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Give it up Thug

I saw it 

Glimpse a tender side
Voice tender, words spoken sincere no lies

I saw you
A hard shell with a heart that felt

Don't put those walls up

trying to connect
No streets here
No struggles, no need for war


Just a heart And these arms 
This could be it...Safe  haven

you don't want it 
but you need it 

Running from love bad business 

Don't put those walls up

You will regret it Thug

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Breaking slowly

Somehow I lost me
Transition to less of me and more of you
No moments my own
Feeling like I am drowning
Lacking oxygen it’s ****ing stifling

I don’t want to lose you
But do I lose me instead
This is not me 
I need space, air, time just to be

You use to get that
Once you understood me 
Now it’s more about possessing me
Like your property

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Acceptance of the truth
Heard it, comprehended
Tears eluded, insisted on suppression
Ascended to above it, insisted on overcoming
Realized and harnessed my inner power
Refused to be a victim
Empowered by recognition 
This was all my doing
Inhale release it
Can get pass this
A blessing but mostly a lesson
A shaper of future choices
The fact is… it’s cherished
This experience so beautiful and heart wrenching 
Like the sunset breathtaking but fleeting
Captured in my mind eyes
Stored in the special compartment of the heart
Remove the once shiny crown for now it was tarnished
Bitter, sweet experience cherished

Just before joining the military. TF

Details | Ale A A Poem

Transactions between you and I

You give me laughter
After you teach me how to be a liar
You give me truth
After you remove my fantasy factor
You give me desire
After you stipulate no ever after
You give me hope
After you think I’ve taken back my desire
You give me lies
After you realize I am stronger

I give you laughter
Because you were my desire
I give you compassion
Because you were deserving
I give you a future
Because your views were limited
I give you truth
Because you needed it
I give you strength
Because you are so brilliant
I give you love
There was no reason


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I believe in lessons
 Reasons for building character
  I believe in being honest
    Chance for meaningful expressions
      I believe in accepting all feelings
        A reminder that we are human
          I will still love if I knew for sure my heart would be broken
            I would still give if no acknowledgement of receipt was forth coming
              Because my experience reminds me that I am living. 
                A state to be cherished more than just existing

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My brain and heart battling 
Spinning can’t find my footing 
My world is dying 
Was this my doing?
On my face I am smiling
In my heart I am crying 
Took something that was beautiful and destroyed it

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O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
Walking away from possibilities
Accepting this present reality
Look deep in me...See
O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
The only changes is I don’t have you
And I feel like I can’t breathe…crushed
O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
I still dream…future
I still feel…you… connection
I still…I still…I still want you…temptation
O my baby
Do you think this is easy?
O my baby 
Do you think this is easy? 

Written 1999

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D-ances with daughters 
A-s toddlers on tip toes and later in merry at weddings a little sadden
D-efender of virtue and hearts so easily broken
D-etermine to ensure your little girl successes no matter the cost
Y-es man in most cases to daddy little princesses.

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Child be mindful of life lessons taught
Love lessons a lifetime worth
Little eyes and mind patterning future choice
Compass of life formed
Mapping right or wrong from adult form

A father’s smile at a girl child’s stubbornness from birth
Wearing her coat all summer long
Papa I know it’s hot but Red Riding Hood wore her’s none stop
Memories of hours spent reading books together 
Endless question of a mind still growing
Lessons of patience, love and acceptance
Teaching his daughter what manhood consists of

Never a mother’s touch
No connection she was always distance
More of a taker never a giver
An out of town visit she was frustrated 
Wall and Child connected
Lessons of fear, anger, and non-forgiveness
Teaching her daughter mistrust of women

Adult woman accomplished woman 
Choosing the easier path, paper making
Afraid to bear fruit in case it’s sour
Forgetting that half of her was pure heaven
Instead focusing on that she devil’s evil 

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Realizing that doors are harder to close than to open
   That the reflection in the mirror is unrecognizable
      Same lips, heart shaped, slightly fuller top lips
         Left eye with the number five staring me down

         But I loath her and her flaws, such weakness
       Not aligned with my strength and confidence
     I recognize the words from those lips 
plagiarizing my thoughts 
And I resent this less than chick 
   her overbearing pain an unavoidable force
     rushing in like a tsunami
       uncontrolled and destructive

       All that I was eluded her
    Determination gone...Diminishing my accomplishments 
  with her inability to overcome to let go and rise above
Unable to...unable to...?