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first halloween

children's laughter... a boy and girl carve out a jack-o-lantern Deep orange pumpkin gutted The scent of roasted brown seeds gasps... the small lantern's grin and eyes are lit by flickering candle light The eerie light's shadow danced A coyote howled in tune an owl hoots... the moon emerges from clouds as bats flap across the sky Full moon reveals surprise Ghosts' wispy gown races shrieks and giggles... little fingers drop candy and point towards the sky A tiny night rider floats Little eyelids close softly
Written by Jack Horne and Sara Kendrick For Diane's collaborative poem contest Jack Horne the Haiku Sara Kendrick the couplets

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first halloween

children's laughter

a boy and girl carve out

 a jack-o-lantern


deep orange pumpkin gutted 

the scent of roasted brown seeds

gasps - -

the small lantern's grin and eyes are lit

by flickering candle light


The eerie light's shadows danced

A coyote howled in tune

an owl hoots - - 

the moon emerges from clouds

as bats flap across the sky


Full moon reveals surprises

Ghosts' wispy gown races fast

shrieks and giggles - -

little fingers drop candy and point 

towards the sky

A tiny night rider floats

Little eyelids close softly

written by Jack Horne and Sara Kendrick for Diane's contest

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Elemental Love

Blue evening dress
Topographical cleavage
Nurturing mother

Father Sky reigns high
Soft touch on her horizon

Her head covered with 
A wintery Arctic scarf 
With white pumps to match

He caresses her
His radiant passion flames
Heating up her womb

Encompassing her with love
Warm and cold climatic touch

His breath cools her skin
Tenderly moistening earth
Life springs from within

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Dancing breezes
Bursts of sun
Crisp apple autumn day

Leaves twirl upwards with a flourish
Spurning twigs that yearn to cling

Lovers pass by, their laughter lingers
Dark clouds obscure the sun
Colors change to shadows blurred

Gone is the beauty in the rust and gold
Longing is found in the chill as the sky surrenders
One drop of rain falls and a lonely blackbird takes wing

Windblown and cold
I breathe in your sweater's scent

Never more
Will you reach out to intercept
A falling leaf  

Collaboration between Sharon Weimer and Carrie Richards
                 for Debbie Guzzi's "Twining" contest 

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a weathervane

a weathervane still points east 'pon gray ancient barn... fall's air rust tractors the vain weathervane speaks east and rust grows though no one knows rusty John Deere sits outside engine deep in grass... bucks face off for fight the leaves are falling revealing the trees fractures fall air thrust factors crimson, gold, and red leaves fall farm lake ~ mural of the scene John Deere the artist tractors in the grass like clouds wearing the weather
Rengay Collaboration between Poet # 1 and Poet # 2 Poet # One, 1, 3, 5 Poet # Two...2, 4, 6

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Awesome Faith

Awesome Faith Ask and you will maybe see, Seek an you will bloody find, Listen, you might bloody hear, Shut your eyes, and you are blind, Visualize and it appears, Comes forth, out of your mind, Close your mind, It dissapears, Faithless always comes behind, Now aint that queer :) Don Johnson

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Dirty Old Man

Wotcha doin alookin at me dat way?
I can see you old enough an you wanna play.
Well let me tell ya sistah I may be a senior mistah
But I still know how to play.

Baby.     I'ma dirty old man.
A Dirty old man. 
I'm a Dirty old man you mama warned you about.

Dirty old man.

Wotcha doin alookin at me dat way?

Wotcha doin alickin on you lip at me?
I can tell you hot enough an want me t'see.
Well let me tell ya sistah I may be a senior mistah
But I still know what I see.

Baby.     I'ma dirty old man.
A Dirty old man. 
I'ma Dirty old man you mama warned you about.

Dirty old man.

Wotcha doin alickin on you lip at me?

Dirty old man. Dirty old man. Dirty old man.

I'ma dirty old man.
A Dirty old man. 
I'ma Dirty old man you mama warned you about.

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Different hearts

How to consider a house that’s not a home
How to consider a heart that stands alone
How to consider bee without its hives
This is me as you move on with your lives

I am the girl that is covered in sin
Proud and reckless but ashamed within
Broken, alone, I hide from it all
Hoping to hurt less when I finish the fall

Will you doubt when I tell you my lie?
Will you come back when I tell you goodbye?
Can you recover when I blow you apart?
Together, forever into different hearts.

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Under ghostly moon--
Bloody skeletons hang
Opening coffins

witches brew maggots in cauldrons
at the end of hooded dance

Shrieks from bleak alleys
Ruffle cobweb  hairs
Medusa hunts for flesh

a shortening  of pulses
mingles with children’s sweats

Pumpkin lanterns
expand knifed fangs
Loot bags ripping

from cracked windows of  trickery
Halloween’s beat mounting,  run!

