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Long Valentines day Poems | Long Valentines day Poetry

Long Valentines day Poems. These are the most popular long Valentines day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long Valentines day poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by jalani jenkins | Details |

Story time

Watch out 
U don't want the nutcase coming for u
Reality night mares 
I'm not a joke don't laugh
It's the ****ing mello
The young kid with a sick head
I raped a boss daughter 
Recorded it laughed whole she screamed for help
He should of payed what he owed 
I'm straight outta the nut house 
I'm unpredictable & intelligent 
And I left the devil slain
I never cry over pain
Cause I puff fat blunts & overcame 
When I was younger
I beat a kid to death with a bike pedal 
The mother screamed at me
While I looked at her with a cold stare 
Spit on him walked away 
I'm unpredictable 
It's like testing a wild animal with no training 
Being to close 
They might strike 

Never step to the general
Got so many connects even tied to the cartel 
Murder it's tough to swallow it 
I ain't swallowin shit 
Life goes on 
Eventually u move on then take another one
Wanna front I'll send u to hell 
Let satan torment u
I'm dangerous & sophisticated 
I read to many to books how to a be a crook
Never read about dr Seuss or fairy tales 
I'm not a pretty boy 
I never played with kitty toys 
Stepping to me not a good move
Its like going in a mime field while u blindfolded 
salute me when u see me
A lot of mother****ers talk shit
I never stress it

I had beef with this boss
He touched my girl forced hisself upon her
I dont take this kindly
He gotta rest in peace
I gotta go to his home 
& take him out
I stormed i found him I beat him to a bloody pulp
Then I took his life with a knife 
I ain't think twice bout his son or wife
Found out he beat he a woman beater
A ****ing drunkie no lie he a junky plus he smell funky
Im glad I took him out 
His wife thanked me
She offered me the *****
I took it slayed the ***** 
Then I bounce
I was driving on my home
Cars started coming up then tryed to surround me
I wasent scared I pulled the Uzi out
This will be similar to st valentines day massacre

These ***** boys don't know it's over for em
One phone call say goodnight 
I ain't gotta do it I can handle this 
I pulled the window a little they wasent strapped
Damn they done ****ed up 
I went off with the Uzi 
I left no witness in site 
That was a dumb these guys cake boys
Rolling deep with no strap what bunch of clowns but **** it they sleeping in a pool of blood
I got in my car & drove off
I aint worry about shit
Let me light this blunt up
This *****don't bother me

Long poem by felix gbemudu | Details |

Gods Valentines Song

I remember it was a cold morning
There was down pour of rain the previous day
It was still drizzling a bit
It was an airy morning very quiet
Remember the smell of rain
Very fresh morning
For the first time in a long while
I remembered my wife Lucinda
We had been estranged
That morning all I thought of was the cross
The forgiveness of all my sins by Jesus  
That day I made up my mind to forgive Lucinda
Forgiveness for adultery
It was the fourteenth day of February
What a coincidence with Valentine’s Day
I drove to Lucinda’s house
I could hear my heart beating 
Out of anxiety of how she will receive me
Our separation was quite nasty
At her door I fidgeted with the bell
Lucinda was speechless when she saw me
We didn’t speak a word to one another
I hugged her in an embrace that was like eternity
We still didn’t speak but we knew what we were saying to one another
My heart reached out to her, like the father and his prodigal son
Lucinda was my high school sweet heart
When we got home
Lucinda’s heart and my heart had a dialogue
I had forgiven her totally 
Forgiveness the gift of love
Love that covers multitude of sins, casting out every fear
I made dinner that night, dished it out and washed the dishes afterwards
We didn’t have much money but we celebrated love with what we love 
Especially with the gift of ourselves
Lucinda knew I was a dry man
So she warmed the atmosphere with some scented candles 
And Peabo Bryson music
There was no more quarrel but tranquillity
It was romance at its best
I gave Lucy a gift and her eyes lighted up with surprise
That night we privately exchanged our vows again
Hmmmmm it was a happy day, night, hour, second
Thank you Jesus 
My home was restored again on Valentine’s Day
Lucinda broke the silence
When she looked at me and in a love coated voice
She said to me I love you my boo
My heart leaped, as I responded with tears in my eye and emotion laden voice: I know
 Jehovah is indeed love
And he still performs miracles
It is good to let go of hurts and embrace reconciliation, I said in my thoughts
Thinking of all that had happened 
Forgiveness begins with self and ends with the recipient of mercy
God still sings and still speaks even on valentines day
Lets listen and we will surely hear

