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My heart would please one soothing word from anywhere,
All whom I know no one could one pleasing word spare.
My skin could use one pleasing touch and any care,
But all that cares is the loneliness that she left.

My heart had been amused like a happy village,
And smiles had in two divided my moonstruck face,
But now day breaks and it has sent my moon away,
And I’m no doc to think to treat this cardiac case.

She left that just my loneliness should care for me,
Yet she’d not want another damsel on my knees.
To leave so that my swinging mind freely should swing,
And swing and swing until to rest it’d come to be.

Leaving me thus is not a noble renegade
In spite this truth; there was no time that you reneged.
Your actions oft, lately so harsh and soft, I make
To be your blurry close on all my heart might say.

Of one who would despite my woes remain I want
My eyes can’t search: love’s arrow’s made my vision blunt.
For all I’d see is what would for one night feel strong,
Cos by the breaking of the dawn it will be gone.

Iambic Hexameter

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Although you thought it loud to me
How unwanted I would always be
After you swept me off my feet
To only toss me to the streets

Although you cursed my truthful care
And rare faith that’s unfound here
And upon bruised my love so true
Real love that chose to care for you

You took away my smiling face
With it you took my best grimace
And was seized my laughter too
Along with it my feelings true

My heart is stressed from cursing thee
It pounds; it beats as it grows weak
My whole being hates your memories
Irony; craves your company

An outcast lost in your own heart
I weep, I wail in woman’s land
And thus has none to console me
In all this pain, that’s all but sweet

Although your eyes still comfort me
Lost in your gaze, I find relief –
Although your smile still consoles me
Rejection wakes my unbelief

When in your face I find kindness
Warmth and embrace of loveliness
Just then withdrawn, your heart and care
You seek not I, you seek one else

An empty box, a hungry hole
Has swallowed all to remain so
I despise you so much my dear
But would give all to have you near

Aggrandized hurt, and agony
Can one feel so, and keep “to breathe”?
Each time the thought, “not having thee”
Nearby enough, so I’d be free

Thief of always, beautiful curse
You make me soar, then make me fall
Eternal dream I wield awake
All yours to give, more so to take.

Dominic Amezimi

Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem


One whispering to the cold air
thoughts astride too; a lonely mind
all blessings fine, all curses fair.

an endless cause, from Adam's days
in flight by day, air-borne by night,
and man cannot stop the play.

unheard, misread, misunderstood,
thus actions true and careless yet,
come from the wise, or of the fools.

a bucket full of nothing quite, 
the likeness to an empty soul;
unclear, not chromed and yet not white.

unjustified in classes; all
not prime, not poor, nor mediocre
n'er bloody sad nor over joyed.

so plenty here, too plenty dear,
these things to say in little lines,
since words are lacked, and men are feared,
these things unsaid fizz in my mind.


Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem


my mouth never ran for words
to a wordless place
my heart never ran for blood
till it met your face
but they ran, they ran away!

my spirit had never fled astray
to the realm beyond
nor my soul ever fly away
t'where it was born
but they fled, they fled in turns!

my eyes never beheld, and true
such beaut', queer and strange
they only saw, but never knew
from where fairness came
but they saw, they saw your face!

my head did n'er think till now
that within the earth
and the universe around
"beasts" do, beauties get
but it thought with no regret!

my being was never well versed
to show grati-tude
nor were my knees made to bend
or my head to stoop
but they did, they did for you!

my heart did n'er beat like this
or not beat at all
for I, by grace, was made "king"
to rise, never fall
"and he rose, forevermore".

Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem


softly swift, along in threes,
battalions fierce, would grind the wind.
the grandeur of glory great,
could savour each victory's fate.
arrayed in lines, for wars cut,
soldiers set in uniforms.
adorned and armed to their teeth,
with gloved up hands, booted feet.

Marching Seasons, the war times,
a great army, with more behind.
trembling earth, meek fields of war,
nature humbled, nature blurred
by armies great, who rivers dry,
and wield emblems; glorified.

