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Long New year Poems | Long New year Poetry

Long New year Poems. Below are the most popular long New year by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for long New year poems by poem length and keyword.

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Long Poems
Long poem by KAYOD5 Kayode | Details |

Baby brot bringer

Incredible! Where could little girl of her age be going under this cold weather at this hour barefootedly and bareheadedly?What could have sent a poor girl she was to street with just oversized slippers she inherited form her mother, poor enough, jettisoned on this two line express road?These and many more were  concerns that agitated my mind.I therefore chose to spy or should i say monitor her;i wanted to know where she would enter and possibly  who she was,stealthily i followed her.It appeared she knew where she was going,the poor girl walked straight without betraying any sign of  lost of destination.Exactly  twenty minutes now that I had been following her,we had passed many streets:Macualy street, Kingsway  and the popular Lord Lugard Avenue yet she moved on.It was at the junction between Broard street and UAC that she forked right; she looked back,i quickly blocked her view as i hid me behind one abandoned lorry in my front,she did not see me. It took us another ten minutes before she suddenly stopped,in her front now was  the city refuse dump were disused items were deposited; she rolled up her cloth and brought out a  jute sack; she opened the sack and brought out a sickle and moved with a zeal to the hill of garbage. I stood behind a container that was put there long time ago by the Council for refuse collection,it was now overfilled           with refuse and this gave me an advantage to hide behind it without been seen by the girl;needless to say how stinking it was,yet i befriended it,it was the only shield i needed now. For almost an hour she was searching through the hill ,it was not too easy for her; first,it was almost dark now, again, the whole hill had been covered with snow but she was using the sickle to wipe away the white substance anywhere she suspected that what she was looking for was. As she was searching she was picking somethings and dropping them in the sack which  was now  half-full . Again, she bent down but this time she did not pick anything rather she dropped the sickle in her hand and began to look at her sole, within few seconds she started coming down from the hill; what could have happened to her sole? At the base of the hill she sat down and held tightly her sole,now I could see her clearer,drops of blood were flowing down off her heel. I could now longer hide myself,i was moved by the sadness that appeared on her innocent face,poor still, she did not know what to do.
I quickly ran to her,she was shocked to see me but still held tightly  her sole. I did not waste  time on introduction but went straight to ask her what had happened to her sole,she told me a broken bottle had cut her there. I bent down to look at the cut,it was not too deep,but deep enough to  affect the poor girl if something was not quickly done. Luckily  i had a nylon- water on me, i opened it, washed the cut and bound it with a new handkerchief I had earlier bought to use the following day when I would be attending the first church service of the year. It was not a perfect first aid but a non perfect  aid was better than none . Now I asked her who she was and what was she doing where we were. She introduced herself as Lisa, nine years and that she was looking for plastics and other polythene materials that she could sell at recycling factory. I asked why she had to do that  she said she and her grandmother had not even a brot at home and if she did not do this certainly they would be starved.  Wondering why she should be responsible for that i pressed , "what about your parents?" " My mother had been abducted by the terrorists who  killed my father and my two brothers three years ago."  Big air escaped my nostrils as I became rock-still with this unpalatable bombshell. Seconds later I gathered myself,brought Lisa up and told her I would help her back home. She thanked me for the help but insisted that she would not be going home now,she must first go to the factory to exchange her stock for money. " it is too late Lisa, i don't think any factory will still be opened by now,besides you now have a cut on your sole", i explained. "The pay master in the factory had promised to wait for me till 10pm, i already had stock with him ,i just needed to add some weight to reach the required purchase-level,i must not fail on my terms lest he loses the confidence that for more than two years now,he has in me ; besides, grandma", she paused as if she remembered a thing, " tomorrow is new year, i have promised her good meal tomorrow" ; her voice cracked as if she wanted to cry,emotion envloped me as the word grandama reverbrated in my ears; my mind wandered about : poor girl,wretched old woman; how many millions of Lisa and her grandma were out there for the stupidity of some? My eyes became red and urge filled my mind,the zeal to confront terrorism,the joy of Christmas and new year in me evaporated; what was merriment of Christmas with millions of Lisa there? What was happiness of new year with millions of her grandma in our World?

