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Ukrainian Poems and Poetry from Ukraine

Ukrainian poems and poetry from Ukraine. Read examples of ukrainian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Its Good to Have The Man Around UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/04/2016
Kid's Response to Havoc UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/04/2016
Advice: How to Handle Joy, Burden, Stress UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/04/2016
SAP Programmer, Lead or PI UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Forex Trading UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
False Strength UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Woman Struggles with Vanity UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Woman s Answer to Unwonted Pickup UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Woman's Mind UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Plugged into Internet UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Faith UkrainianUkraineSerdyuk, Alexander01/24/2016
Life Mistakes UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/21/2016
The great rescue UkrainianUkraineSerdyuk, Alexander01/18/2016
A walk UkrainianUkraineSerdyuk, Alexander01/18/2016
Life of a Man in Words and Broken Sentences UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/24/2015
Short Guide through Geo Political Economy Part 1 UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/21/2015
Misinterpretations UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/20/2015
Concepts UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/19/2015
Three kinds of People UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Ode to Ivan Efremovs Bull s Hour UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Ode to elections and presidents UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Dreams of male idiot UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Dreams of female idiot UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Womans Complains and Mens Answer UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
You, my lovely creature UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Ode to a modern woman UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Womens Moods UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Relationships UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Recipe for Self Deluded UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
If I can not astonish you with all my wisdoms UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Lousy Employee UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Corporate Meeting UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Ode to Smartness UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Peoples Lives UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Beauty UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Whisper UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Long Lost King of Fools UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
Man of Rhymes UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/16/2015
An egocentrist UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr02/02/2015
On being in trend UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr01/22/2015
Linda Evangelista UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr01/18/2015
Time and a clock UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr01/16/2015
A weening player UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/31/2014
Communication by touch UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/29/2014
An oral law UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/26/2014
A leek and leaking UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/22/2014
On what is good for a tic UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/15/2014
Any thing lost UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/11/2014
A skin peel UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr12/07/2014
It's a snap UkrainianUkraineKnyr, Volodymyr11/30/2014