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Emotional ghost

Abandoned just when I needed you most Departing leaving behind an emotional ghost Pain it hurts so much Sorrow tears won't stop Promises broken without any thought Regret too late to be sorry Communication broken down without dialogue Actions no substance in the performance You promised to wipe away my tears to hold me in this world full of fears through my most severe trials and tribulations guaranteed to love me without confrontations Walking away believing no one exists for you leaving everything deluded by what is not true Bitter, stubborn, ignorant to how I am feeling oblivious to that heart you are warily stealing Nocturnal animal you stay awake at night reluctantly sleeping at the sight of light Open your mind and enable your heart to feel think carefully - this could be your final meal I yearn for you, like the night lingers for the stars because when love is true like romantic memoirs even those who in haste - foolishly depart the heart will never let them stay apart The Silent One 17 November 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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To Pray On Your Flesh

I want to place my final prayer
upon your plush velvet neck
murmuring my needs warmly
on that expressway where the crossroads of love and lust unite
focusing the steam of my soul there
confessing wholeheartedly
that my heart cannot move without you,
with my thick, steady hand rotating around your priceless grail
feeling the communion of our desire come to life
as your mouth becomes the chalice that holds my heartbeat
in this moment that confirms our sanctity -


Copyright © Justin Bordner

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O N L Y E V E R W I T H Y O U Only ever with you, I love to have and hold into the circle of your arms, I'll unfold; into your blue eyes' greeting shine, my gold; only ever with you, I yearn to grow old... Only ever with you I can write rhymes as such for you bring my muse from dust to dash, to hush Only ever with you my being wants to attach as first step already taken to our primrose path Only ever with you, tips dance linger to cherry lips Slow summer hands will roam vast to wonderland Whence pearl white peel smooches chocolate skin only ever with you, heartbeats climbs a boiling point Stars and moon may leave the dark skies yet, one look at the gleam of your blue eyes day and night, I see the rising sunrise. Only ever with you, I will dive to lows or heights for only ever with you, I'll plunge to infinity. Prayers plea asking blessings from Divinity to tie two hearts and two souls in sole unity. Mindless to whatever is there in humanity Only ever with you... _______________________________________________ POEM OF THE DAY -- February 27, 2015 ©O. E. Guillermo 5:32 pm, February 26, 2015

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo

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Glimpse of my beloved

My love, why do you hide your face from me Your quixotic persona leaves me captivated Longing for a glimpse of my beloved Those exotic brown eyes mesmerise me Remind me of the time we floated amongst the stars, the jealous moon would look away with envy There is a child like innocence to your divine smile a spiritual light that heals the wounds of my heart When my heart fell, it was you who captured it With serene calmness you climbed my walls Broke my barriers with your melodious voice Sang a song that no one has sang before played the music that seduced my soul So, my sweetheart, why present me with such riches only to take them away Let me immerse in the glory of your artistry View the treasures of the garden of Eden Taste the ripen fruits of paradise Present yourself to me, so I may give myself to you The Silent One 5 October 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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Reflection of a cherry blossom

Reflection of a cherry blossom tree mirrored upon a calm river by pale moonlight Its fragile buds falling with the light breeze float away with the flow of tributaries Just like memories that slowly slip away as time ticks calmly counting down the days Innocently it stands with serene beauty as lovers gather to admire its peaceful nature Many a beloved have shared a passionate kiss while intoxicated by its seductive aroma From Vietnam to Japan, to the shores across the pond Many a love story has began under pink blossoms Oh my beloved, how I long to embrace you under its glory so our love story can be blessed Under the pale moonlight, glistening for you with our lips touching for the first time Cherry blossom buds fall upon our heads as it shelters our love.. The Silent One 3 October 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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Waiting for love

Oh beloved, where have you gone?
The echoes of your voice still haunt my mind
I'm calling your name, but you don't hear me
My tongue never tires from it.
But, my soul feels restless,
it dances alone in the pale moonlight.
My eyes turn to you,
they need guidance, but are blinded by your disappearance.
My heart falls upon deafness of the ears.
Which tire from its cries. 
It's beating, but only to call your name. 
The blood may rush around, but nothing excites the mind,
until you reappear
Oh beloved, come back to me
For, it is just you I seek
You arrived, in my hour of need when I was so lost
Come, come, come set me free,
from the chains of your everlasting love
Since you went away, you took with you my heart
Oh beloved, if you don't want to stay before my eyes,
then, return to me my fragile heart
Why present me with such riches,
only to take them away.

