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Pakistani Poems and Poetry from Pakistan

Pakistani poems and poetry from Pakistan. Read examples of pakistani poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

Eat me ,Drink me PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid11/29/2015
Unclaimed Realities PakistaniPakistansana, M.11/27/2015
The fruitful Tree PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra11/07/2015
So you'd know PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra11/07/2015
Secrets unkept PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra11/07/2015
Buried PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra11/07/2015
You are not alone PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid10/27/2015
Chess Board Of Life PakistaniPakistansana, M.10/26/2015
scarlet ember PakistaniPakistansana, M.10/25/2015
obscurity PakistaniPakistansana, M.10/25/2015
Lost Souls PakistaniPakistansana, M.10/25/2015
Tramping Fears PakistaniPakistansana, M.10/25/2015
Silence all around PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 10/22/2015
Again and again PakistaniPakistanAli, Junaid 08/29/2015
Fairy Queen PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid08/29/2015
Far Far Away PakistaniPakistanAli, Junaid 08/27/2015
Mother PakistaniPakistanali, asnan08/05/2015
The Sky and The Spray PakistaniPakistanNaik, Manahil08/05/2015
She Ends PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra08/04/2015
the peacock PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA07/24/2015
The assasin PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA07/23/2015
Artificial Love PakistaniPakistanEffendi, Qanit07/13/2015
Betrayal PakistaniPakistanZaman, Hamza07/11/2015
Phantom and the kingdom PakistaniPakistanZaman, Hamza07/11/2015
my angels PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA07/10/2015
im good PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA07/10/2015
MOON n me PakistaniPakistanNASIR, HINA07/10/2015
Falling skies PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA07/09/2015
The empty life PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA06/30/2015
Peace or War PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 06/29/2015
Hoping to see you soon PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA06/27/2015
Philosophy of a Successful Life PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 06/19/2015
a poem PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA06/15/2015
Tears PakistaniPakistanbutt, mazhar 06/07/2015
FREE PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 06/07/2015
Cozen PakistaniPakistanKazmi, Shabeeh Haider06/04/2015
THE FIRST SIGHT PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA06/04/2015
Commendation PakistaniPakistanKazmi, Shabeeh Haider06/02/2015
Darkness becomes you PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA05/20/2015
Oblivion PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA05/20/2015
TO DADDY PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA05/18/2015
Remembered words PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA05/17/2015
The other side of midnight PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA05/17/2015
The labyrinth of our lives PakistaniPakistanTASNEEM, ATYA05/17/2015
Premium Member Poem Beautiful Affection PakistaniPakistanMemon, Asma05/01/2015
Running away PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/20/2015
EXASPERATION PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/20/2015
Sleep Forever PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/16/2015
Memorable Vacations PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/16/2015
What to do PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 04/16/2015