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Pakistani Poems and Poetry from Pakistan

Pakistani poems and poetry from Pakistan. Read examples of pakistani poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

PMPoemTitleNationalityCountryPoetDate Posted
Hire a Judge PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/25/2014
Jab teri qabr se guzarta hoon PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/22/2014
Are we the same PakistaniPakistanRajput, Ahsan11/20/2014
Make me smile PakistaniPakistanRajput, Ahsan11/19/2014
You are with me PakistaniPakistanRajput, Ahsan11/19/2014
Gender Discrimination PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/18/2014
My Pussy PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/17/2014
Shikasta Khwaab--Broken Dreams PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/16/2014
Selfish and Self-centered PakistaniPakistanSitara, Sweet11/15/2014
A Girl PakistaniPakistanSitara, Sweet11/15/2014
NaFarmaan NaKhalf Baitay Ka Noha-- Elegy of a Disobedient and Evil Son PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 11/03/2014
Ecstasy of Sufi Whirling PakistaniPakistanAzam Shah Bukhari, S. Nadia10/31/2014
Ghar ka Bhaidee -A Snake in the Grass PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 10/28/2014
History-a Bundle of Lies PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 10/28/2014
MY HAPPINESS PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA10/23/2014
One Foot at a Time PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 10/18/2014
Arzoo-oan ka madfan--Graveyard of Desires PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 10/18/2014
The screaming mirror PakistaniPakistanrehman, naufal10/18/2014
Must Not Withdraw PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
Time Will Show Worth Of All PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
Chivalry PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
An Apology To Charles Mackay PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
Let The People Live PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
Love Unfetterred PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
A Weapon Free World PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
Let Me Not Bless With Wisdom PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
In the Honour Of Mothers PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 10/08/2014
Gothic Loneliness PakistaniPakistanBhurgari, Sarah09/20/2014
Woh Chand ban ke PakistaniPakistanRiaz, Haseeb 09/19/2014
The Lord Of The Ring PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 09/11/2014
You Are My Matchless Mate PakistaniPakistanKhalid, Owais09/04/2014
You are my everything PakistaniPakistanKhalid, Owais09/04/2014
Song of Peace PakistaniPakistanAzam Shah Bukhari, S. Nadia09/02/2014
Hopes PakistaniPakistanSiddiqi, Ejaz Ahmed09/01/2014
In My Dreams PakistaniPakistanShaikh, Allishba08/31/2014
ACROSTIC : MY PAKISTAN PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA08/31/2014
bring me up there PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA08/31/2014
I talk to the trees PakistaniPakistanAamir, Asad08/29/2014
The Loop PakistaniPakistanAamir, Asad08/28/2014
I was Born for heavenly aim PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid08/26/2014
WHY PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA08/24/2014
i feed on it PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA08/23/2014
THIS FEAR PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA08/23/2014
Love You Baba, In Souvenir of Masood Hasan Zaidi PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan08/12/2014
Ghalib-Faraz-Iqbal PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA08/10/2014
Demise Of MY Father, Masood Hasan Zaidi PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan07/29/2014
MY Bitter side PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA07/28/2014
Disasterous Night - 16 July 2014 PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan07/26/2014
values PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA07/25/2014
Dark Paradise PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA07/25/2014