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Short Ireland Poems

Short Ireland Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Ireland by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Ireland poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Ireland poem by Vince Suzadail Jr.| Details | |

Cork, Ireland--footle


Short Ireland poem by Eiken Laan| Details | |

Irish emigrate again

children emigrate

as Ireland’s cubs journey down

old ancestral paths

Short Ireland poem by Brooks Lindberg| Details | |


Back home in Richfield
tangled between these moo cows
I still miss Richfield

Short Ireland poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


alights with
Fair maid of Ireland
to become a will o' the wisp.

Short Ireland poem by Anita Lovelace| Details | |

Irish Green Eyes

To Irish green eyes
With a devilish twinkle
A toast at the pub

As long as there’s an Ireland
An Irish song will be sung

Short Ireland poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

My Lassie Love

I love
her so
and she
knows that
ours soul
are bound
into this
black Ireland
and there
i shall be
my lassie

Short Ireland poem by Isaiah Zerbst| Details | |

My Old Bucket

I lost my old bucket so sadly,
And felt oh so terribly badly;
Then lo and behold
A pot full of gold!
I'd lose me another and gladly.

Short Ireland poem by craig cornish| Details | |

Douglas Corrigan

Douglas "Wrong Way" Corrigan
in New York climbed into his plane again
took off and went the wrong way
but landed in Ireland on purpose that day

Short Ireland poem by Christopher Bunton| Details | |

Emerald Green

Beautiful Deep Emerald Green.

The Color Of Ireland.

Luscious Shade Of Plant Life Seen.

A Rock On Her Lovely Hand.

Christopher Bunton

The Colors contest

Short Ireland poem by Douglas Dicketts| Details | |

Once Before

Across the heath
A misty veil
Of millennium lost
And the bagpipe’s wail

The bleat of a sheep
The boom of a drum
Relinquish the present
The past calls you

Short Ireland poem by Robert Pettit| Details | |

McGuire the Liar

Have you heard of Peter McGuire? There is no more prolific liar. Pete comes from County Cork. He is the biggest dork. Did you see him with his pants on fire?

Short Ireland poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Heaven's Glow Unbound

Sweet and green
As this grass 
On the hills of Ireland
All of heaven’s
Glow unbound
Shoulder to shoulder
Grant me this
Wish aloud
Upon our friendship,
Be this 
Unshakable bond

Short Ireland poem by Anita Lovelace| Details | |

Ireland, Oh Ireland

for my Irish heart and my Irish love


Ireland, Oh Ireland
Green island for which I yearn 
My ancestral home 

Calling me forever there 
Nevermore will I wander


Short Ireland poem by Melani Udaeta| Details | |

A Trail 7x7

The  Leprechaun from Ireland
Dressed from head to toe in green;
The children dream of his gold
Hiding beyond the rainbow; 
They play outside searching hard;
He left a trail of green beans,
does it lead to his riches?

Short Ireland poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details | |

Irish Potato

Me great, great, great-grand pappy-died
His son, sailed away from fighting Ireland
In the wake of the potato famine, sought land
Farming his love, many sons his pride
Irish potatoes-boiled, mashed, salad and fried

Short Ireland poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

septimal-LAND ART

changes our

Inspired by 
Examples of such land art by Richard Long include

A line in the Himalayas 1975
A line in Ireland 1974
A line in Australia 1977

Literarily a 'living ' landscape picture

Short Ireland poem by Nick Bagnall| Details | |

Danger - Musicians

There was an old lady from Ireland 
Who was frightened to death by a brass band
We watched with dismay
As without delay
They buried her corpse in the band stand

Contest : Slapstick Limerick Contest 
5th Place

Short Ireland poem by Robert Pettit| Details | |

Irish McGuire is Back

Remember Irish Peter McGuire? Lying Irishman with pants on fire? I looked up to the sky and saw him there up high. Holding tightly to a telephone wire. inspired by a comment made to another submission of mine

Short Ireland poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

vignette-THE BIG MATCH

Interval over,the shamrocks,had their say
Two tries blew the reds away-
Fear of winning led to mistakes
Until O'Gara's drop goal
Lifted every Irish soul

