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Magic Carpet Ride

Twisting and turning on tides of laughter,
we rise and roll with wild abandon.
Through sparkling sheens of summer rain,
those gentle gems of glistening, gleaming drops,
we fly freely upon this flamingo feathered carpet.
Happily we ride along the heights of heaven,
Gazing deep into galaxies that glow far beyond.
Saturn's seductive rings slowly pull us forward,
When suddenly we drop, diving low, dipping back into
the darling glow of our moon.
Then sweeping past the stars, smiling with delight,
we sail off in the distance, shouting our goodnight.
Now all the sights that we've seen shall swim within our dreams.
Come take my hand as I take yours and we'll fly off toward tomorrow.

Tanya Harrington   ©   07-30-2012
Inviting ~  Poet~Destroyer, Let's ride!         

For Skat's Magic Carpet Ride Contest

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Widowed Bride

Upon this dark and sunny day,
Kneeling by your flowery display
My teardrops fall like dripping dew,
Remembering my time with you.
Cold hard stone is all that is left
To warm my heart that’s lost, bereft.
Today our life had just begun,
When in a moment, it was done.
I lay, in sorrow, by your side,
Forever yours, your mournful bride.

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Autumn Sensations

Colorful symphonies sound
As red and gold bells fall down,
Shook loose by crisp cool air,
Tinkling their way to the ground.

Displayed on the limbs of trees
Are rich orange marmalade leaves,
Visions of autumn’s dessert
Tasting sweetly upon the breeze.

Autumn brews warm concoctions 
With auras of perfection
And richly spiced aromas, 
Which soothe our frayed emotions.

Fall’s festive nature brings out
A spirited dancing shout
And lovely celebrations
With beauty bursting about.

©   08-16-2012
For: Autumn's Beauty Contest

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Lost Passion

Pounding hearts pumping out rivers of love, in the beginning, those
Anointing streams of sweet passion which nourished our souls
Soon began to shrink, then were slowly abandoned.  They
Simply seemed to disappear.  Those long forgotten 
Invigorating waters that washed away our troubles.
Onward now we go, lost and bewildered,
Not knowing how to reclaim what we lost along the way.

TLH   ©   07-30-2012

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PD's Lullaby

Little Linda close your eyes
It's time to tell the day goodbye
Lay your head down, soft and slow
It's time to let your worries go

Still the thoughts, racing through your brain
Don't give in to the thinking game
Clear the clutter from your mind
Making room for the dreaming time

Snuggle up safe and warm
Holding on, to your unicorn
Drift away in the velvet night
Flying where the stars shine bright

Little Linda close your eyes
It's time to tell the day goodbye
Lay your head down, soft and slow
It's time to let your worries go

TLH  ©  10-19-2012
For: Send Me To Sleep Contest

The tune I'm thinking of for this is from the song "Don't Cry Joni" By Conway Twitty
Listen at:

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Sunset: A Heavenly Inferno

Cool skies turned crimson with autumn colors
Clouded flames light the dusky sky ablaze
Red, yellow, orange and white melt together
Then erupt in cosmic plumes of splendor
As liquid pools of lava light flow forth
A heavenly inferno does ignite
This nightly gift spread upon horizons
Is a blessed transition from day to night

©  07-14-2012

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What I Cry For

I cry for the children
     Who may never know the joy of laughter
     or the loving touch of a gentle hand
     who survive amongst violent chaos
     burdened by things they can't understand
I cry for the tortured souls
     whose mind is not their own
     who live within warped realities
     of twisted perceptions and misery
     tormented by things we cannot see
I cry for the veterans
     still waging war in their sleep
     their minds broken by hellish scenes from the deep
     who languish over promises they couldn't keep
     and who are lost, alone out on the streets

©  07-26-2012

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It's in-between and all around,
It can't be seen or even found.
It fills us up and helps us breathe,
It moves the grass and shakes the leaves.
Some days it's warm, some days it's cold,
Sometimes it's still, sometimes it blows.
It moves the clouds and stirs the seas,
It spreads the pollen and throws the seeds.
It's up above and down below,
It's everywhere we tend to go.

TLH   ©  2-14-2012

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Waterfalls - Duo Rhyme

Roaring torrents go tumbling down
Splashing beads of clear tiny crowns.
Sparkling tears from heaven above,
Lathering pools of cleansing love.
Frothy white, like a snowy dove,
Rushing waters that push and shove.
Prism rainbows gleaming above,
God's handiwork for his beloved.
Cascading falls, deafening sound,
Earth's paradise, beauty unbound.

        ©  07-10-2012
Revised: 02-27-2013

100% Nature Contest

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From Light to Dark

sunlight warm, brilliant beaming, nourishing, inviting summer, life, winter, death creeping, withdrawing, intimidating cold, blind darkness TLH © 06-12-2012