Long poem by Shahana Jackson | Details |


   I need some warmth 
     My knees need to weaken
  I want a fire to heat up this frozen gem
     Cause i'm freezing due to lack of attention
         Shivering from this worlds negativity 
              I want someone to embrace me
              Chase all my fears away 
                With one hot passionate kiss 
                   Bed me 
                   Convert me into Stupidity 
                        Make me not care about a thing
                              As long as he's touching me
                                   I want to   
                        Finally make it to anniversaries 
                              And on valentines day 
                                 I will wake up happy 
                                     Cause I'll know
                                   That no matter how cold it gets
                                        I have a fire that won't burn out
                                         In his arms I feel the hottest  
                                          He's my strength
                                             and my confidence 
                                                 I'm constantly looking for 
                                                        That warmth that other girls
                                                                   speak of 
                                                              I want to melt   
                                                                 And form a puddle
                                                                      Wet, soaking, hot, sticky, open
                                                                            Disillusionally wanting 
                                                                                     I crave someone who can
                                                                                           Hit all my spots
                                                                                        without me drawing a diagram
                                                                                               I crave moisture

Long poem by Dawn Swain | Details |

Still your not here

 It’s Valentines Day full of cards and kisses
Wish you were here covers all of my wishes
Easter is here and were celebrating our lord
Each day that passes I miss you even more
 It’s been seven years today since we said, “I do”
It seems longer than that since I last held you
 We all gather together for the birth of our land
It’s the Fourth of July and your not here as we planned
 It’s your birthday today marking 34 years
When I think of you celebrating alone, it brings me to tears
Now it’s thanksgiving and the families all here
The rooms filled with spirit and still your not here
Out of habit I set a place at the tables head
The kids leave it and “Soon Mom” is all that was said
 Santa is coming and kids are full of cheer
I try to keep smiling even though you are not here
Pictures with Santa and the lighting of the tree
Smiles on Christmas morning I wish you could see
We gather to wish good tidings to all
I sit and wait by the phone thinking maybe you’d call
You have missed a great deal in the year you’ve been gone
Jason had a great time at his junior prom
 Katie turned seven and Chrissie turned two
For all their birthday wishes- they just wished for you
At night we all get tucked into bed
We snuggle up close and then bow our heads
 Dear Lord please keep special watch over our Dad
If anything happens to him we’ll be so sad
 He’s over helping the other country grow
Doing his job as you already know
 He’s helping other little boys and girls
Opening their eyes to a whole new world
We are so proud of him and hold our heads high
But each night we hear mommy lay there and cry
We all miss him more than you know
Yet during the day we don’t let it show
We have to be strong and keep the faith
That soon he’ll be home with us and be safe
We are proud to hang that flag up high
We are all so full of American pride
 We pray for all the soldiers’ safe return home
We pray that there are no more families left alone
Dear God for this Christmas please hear us pray
Bring our soldiers home where they belong, where they’ll stay

Long poem by Tarek Al Sabouni | Details |

Lonely Dreamer On Valentines Day ..

If I had you my angel ..
I would speak
For as long as there is a breath in my lungs
I would use
As many words as humans have ever created
I would imagine
All kinds of descriptions anyone can think of
But I wouldn’t even come close
To describing the way I feel
When I think of my angel
When I listen to my angel
When I look at my angel
Her thought would shift me away..
To another world .. another reality
One where im better
Where everything is alright
And nothing can ever go wrong
No worries .. no sadness
No burden carried along
Her voice would make me fly..
To a higher place
Where all is worthless
so sweet to my ears
That it’ll make
my complex mind go in harmony
With my beating heart
And the only thing that would matter is her
My heart would dance in love
My thoughts would fly in happiness
And her look..
As painted by my brain
Oh god what a look !!
Notice how you shiver
From a powerful human gaze
Now imagine how I’de shiver
If an angel gives that gaze
She can hold my soul among her eyes
Between a wink and another I’de die
My world will shut closed
When her look at me is paused
If I had you I’de only think :..
Im so lucky .. I envy me
My guardian angel is watching me
My god I love that girl so much
I have her in the world
I lived a life with a lifeless goal
And walked the earth without my soul
Until the day I saw her face
At first I felt I am so small
So tiny so unconfident
How can I ever reach up
To the angel of beauty itself
Then she came and blessed my life
And since that day on I know my goal
I also know that shes my soul
I love you would be nothing
Not in my dictionary
I adore you wont be even close
To express how I feel about my angel
I told you before
And I tell you again
If I had you
I would speak
For as long as there is a breath in my lungs
I would use
As many words as humans have ever created
I would imagine
All kinds of descriptions anyone can think of
But I wouldn’t even come close
To describing the way I feel
When I think of my angel
When I listen to my angel
When I look at my angel