Long poem by nick goth | Details |

Clock Watching Agency Idiots

Clock Watching Agency Idiots 
Numerous times I have joined a work placement agency to do a mind numbing brain dead moron work, been on the poverty line. Hard up, broke. Take your documents in, sign on the dotted line and you belong to us right now. Send me to a crap place with crap people for crap money for a crap agency. Staff UK sent me to Constellation Luggage in a run down Victorian cotton mill, £3.60 per hour. Sorting out suitcases busting your balls emptying cargo containers, stacked floor to ceiling, from Red China. Up to three separate places on as many days when I worked a week. If the idiots have not paid me the week later, where was I at? At Fashion Logistics sorting out clothes; you can’t even take a crap without the idiots interrogating you. Don’t like it there? Walk home down the motorway from Castleton to Oldham, be picked up by the Old Bill. Taxi! 
To Rescource agency, to be placed at Bernstein plc, Middleton. Now shut. A real flat pack craphole! C’mon you idiots! First the bits flat into the boxes, have to beat the record! Xxx many thousands, beat the other line! You lad, who me? Yes, you! You haven't put the piece in flat, we had to stop the line. Frig you, I don’t give a frick, I’m only here coz they won’t give me my dole. I left another crap job - Park Cakes mental asylum. I eye up all the birds all day and listen to the radio, c’mon 4pm! Agency idiots at Rescource agency even charge me £3 a day for the privilege of going to their crap job. The boss is okay, short skirt and bare legs, I’d dance close to her. Late night drinks in Manchester for this Yorkshire bint. I waited one and half hours once to be picked up, at 5.30pm - guess who drove thru the gates to the small pond/nature reserve in her Pug206? Kerry to meet her fuck, didn’t give a hell about me. Then my lift came, idiot, no doubt as your lover ravished you, Bernstein plc style. 
After that crap I went on the dole for nearly a year, 2001. My, it was a sweet time paid for doing frick all but my book “Juniper’s Daughter”. I did other agency work, same old shit but cash went up slightly. Real crapholes like Shiloh by Primetime Placement agency, Primetime hicks. The gelled up prick in a shirt who drove a new Golf said to me: “We have a cushy (crap) job, we can’t seem to fill it. Not sure why?”(You should try this, you idiot). I lasted two weeks, I wonder why? Packing nappies for Welsh pensioners! Guess what? I packed all the wrong ones on purpose, how funny is that? I worked with a professional Bangladeshi gang member who was going straight, after killing a man in a car crash, a psycotic metal head and a burned out 30-year-old ex-rocker. My boss was a cow, he told me off for swearing on my first morning, the idiot. Guess what I did? Went on the dole again and stayed there three long poverty stricken lazy years doing my poems in my mouldy council flat. 
Did a bit more agency work with Esprit agency at DTS—that was okay. I loved working with the girls, some hot ones there! I used to dream about them when I got home. 
Other agency work I did was crap in more ways than one, moving crap for Epping council at Cory Enviromental with New Wave agency, Aug and Sep06. Finished that, onto the dole again, not in smelly Oldham but in posh Essex! How I’ve moved up in the world. Was on it six months. What will I do next? More crap agency work? I’m registered with Blue Arrow, Triangle, Adecco and one I forget. Not got a single day’s work, what does that say? All crap! Run by southerners. 
I won’t mention my temp to perm crap jobs that weren’t agency but here’s a taster – Littlewoods, Glyn Webb, Dunelm and Adomast come on down! I nearly forget, one agency put me down as a fork lift truck driver at a craphole hire and fire ’em place called Metool. Yet I was told I would be a van driver’s mate and then a lorry driver, not flt. What the frick’s going on? I walked out halfway thru my 3rd day. The dole is calling…all crap! 
As the years pass, so do the shit agencies in-between free government cash. After I moved back north I was on the dole for three and a half years. I finally got a job back in the biggest craphole in Oldham - Park Cake Bakery! Run by two agencies, both crap: Gi Group and Alpha. Had an interview with Alpha. Idiot who ran it liked a certain team; I don't. No job. Then Gi Group and I was putting cherries on cakes again. For 11 months I did it before I did my grand walk out and left the dump. 
After that I did some agency courses. Castleview were pleasant Gerordie lasses. Did the course. The promised job interview never turned up. A letdown. Twit! Number 2 agency course was ok. I had the interview but never got the job. Why? Screwing the system. Before I emigrated, I registered with Blue Arrow and did five weeks at Littlewoods, Shaw. Four weeks training to get up to speed, a weeks work including New Year's Day and then laid off! Nobbers! No more agency idiots messing me about doing muppet work. 
I've emigrated out of craphole!

