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Best Tetractys Poems

Below are the all-time best Tetractys poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of Tetractys poems written by PoetrySoup members

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New Tetractys Poems

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The Best Tetractys Poems

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can settle
It lands on tables and under your bed
It also clings to your computer screen
on clothes it goes
and of course
up your

in your food
not in the mood
In the air, everywhere, I don’t care
You can have it mop, cloth, feather duster
I don’t want it
here or there
not one

go clean
all over
dust if you must
Scratch me a note of “clean me” on my shelf
If I dust today it will just come back
it settles
in my

Copyright © Shani Fassbender | Year Posted 2011

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                                        jerked it
                                        out to place
                                        it back in and
                                        it seems as though I can't get any out.

                                      jerked it
                                     out again
                                  to place it back
                       in, yet, no luck in getting any out.

                                      I tried
                               form of Pleasure,
                      taking off the lid and using plastic.

                                        just wanted
                                        to drink my milk-
                                        shake using a straw but a spoon will do.

Pace, G

Copyright © Pace INK-U-SCRIPT | Year Posted 2012

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My poet’s life (not known then as such) flowed along life’s swift course rippling with glee and roaming youth’s chasms. It then streamed relentlessly to the Now. I polish agates left in its wake so I can display them.

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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I Dance with the Ocean

I dance with the ocean jumping blue waves - soaking in its stretch of sun-drenched beauty Wriitten Dec. 8, 2015 by Andrea Dietrich on the theme of ocean for the "Language of Water" Poetry contest of nette onclaud

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2015

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Journey of Dreams

Into art,
Casting myself,
I am focused with no destination.

For Brian's FIVE & TWENTY contest

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2009

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Winds raged as fires glowed in small frowzy shacks that strange Georgia eve an angel was born. The sky proclaimed that lives would re-arrange; with Joy’s first cry, the tempest changed to calm. Warm Zephyr - spring magic - arrived with Joy. Her laughter was kindling for hearth and home. No galas in her future ; she was poor. Never frowning, Joy would flash diamond smiles. Her Mama sewed flounces on hand-me-downs, which Joy wore with glee, celebrating life. As Papa played his guitar for them all, Joy danced and twirled. Humdrum fled in her stead. Fair, yellow- haired; slender like sassafras, this sunny lass gladdened all of the town. Humankind exists that we might have joy. Those touched by that sweet angel all learned this. Joy expelled gloom, giving her cheer to all. Nevertheless, joy is often short-lived. One strange spring day, a cold wind blew in. As thunder quaked, warmth waned, and Joy was no more.
For Chris D. Aechtner's "Double the Fun ~ (Tetractys)"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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-----------Elementary Love----------

Fate knew best, as fingers intertwined souls weaving…bringing elements together A patch of soil, a whisper in the wind a blackened storm, wish ablaze-- finding love ~***~ Earth embraced slumbered seed nurturing it making room for it, and letting it grow Through the years, this tree stood steadfast…solid rooted deeply yet pliant, humbly strong Air carries tall tree’s wish soars, touches stars that whisper to the Heavens, blow kisses Leaves dance, flirt with breeze in constant motion seasons fly on, lives pass by, granted wish Rain water: a blessing, tree soaks it in never drowning, drinking in happiness Its wood sails in the sea of memories, waves then crash in until it reaches shore Flames burn free, fire licks...feels, ravages wood. Tree’s ultimate sacrifice, exhausted Glowing embers now remain, gives soft light just the right heat, warming souls that need it ~***~ He was that awesome tree. He always said, "You are elementary in my life." It is only now that I understand… I was his Earth. Air. Water. Fire--Light. Love. --for Chris' Double the Fun~ (Tetractys) contest--

Copyright © binibining P.oiNkk | Year Posted 2011

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Desired Truth

is supreme
mechanism to control other’s body.
When desire tends to be problematic,
to libido
we give the
That order is marriage, monogamy,
and faithfulness.
That is the

September 17, 2014
Form: Tetractys (Triple)

Copyright © Dr.Ram Mehta | Year Posted 2014

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bones and bodies
lay forlorn, forgotten on battle field 

Screams still ring out as cannons fire
just pure carnage
ravens feast
on dead

Copyright © Shadow Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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A man, 
A good man
Is now tainted
We judge by the shallow sketches painted;

 In the crimson, pallid, and cobalt dream,
The devil scheme,
A mean plan.
God bless …

A sex, 
A pretext.
Man is a lie.
Behind closed doors great heroes often cry.

