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Iraq is civilization's cradle -
a casket is being built
with the cradle's worn planks.

August 7th, 2014


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A Pink Crystal Dawn

beneath the silence of ice-encased trees the sky’s pink dawn lies captured in the pond’s crystal depths/center>

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Cosmetic Critique-Part 2

Pinned beauties.
Drilled customs.
Feminist wrote"Complex Formatting"


Inspiration :- My University Reader

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My Number Is Three

Father does not see the mournful sad tears, that fall on his mossy tomb . . . Just three glistening tears. _________________________ September 16, 2014 Kimo Path Number 3 - February 1 Entered into the contest, What is My Number, sponsor Andrea Dietrich 7th Place

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Serenity's Semblance

Serenity’s semblance on her lined face as I stoop at the casket to kiss her pallid cheek For Debbie Guzzi's Three Lines Are Fine Poetry Contest Form chosen: Kimo

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Through my window

Through My Window

Lorikeets forage for a honey feed
Essence of a starving earth
Through the window I hope

A greedy beak digs deep down for a worm
The weak, seek to last the week
Through my window I pray

Written by: Ronald Zammit
Dated: 27.01.2014

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Butterflies are a symbol of freedom
They should never be captured
But left to bring us joy 

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The Last Poet

You'll know when you have destroyed a culture,

                                         When you have slain their last poet....

                                                                                  And forgotten his words!


                                                                                  Timothy I. Brumley

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'Two Rings'

mutual care that started out of nothing
  now it means everything
our love and devotion

a blessed union now sealed with two rings
   our nurtured care developed 
we are forever one 

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Evil is a spiritual maggot,

                             That devours the heart and mind...

                                                                       Leaving the soul to rot.

                                                                        Timothy I. Brumley

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Doing Time in Kimo

Thirty days hath September, April, June
November and anyone...
over the speed limit.  

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Anticipating this moment

stockings on the mantle spilling over
with toys from Santa's red sack
proof he got my letter


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Elm 2

branches unfurl a silent cry to sky distressed rustling of drained leaves sapped by a dark disease

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The Inside Girl

plinks like the mallet on my xylophone
watch the rain fall, hear the sound 
splatter in the puddles

just licking the damp from the window pane
tears fall, there'll be no outside
wet cheeks and runny nose

Contest: Through My Window
Poet: Debbie Guzzi
Date: 1/17/14

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Framed in Glass

Framed in Glass Starburst crystals cling to the window pane Lavish mounting for a frame Cardinals in the snow All rights reserved @ Debra Squyres 2013 Form is Kimo: 3 lines wih10-7-6 syllable count

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Seven Pigeons

~*~ Seven pigeons, sitting in the snow Upon a street sign, trembling And the snow is falling As if, on cue they fly on snowy wings Circling the city buildings Till a safe ledge is found Beautiful, they smooth their heavy feathers Sitting quiet in the cold As snowflakes drift below I wish, my own weary heart could fly And as winter blows and roars I could but fold my wings O, could I fly, like seven pigeons And close my eyes to winter And the snow is falling ~*~ February 16, 2013 Kimo x 5

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tangled vines

tangled vines and shasta daisies embrace long forgotten wagon wheels - the whisper of a breeze

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Kimo one

mighty waves crash against the rocky shore
water splashes to the sky
salty mist touches lips

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Drink Deep

Go to the well at night, in the quiet
Drink deep of hope and renewal
Dream of  tomorrow’s promise.

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I Cried

I Cried

We danced and kissed under the stars all night
When we parted ways I cried
Our last kiss on this earth

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the fire rages across the valley floor
and sweeps up the mountainside 
fear is a lonely fuel

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Firm Land

Firm Land-

I don't know what they took
I don't care
what they left
what they stand for
but all
i care
i hold in my heart
in my faith
As a firm land
of my hope
Oh my home

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Everybody Happy

Pretty kitty wandered in one day.
      “Mustn’t feed her or she’ll stay!”
               I did, and so did she….

For the cat contest...

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Owls From A Window

My hands ache to touch barn owls on a fence A sight of winter mourning Through visions of chilled eyes. Panes crackle with snowfrost like tapped drumbeat Birds quivering wails of song And I , locked in a cage.
Carly Lalion Through My Window, Nette Onclaud 1.19.2014

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In the shaded corner of the garden
She shows a quiet and shy face
Small but magnificent