Long poem by Maurice Yvonne | Details |

If This Is A Winter Poem Why Does it End With The Name Paul Callus

She dresses the land down
in a virginal bridal gown 
a masterfully cut and sewn chenille 
shines brightly with a fine crystal appeal

Her assistants work quite diligently
to add special touches and then flee
they decorated the mountain peaks 
using all their white glitter techniques 

beat beat beat beat


one small step to the side

As an observer...

your feet  quake in their shoes
your body heat quits without notice
your nerve endings are on edge
your common sense walks out the door


A little girl tells her mother
" Mom look big, fat, snowflakes"

they are

you look out at winter
unmoved she looks right back at you
with a chilling icy stare 
freezes the turkey in the oven - to the bone.

she exhales a wispy sigh
by her royal blue decree
a below zero degree.
she is brutal, my oh my!

beat beat beat 


another step to the side

Back to all the children lean
Back to younger than nineteen

Back to those in their twenties
Those were my best years, twenties

Back to men and women below fifty
don't know why but they look happy

Skates are sharpened
Skis brought out of storage
You can hear the sound of coats, 
Zippers being pulled to up above the neck
Sounds of thick socks and scarfs 
walking out of cedar drawers.

Toboggans racing down hills
Kids right behind them wondering
why their sliding on their own butts
Trying to catch their brand new ride.

Snowboarders execute their killer moves
no judge no jury it's all 'bout the grooves



here's where this poem 
steers off the beaten path 
so hold your breath

beat beat beat          beat beat

here we go 
with the flow

Winter has arrived, 


oh sh~t here we go

My God 

This woman is far from shy
She with that dry ice heart 
That woman will cut you open
With the chill of her breath

That's right Dorothy 
were not in Kansas anymore 

This Witch is East, West, North, South WICKED!
We're not even in Oz this Witch is spelled with a 
B and she's got a hell of an itch, if you catch my drift

I preferred her father he was kind compared to her
since she took his place minus forty is a warm day
she dresses in winter white but the Grinches 
coal black heart at least had some life in it, this 
women is down the toilet with her potty mouth
her heart is frozen solid Dead! Bad! and Beyond!

With her there is no such thing as a thaw
even her brother was occasionally warm
Not her she'll shrink your willy 
from ten to two inches long
(who the heck is willy, should we free him?)

Don't test her she is far from tame
She'll freeze your flesh, use your frozen balls
as ice cubes for her one hundred and forty 
proof vodka. Laugh in your face as she downs 
her drink. Then gargle with your family jewels.

Ever notice how you never see the Devil 
at the peak of winter, even he fears her
She froze off the tip off one of his horns
When they were kids and not a thing he could do
She's family - hands off - if you know what I mean
There has to be honor in a house of thieves

Winter is here
and it's frikkin cold
she'll drop six feet
of the white sh~t
in a single go

hhhhang onnnn
back to some sanity
let's end this with some
bullsh~t poetic beauty

Did I mention Ontario's Niagara On The Lake
Did I mention Ice Wine and tasty Frosted Cake

hang on to your pants 
beat beat  beat beat 
beat beat here goes

During the christmas holidays you 
have to go to the Falls, what a venue

Niagara Falls itself is quite amazing
The powerful lights they shine blazing
Against the thundering waters rushing
Like the results of an artist's airbrushing
The Festival of Lights is also worth perusing 
It is a path you follow in your car just cruising

We follow it up with Montreal every year
It is a long tiring ride but we're finally here

It's a New Year - all the land is aglow
Voices of children playing in the snow 
Sculptures for the festivities come to life
Lights shine- with colors bright - people rife
With enthusiasm for The Festival Of Ice
A family event in this winter paradise

beat beat beat
once last walk  on the wwwwwwild sssssssside

A Winter Paradise? pahh!
The B~~ch  gargled with 
Your Gonads in her mouth
She used them as ice cubes
Who DOES that?

Yes this is a chilling ending 
but an ending all the same
you all come back now
you hear? The End!

beat beat 
and now the refrain

Come on Manuel it's back
to the igloo with us. (Now why
did I say that in my John Cleese 
Voice.There's Something Faulty 
there. The man Towers above me)

No Senior this winter thing
She is not working out for me
You stay if you like, I am visiting
my friend in Malta...

...Paul Callus!