Memo: Ireland won the Rugby Grand slam yesterday 21st for the first time since 1948

Short Ireland poem by Deirdre Omaidin| Details | |

Haiku number nine/Limerick re post


   Elderberry wine
   It's a knockout, first time round
   Boxing time again

   From Ireland, Deirdre's now calling
   She wrote a Haiku that's appalling
   If only she'd waited, with words reinstated
   Her Haiku might now be enthralling

Short Ireland poem by Silent Poet Sarah| Details | |


I love the rain in the summer
Real snow falls before the sun shines!
Every bit of it I love
Lovely and refreshing
Any day it could pour down
Never ending unpredictable rain
Dublin is a beautiful city to live in even if you're born in rainy Ireland

My first attempt at Acrostic.

Short Ireland poem by rachel albritton| Details | |


determined, witty, shy, sensitive
sister of Joey, John, and Sydney
lover of animals, writing, and storms
who feels lost, confused, needy
who fears roaches, the dark, elevators
who would like to see ireland, the world, movies
resident of Flomaton, Alabama

Short Ireland poem by Constance Gilmore| Details | |

Constance Gilmore

Sarcastic, Mother, Loyal, Friend
Daughter of Mikal and Donna
Lover of writing, music, and moonlight
Who feels love, sadness, and hope
Who fears failure, flying roaches, and lonliness
Who would like to see Ireland, Puerto Rico, and Maine
Resident of Beaumont, Texas

Short Ireland poem by Eiken Laan| Details | |

Partial Eclipse of the Sun seen in Ireland today

It was a majestic sunrise
as a honeyed circle rose behind tall silhouette trees
emanating wonder and peace
an apple sun
with a bite bitten
the garden of Eden flashed my mind
as a partial eclipse of the sun glowed
a very special good morning 
watching the moon circle the sun

Short Ireland poem by Sierra Cowan| Details | |


Aunt, daughter, friend, student
Sister of Robin, Dustin, Kyle, and Wyatt
Lover of creativity, writing, and reading
Who feels happiness, love, friendship
Who fears death, spiders, and failure
Who would like to see Ireland, Greece, and Italy
Resident of Erin, Ontario

Short Ireland poem by Donal Mahoney| Details | |

Song for Ballyheigue

Song for Ballyheigue

	County Kerry, Ireland

Twig fire limn
eight fairy
in a lour cave mouth

Four of whom
a tabor thrum

Four of whom
breathe zephyr
through wee fife

All of whom
leap star,
the joy of life.

All of whom
sing lark, 
the yet to come

Donal Mahoney

Short Ireland poem by Kristy De La Keur Scoveille| Details | |

Kristy De La Keur

Mother, daughter, friend, and lover
Sister of Leerie, Illy, Brook and Cindy
Loves My family, friends, bears and mystical beings
Who feels pain, loss and fear
Who fears rejection, failure and snakes
Who would like to see my kids, Ireland and Australia
Resident of Commerce, GA
De La Keur

Short Ireland poem by sarah moncada| Details | |

Sarah Lee Moncada

Sarah Lee
Outgoing, friendly, funny, weird
Sister to Juan, Jaime, Javier, and Jacob
Lover of Music, Mexican Food, and long walks
Who feels Pain, Compassion, and Love
Who fears clowns, dolls, and being alone
Who would like to see Boston, Ireland, and the U.K
Resident of Crystal City, Texas

Short Ireland poem by Shaz Cheesman| Details | |

Just a basic - BIO

Daughter, Friend, Stranger and Creator 
Sister to Vicki, Bronwyn, and Steven
Lover of life, theatre, and mystery
Who feels happiness, independence and fun
Who fears regret, failure and sometimes love
Who would like to see Italy, Ireland and the bottom of the sea
Resident of Gippsland, Victoria

Short Ireland poem by Rebecca Beirne| Details | |

Bio of Rebecca

Caring, loving, faithful, devoted
Sister of Bev and Brian
Lover of John, animals and science fiction
Who feels fortunate, blessed and loved
Who fears snakes, being a burden to her loved ones and cancer
Who would like to see the Grand Canyon, Ireland and Maui 	
Resident of Louisville, Kentucky	