5 September 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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Ruined masterpiece

Congratulations, you did it again What are you waiting for? A standing ovation? A round of applause for breaking my heart? You told me you wanted to paint a masterpiece But your ruined me, destroyed the oil painting The picture you created, destroyed by your crimes Now there is no image, just a blank canvass You think you won, I guess you got what you wanted As you composed your treacherous symphony in vain Each note, so carefully crafted from blood, caused me pain Yet you kept playing until your own fingers bled As you composed your tune, I blindly followed It's a song I shouldn't sing, just a broken melody Yet,I know every word and every beat, it destroys me You ruined this masterpiece, you ruined me I could have been your greatest symphony Now you become the victim of your own crime The music has died and you will become a forgotten song I will let go of the lyrics, whilst you stare into the blank canvass You played me wrong, you will regret it one day When your composition ends and the curtain falls, Who will be there for you? You will be all alone Too many broken hearts, too many ruined masterpieces
Slowly it will become clear that you ruined only yourself The Silent One 11 September 2015

Copyright © Silent One

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- You Touch My Heart So Gently -

                            Warm raindrops fall like pearls
                       Yes, like pearls from heaven they fall
                           warm drops from love`s breath
                             which adds misted windows
                       Your lips pressed lightly against mine
                             I glide into a beautiful dream
                            Floating on warm white clouds
                               and sweet summer winds
                   You are what my heart has always longed for
                            You touch my heart so gently
                           Your presence gives me warmth
                           Your confidence gives me peace
                                Love me ... as I love you
                                 Show me your paradise
                              Two hearts melting together
                                     in a world of love
                             together we go on a journey
                                  In a storm of illusions

A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

Copyright © Anne Lise Andresen

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Oh sweetheart

Oh sweetheart,
come let me adore you,
come let me soothe you,
come let me heal you,
come let me love you..
I will keep you in my heart,
let you reside in my mind,
I will love you with my soul,
as my soul will last forever.
You are my desire and my passion,
you've intoxicated my senses,
with your melodious voice,
now grant me your presence..
Oh my beloved,
come, let us become one.

The Silent One.

Copyright © Silent One

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Death's Delirium - Poe's Untimely Demise

What mystery of mysteries 
Lie buried there on yonder hill?
The truth in silent whisp'ring wind
Kept hid these past two centuries-
The penance paid for wanton sin.
(To swallow now such bitter pill
Cast down my throat against my will
Hath left me in a ghastly state
And yet my spirit must relate).
An evil gale on that night blew
And terrors that he never knew
Did visit dark upon that place
As death pursued and quicken’d pace-
Yea, overtook him in the chase.
No starry night to light the sky
No moon o’er head the sky to ply
Just ebon in the heavens ‘bove
As darkling figure flutter’d wing
Unearthly sound unlike the dove
Hover’d o’er him - a ghostly thing!

And the raven flew into the night
And the raven flew into the night

A wager made the ante in-
The loser who for want of heart
Throws in his last remaining coins
And prays tonight’s the night he’ll win.
A feeling deep within his loins
Portends his money shall depart
And ne’er he’ll gain a fresh new start.
Lo! The deed held in pocket deep
Ensures the promise he will keep.
And so once more a playing hand
Is dealt before a wretch’d band
Of cons who’d never pray’d to God
Whose lives had ever felt the rod-
The holy path they’d never trod.
Thus trembling he arose to leave
No ace to hide under his sleeve-
His loss and pain now evident
The deed he left, his payment last-
The cold outside, ill wind a’blow
O that this night might soon be past!

And the raven flew toward the east
And the raven flew toward the east

The deed a closer look was made
And ‘fore too long ‘twas evident
That all was not quite as it seem’d
‘Twas nothing but a grim charade.
What happen’d next as if a dream-
The guild of men with cruel intent
On finding Poe were now hell-bent.
And so into the night they sped
A hound from hell came-with for dread-
The rabid beast held fast by chain
In chilling wind, in blinding rain.
A shadow in the distance seen
A man alone or so it seemed-
The hound set loose in low ravine.
It's prey ran high upon that hill
Each howl his tingling spine did chill
Until ill fate caught up with him
His future prospects e'er so grim.
The evil jaw upon him clench’d
He scream’d aloud before the fall
The poison in his blood entrench’d
Delirium now cast it’s pall.

