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Hong Kong Chinese Poems and Poetry - Poems from Hong Kong

Hong Kong Chinese Poems and Poetry - Poems from Hong Kong. hong kong chinese poems written by PoetrySoup members. Examples of hong kong chinese Poetry. Read hong kong chinese Poems

PMPoem TitleNationalityCountryCategoriesPoetDate Posted
WorldHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung04/17/2014
AdvancementHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdeep,shun sang, cheung03/27/2014
some lotusHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung01/31/2014
Remains of An AcheHong Kong ChineseHong Kongfarewell,GREECE, TROY01/21/2014
White As SandHong Kong ChineseHong Kongchange,loss,GREECE, TROY11/26/2013
PrimeHong Kong ChineseHong Kongchange,shun sang, cheung10/12/2013
MoodHong Kong ChineseHong Kongbetrayal,shun sang, cheung09/20/2013
Ways and TaiwanHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung09/20/2013
Laws of china philosophyHong Kong ChineseHong Kongbetrayal,shun sang, cheung09/20/2013
UNFORTUNATE LOVEHong Kong ChineseHong Konglost love,Khan, Zahara09/10/2013
BLEAK AND GRAYHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdepression,Khan, Zahara09/10/2013
WaysHong Kong ChineseHong Kongchange,shun sang, cheung09/04/2013
BeholdenHong Kong ChineseHong Kongmystery,GREECE, TROY08/03/2013
RememberingHong Kong ChineseHong Kongabsence,GREECE, TROY08/02/2013
Lesbo Island in heartsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongaddiction,care,shun sang, cheung05/18/2013
CarbonHong Kong ChineseHong Kongidentity,words,GREECE, TROY05/05/2013
SpeciesHong Kong ChineseHong Kongbetrayal,shun sang, cheung05/03/2013
Clean at handsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongcorruption,shun sang, cheung04/25/2013
PhilistinismHong Kong ChineseHong Kongabuse,shun sang, cheung04/23/2013
LoadHong Kong ChineseHong Konganger,men,shun sang, cheung04/18/2013
In default ofHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung04/16/2013
To be to not to beHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,life,life,love,shun sang, cheung04/09/2013
BaloneyHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,evil,may,men,shun sang, cheung04/09/2013
Cheer and Root Hong kong Donald JUNGHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,men,evil,life,me,menshun sang, cheung04/06/2013
BuzzHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,me,shun sang, cheung04/06/2013
HONG KONG starlet YIN CHOI YEEHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung04/06/2013
A chance you armed as FOX YIN TUNG -Hong KongHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung03/31/2013
Treat you and cure you WUJANTOHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,hope,shun sang, cheung03/26/2013
Cores and hubsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,self,evil,games,may,shun sang, cheung03/26/2013
FallHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,evil,shun sang, cheung03/26/2013
Autumn senseHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,autumn,shun sang, cheung03/19/2013
Bosses say there are rightsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung03/18/2013
Treat you and cure you WUJANTOHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,hope,shun sang, cheung03/17/2013
CYLeung ObsessionHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung03/16/2013
Bribery sinsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdark,shun sang, cheung03/16/2013
An evil one againHong Kong ChineseHong Kongangst,evil,life,may,shun sang, cheung03/16/2013
ThreatsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdepression,games,games,mashun sang, cheung03/16/2013
ElvisHong Kong ChineseHong Kongart,shun sang, cheung03/16/2013
GAMINGHong Kong ChineseHong Kongchildhood,happiness,home,McNeil, Don02/05/2013
Of WordsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdream,imagination,life,onBeesley, Steven12/27/2012
InjusticeHong Kong ChineseHong Kongconfusion,depression,hateBeesley, Steven12/27/2012
Lapis SkiesHong Kong ChineseHong Kongnature,Beesley, Steven07/16/2012
A New DayHong Kong ChineseHong Kongnature,sea,Beesley, Steven07/16/2012
Our Fate AwaitsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdeath,life,people,sad,visBeesley, Steven07/11/2012
Down Through The AgesHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdevotion,love,me,love,me,Beesley, Steven07/11/2012
Mountain Of AngelsHong Kong ChineseHong Kongnature,Beesley, Steven07/04/2012
Farewell My FriendHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdeath,dedication,friendshBeesley, Steven07/04/2012
Lonely LoverHong Kong ChineseHong Kongdevotion,love,Beesley, Steven07/02/2012
DewdropsHong Kong ChineseHong Konglife,nature,Beesley, Steven07/02/2012
Storm CleansingHong Kong ChineseHong Konginspirational,life,natureBeesley, Steven07/02/2012