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It Is Not Easy - Try It Yourself

              Not easy to speak or write a foreign language
              How many languages do you speak or write
              There are many that comes to your country
              who do not know the language ..... it is difficult
              I spoke with a "foreigner" today .... nice guy
              He worked on the garbage car
              A very well paid job in Norway
              The box of garbage must be wheeled down to the port
              I'd forget ... ran after the car with my box
              Smiling and cheerful, he said:
           * Norwegian: "Do glemte sitte ut do " ?
                                              -  ((Do you forget to put the box out ?))
           * Translated: "You forgot to sit on the toilet " (?)

 - A smile from reality :)))

A-L  Andresen :)

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Gradebook from 1966

                              Old treasures from ancient times
                              I find in boxes that are put away
                                   A little book from 1966
                                    Frontpage on the book
                              The Norwegian flag is hoisted up
                                       Red, white and blue
                                  On the first page  is written
                                  with a beautiful handwriting
                           "Anne-Lise is a handsome and clever girl -
                                She has top marks in all subjects "
                                   One little girl with light hair
                                         Smiling and pleased
                                           Deep blue eyes
                                    who wish to experience life
                            Heaven is cloudless and thoughts are free
                            Unaware what life and the future will bring
                                Enjoyable to find my first Gradebook

  A-L  Andresen :)
 * poem out of truth :)

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Midnight Blue

My blue eyes welcomed the first day of a new year
As the sun rose into a sapphire sky
That graduated from Cambridge in the east
To Oxford in the west
With every cerulean hue in between

The winter light accented the glaucous leaves of the olive grove
Against the nudity of the forest beyond
And I was struck by the gamut of my favourite colour

Closing my eyes, I smiled as the projectionist hurled memories
Onto the backs of my eyelids…

Blue Norwegian glaciers
Gentians in an Alpine meadow
Irises in Claude Monet’s garden in Giverny
A bunch of forget-me-nots for a childhood sweetheart

The ultramarine of the ink with which I write
And the lapis lazuli in the cloisonné that adorns it

Swards of Meconopsis in the Himalaya
Carpets of bluebells in England’s ancient woodland
The Virgin Mary’s dress in a stained glass window
Stars set into an indigo backcloth

Images of the sea…
Caribbean blue
Mediterranean blue
Adriatic blue
And the sea off the glorious west coast of Ireland

I open my eyes again to drink my tea
From a cobalt glazed mug
While wistfully acknowledging the haze of blue smoke
From the village hearths
That hangs in the cool calm air of the valley below

I am greeted by more shades of blue
As I login to post my words

It has always been my favourite colour
Except for the midnight blue that wells within my heart
When you and I are apart

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Peer Gynt Suites

An old Norwegian Folktale called Per Gynt was written into a five act play by another Norwegian Henrik Ibsen, which he called Peer Gynt, to which Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg wrote his Suites to accompany the play, (Some of my favorite classical music). Most of you have heard these songs before. Seek them out.  This suite of poems is an interpretation of what three of these compositions accompanied in the play itself. From Grieg’s Suite #1 op. 46, though the order was switched in the play and reflected here.  Further explanation is exhaustive.  I doubt a crown of sonnets could do this play justice.  The suite will consist of Couplet, Quatrain, and Haiku.

In the Hall of the Mountain King – Couplets 

What is this nightmare – this cursed place
Where evil troll has evil face

And shouts and yells louder and louder
To slice me up, then boiled in chowder.

This place of goblins, gnomes and trolls
Is made of me – the King’s my soul.

The Death of Ase’s – Quatrain (His Mother)

Dear mother, were we not of the same brand,
On one hand a lullaby, on the other a beating?
What wasted time on the cusp of love,
When instead, from that love retreating.

But now I look upon and kiss your cold brow
And find peace in that always troubled face.
I see hope there, to someday find the same,
For this mortal life I gladly will replace.

Morning Mood – Haiku

on this desert morn
robbed by friends and sought by beasts –
a peaceful sunrise

March 26, 2014 (Forgot to enter in the contest!!)