Short Ireland poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

All I'm Asking Lord

Lord, let
Me tidy up
A few things
With me clever
Scottish Bagpipes
Well, I know
The battlefield
Shall claim
Her brave soldiers, but
Danny deserves
A proper resting place, now
Show him
The road
To heaven's gate
All I'm asking, dear Lord
Is to please
Bring our
Danny boy
Back home,
To sweet Ireland
Just a heart beat away

Short Ireland poem by Michael Degenhardt| Details | |


Michael Husband, father, lover, friend Brother of Sheila, Harold, Nancy, Gretchen, Jane, Charles, Margaret, Patricia and Matthew Lover of poetry, music and thought Who feels joy, pain and lost Who fears rejection, solitude and loss Who would like to see friends, Ireland and Germany Resident of Old Bridge, New Jersey Degenhardt

Short Ireland poem by Laura Breidenthal| Details | |

Laura Breidenthal

Laura Solicitous, complicated, sad, happy Sister of Sharon, Charles, Robert and David Lover of uniqueness, creativity, and rain Who feels darkness, hope, and intensity Who fears the unknown, the love of my life, and my chemistry teacher Who would like to see England, Ireland and Candyland Resident of San Gabriel, California Breidenthal

Short Ireland poem by sean mcmahon| Details | |



envision the prism
the colorful
the rain risen
with polar missions
left in Ireland
the capsule of landscape
raked with white cliffs
as high to reach the tallest skies
we look up in awe
the rain falls so loud
the thunder howls
the rain becomes showers
the thunder fails
and rainbow hails
                            Written tonuhalan13/04/06/Thurs.

Short Ireland poem by Russell Sivey| Details | |

Russell's Bio

Russell Sensitive, romantic, loving, caring Son of Russell and Teresa Lover of poetic arts, loving hearts, and Halloween Who feels love, hope, and joy Who fears heartache, pain, and failure Would like to see England, Australia, and Ireland Resident of Ohio Sivey
Russell Sivey Entrant into Carol ~Sunshine~ Brown's "Life These Days" contest 9/24/2012

Short Ireland poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |

The Wearing Of The Green

As I gaze over my valley
It is such a pretty scene.
I suspect it’s much like Ireland
With the wearing of the green.

And although she won’t be marching
In St Patrick’s big parade,
She is ready for the party
And her plans have all been made.

Dressed in various greens of springtime,
With bright colors in between,
There’s no place that can outdo her
In the wearing of the green.

Short Ireland poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |






Short Ireland poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

Burrens' Be/ Southern Ireland

The earths end, sky, sea;
pumice stone, windward lea
life grasped, grey alpine scree
Christian hinterland barren be.

Pillars, lentils, altar stones;
ground from Lug’s ancient bones.
Life minute, crevice formed foam
Erin’s core, St. Patrick’s home.

Where sweetness blooms, oh so rare;
petals leach such perfumed air
From seeming nothing fairest fair,
Ah, the Burren’s take me…there.

Short Ireland poem by Johnny Rhinem| Details | |

Toxins Waste You Their Crimes

The blessed boys of Ireland, proclaiming another Soulful note; their favourite topic
Love, and a child upon an April morn, where a shot rang out; twas time's curtain torn
Resurrecting dreams thought lost while babies bled; heart's repressed by chains they wore
Ancient doctrine, from his Potter's fields ?

                                                                         ...."In Progress." *

Short Ireland poem by Sarah Cassleman| Details | |

Around the World

There are places around
Before I pass on.
First on my list,
Let's go to Greece.
Again, the food, but now some history.
The food and culture are amazing.
Also see history, bloody hell! 
My family is part Irish,
I thought
I thought it would be appropriate
So, hopefully I will be able
To see these far off lands
At some point in my life time.

Short Ireland poem by Tuti Wales| Details | |

Something I Can't Have

Dear Guy,
You remind me of a shiny new diamond, 
A Porsche Boxter,
Ireland in America,
Your eyes are like the blue moon on a cold night
Your smile is like the sun, lighting up my world
Your voice is like a moist chocolate cake
Your personality is like a comical movie
When I am with, I want to stop time
Make you fall in love with me
Kiss me
Yours forever and always for as long as we live.