Sponsor: Sheri Fresonke Harper
Contest Name: Rock Me Around the Clock or Rock Me to Sleep--Rhythm Poems 

Long poem by wala na | Details |

Am I Turning into a Lizard Serial Killer

Hmmm, where do I start? With deep sighs, I am sighing right now.
I just finished burying 2 lizards, and my heart is heavy...

Let me back up a bit...bear with me if I might turn out to be confusing here,
but I just need to write this, release something, in some way
Although I must admit, this is not exactly what I had in mind to write for this day,
hopefully I can write something more decent later...

I have been wanting to write something for my brother since yesterday,
since February 26 is his 10th year death anniversary.
The words remained stuck in my heart, 'til I fell asleep.

Visited him again today, heard mass for him, 
ate a Chinese dinner with my parents and sister, went home.

I now needed dessert. Got a piece of Ferrero Rocher, but just one wouldn't do.
So I got a piece of Almond Roca this time and ate it while walking.

All this time, I have managed to keep my tears away
but maybe somehow, someway, if tears want to fall, they will find a way?

I walk to that area again as I ate that piece of chocolate-
when what do you know, what do you know??

Oh sighs.

I stepped on a lizard.  Again 

Yes. Almost exactly the Same area, tail falls off, and the lizard skitters away.

But. I did not slip this time. But, yes, I still screamed, scaring everybody again.

I. Could. Not. Simply. Believe. IT.

One month and 25 days after, I step on a lizard. Again.

Today, of all days. As if I needed more reason to be sadder.

This time around, I had the sense to try to find that lizard. 
I had to know if it lived, if it was okay.
I pushed away the nearby cabinet.
And there it was.
Rather, and there they were.

The lizard that I stepped on now
and the petrified remains of the lizard that I stepped on on new year's day...
the other one didn't live after all :(

I know it was that lizard, same area, no tail, who else could it be?
Survival mechanism, no match for my killer foot.

By this time, I am crying, sobbing. 
Seriously, the tears just start falling, and my heart so heavy.
And I know it's from the combination of so many things.
The day itself, what I had just done, just things running through me.

What broke my heart, was to see that lizard. 
I was wearing rubber shoes this time, last time I was wearing slippers.
And its guts had spilled from its sides. 
I couldn't help but keep on saying, "Oh, oh, oh lizard, I am so sorry"

I touched it feebly, and it was literally gaping its mouth.
I don't think I can ever forget that?
Such a small creature, gasping, with its insides out, 
its skin on its legs and body scraped.
In pain.

And it was all my fault.

My sister was there with me, trying to help in her own way.

But yes, there's nothing you can really do...I didn't want to stress it even more,
and let death finish what I did. 

There's so much I can glean from this, and I want to ramble on, so badly
but I will try to stop myself from rambling too much.

I put the two lizards, along with a note, the dates when I stepped on them 
(ok, killed them), and placed them carefully in a chocolate truffle box.

I buried them and still feel so sorry.

In some ways, this is can be so funny, and just  freaky & crazy (what's new, this is me?)
What were the odds??? Same place, same thing happening.
And I can't help but roll my eyes at myself as well, just finding it so hard to fathom
how I stepped on not just one but Two lizards in just two months.

I bet that the lizards are all afraid of me now, 
saying how I am a lizard killer. A serial lizard killer.
MO: stepping on them while screaming, maybe my screams also killed them off?

I actually took photos of both lizards, I am not sure why though.
Oh dear God, help me, I am acting like one, even documenting them.

I tell you, as I watched that lizard die, I couldn't help but just also
think of St. Jude (for the impossible) and St. Francis of Assisi (for animals).

I know he was dying, but somehow, yes, prayers still comfort me.

I just feel so guilty, with this happening. 

I still can't help but cry for those lizards, death by me, for no reason at all,
no purpose served.

Animals, people....death.

I know it's all a part of life... 
but it still doesn't change the fact how death can change us
and of how I am responsible for two lizard deaths.
I know they were just small animals, but Still. They were living creatures.

Death can change us in small ways, some in big ways, negatively or positively.

It all boils down to death transforming us one way or another...

I won't expound on it anymore, this is too long,
but one of the ways I can think of comparing it to, is that of a chemical change,
maybe of the spirit, the soul? Not merely a physical change.

And we can never be the same. 