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Taste of Salt

There are times when I sit on my porch
Dreaming of the days when I was young
How I miss the sound of the ocean
And the taste of salt upon my tongue

In the arms of a dark eyed woman
A few miles off the Spanish Coast
Making love in a French Chateau
Then disappearing like a ghost

Gazing at the Southern Cross
I spent some Caribbean nights
Just over the Arctic Circle
I saw the Northern Lights

Spent some time in the city of Cobh
A dream come true no doubt
I'll raise a toast to beautiful Ireland
With a bottle of Guiness Stout

At the Hotel Ayr in Scotland
My orders came and I had to move on
But I didn't take everything with me
You see, a piece of my heart was gone

I flew into Oslo on a mission
I took another flight to Vaernes the same day
Then gazed into the eyes of a Norwegian woman
Who took my breath away

I think of all the years
I spent sailing the seven seas
The taste of salt in my tears
Revives the memories.

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the kissing ground

Sophie's sweat 
the claret red horizon
thick serum
from a Sickroom -
a death ward

where cracked knuckles
spatter the fjords 
moistening the planks;
bathing the laths of anxiety
marquis de sade stumps

Norwegian expressions of death -
murdering actuality;
the Dance of Life
rapidly burns
as a funeral pyre of Ashes are
seized from
your tribe’s headstone

the stench of brother’s legacy
a protected breath
and a Dead Mother can 
descry muted 
the Clock and the Bed

the two guardians of quietus
merely exit
this clotted bridge
contemptuously -
in soured and 


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An important element of our Christmas is of course Santa Claus
But who is this man with white long beard
Tradition holds Santa Claus at the North Pole
Christmas is tied to the traditions and stories
Fantasy and excitement. . . mysticism and superstition
The idea of Santa is part of our childhood

All Norwegian children know Santa Claus as an amused older gentleman
that comes with Christmas gifts wearing black boots
red suit, white beard and a big belly
Unfortunately, Christmas means a lot of stress and little sleep for Santa Claus

Read in the newspaper that Santa Claus is sick ... He is admitted to the hospital
Santa has an unhealthy lifestyle - eat a lot of cookies and candies
He is certainly no lightweight
High cholesterol ... blood pressure ... diabetes
Dear anyone who still believes in Santa Claus
A bad news ...... Christmas 2013 is postponed to December 2014

The news went around the world ... Many cried and wanted to help Santa Claus
Santa must have a special health drink
The people of the Ivory Coast in West Africa using Ginger
that traditional preventive medicine ... they sent 10 bottles to Norway
Mexico created a very special health drink made with Chiaseeds
A special health drink came from Texas ... horse milk
Santa Claus drinks his medicine with a smile -
that works well for blood pressure and combustion
Maybe it will be Christmas with Santa Claus this year nevertheless ...

Sponsor: Debbie Guzzi
Contest Name: Santa Claus
Deadline	1/12/2014 12:00:00 AM

A-L Andresen :)

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- Three Heads -

                    Have you heard about the Norwegian trolls with:
            Three heads - Six eyes - Three noses - Six ears - Three mouths
                        Three heads with headaches, poor Troll
                     Six eyes that will look in different directions
                 Three noses that smells both good and bad smells
                         Six ears that can hear in all directions
                      Three mouths talking louder than the other
                     How many teeth have a "Three Heads Troll" ?
                     Imagine getting toothache in all of the teeth
                      It's not nice to be a Troll with three heads

26. August 2012
A-L  Andresen :)

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The rhymes are gone

                         I`m not a skilled poet,
                         I`m not good at writing in rhyme.
                         If I write rhymes in Norwegian,
                         it fit so perfectly.
                         When I have to translate it to English,
                         all the rhymes are gone.

A-L  Andresen :)

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- Haiku X 15 - A happy day

                                        Our gorgeous May 17th
                          Decorate the birch trees with Norwegian flags
                                         Norway's national day

                                      The nation's day of celebration
                              All dress with handmade national costumes
                                     Hooray for our country in freedom

  A-L  Andresen :)

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My Family Hair

I call myself a blonde,,,
Never a redhead, like my sister,
Oh how funny she thinks that is.
Still, another one is brunette like our mother.
My mother was an Irish and Norwegian girl. 
I also have another younger sister who was blonde
Then it also turned brunette like my mother ~ I could 
Never figure that out ~ I of course thought she dyed it. 

