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Pakistani Poems and Poetry from Pakistan

Pakistani poems and poetry from Pakistan. Read examples of pakistani poems written by PoetrySoup poets.

A Promise PakistaniPakistanBhatti, Zulfiqar Ali 05/28/2016
The love of silence PakistaniPakistansid, el05/23/2016
Trasvestite Mind PakistaniPakistanirshad, laraibi05/22/2016
A day in world PakistaniPakistanSiddiqi, Ejaz Ahmed05/21/2016
A Poem PakistaniPakistanImran, Shameen 05/19/2016
Soul Incarnate PakistaniPakistanFareed, Aamir05/19/2016
World of Share PakistaniPakistanSiddiqi, Ejaz Ahmed05/17/2016
Swap PakistaniPakistanImran, Shameen 05/16/2016
The Trichotomy PakistaniPakistanEffendi, Mohammad Taha04/20/2016
Forgotten PakistaniPakistanEffendi, Mohammad Taha04/20/2016
In Love PakistaniPakistansid, el04/17/2016
Hard Life PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan04/10/2016
WEREWOLF PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan04/05/2016
Clouds PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan04/04/2016
Divine Love PakistaniPakistanZaidi, Fatima Hasan03/29/2016
Unjust PakistaniPakistanShahab, Muqudus03/21/2016
Rule Which Last PakistaniPakistanShahab, Muqudus03/21/2016
Barsaat PakistaniPakistanIqbal, Mohsin03/20/2016
Why I Choose to Transcend PakistaniPakistanShahab, Muqudus03/20/2016
Transcendence PakistaniPakistanShahab, Muqudus03/19/2016
Friendship to Loneliness PakistaniPakistanShahab, Muqudus03/19/2016
Dishearted Soul PakistaniPakistansid, el03/16/2016
Voids PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra03/12/2016
Blessed Love PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra03/12/2016
Expectations about life PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 03/11/2016
What goes up, Must come down PakistaniPakistanzubair, samiha03/06/2016
An Aggrieved Epic PakistaniPakistansid, el03/01/2016
The Mean World PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/23/2016
Just Wondering PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/22/2016
Road to Nowhere PakistaniPakistanEffendi, Mohammad Taha02/18/2016
True Love PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 02/17/2016
Transformation PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/15/2016
Sing me, my Love PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/10/2016
Alive PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/07/2016
In Search of Light PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra02/07/2016
Lost PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 02/03/2016
Unpredictable life PakistaniPakistansid, el02/01/2016
Vanity PakistaniPakistanFirdous, Sidra01/31/2016
Attire PakistaniPakistanMemon, Asma01/24/2016
Desperation PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 01/21/2016
Tension is in the Air PakistaniPakistanHafiz, Afnan 01/18/2016
tragic demise of Prince Mustafa PakistaniPakistanMorio, Aisha Bint Niaz01/16/2016
Still Together PakistaniPakistansid, el01/12/2016
Stormy Night PakistaniPakistansid, el01/09/2016
THE DREAM I LIKE PakistaniPakistansid, el01/09/2016
The Words I Wanted To Say PakistaniPakistansid, el01/08/2016
In My Blood PakistaniPakistansana, M.12/17/2015
Hurt me not PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid12/14/2015
Lover Eyes PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid12/14/2015
In Love in War PakistaniPakistanH. Chouhdry, M. Shahid12/11/2015