Long poem by Magnus Nwagu Amudi Esq | Details |

i celebrate you my friend

The year that is about to make its last appearance 
before it dies and is buried to be only given a place 
in the history of our existence has brought  ?e joy, 
l° shall therefore, out of obligation rather than 
leisure acknowledge its fairness and generosity. It 
began on a high as l° aimed to make it through the 
Bar exams and to be successfully called to the 
Nigerian Bar. This singular goal, controlled all 
others and made them seem less important. In the 
end, the story ended greatly, we all do love happy 
endings, l° am a Barrister and Solicitor of the 
Supreme Court of Nigeria. To God be the glory. 

Yet, the most important aspect of the year wasn't 
the fact that l° became a Barrister, rather, it is the 
fact that through the demanding and rough 
journey of reaching and achieving that goal, along 
came people of great personality, people l° knew 
had the character to spur you on and literally uplift 
you both psychologically and in every other positive 
way possible. For the first time in my life, l° was 
opened to the richness of the earth's diversity, both 
in religion as well as in culture. l° even spoke new 
languages and danced to new tunes. l° was given a 
new eyes, l° did see the world from another 
perspective, it was thrilling and l° came to see the 
blessing in the cultural and ethnic differences. But, 
the crux of the essay being friendship. 
The year 2012, gave  ?e the most supportive, 
reliable and cheerful individuals to work and also 
relax with. These people not withstanding their 
different social, religious and academic background 
did with ease find a common ground and built a 
strong fold for friendship. There were moments no 
doubt during the year when it would have been 
quite impossible to move ahead without the 
support and undying motivation of these 
individuals, as l° do stand at this bridge, about to 
cross to the other end of the journey, l° would take 
a few minutes to say a very hearty thank you to all 
of you. From my parents, without whom there will 
be no Barrister attached to my name, words fail  
?e. l° do say a big thank you. To my siblings who 
went out of their own financial obligations to 
support  ?e through the difficult but productive 
year, l° am ever indebted to all of you jointly and 
severally. For a friend like no other, master 
Chinasa Orji, let your heart desires become reality 
unto you bro and the same gratitude goes to the 
entire Orji family. l° will now try as much as l° can, 
to mention a few of those whose friendship, 
alleviated the burden of the journey through 2012, 
and l° say the list is not quite chronological, l° just 
add to it as l° do remember, these persons include 
but not restricted to:
1. Mazi Ezegamba Esq. 
2. Mr. Frank Somto Esq. (Ajo anu)
3. Okpara Chinedu Esq. 
4. Mallam Abubakar Lawal EsQ
5. Mr. Yage Bamiyi Esq. 
6. Adesola Adelusi Esq. (Miss)
7. Amarachi Esq. 
8. Tony Amaechi Ojukwu (Esq. )
9. Sir Nnanna JOJ Oketa (Esq). 
10. Richard Bassey Iyaha (Esq.) - God bless you 
11. Chinelo Ogbozor Esq. 
12. Churchill Udedibor Esq. 
13. Henry Onugwu Esq. 
14. Forster Eneh Esq. 
15. Kingsley Chime Esq. 
16. Mr Magnus Akabueze
17. Emmanuela Oraegbu Esq. 
18. Nonso Nzedebe Esq. 
19. Orji Ukah Agwu Esq. 
20. Chinedu Ezeokoronkwo Esq. 
21. Emmanuel Okoroji Esq. 
22. Peterson 
23. Onyinye Nnorom Esq. 
24. John Daramola Esq. 
25. Chisom Nnabuife Esq. 
26. Ebikaboere Abiri Esq. 
27. Tobi Esq. - Mi consigliere
28. Michael Dokpesi. Esq. 
29. Mr Idowu
30. Mr.  Majemite Emoubonovie Esq. - very 
31. Mr. Samson Itodo Esq
32. Muna Nweke 
33. Da silva Joy
34. Kingsley Uwakwe Esq. 
35. Nneoma
36. Kaobi Esq. 
37. Chinwe Ozobu Esq. 
38. Ifesi Udeh Esq. 
39. Ihezi Okeafor 
40. Ezekiel Egbo
41. Chima obiEze Esq. 
42. ID Kabasa - my esteemed barber
43. Mary Alice Simms
44. Victor Mok Esq. 
45. Bukky Esq. 
46. Josh Olomo Esq. 
47. Edosa Esq. 
48. Detola Esq. 
49. Bassey Bassey Esq. 
50. Sammy Udoh. Esq. 
51. Sabastine Udoh Esq. 
52. Iyke Ananuba Esq. 
53. Kingston Esq. 
55. Victor Idiong Esq.
56. Mariam Ekenimoh Esq.  
These and many more people that l° can't put all 
here for the lack of time and to make it less boring 
to read really and honestly contributed to my 
success in making this year count and l° pray that 
the year we are about to witness and explore will 
bring us more reasons to celebrate, love and 
Do have a great NEW YEAR.