*alternating 3- and 2-lines, traditional rengay

For Rusell Sivey's The Ultimate Halloween Contest
by nette onclaud

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Calendar Caviar

*For Deborah Guzzi's The Twining Contest... 
*Co written with Linda-Marie Bariana

"Calendar Caviar"

Windy Winter,
Snowy, chilling cold,
Shivering frosty flakes blow.

Winter runs from Spring peeking back
With childlike eyes, seasons hide and seek.

Showery Spring rains,
Thunder, lightening on window panes,
With patriotic claims to so inflame.

Summer beckons breezes wave,
Vacations in deep warmth enslave,
Autumn delights with changing leaves.

Trees must answer with colors of
Yellow, orange and red; Fall daze.

Nature's Royal Flush, 
a potpourri of season's flair,
The shining star, of calendar caviar.

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The trees smile for its been a while
To see the sprinkle of colours
Bewildering shades in blues and reds
Celebrate the coming of Holi

The canvas of earth with tints of mirth
And happiness, peace and delight
Splashes of vibrant flashy hues
Spring colours abound in flowers

A full moon and people swoon
Lighting the holy fire
The crimson blaze and Holika in lace
Is devoured year after year

Holi-An Indian festival of colours
Holika- An effigy burnt in the purifying fire, an end of evil

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Soul Mates

Soul Mates

Loving life –
Magical music
Serenades two hearts.

Dancing in the moonlight.
Waltzing through fairy woods

Floating high
Suspended amid dreams 
Kissing heaven

That special day
When lovers first met…

Hope touches.
Souls united.

Youthful hearts
Not so long ago
Sun setting—

Part 1:  Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
Part 2:  Ingrid Smith-Johnsen
©  March 11, 2010

Poetic form: Rengay

Note:  My spouse, Ingrid, also writes poetry.  Because we have the same IP address, Ingrid 
is unable to post on Poetry Soup.  (One IP address per family I guess???)  So, we decided to 
take this opportunity to write together.  Thank you for the Rengay contest, Deborah.  Smiles, 
Dane Ann

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None read my Poem

Writing a Poem of Love
Not much to cheer
Guess not my love
No one is my dear

Everything is virtual
Nothing is real
None write for me
None bother to read mine

Can’t lead my life
This way in strife
I write for myself
The Poem is for me

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Waterfall Trickles

waterfall trickles thawing ice releases drops.. moss 'pon rocks turns green The frozen giant towers Great mighty melting water waterfall's moisture seeps as spring awakes nature... deer sups deep from stream rain from mountain top turns to mist as it comes down.. rainbow in my eyes The bridal veil waterfall Seen through Azaleas' blossoms The morning day scents Come blooming into my life Melting waterfall
Russell Sivey & Sara Kendrick This is a collaboration between Sara and myself. She did lines 1,3,5 I did lines 2,4,6

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Grape Squeeze

Grape Squeeze
Ingrid Showalter Swift

Shake me 
Take me 
Turn me inside out
Rake me 
Make me
Turn my life about 
Fake me
Partake of me
till ya turn the tide of doubt
Quake me
Never forsake me
turn my pain to a lover's shout

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The Bulldog Gets Married

                                    The Bulldog Gets Married

The day is perfect:
  Sunlight gold
    Sapphire blue
                 The skies smile down upon us
                 And the silence rings with joy.

She too, stands perfect:
  Her Beauty pure
    Her dress like snow
          Swirls about her flawless youth; 
          The quiet music starts.

Together we walk
  Hand in hand,
    Stone by stone
             Her future waits before us,
             Shining in the sun.

She who won my heart
  Rules his today;
    There he stands,
             Ablaze with love and honor
             Watching our approach.

The final end of Childhood comes
  As with one kiss
    All is sealed
         With public vows and rings
         All who witness much approve.

And the photographs 
 Are duly taken
  And the friends all laugh in love
        As my daughter rules her Day
        With not the slightest show of effort

And the Past enfolds the Present
 As we lift each glass and toast
   And we all accept our Futures
         As the sun smiles on us all,
         Enfolding us in light

Shared memories fill
  The festive air
    The dying Summer
          Yet stretches out in languid Peace
          And makes this Day Eternal

Yet even Eternities end,
  Making way for others;
    The Forever light of Childhood
          Yields to Infinite Adulthood, and that to Age,
          And on into the starry Night approaching with the shadows...

Pair by Pair
  The guests depart
    The Couple leaves to start their Life.
          The silent Wheel turns ever on,
          Bearing us upon its rim.