Then, there are my three brothers,,, 
Youngest was a sandy blonde, sort of. 
The oldest one was also a sandy blonde.
Who always reminded me of Ricky Nelson.
Then there , "was", my brother Bill, who died.
He was also a redhead like my oldest sister. 
We bumped heads a lot, too much I thought.
Then, there is my father, who brought the red hair.
He came from a family line of red haired Scotch/ Irish.             
Oh, yes, then there is my lost sister Shirley - Anne 
Died at six months, from what they called a blue baby.
Mom always said she was a sweet baby and a redhead.
I used to wonder if I was her, in a new body, slightly red.   

Jan. 19, 2013   Saturday 4pm 
" inspiration from "Duke Beaufort's poem "color crazy" thank you.

As little girl" I wondered if I was Shirley- Anne, because
I was the girl who came after her, she was born 1953, I in 1955,,
 mom never said too much about my thoughts, so maybe she felt the same ? 
Or maybe she thought "there goes my crazy little girl"

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The Norwegian Lady

Since the 19th century, she stands looking out to sea
A guardian of the sailor, a survivor of tragedy
The Captain lost his pregnant wife and son and five members of his crew
Now she waits just like her sister when a sailor's return is overdue
Her sister stands in Moss since nineteen sixty two
They stand  and face each other across the ocean blue
The Dictator, a Norwegian vessel, aground she did run
Nine people died off the shore in eighteen ninety one
The Captain returned to Norway when his healing was done
In Elmwood cemetery he sadly left his wife and son
On thirty seventh street in Virginia Beach the Norwegian Lady Stands
A monument to all who sail and walk on foreign sands

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Norwegian Troll

If I had more than two hands
Would I be twice as effective?
Guess not-it would be double trouble

If I had more than two legs
Would I ran twice as fast?
Guess not-it would be double trouble

If I had more than one head
Would I be twice as clever?
Guess not-I would look like a Norwegian Troll

Arild Ertsland
February 23th-2012

Ok guys,I must confess..Im out of ideas.Background photo on my screen is a two-headed norwegian troll.Feel like one of those this evening,lol

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Ode to the people of Norway

Ode to the people of Norway Strophe O, the darkness has descended on a paradise Of Norway’s bounties of nature On the people living a quiet life Not concerned about the politics ever A drug addict, calling himself a warrior Taking pride of being a savior of Europe Unmindful of the death toll of the young Rejoicing in the tears falling from their eyes A Hitler has raised his ugly head up Polluting the minds of the old and the young. Antistrophe But trying to take a refuge to insanity Taking drugs to make himself efficient and awake Priding over to start war for years sixty Pleading not guilty to terrorism namesake Though confessing to bombing and rampage But remaining unaffected by what happened Thus his plea assures him of future court hearings By the attacks Norway is riveted with rage By Breivik’s paranoid writings stunned Hundreds thronged the courthouse proceedings. Epode With tears in their eyes people paid homage To the victims laying roses a few feet deep While the killer faces 21 years in prison The stiffest sentence can be given by a Norwegian judge His lawyer says the whole case suggests his client is insane The Royal couple consoled people and tears shed The prime minister called it a national tragedy And summed it up “evil can never defeat a nation” The killer may enjoy Halden, the luxurious jail in the world Where cells have flat TV and designer furniture facility.
+++++++++ * I wrote this poem two years back when the tragedy took place. Not posted anywhere Date 4-11-13 Dr. Ram Mehta Tenth Place win Contest: Ode (Old/new) poetry by SKAT Love

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world news

World News 

Obama won the election 
With great elation 
Yet the headlines in 
Norwegian newspapers were 
About cheese importation 

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Happy Birthday mom

Here are my poem in Norwegian: (translation in English comming down below)

Du blir et år eldre
og du har gjort det med stil
Sekundene tikker
tiden er inne
du går inn i ett nytt år
med håp i sinnet

Tid for ettertanke
på året som gikk
drømmer som knuste
alt du ikke fikk

Men alt det gode
må du ikke glemme
alle de rundt deg
som er glad i deg
her hjemme

Nytt år, nye muligheter
er det noen som sier
nye sjanser feires
med store seremonier
Vi feirer deg og året
som nettopp har gått
og at du har klart deg
så flott

Du er verdens beste
mor og mormor
og du fortjener det beste
Derfor jeg som din datter
prøver mitt beste
på å få sagt det meste
i et dikt til deg

gratulerer med dagen mamma
jeg elsker deg 

Here are my poem in English: (hope you enjoy)

You are a year older
and you do it with style
seconds ticking
the time is right
you enter a new year
with hope in your mind

Time for reflection
the past year
dreams shattered
everything you did not receive