Long poem by Shahana Jackson | Details |

Valentines day let me count the ways

   Dear valentines day,
         I write you a letter to say let me count the ways it sucks when you make me feel 
deprived. It sucks when you make my boyfriend pretend that he loves me with a bundle of 
flowers and a box of candy. I know he'd rather be with her and I know she probably got 
some roses as well. I hate that you make my best friend cry because she has no one to 
spend the day with. She is a vision, a beauty and all she can see is her dateless self as 
insignificant. Dear Valentines day I love how you make " single people" feel like their 
not ok just being alone, when two days ago I could have sworn I saw them at a rally 
screaming independence rules. Now I see them sulking, Their not proud on this day... I 
wonder why Valentines? Why do you make them feel afraid. Let's get to the cheery part of 
this day for all the people who thing I am just being a downer on this lovers holiday. 
All the holding and valentines day cards they hardly mean anything and will probably be 
thrown out tomorrow. But you still make this into a something big, Every broke guy just 
trying to make a living has to surprise his Mercesdes riding girl friend who is so rich 
she doesn't notice the romance is draining. When he surprises her with flowers or she 
surprises him with candle light dinners " they don't even seem to notice that the other 
is trying to be romantic. Instead they say things like" Oh baby I have to work late" And 
oh honey you shouldn't have where's there jewelry"? L-O-V-E a four letter word that 
started this whole thing. If your lucky enough to know how you feel I don't think you 
would need a holiday to celebrate what's already in your heart. I know occasionally you 
forget to say I love you, and occasionally you don't remember Annerversaries but it's in 
there somewhere and I don't need flowers as a symbol that you care. I want to feel it in 
your touch, your compassion, they way you kiss... It should always be filled for fire 
works. So I say dump this holiday and let it sink. Maybe as it's falling some of the 
hearts that turned cold will start falling again as well.

Long poem by Leonora Galinta | Details |


the very first time I saw you you totally captivated my heart never had any idea or single clue but I’m already in love with you since the start just your name is such a beauty without a doubt I could hardly believe that you’re real until I’ve finally touched and held you one by one falling down from those wand-like branches as in hail carpeting the dark green bermuda grasses on the ground with all my zest I gathered you gladly all around your big round petals shine so bright like a brilliant sun my faint notion that you’re a hand-made crepe paper now has passed its way and finally gone all I wish, when I dance you’ll adorn my hair I’ll be proudly making you into garlands for a special affair in my eyes, you’re one of the emblems of royalty in this beautiful kingdom and lovely place while local and foreign folks are all enjoying their stay you’re providing them an atmosphere with solace in your yellow color is a shaft of light for peace Supannika, with my piquancy I am taking you home to introduce you that you’re such a special kind a radiant flower to float on water will lastly bloom most especially I’ve a great idea in my mind you’ll be a wonderful gift to my love one/s on Valentines Written: Feb. 10, 2012
Note: It's my first try of a quintain form of poem as I'm so inspired by the fantastic beauty of the Supannika flower. I hope I did the form, "quintain" right. SUPANNIKA :I didn’t give up asking/searching its name when I first saw it at the camp site during my 3 days/nights stay (Feb. 6-8, 2012). I've also checked the spelling of its name at google. It is a very beautiful, big brightly yellow colored flower full of petals which I’ve only seen here in my borrowed country. Its picture is my avatar. I love yellow flowers so much; yet. this is one of the most beautiful yellow flowers i've seen. So in love with this pretty flower ;))) Supannika for You! Wishing You All My Dear PS Poet Friends an Advance Happy, Happy Valentines Day! Second Place Contest: Simple Title Judged: 3/9/13 Poet Sponsor: Greatest Poet PD

Long poem by Carol Eastman | Details |

Valentine Mischief

No one at home on Valentine’s Day, our lips were already locked.
Getting used to being alone, our plans would have left you shocked.
Back from vacation, the Basement Trolls came strolling in, our night was lost.
But wait! My Hubby had planned ahead, perhaps we were still star-crossed.