Another Petrarchan Sonnet
Picture Perfect

Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem

the poor man's hope - recited

The artiste's window gradually falling down
Holds the view of the prince's throne and crown
The ordered maidens, freely, the palace roams
Like leaves in autumn, dry, litter the roads

 “Fall on your wounded knees and withered faith”,
The new king speaks into the poor man’s face.
“I precede you on earth, would still up there”
And thus! The pauper’s hope replaced with fear.

The painter’s canvass slowly would make sense,
But only after seeming meaningless.
Instructed strokes of exotic brushes -
- All well worked by the artist’s lines in crossing.

In turns and shifts, swift swings and bad skitters,
Thorns and arrows pour down like blizzard in winter.
They pour upon him like a war ground victim
Even when all evil should be out of season.

i just had to enter
Still life’s vile tenderness unfolds a new trick,
Of all things on earth, he was the “lucky” pick,
It never fails to be true to him each time,
- Without him having to pay a wee dime.

Would pass the night wherever it found him,
Bypass, Roadside, however, he’d rest still.
He’d greet the dawn with his ominous tear,
And string some words into one in pray-er.

What life would hold again in a new day?
His dreams, through pain, can board a flight away.
So little he is, inside his meek heart,
Still deprived of all but his meager lads.

The pauper’s tears catch each dust the wheels have cast
The wheels of pride, and guile that would always pass
His wailing voice thrust swords into caring hearts
Calls for heaven (the place), since life on earth’s aghast.

Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem


With your two feet, you’re sure to go
Anywhere from, anywhere to
Though time would pass more than you do
You’re sure that home would welcome you
Steadily sped, along each path
Slowly you move, your breadth in guard
No engine fails or fluids leak,
No rubber burnt, or tyres weak
Through harsh sunshine, better when mild
Or in the snow, not the fierce kind
Anywhere from, anywhere to,
With your two feet, you’re sure to go

With your two feet you’re sure to go
Just hit the road before cock-crow
First, loneliness would be your friend
Till sun would rise from the east end
In race, fast steps, or faltering
That’s what your speed would determine
No refill stops and no car wash
No traffic jams, no police stops
Straight off, you go, steadily so
One pact between you and the road
Just hit the road before cock-crow
With your two feet, you’re sure to go.

Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem


gently, harshly, there and here
ripples in ponds, moistened air
like tears unchecked, drops and spills
the rain revered, clouds emptied

bolt-less doors swing, back and forth
windows alike, the cosmic force
litters, up-sped, into the sky
in whirls they float, and you know why

the streets flushed off with energy
dirt filled trenches overflowing,
deserted lands, tree felling winds
all life is kept, them caged or free

the hazy storm with no life flies
but roars and roams the bird-less skies
the homeless birds, caught in the cold
A cuddled pup who has a home

cowered livestock can stray and roam
playful Johnny looks on and groans
through the panes of his window washed
by every drop that fell or poured

gently, slowly, the clouds recede
and before soon the sun is seen
soon all the streets come back to life
trees greet the birds now in the skies

soft piercing rays, peep through the clouds
to search for life, and life it found
mild peace and calm, like cemeteries
the air so still, and so the trees

the friendly capes, the bathed lands
hold terrestrials, the kind of man
the birds released, even those free
to fly above, the land and sea.

high in the air, or stay enslaved
whichever still, the storm had fade.


Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem


Perfection flawed surely, yet he still craves to grow
plain books made great by his right hand
his portraits, more vivid in words than in photos
his mind creates thus his hand writes
and ever more lucid, so that our hearts would hold
what’s on each page that his pen plied
He scripts how heaven touched the earth, only clearer
such that the blind saw through their ears
in crypts and deadened tombs, would get the dead attached
to every word that his pen bled
we missed the worthful things because we closed our eyes
but they’re extant, within his pen

Details | Dominic Amezimi Poem


I am used to these ones not being there
Acquainted with truth; that they don’t care
Your weakest efforts to bring me to mind
Are all your strongly willed alibis
On stranger’s tide, one part of my life
They run, then hide, whilst I surf the tides
Alone at sea, my flesh has failed me
Along with it, all humanity
I am used to these ones not being there
An austere life, which is never fair
Nicely deceitful, truly callous
Slighting, painful, proudly ominous
In oceans deep, down in the oozes
The tears; I weep, and all the bruises.