But all the good
do not forget
all those around you
who loves you at

New year, new opportunities
There are some who say
new chances celebrated
with large ceremonies
We celebrate you and the year
that have just gone
and that you have managed you
so great

You are the best
mother and grandmother
and you deserve the best
Therefore I, as your daughter
trying my best
to say most
in a poem for you

happy birthday mum
I love you


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Who Was That Idiot, Anyway

I met a man the other day
I think he thought he knew me
He heard me speaking with a friend
He said "Hey, are you from Kentucky?"
Well, I'm from West Virginia
He obviously doesn't know me

He grinned and then persisted
"Do you know Jethro," he inquired
"Or maybe you know Jesco?"
I wondered who he thought I was
but could not recall these people
so I just shrugged my shoulders
He obviously doesn't know me

He giggled then and called out a name
Someone he called Hillbilly
God, then names this fellow knows
I have to wonder about their parents
I smiled quietly and shook my head
He obviously doesn't know me

He seemed disappointed and on he went
"You dropped out of school in eighth grade?"
I wish. Grad School almost killed me
Even though I was a Mensa member
This guy sure knows some winners
He obviously doesn't know me

He asked if I was a moonshine farmer
I said' "no, electrical engineering"
He then accused me of never wearing shoes
So I wiggled my La Sportivas
Boy this guy sure is off the mark
He obviously doesn't know me

He surely wasn't satisfied
and started speaking strangely
It sounded vaguely Norwegian
"Venn, er du litt treg?" I asked him
He just stared at me blankly
He obviously doesn't know me

Finally, he went on his way
I told my friend, "I think he thought he knew me"
He angrily replied, "I think that he was teasing"
I laughed from deep inside, smiled then winked
"Who was that idiot, anyway?
He obviously doesn't know me"

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For a Thousand Years

I kneel beside your bed, and I just want you to know wherever I am, your husband is always thinking about you. The time we spent together has been the happiest in my life. You look like an angel as you lay there, but unlike the movie Snow White, you're still sleeping. Some say your eyes are deep blue like Crater Lake in Oregon, but your smile to me is more beautiful than the stars on a clear moonless night. I lit a candle at La Cathédrale de St. Corentin today.  I remember the first time we visited there. I stood back and watched you with your long shapely Norwegian legs. The wonderment, innocence, and look on your face is unforgettable. You must know I would give anything for you to open your eyes again, to hold you in my arms with you looking at me with your smile. Instead there are tears and the sheet beside your bed is starting to get wet, but I’m here kneeling by your side each and every day. At night they let me in to light a candle at La Cathédrale as I plead my case to take your place.  In the morning I light another candle before I come to see my love, my life.  What am I going to do, I was always your rock and your shoulder, but now I am broken, I am lost baby. I brush your hair to the side of your face remembering that your touch used to make me tremble, your kiss would make my knees quiver.  I touch your hand and remember that I was so sure of everything when we held hands together walking side by side. My faith, my devotion, and my passion is strong, I will come back here for a thousand years just to be by your side. For now I need to leave again to lite another candle and tomorrow I will return to hold your hand, and take care of you as long as I breathe.  I love you baby.

Edward J Ebbs - Nov 19, 2014
Written for Contest: Make Love To Me In That Ancient Place

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Beware the Kraken

Legends abound from society to society
But Norwegians have one that evokes great anxiety

A mythical sea monster of immense proportions
May be fifty-feet long, or its size has some distortions

With enormous tentacles it’s said to have grabbed sailors
Squeezing and consuming the bodies of Nordic whalers

Is the Kraken truly a product of Norwegian lore?
Perhaps its targeted vessels fell to the ocean floor

“Fish tales” are popular in many seas throughout the world
But the Kraken is a squid and many ships it has hurled

Since the concept originated in Norwegian tales
Giant squid sightings are reported wherever man sails

The Kraken is surely a most intriguing sailors’ yarn
But Norwegians take heed of the tall tales that warn

For none wish to test the near-impossible validity
Of a Nordic legend ripe with vivid morbidity

*Written July 18, 2014 for Anne-Lise’s contest
(I will not be able to respond to comments at this time)

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Smeagol's beatles, Norwegian wood

I once had a ring, or should I say, it once had me... 
it made me vanish, isn't it good, my precious ring? 

it asked me to wear it and make way to its masters cave, 
So it drove me mad and its my precious for me to crave, 

I lived in a cave, biding my time, eating like swine,
We dwelled until time and then bagginses came, took what was mine.