So she who owns my heart
  Leaves holding his
    And All is as such things should Be.
          A Summer dies, a Fall begins;
          The Quiet rains around us.

A Forever Day, this Day;
  A piece of What Will Ever Be:
    Love and Laughter
           Wrapped in gold and sapphire,
            In a Silence that rings with Joy.

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My Timeless Love

My timeless love My heartstrings are yours To tug on You contain all my love Every drop from a rose The tenderness You complete upon me I feel each morning A fire of passion Well up within me I want to share it Each breath I have Is only made for you You surely caress Our very soul and being I love you
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Doyle's "My Endless Love" contest 9/16/2012

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You are My Best Friend

                        You are my best friend!!!!!!
You are my worst friend,
  My naughty friend,
  My best friend…….

You are my wrong friend,
  My song friend,
My right friend,
My bright friend………

You are my dutiful friend,
  My just friend,
  My first friend,
 My best friend……
 You are my best friend
 My naughty friend!!!

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Endless Cycle of Rain

A rumble of thunder
roars throughout
the dark furious clouds.

At dusk, grey sheets pour from
the overly moistened southern sky.

From the mount's tip
to the green valley below
humid thirst is quenched.

The bolts' jagged streaks
of energized light
momentarily deny any shadows.

Dawn breaks to overflowing pools
of varying bluish hues.

An orange solar heat
extracts a gift of brew
from the soaked wet land.

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Magic Mirror Pieces

The magic mirror Many years of vicious use Lays shattered The evil witch of Hollow Street Cries now like a little baby The magic lost The power of the ages Now in pieces She picks them up One at a time as tears drop Then power ensues An ancient power comes to life Where a single piece carries spells With the single piece She now continues her terror Hope is now lost
Russell Sivey Entrant into Gail Angel Doyle's "Picking Up The Broken Pieces" contest 10/20/2012

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Who,What, Where and How

I started writing from the pain
Of my son’s death in Ninety-Nine.
When feelings were too hard to bear,
I’d write them all out, line by line.

Then I found out I liked to rhyme
In manner of poems I’d memorized.
I recalled them from my childhood days,
Much better than I’d realized.

Sometimes a solitary word 
Will linger in my startled mind
Until it sprouts a full-blown poem
And satisfaction I can find.

Because of the Internet, my words
Have spread out for the world to see.
Only in these, my later years
Was that even a possibility.

My poems appear on my own page,
In each issue of official magazine
Of Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs
And have in The Saturday Evening Post been seen.

And of course I am often inspired
By the contests on these very pages.
I hope someday to write a sonnet
So good it’s savored throughout the ages.

But most of all I write my poems
To pass down to my progeny,
So some of me is to be found
When they search our genealogy.

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Shadow Of The Night

A Beautiful Vampire
Clothed in Darkness 
A Shadow Of The Night

He Watches Your Pearly White Neck 
Your Blood Pulses Beneath 

He Approaches Swiftly
Your Trapped In His Gaze 
He Smiles Down At You

You See His Fangs As He Leans Down 
His Cold Breath Is On Your Neck
Anticipation Quickens Your Pulse 

Your No Longer Afraid 
His Teeth Pierce Your Soft White Skin

Your In Ecstacy 
He Drinks Your Blood 
The Darkness Envelopes You

Rebecca Howard
September 27th 2012 

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Dirty Hands

Dirty hands Caress the evil pumpkin Light shines bright The candle burns from within Attracting the lost souls near The air dissolves Where the ghosts reside They come swiftly Speaking a tongue Foreign to our lives Fear swells inside The darkness harbors my soul And kidnaps my lost being The whirlwind Of the deep dark night Allows fear to thrive
Russell Sivey

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Fisherman (Co-Written With Doris Culverhouse)

Swimming, life carefree
Net tightens around the school
Deliverance, grace

May your hook always be cast
Where you least expect fish caught

Synergism, save
These lost fish, grateful intent 
Catch and release, Life

Responsible now
Freedom, new life in warm water
Breach, spout words, joy, sing

School of life, protective school
Numbers rise with the right bait

Bait, love, nuturance
Guide... North Star...The leader Home
Reward eternal life

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Brilliant Beauty

Audrey Carey
#0459587 Jimmy M. Anderson

Raw energy....
Brilliant beauty rides the skies
Quick as the wink of an eye

Creating shadows, all exposed
In seconds, comes thousands of miles 

Bolts like tentacles
Design patterns unique
Leaps, splits and burns indiscreet 

No mercy she shows
To man, beast or plants
Smoke, and sparks left in trail

Moving forward wherever she wills
Destruction lies within her path

Man harvests her power
Like he tames a beast
An extraordinary feat