Long poem by Just That Archaic Poet | Details |

Humble Pie, Anyone

NOTE: This blog entry was erased because it was deemed "inflammatory". So I ask you, the audience: did this blog deserve to be erased? Let us read on as I have included it in my poetry section...

Poets, writers, and artists who are good at what they do have no need to publicly brag or boast about their art; it speaks for itself. For one to express or proclaim they believe they are even better than Shakespeare and the Masters of the past is to commit poetic heresy and blasphemy in my eyes. Such behavior is beyond uncouth and unbecoming of any artist. Anyone who actually expresses or believes that they are the "best" at whatever art form, in the world, or  at the very least on the internet, has a screw loose somewhere, I think. Narcissistic, delusional people make such erroneous statements, and I can only assume it comes from a place of low self-esteem perhaps, or possibly an inferiority complex. I think Kanye West is a poster-child and paragon of a deluded artist who thinks he is much greater than the sum of his parts. We do have a Kanye or two running amok here, sadly. 

I deplore and despise pretentiousness; it's a sin. It is repulsive and repugnant. Humility and modesty are virtues to which all artists should subscribe. I don't need to be told I am good at what I do nor do I have the compulsion to be a haughty public braggart. I should pity their erroneous proclamation, but instead it makes me angry. But I will let this ire subside for I will not allow unworthy people to rent space in my head. 
So, what am I getting at, you might be asking? Well, I'll be blunt: I am weary of the delusions  of grandeur, and the false sense of entitlement. Some people need a big ol' slice of humble pie, myself included at times. This may be considered "venting", but I ask you: is it venting when I am pointing out that humility is a virtue to strive for and pretentiousness is not? Is that "venting" or am I simply making a "philosophical" conclusion? This is where the water truly gets murky.

This is a belief, and is sharing one's beliefs so wrong? Am I to be silenced just because I voice my beliefs? Am I incorrect to express my laments regarding bloated egos, and hopes for a greater understanding of what ideals for which an artist should strive? 
Am I being "inflammatory", or am I just being honest? Is one's honesty and perception of truth the same as "venting"? Depends greatly on your point of view, I suppose. I am talking  to no one in particular, of course. It's just my fervent hope that people take a step back and re-evaluate their stance and perspectives; it would do us all a world of good. It's a New Year and never too late to change gears. I've learned a lot about myself in the past month or so. It may be time for more introspection and self-reflection. Dig deep; is that what you really believe? Let's all take a long, hard look in the mirror and ask ourselves: how are we behaving; is my ego in check; do I really need to brag and boast; is humility worth striving for; do I conduct myself as a "know it all"; do I really need to make sexist, self-aggrandizing  remarks; am I promoting peace and harmony or am I adding fuel to the fire? 

Naturally, I am well aware that this could be misconstrued as being "negative", but I am really speaking of my hope for change; for peace, balance, humility and modesty- publicly, of course. Tell your friends (as I will tell mine, also) in private of how great you and I are. Public virtue; private vice; that's the way of things...

END. I don' believe anything I voiced should have been deleted. I'm curious about what the rest of you think :) 

Long poem by Lea Hela | Details |

Obtain a peek to the long term associated with SWTOR

The actual area 1. 0. 1 had been performed this particular Wednesday currently about the server. But instead compared to relaxation, believe the actual designers associated with SWTOR and additional say right now the state discussion board since it goes using the video game, as well as exactly what content material is one of the participant within The month of january 2012. Within the recognized discussion board you might currently right now provide you with a peek to the long term associated with SWTOR.

Based on the discussion board publish through Kunz, Mind from the German born neighborhood, an earlier Brand new Year's Day time 2012, a totally brand new Flashpoint as well as a good broadened procedure to supply brand new content material. The actual Flashpoint ought to consequently a completely " new world " to occur in which the participant needs to combat a dreadful illness. The actual prolonged procedure however may key in the ball player in to "Karaggas palace". The entire procedure ought to be prolonged right here through 3 times. 3 brand new employers, as well as a minimum of as numerous legendary set-parts circular from the entire.

