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Ukrainian Poems and Poetry from Ukraine

Ukrainian poems and poetry from Ukraine. Read examples of ukrainian poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Dinner UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur09/15/2016
Urban UkrainianUkraineTchianova, Maryna09/01/2016
Ode to Viagra UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur08/29/2016
Dedication UkrainianUkraineTchianova, Maryna07/07/2016
Waves UkrainianUkraineTchianova, Maryna07/07/2016
Self-evaluation UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur06/05/2016
Sacred and profane love by Titian - 1514 UkrainianUkraineTchianova, Maryna05/06/2016
The zero world UkrainianUkraineTchianova, Maryna05/06/2016
The art of conversation and Titian UkrainianUkraineTchianova, Maryna05/06/2016
Truth as Biggest Speech Defect UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur04/27/2016
Wag The Dog UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur04/27/2016
Its never our own fault UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur04/18/2016
Do not sweat the small stuff UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur04/12/2016
Corporate Stiffs UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur04/08/2016
Alcoholic Dance UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur03/30/2016
Work UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur03/27/2016
Healing Powers of Time UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur03/27/2016
Extreme Modesty UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur03/19/2016
Mistakes of Youth UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur03/15/2016
Virtual Relationships UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur03/11/2016
Pre Golden Globes, Oskars, Grammies, etc UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/29/2016
Do it often, do it fast UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/29/2016
Mommy Pregnancy through Child's Eyes UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/27/2016
Big Jam Sandwich UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/18/2016
Kama Sutra Typos UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/18/2016
Dawn of Day UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/18/2016
Optimist UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/10/2016
Its Good to Have The Man Around UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/04/2016
Kid's Response to Havoc UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/04/2016
Advice: How to Handle Joy, Burden, Stress UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur02/04/2016
SAP Programmer, Lead or PI UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Forex Trading UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
False Strength UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Woman Struggles with Vanity UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Woman s Answer to Unwonted Pickup UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Woman's Mind UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Plugged into Internet UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/27/2016
Faith UkrainianUkraineSerdyuk, Alexander01/24/2016
Life Mistakes UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur01/21/2016
The great rescue UkrainianUkraineSerdyuk, Alexander01/18/2016
A walk UkrainianUkraineSerdyuk, Alexander01/18/2016
Life of a Man in Words and Broken Sentences UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/24/2015
Short Guide through Geo Political Economy Part 1 UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/21/2015
Misinterpretations UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/20/2015
Concepts UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/19/2015
Three kinds of People UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Ode to Ivan Efremovs Bull s Hour UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Ode to elections and presidents UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Dreams of male idiot UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015
Dreams of female idiot UkrainianUkraineZozulya, Arthur12/17/2015