And the raven flew toward the light
And the raven flew toward the light

There as he lay on yonder hill
The chase now o'er, the silence sweet-
He gazes 'bove in still of night
As clouds departing shew goodwill.
The vision ’bove ‘tis nay for fright-
He hears a steady rhythmic beat
So low and calm as if discreet.
The heavens part to his delight-
A figure standing in the light
Extends to him an outstretch’d hand
Whilst voice like waters bid him stand.
He wonders now if just a dream
Or are things really as they seem-
A voice or just a nearby stream?
Quite suddenly he feels no pain
As wind abates and same the rain-
The hand then grabs him by the throat
Another tears his woolen coat
His life doth flash before his eyes
And thro’ the dimly lighten’d sky
He sees his bride - to his surprise
Whose only word to him is “Why?”

And the raven flew into the sun
And the raven flew into the sun

He breath’d his last then bade goodbye
The troubl’d bard who’d gone awry-
The mystery resolv’d at last
On how it was that Edgar pass’d.

And if thou wonder how I know
These secrets held from long ago-
Although the truth thou surely crave
I’ll take such knowledge to my grave.

Copyright © Tommy Boy

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Love like an angel

You can hurt me as much as you wish, 
I will still be here..
You can make me cry, fill me with pain,
but, I will never leave your side.
I might get angry, I may get upset,
but, never worry, its always only temporary.
My love for you is eternal,
unconditional, just like that of an angel.
They say angels keep track of our right and wrongs,
but, I only keep a reminder of your goodness.
When you need someone to wipe away your tears,
I will be here with open arms.
I am your rock, you can always count on me,
when you need someone to lean on.
I will always stand by you,
even when the world has shown you the door.
I will shelter you from harm, away from the storms,
my love will keep you warm and dry.
You will see that this is all true and what I'm made of,
because I will always be there in your time of need.
Let me embrace you, wrap my arms around you,
just like an angel wraps its wings to keep you safe.
So, come let me protect you, let me love you,
do not fear, let go of your inhibitions and find your peace....

Copyright © Silent One

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The one who holds my heart

Oh beloved, the one who holds my heart,
I have travelled the world seeking you.
Through stormy seas, across death ridden deserts,
climbed the highest mountain and walked though troubled jungles.
Yet, still I struggle to find you, some say I've gone mad, 
but I know you exist as I can feel you through my pulsating heart.
The chapters of my love story have not yet began,
but I know this is more than a Romeo and Juliet affair.
This is not about a boy and a girl, falling in love forever,
this is about a mere mortal connecting with a Goddess like Venus.
Two hearts connected through a spiritual existence,
awaiting the fate of the magical union of touch.
My passion is like that of a magnificent waterfall,
only you can extinguish this endless flame of carnal desire.
Come, let me adore you, I am a devotee to your love,
come, let me burn inside you, I am the curator of your flower garden.
I yearn for you, like a sinner begs for forgiveness,
I want to cherish you, to die inside you.
Don't deny it, this is fate, I live for you and you for me,
honour me with your presence and feel my love...

Silent One. 2 August 2015.

Copyright © Silent One

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.           True love 

I love the way you make me love you
Love the way you step my heart on the ground.
When you walk into the room
I love the way you do not even look at me.
You take my breath away
With all the words you say,
I fell in love with you more 
The day you walked out the door.
I love how strong you became
I love the way you always hang up the phone. 
I can't get enough of you 
When you want me out of your face.
True love came to me all of a sudden 
When you dumped me in our special place.

I take my self back into your arms,
only when I am asleep.
I know I brought your heart a little harm.
Now the boat has turned making my love weep.
You do not bother with my charm
All you do is give me the cold shoulder.
In my book of love, you will get over it soon
In the mean time you are my true love
No matter if I have to do it all by myself.
Until than I will not give you the pleasure
Of forgetting  what you gave up.
Stop teaching me the lesson of pay back
Stop playing hard to get,
My one and only TRUE LOVE
.          SKAT

Copyright © SKAT A

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A Rose In The Heather.

So still and beautiful lays the rose in the heather,
Lifeless and dying, given to bring you happiness,
So fragile is this rose laying in heather,
Slowly withering and drying, crumbling to a powder,
I look at you and see this rose ever fading,
Once growing, living, accenting its surroundings,
But now gone, plucked from the bush by one mans lust,
I could never compare you to this rose laying in the heather,
For your beauty surpasses its own,

So still and beautiful lays this rose in the heather,
Now dried cracking and dead, stored in a book to bring memories,
So weak and faded is this rose in yellowing heather,
Slowly falling apart as you touch the fragile petals,
I look at you and remember the flower when it faded,
That germinated and grew where I had sown its seed,
Now gone, plucked from the ground by one mans hope,
I would never compare you to this old heather and roses,
For its life was surpassed by yours,

Now I tell you I love you with cellophaned roses in heather,
Draining lifeless this dying confession of my dreaming,
This rose is more fragile then the first had I gave you,
But I could’t approach, my courage eroding at your sight,
I look at you now and see the love I sought inward,
Once alive and growing but only within lost confines of myself,
But never quite gone I hold this consuming fire close inside,
I could never combine your world with mine,
You always looked passed never noticing me,

Now I open my book that holds the first rose, wishing I gave it for the sake of 
Instead I hold a created memory that never came passing, 
That never could I fear,
I hold tight to the lie that through wonted silence I painted,     
But that chance for your love died with the first rose wrapped in heather.