In addition, it had been stated with this discussion board publish, the actual designers associated with SWTOR will give you regularly with regard to brand new Flashpoints, Procedures as well as Warzones. The very first revise, that currently made an appearance with this Wednesday, offered and then repair the actual most detrimental insects as well as mistakes. Beginning within The month of january, the ball player may consequently anticipate the beginning of the actual main content material areas.

The majority of MMOs happen to be utilizing on the free-to-play design, SWTOR happens because mostly of the conditions. Bioware guards your decision right now, the actual lately released MMORPG in order to depend on monthly subscriptions. Reverse Joystiq talked each Bioware creators Grez Zeschuk as well as Beam Muzyka concerning the variations in between free-to-play as well as membership. Based on Zeschuk presently there producing space with regard to each versions, however through customers could be much more through video games such as SWTOR to obtain.

"The membership design nevertheless functions. We all know that many individuals state, 'Everything is actually free-to-play'. However that's just one component. A part of it's free-to-play is really a component interpersonal as well as conventional membership may carry on. The actual free-to-play individuals cannot commit towards the degree then one using the dimension as well as size to produce once we may. "But Bioware offers actually free-to-play game titles available, like the introduced from Gamescom "Warhammer: Wrath associated with Characters, inch that is presently within beta. As well as later on you will see an additional free-to-play offshoot of the recognized business.

"We nevertheless possess a couple of points in our unheralded free-to-play group, that we 'm happy. It'll restore a good IP in order to that lots of people possess loving reminiscences. inch.

Long poem by Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Details |


This is my challenge a challenge to all
It’s only for the strong so some of you may fall
It’s a challenge so simple, but so hard to do
And this is the challenge, I set before you
Place down your arms and pick up your pen

"I am better than you, why didn’t I come first?
You obviously can’t judge, you are the worst
It may be your contest but I think I should win
The rest of them suck, only worthy of the bin
If you don’t place me higher it’s because you are nuts
You know mine’s the best you haven’t t got the guts
I don’t like your contest, I’ll not write again

A line that is heard over the world at this time of year
Good wishes flying around and lots of good cheer
But is seems to me that we can never have peace
If even on a poetry site hostilities don’t cease
Who is the best… who really cares?
This site was a haven that poets made theirs
Male or female, we all took up a pen

Bring back the days when we were here to write
The site that saw many through many a dark night
It helped and encouraged, it soothed savage brow
But not any more, just look at us now
We preach what we want, but don’t follow through
Our smooth little soup is a lumpy old stew
So here is the challenge and I say it again

Keep the tantrums and ego’s under wraps can you please?
Keep the back biting and *****ing under your sleeve
If you didn’t win, what does it matter at all?
If you enjoyed your writing, stand proud and stand tall
If you don’t like the rules then don’t enter the contest
Remember keep the peace, you surely will be blessed
Use your pen for some good and show true skills again
Lay down harsh words WISH GOODWILL TO ALL MEN

It’s no good just saying these words… that means nought
Think what you are saying, and give the words deep thought
If we practice what we preach and want peace on earth
Then that’s what we should work at for all we are worth
We wouldn’t hurt or belittle, brag or let our ego’s lead
We would all work for happiness, and make it our creed
Put tantrums away, stick the dummy back in and then

For the stick I will get for writing this verse
Go on those that will… you may do your worse
But us Brits I must say, we have quite thick skin
I will stand tall and proud and take it on the chin
Try to live and let live and try to hurt no one
It’s got to be better than pens drawn at dawn
So take up my challenge I repeat it again

I am uneducated; there are some here so clever
But to me peace is paramount I wish it now and forever
When I joined the soup a haven it was
Now many are leaving and it’s possibly because...
We don’t need egos’ b****ing and cat fights
Banishment and tears, we just need good writes
So for this NEW YEAR why can’t we all take up our pen

GG 21 /12 2013 ©

Long poem by Leon Enriquez | Details |


January juxtapose
More cold now
Beyond hot heat!

Cold cold air
Windy surprise;
Minus heat therapy?

Winding way whirls
Shiver seeding shiver
January jostling juice

Lotus sunbathe --
Muddy pond flavours
Mid-afternoon glare

Whim and fancy;
Windy detours

New year in late January,
Oozing days forfeit;
Scent of the times!

Why do I
Reason with reason;
To justify nothing

Wind chimes 
Breezy orchestra
Sparrow salute

Silence sways calmly;
Usher enlightenment?