Copyright © Earle Brown | Year Posted 2010

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River Swallow

Bird of pain makes wrong move and slips from nest, splashing into frigid, flowing water. It defies the odds by swimming to shore, shivering on slippery, concrete edge. Do I leave the swallow to die like this, letting nature take its predestined course? Its parents have done just this__turn away. Pick up the pain in my hands- offer heat, but the bird becomes weak; succumbs to death three days later- they are such fragile, finicky creatures. Was there a point in prolonging its death? What is three days in the grand wheel of time? I swallow these questions, creating more, wondering what my true intentions were. The baby swallow had been a fighter, so I must have seen myself in its eyes. And so I had tried to help it survive, merely prolonging its death by three days. I can only pray that if I fall hard, those helping hands will hold the proper keys.

Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner | Year Posted 2011

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Soup of Friends


want to 
write tribute
with high regard
To a fellow member of this, my site
To a super poet who gained my heart
Who cries and laugh
while reads and
writes or
my dreams
shares my life
through days and nights
Or sings the tone and note that make me fly
Who backs me up when hear my rhymes and lines
Who lights the light
Who’s by my 
side or 
spell or
tells the tale
that never ends
Tribute to you I write and need no names
Full of esteem and pride I call you friend
You’re not just one
You’re all, my



Copyright © Usual Suspect | Year Posted 2009

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I Was Wrong

Was I
To push love
So un-returned
At first though the love from you came later
I lost mine, rapt in imagination
So time forgot
Our passion

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2013

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Unseen hands


To catch

With one hand 

Never touch down

Always there waiting, watching, protecting 

Something so much greater than you or I 

Shared hope and faith

Unseen hands



Copyright © Sharon Ruebel | Year Posted 2011

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Star Seeds

Skin on skin. Breath on breath. Two souls entwine, weaving into one pulsating rhythm. Give and take. Enveloped penetration- moisture dampens climactic, rubbing shock. Slow down pace, synchronize the push and pull of an engorged, dilated harvest moon. She rides the lightning; loud thunder clashes within his veins, as their thoughts fuse and merge. Tides crash on the edge of orgasmic bloom, but tantric elevation reigns them in. Sensation spirals beyond simple play- thoughts unravel, lifting up to the stars. Here, a soul is then plucked from the heavens, planted within a womb of earth and fire, as the dam breaks, finally succumbing to a release of passion and the flood.

Copyright © Chris D. Aechtner | Year Posted 2011

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By Carolyn Devonshire

heart wisdom comes with age experience so many emotions and events stored flushed quickly from memory to my page release, let go catharsis gives me peace
*Entry for Michael’s “Where Your Poetry Comes From” contest.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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The Sun I See

                                                           rays pour
                                                  through the branches,
                                                          I sit under
                                    trees and paint the horizon with my pen.

                               Strokes from my ink flow to each curve I write,
                                                     as drips from the
                                                           sun color
                                                              all I

Copyright © Michael J. Falotico | Year Posted 2011

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'Love Unquestioned'

My sadness 
Tears rolling down
He wiped the tears away and held me close.
He never asked what brought them on, he just 
let me be me
and loved me
with my 

Contest: Anything Goes
14th Place

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2011

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The Rhythmic Sea

                                  waves that quench
                                   the sun’s dry lips;
               they wait for night to dance beneath the stars.

                                          The Sea
                             Paul Callus ~ 8th Dec, 2015
                             Contest: Language of water
                               Sponsor:  Nette Onclaud
                                        Placed 3rd

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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This Time Soliloquy

what’s left 
of your net
faithfully out
inquisitively into life’s river .

This time draw it's fill slowly back to shore,
taking great care
which treasures
you should

written by:
Robert A. Dufresne

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2011

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Simultaneous Thoughts of Soul Mates Soon to Meet

"She" Like one of these tears that freed itself from my misted eyes, you've slipped away from me. Oh, that once again you'd caress my face like this tear which warmly slides down my cheek. "He" I watch you, sad lady, from my table and see myself that tear that trails your skin. While you think of someone else, I'm dying to be that tear that lingers on your mouth. For PD's Enter the romantic poems only. (old)Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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Fly Greek protector of the forest. These great and powerful creatures will roam. Step softly on the grass, no noise was heard. A unicorn appears when all else fails!

Copyright © cory long | Year Posted 2011

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The Doorway To Dreams

              "I open the door and cross the threshold of imagination"

                                                       I can see
                                                 Untamed beauty
                               A place of true hope and of perfect peace
                           A wondrous world where love conquers the hate
                                                    Refuge is found
                                                      In still night's


   Petitioned upon pillows
   Daily devotions
   Confess sleep’s supplications


Chiquita Chiamaka Baity
August 04, 2011


Contest Name: Three Gems
Sponsor: Constance La France ~ A Rambling Poet ~  

Copyright © ChiquitaChiamaka Baity | Year Posted 2011

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Then depart
The river flows
Into the sunset that ceaselessly glows

Copyright © Jim Wilson | Year Posted 2009

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-Rebirth Embraced-

laugh between the sadness unhappiness will flee, embrace the rebirth on offer

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2011