They took me to Mordor and burned me, So I started to talk. 
I told them I didn't and spoke off to Orcs, shire is the path 

And when I awoke, I was alone, Frodo had flown 
So he left from shire, isn't it good, my precious will be mine.

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Norwegians I have Met

I married a Norwegian boy

Way back in Nineteen-Forty-One.

That makes my children Norse by half,

My two daughters and only son.

My husband, third generation 

American at time of birth,

Never got to see ancestral land

"Ere he was taken from this Earth.

Most of modern Norwegians claim

Lutheran theology their own,

But in pagan days they worshiped

Gods like Odin, Thor and unknown.

Thor wore a belt that gave him power,

And a hammer that gave him might.

In a storm, thunder is Thor's roar,

And his hammer causes bright light.

My opinion of Norwegians is

They've no use now of Gods like Thor,

For they are a very peaceful lot

And in favor of war no more.

Written:  7/24/14

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Norwegian Tanka

Norwegian Tanka 

This day had sunlight 
Light shone through small windows
My office was a stable
The beast of burdens´ air reminds me 
That my work is not yet done.

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True Norwegian

My mother always told me that I
looked just like my dad.
A true Norwegian was I, all of his
features I had.

I guess I really had no right 
to complain,
except all through school all the kids 
made fun of my last name.

Don't get me wrong, I always liked
my blond hair and green eyes.
I just wish we Vikings were known
for smaller thighs.

My dad always told me that with my
heritage I was stuck.
And that all of the women in our family never
had to worry about having a small butt.

I said to him, “Those are two things that
I never chose.
But I think the thing that bothers me most,
is this dang Norwegian nose.

I even had a friend that once made up 
a song about mine.
He sang it to the tune of a John Lennon song,
and he made each and every word rhyme.

All of my children always thank me for 
giving them knock knees.
But I always tell them they can thank their grandpa, 
not me, for these. .

I guess I really shouldn’t complain . My dad
lived to be 93.
And I guess that’s one of the parts of him that
I hope will be passed down to me.


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Distressed by Rob Barratt

My furniture is all distressed
It's unusually unstable
The oak bookcase is quite depressed
As is the coffee table

The worktop has a thin veneer
It seethes beneath the surface
The taps know how low they can… sink
And think life has no purpose

The painted window frame's been stripped...
Of dignity. It's lacquered
The blue front door's morale has dipped
The cheese board is cream-crackered

The writing bureau doesn't give a jot
The cupboard suffers mockery
It hates the plates and has no mates
It misuses jugs...and crockery

The kitchen table's past is stained
The dishwasher has worries
Last week it broke down and explained
That it was missing Curry's

The settle never settles
And the new desk is neurotic
The chaise longue is invariably wrong
The sofa is psychotic

The fey pouffé is apt to weep
It's covered in wet tissues
The rocking chair, it never sleeps
The magazine rack has Big Issues

The bed’s always horizontal
The tallboy’s a cross dresser
The umbrella stand is second hand
And feels its worth is lesser

The mirror which reflects, neglects
The fine wine rack which whines
The shelves themselves lack shelf-respect
The dining table pines

The mantelpiece has no mental peace
It's fired up with wrath
The woodburner has lost its spark
The wardrobe is a goth

The exposed beams aren’t what they seem
The ceiling's always plastered
The landing has a manic stair
It's an evil little bastard

The piano's case isn't black and white
The floorboards feel downtrodden
The dressing table's dressed to kill
The mini-bar is sodden

The Ottoman is not a man
But it's no couch potato
The teak footstool's a crazy fool
Who quotes in Greek from Plato

Yes, my furniture is all distressed
But they've reason for concern
Oh... I must get it off my chest
...Tomorrow they will burn!!

(sing to The Beatles' "Norwegian Wood)
I once had the best
Furniture but 
It got distressed
So I lit a fire isn't it good?
Norwegian Wood.

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The Cruise Ship That Just Didn't Quite Make It...

She was an Italian liner,
Whose path crossed
Unfavorably with a 
Norwegian ship
Out at sea....

She went down that day
All aboard were sad
I just hope that Joe's wife
Was not Andrea by name,
Cause it was the Andrea Doria
Whose fate played to her fame.