How To?

Vivid wonder
In nothing new;
Only fresh eyes

One by one
Images flash by;
Like old friends

Memory swirls
Round and round;
Circles to devour!

My darling dearest
Sleep-talking again;
Smiles pay tokens

So many curves:
Drop-dead gorgeous;
No time to sip!

Deep deep dark
Catch curvy craze
Sense stillness shout

No need for nice,
Just pay the price;
Indulge sheer surprise!

Here by
Lovely, lonely shore
No one but me!

New expressway
Halting jam frustration;
Missing clear detour!

When I speak
Words do not come;
Silence stays

Fleeting dry ice,
Carbon dioxide complex


Glow in your eyes
Hint of sexy ideas --
Measured in your smile!

Love looks lovely
Rain running rowdy
Sheer shifting sights

Splendour courts,
Grandeur tiptoes ,
Silence succumbs

Igloo atmosphere
Air-con ice cold
Shivering skin tones

Tales awaiting
Weary bones;
Fireside conversations

Nature nurtures
Quaint restraint;
Silence raptures haiku

Sanguine rapture,
Observe the scenario;
Can you see now?

Pulse of new morning
Glow in your eyes;
Heart to heart

Moon glow
Aqua aura
Familiar wink

Scattering sensations
Swift spread sweetening

Slow morning edging

Wake-up call
Early morning darkness
Drowsy in dim light

Fumbling footsteps
Pre-dawn precursor
Tentative waiting


Oil painting self-talk
Kostabi's  imagery
Passageway decor

Mind the view
Pending rapture
In-transit here

Feelings surge
Raw word fumbling
Echoes in reprieve

The wind calls
Whispers your name

Look to your self
As best you can;
Then understand

When and where
And how and why
Say who and what

Frozen time
Thaws to water
Down the drain

Time equals life
Oozing away
Does it matter?

Love plays
A game;
Only fools smile gleefully!

Leon Enriquez
09 Mar 2014

Long poem by Hitendra Mehta | Details |

HE is ever welcome, not just at special time of year

Brief Prelude 
Diwali is a vivacious festival of Lights celebrated in India. It's big revelry time (akin to Christmas). The key symbolic aspect of festivity is lighting of oil lamps all around and indulging in fireworks. Night time, it's like stars descending on earth. .....Thanks

Diwali, festival of Light, heralding victory of God over demon, festivity of days five 
Home ornamented with clay oil lamps, rangoli, toranas, revelry mood sky high       
Day one, Gold and utensil as a auspicious omen we did procure
Welcome to my “Holiday Home” at this special time of year

Day two, bath before dawn, new attire, puja marking victory of light over darkness
Day three, Diwali day, puja appeasing Lakshmiji – wealth and prosperity Goddess  
Day four, first day of New year, visiting, gifting and wishing good luck and cheer  
Welcome to my “Holiday Home” at this special time of year

Last day, "Bhai-duj" celebrated, symbolic of love between brother and sister 
Guests, akin to Lotus (only plant to simultaneously fruit and flower) 
Bond the spread out family petals, offering fruits of togetherness to savour 
Welcome to my “Holiday Home” at this special time of year

Family get together, time to feast on sweet delicacies barfi, pedas, ladoo 
New attire, exchange sweets and gifts, foster closeness with start of year new
Children bursting crackers, fireworks all around resembling stars so near
Welcome to my “Holiday Home” at this special time of year

Most enjoy, few resent, visiting kith and kin impinge on their private spaces
Children often hide their favourite toys, adults manipulate their choices
Innocently same kids bond instantly, lesson to adults in guest fever 
Welcome to my “Holiday Home” at this special time of year

Sad is moment when petals scatter, guests bid adieu, 
Lotus crushed, loneliness odour replacing fragrance for days few
Guests are God in disguise, HE is ever welcome, why just at special time of year ?
Welcome to my "Holiday Home" at this special time of year

Note : In Indian tradition, "Atitithi Devo Bhava", sanskrit phrase meaning - Guests are form of God. 

Rangoli : Drawing of multi-colour decorative forms, omens, in front of threshold

Toranas : String of fresh marigold-cum-mango leaves hung at entrance

Barfi, Pedas, Ladoo : Sweet delicacies 

Bhai Duj : Brothers & sisters meet to express love and affection for each other

(For contest - "Holiday Home" by Linda Marie - The Sweetheart of P.S.)

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