Unleash the Closet Trolls his voice rang out! I’m sending you on patrol!
To the rescue came his brand new chums. The Closet Trolls were in control.
He knew he was ahead, in this game, as he got back to soundly kissing me.
Deflecting the Big Trolls? No Luck, or had you already forgot? You’ll see…

First they decided to chase the squirrels away from around, our window trees.
It began to look a bit like the Circus Soleil, rather than, our bedroom fantasies.
I think we may have started a war, between the Closet Trolls and the squirrels.
This became a possibility, as Trolls fell into the birdbath, as the water swirled.

All we’d meant, was to distract the Basement Trolls, from finding us in progress.
But they came up for a better view, and yep, that was us, they found breathless.
Now giving up on all our plans, Circus Trolleil became the topic of the day.
So we sent the Basement Trolls into the fray, to make peace for all, in any way.

Next year, we’ll convince them to stay, on vacation in the snow another week.
And then the Closet Trolls will be sent to guard the zoo across town, so to speak.
Now don’t be surprised, we’d had a good time… the kisses were really great.
But, a little more would have been a great treat, for oldsters like us, at any rate.

In the mean time, Circus Troleil will be a truly happening thing, coming real soon.
Grandpa Troll made a truce between the squirrels and the Closet Trolls. Thank You!
Now, they practice together every day, for a Vegas debut, soon, with Mac Raccoon.
And Valentines Day can be planned, as a small little get away, later, as opportune.

Long poem by Troy Nelson | Details |

Humor me part 2

but you humor me
tell me im pompous and then go on to say if you wanted to hear from me youd fart
i ask a question and then snort
saying you didnt rattle your zipper
and ask me later if you and i should meet for coffee
and all i can say is
if your my soul mate
i hope our honey moon lands on valentines day
because for aperson like you
there is nothing id rather do
than pull of the perfect crime
scrub whatever mess im washing my hands of
dig a deep hole in the middle of nowhere
drop you off into that bottomless pit
and then spend the rest of my life saying
i just never knew
officer hes been missing for days

Oh the humor of us gays
and together we laugh
together we look into eachothers eyes
humor me i say
which one of my maffia friends do you think 
is not a friend with some crooked cop
and wants a present from me very badly?
and then I laugh
deeply this time
see how humor works
if no one gets hurt or cries or scared
its just not funny
and as sick and twisted and crazy as it sounds
I'd change it
but how
and most times when its not me on the parade to the black lagoon
with cement block and chains
I'm laughing too
when its not mee being turned into dog food to turn the monkeys
cannibalistic and away from bannas
im crawling on the floor in tears of hysterics
whats wrong with people?
go get some help
your sick
but as i feel sorry for you and fall victom to professional jokes of torture for you to 
get paid
you would find another friend
i guess im frustrated

seriously dark humor of gay life encountered everyday
and no pills take it away
and as close i get to that ledge
they say i shoul dbe on somewhere when i go ask for professioanl advice
im just a joke to them
like they have never been dressed in suicide
to be thrown away from the men who know nothing of mice

Long poem by Peggy Langan | Details |


 Please come home my Valentine

You can give me chocolates wrapped in silk and lace,
You can give me roses  nicely propped up in a vase.
You can buy me a card with a poem  that makes me cry,
But darling this valentines day I just want you by my side.

Your the best gift  I could ever ask for in a million year's,
Just to have you here with me would take away my fears.
I know you have duties to fulfill and you are thinking of me.
But darling this valentines day your all I want to see.

Please come home my Valentine,
Please  bring your love to me.
I want you hear in person.
Your the only one I want to see.

Please come home my valentine,
I am waiting here for you.
I love you and I need you,
And know you need me too.

Please come home and hold me in your loving arms.
Promise me you will stay safe and out of any harm.
I miss you so much , I need you here with me tonight.
For valentines day  your the only one that can make it right.

I am sending you my kisses and all my love.
Hold this letter  next to your heart look to the sky above.
I am with you every moment of every day.
And there is no one in the world that can take that away.

 Please come home my Valentine
Please  bring your love to me.
I want you hear in person.
Your the only one I want to see.

Please come home my valentine,
I am waiting here for you.
I love you and I need you,
And know you need me too.

Please come home my valentine....Please come home my Valentine.....I’m 
waiting here for you

Long Poems