Copyright © Charles Fuller

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My Heart Belongs To You

The flight of the butterfly as she flutters by
Captures your beauty as seen by my eye
A rose in full bloom, a moonlit sky
The wind in your hair, all make me cry
I'm down on my knee, giving thanks above
Professing to all, the songs of our love

Your beautiful smile, your sweet lush lips
The gleam in your eye, the sway of your hips
Your kind gentle soul. your great big heart
Never will leave you, will never depart
Oh how I love thee, the girl of my dreams
Talking for hours, but minutes it seems

I'd walk on water, I'd swing from the trees
I'd play with fire, for you I would freeze
Come slow dance with me, my future lover
Joy and happiness we will rediscover
My words describe a beauty that is true
My dearest sweetie, my heart belongs to you

Copyright © Tim Smith

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An Ode to the Angel of Death

What manner of an angel be
my love, who standeth here?
Such beauty did I never see
in any Earthly year.
What mighty magic has she cast
to make me love her so,
that if I should for aeons last,
still with her I shall go?
What wonders lay beneath her breast
and weigh my heart like stones?
These eyes of mine did never rest
on any sweeter bones.
What better end have I to meet
than ‘fore my Lady break me
to lift me in her embrace sweet
and to her darkness take me?

Copyright © Robert Valentine

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Arrow Kiss

You are my soul's hinterland Huntress
methodical in seduction
beautiful in bashful entrapment,
capturing this man's mania for erotic offering
leading me into open fields of forbidden fantasy,

Disrobe my desire, denude my fire
that spires hot for you,
you are my naked rose
the tempt in my nose,
study me into your curious and craving eyes
steady my focus for inescapable caress,
take notes of my heart
make love to my every part,

You are my love Muse
the woman I choose
the pulse I use
a breath and skin
I savor to bemuse,
no other woman
shall shade and confuse
our loving views,
this face is yours
my tongue adores your shores
my Quill explores all your doors,
grab me needily
where the throb for your grip is thickest,
spread petals silken pinkest
lay wide your pleasure purest  -


Copyright © Justin Bordner

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Ecstasy's Peak

Gazing into your eyes as you slip between my thighs
Wrapping myself around your joy, I can feel your nature rise.
Our bodies moving in sync, slowly swirling my hips
You caressing my love with your finger tips
Tasting your sweet skin, I feel you throbbing within
In a state of nirvana, were lost in heavenly sin
Dripping in sweat I’m softly kissing your neck
Gently clutching my breast, and I’m so soaking wet
Calling, your name out, the soft erotic sounds
Gratifying moans and groans, they become my silent shouts
Softly biting my lips; I try to quiet the cries
 Your Ecstasy playing and swaying, I feel it growing inside
Succumb to my pleasure, lose all self-control
Release the lust you hold inside, just let it all flow
A continuous climax, my composure disappears
A spell that is euphoric, trying to hold back the tears
Climbing ecstasy’s peak, you smoothly taking your time
There’s no need to rush, we have the rest of our lives.

Copyright © ChiquitaChiamaka Baity

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Wooing the Artist With Flowers

Words are merely thoughts to keep flowers company; 

Pictures you can hang in your hall.

But the faces of these blossoms, 

Slightly jealous of your smile,

See well past the obstacles you have stored there.

There is tenderness in their contemplation of the grayness in your eyes.

And they mutter amidst the clutter,

'tis not the speed that makes the journey, but the direction that you choose’.

Whilst welcoming the warmth from your hands as you arrange them.

Copyright © Igor Goldkind

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Love Poetry

If only for a moment,
I could swoop you away.
I’d plan an entire night,
Easing the stress of the day.

Fresh cut roses in a vase,
And a candle lit dinner.
My mind races with thoughts,
And girl, you’re the winner.

Delve into this ecstasy,
For my love’s not a mirage.
After your lovely dinner,
I’d give you a massage.

Take the load off your feet,
And let my fingers flow.
Lets just sail away,
To wherever this may go.

I want to see you chill,
And clear out your head.
Relaxing with no worries,
As the best lies ahead.