Short Ireland poem by Anna-Marie Docherty| Details | |

Great Britain

Royal family, regal, royalties,
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are part of GB, Europe
Army, Air force, and Naval support
Treasures, tutoring, training

Buildings and gardens of significance
Rivers, rail and roads
Islands surrounded by sea
Territorial forces, tax tea and traffic
Archaeology, history unveiled and preserved
National pride, National Insurance, National Health Service

Short Ireland poem by Tim Smith| Details | |

Old Irish Blessing

             May your days be many and
                  your troubles be few.
                May all God's blessings
                    descend upon you.
                May peace be within you
                may your heart be strong.
           May you find what you're seeking
                    wherever you roam.

***This is an old Irish Blessing****

****Happy St. Patrick's Day All****

Short Ireland poem by Donal Mahoney| Details | |

One of the Ha-Ha's from Old Staball Hill

One of the Ha-Ha’s from Old Staball Hill
  		County Kerry
That man over there
with his head in the well,
his thumbs in his ears
and his arse in the air
like a zeppelin at moor,
if he can write poems
the Ha-Ha’s will read,
all of the Ha-Ha’s,
no matter the breed,
even the Ha-Ha’s
from Old Staball Hill,
if he can write poems,
then poems he will.

Donal Mahoney

Short Ireland poem by Gwen Schutz| Details | |

St. Patrick's Day

The celebration begins,
The wearing of the green
The beautiful country of Ireland,
Home to great poets,
Miles of countryside and traditional houses,
Shamrocks and leprechauns,
The magic begins,
The luck at the end of the rainbow,
A lovely cup of tea or coffee,
Delicious home baked cookies,
A dinner with friends,
An evening of song with an Irish singer,
The charm of St. Patrick's Day.

copyright Gwen Schutz

Short Ireland poem by arthur vaso| Details | |

Witches Knickers

The old lady made a brew
She called it magic, a potion stew
It made men wise, and made them kind
This little witch wasn’t the evil kind

She lured the wary, into her lair
She cooked up compassion with a flair
For every wrinkle, she had a smile
Her ginger house, was sought for many a mile

Love is magic as anyone knows
Her broom swept away, many a woes
In Ireland she sleeps, long since gone
So witches knickers, in memory, haunt on

Short Ireland poem by Tamara Hillman| Details | |



                                            How far I have come from dear Ireland,
                                                 from Erin to the "Land of the Free."
                                                        My heart, left on that shore,
                                                              I shall visit no more,
                                                and my image they shall never see...

Short Ireland poem by DARREN WATSON| Details | |

Megeary's violin

I took a trip to Ireland 
because I had never been
I loved the people there
They are so happy to share
None have hearts so big
Treat them right
and most any night
They'll invite you to an Irish jig.
Forward two
Bow to friends anew
Now you can retreat
Turn around
Touch the ground
Now stand up and stamp your feet.
Take your partner by the hand
give her a gentle spin
All done to the melody
Played on Megeary's violin.

Short Ireland poem by liam mcdaid| Details | |

missing socks

their is something
very strange happening
in ireland today
definitely leprechauns
someone each night
keeps lifting 
my socks

no matter 
where i look
never can seem
to find them
i believe 
they use them
as winter hats 

the other day
i saw a sock 
running through
the hawthorn bushes
now i make my plea
to the little people
please give me back
my socks

i am fast 
running out
of pairs
i have 
only a few 
pairs left
you cheeky
little devils

Short Ireland poem by Sidney Beck| Details | |



Columbus discovering America?  Yeah, right !
Only after a  small  army of Vikings from overseas 
Traded and raided on the coasts for centuries; 
And Brendan had navigated from Ireland  to the Bronx;
Not to mention precolumbian wrecks of Chinese  junks 
Found in the sandy bottom of San Diego harbor;
And the Mongoloid  footsloggers who tiptoed south to Ann Arbor
Across the floes of the Bering Strait ten millennia before.

Short Poems