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My personality

Trousers and tights shirts
Tights and baggy blouses
Buff boots and converse
Heelys without wheels I do
Is what I wear 
Is what I am 
Is what I be 
Under that dress and flats
Behind that hair style and makeup
Is what I pretend to be
Is what people want me to be
Is what they want from me
It’s a switch in personality 
From boy to girl 
Or that is what they say?
I act boyish?
I am being me 
But they just won’t accept me 
It’s not like I committed a crime against nature 
I was just being me
Acting to be myself
And that is my nature
But what people also say 
What I also noticed about myself 
I intend to succeed in having
Two personalities
Tough? Soft? 
Wild, sensitive?
Adventurous, poetic?
Athletic, lazy
Singer, screamer 
Dancer, deep?
Fighter, surrender?
Strong, weak…
Is that what they say?
Or is it just mixed up? 
I’m glad I do…

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Multiple Personality Disorder

There are so many voices heard and unheard in me.
I want to listen to the silences that are making noise inside.
                                  You define me a “you” though.
                             One voice orders me to go,
                       (Or should I say I?)
                            Other pleads me to remain,
                      (Or should I say I?)
                                                    One bullies me,
                        (Or should I say I?)
One empathizes me,
                        (Is it the prime me?)
 Which one is mine?
What do I want?
Who am I?
Perhaps I should call her who reside 
Deepest inside my heart and have a walk together.


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Borderline Personality Disorder

She knows she isn't crazy
She knows what she sees....
She binge Eats to make it all go 
Yea, her stress....
She becomes depressed.

She can't have a long social 
relationship because of her 
mood swings...
She can't control herself.
She becomes someone else.

She forgets what she says,
But remembers her actions.
How come she can't get past 

She's sweet, 
She's caring,
But when she is triggered....
You want to just leave her.
But it's okay... 
She's use to it. 

She is scared of being alone
She's terrified of going on... 
There's nothing she can do.

But the ones who love her the 
Will stand by her.....
But please, never get too close. 

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Meekness: A personality Already going Extinct

Can blood ever be cooled to its level Or hormones tamed in its reality? Can body receptors bow to its requests and human feelings subjected to its command? "Thank You"-its usual response to scorn and forgiveness, its default reaction to all offenders. In passive agreement, it accepts its fate after been cheated, and giving a warm smile is its solution to mockery. Its countenance, too innocent to beget anger, and can never be seen near jealousy. Selfishness, been its only registered enemy and only covets more joy in seeing a smiling face. A person wearing its shoes, can rescue his enemies in times of need, can feed his own most irritating rumor mongers, can accommodate his most disturbing rivals, and can take a step backwards for his competitors, just because Peace is its trade mark name. Many see this as weakness, or rather foolishness in the highest order and incomprehensible to normal minds, especially in a contemporary world of crime. it is a virtue so rare to find, impossible to grasp, even within a million miles, and never seen even a thousand feet below the sea. but it still exist in a very few. and though it manifest rarely, like a recessive gene, its wonders are still endless and infinite.

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Baby Personality Part 1

Ever since she was a young girl, Lal's mind was in a twirl. She was too young to understand what she was feeling deep within. But it was there very close, almost instinctual. Many of her peers, very young and very old, did not quite understand her. Extroverted, convivial both parents could be. The was why not she? Plagued by a bad attitude. With other people she wanted nothing to do. A loner in her own right, isolated so she wouldn't have to fight. Fight feelings of betrayal, from the outside. But mostly from the inside. Why can't she get her act together? Why must she conform? Was it really so wrong to have the personality she adorned?

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Baby Personality Part 2

It travelled with her throughout her tweens and teens. Constantly putting her foot in her mouth. Friends come and go, but she's mostly without! Them... Yes them. A lover, friends, and family she feels she can truly confide in. So many judging, so many secrets to hide. Knowledge in Lal's head. Stupidity in her heart. Now she realizes how to be a child. But the times up. Adulthood is here. Perhaps it has for a while. Even though she is 18 she is still considered a child. Her first heartbreak. A stab in the back. The boy she loved and her best friend. There together holding hands, in her face no punishment for them. But every move she makes, comes with rejection her exes sardonic smile in the hallway. The story of a young girl between childhood and adulthood; and the extremities that lie between. Someday Lal will figure it out. No more lonely cries, red eyes, and being deceived by lies. She will mount her white stallion and parade into the sunrise of victory. And will finally close this chapter in her history.

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Multiple personality Life Time Girl

When she's with her family,
she can be a child,throw tantrums
get mad at anything-
she'll never grow up in their eyes anyways.
When she's alone,
she's relieved,
she feels lost and
so alive.
When she's with him,
she feels beautiful,
he tells her she's perfect,
she knows its what best friends say.
When she's with her girl friends,
she can be
crazy wild angry sweetheart,
baby girl.
When she meets a stranger,
she's the angel,
the mystery.
When she's with HIM.
shes NOT with him.
she feels pathetic.

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' Personality ... ' 22nd Senryu

‘ Personality ’   22nd   Senryu 

     No  Morality ?
… TV  Technicality
      Sad Reality …