With a cluster of grapes,
And a little red wine.
A hint of soft music,
For you to unwind.

Releasing your tension,
I like to see you smiling.
And the layers of fun,
Are just now compiling.

A late walk on the beach,
Unforgettable memories on sand.
I’d be your noble servant,
Every wish at your command.

If you need to get away,
Come spend an evening with me.
Our action’s would write a book,
Of the greatest love poetry.

Copyright © Raul Moreno

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Your love became my poetry

I was never a poet, 
but your vision became my poetry,
I had heard about love,
but only your existence turned me into a lover.

I thought romance was dead,
but, your companionship, seduced me into a romantic.
I was never a musician,
but, now I compose melodies to describe what I feel for you.
I was never a believer,
but, your beauty made me believe, now I worship you.

I have never asked for anything from God,
I enjoin my hands and pray for your return.
I search for you with every sunset,
I search for you with every sunrise.

They mock me and say you will never return,
soon you will forget and love again.
Happiness or sadness, no matter where, my love will never change,
for those whose love is true, devotion always remains.

The Silent One. 4 August 2015.

Copyright © Silent One

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Why its still you

Every time our eyes met, I started liking you
But no clue when & y I became addicted to you…

There’s no mark of you left anywhere around
But y do I cherish bits and pieces of you…

I always knew it’s a delusion & momentary
But y I’m consoling myself its real & forever too...

There is nothing special about WE,
But y m striving to carve something special for u..

Whereas hundred sparks don’t kindle my heart 
But Y do a single whisper from you….  

Whether I am roaming in my city or the other,
Y my eyes keep looking for someone just like u...

Long since haven’t got a glimpse of u in dark blue,
But y I dreamt of flying high with you

I hate all the tears shed, being apart from you,
But y do I adore many moods of you….

Not the first time my world is missing something
But y every time feeling for you is damn new..

 This spring flowers were blooming and I was gloomy
 Y wind blew me away, spreading fragrance of u...

What if I crossed paths with you once,
Y every road seems to lead me back to you…

While struggling to erase your name all over again
Isn’t it amazing I have penned a poem thinking of you…??

I wonder if it’s your charm or your weird ways,
Y my mind is frantically stuck on you..,

Ohh sweetheart com’on till me once
Y still Its YOU…Incredibly it’s YOU!!

I wanna take a breath now. .. Let the silence take me over..
As whatever I say, can’t get enough of you…!!!

Can you see I feel so incomplete without you
 Baby but why its You.. still its You…

Copyright © Shilpy Gupta

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The one that resides in my heart

My beloved,
the one that resides within my heart...
Ive never met you,
yet I still miss you...
The world longs for things,
which have become immune to me
I only long,
for the reunion with my beloved...
I've become silent,
For i know they don't understand
I have loved you,
before the beginning of time..
Before, this world,
We floated amongst the stars...
I anticipate,
to be intoxicated by your aroma...
Where ever I go,
It seems the path will lead me to you....
Even though you are so far,
you have my heart in the palms of your hands...
My loyalty is with you,
as you hold the key to the doorway
i know within my heart,
This life cant keep us apart...

The Silent One

Copyright © Silent One

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- Everytime We Meet -

    Your arms locked around me with caution
    The rhythm of the dance ... love
    it has all the ingredients
    All the momens I will share with you
    You take me to places I have never been
    When the wind whispering in the trees
    it is your words I hear

    A life together that can withstand both heat and cold
    Teach us the ability to forgive
    and humility even to be forgiven
    Invisible threads, scents and memories of bygone times
    All longings that humans have carried for generations
    Stay with me to the morning and hold me closer
    Inexorably longing for love
    towards dawn and sunrise

    A-L Andresen :)
    Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

Copyright © Anne Lise Andresen

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- Take My Hand -

   It is through joy future should be measured
   Love's temple will be built as a warm nest
   He stretches out his hand and touches her lightly
   A hand can be a silent prayer for love
   The hand can often say more than a mouthful of words can say
   "Softer than the summer wind - his loving hand" she whispered tenderly
   Hold her by the hand ... do not let go
   Merging hands together in everlasting love
   A warm and tender hand ... a hand giving and do not require
   Take her heart in your hands ... know the strength and vibration of love
   Her life is in your hands ... forever she will stay with you
   Put an eternity ring on her finger ... Shaking hands with joy
   From that day they always go Hand in Hand
   Two, we must be to build the temple of love

Sponsor: Nette Onclaud
Deadline 1/12/2014 12:00:00 AM
- 6th place in the contest -

A-L  Andresen :)

Copyright © Anne Lise Andresen