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Below are the all-time best End Line Word poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of End Line Word poems written by PoetrySoup members

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Spirit From the Past

As I sit upon the cloud, my sister SPIRIT, we shall call  ----  “ ALWAYS “
Visits : bringing Her inner Soul with Virtue of  the Heart  ----  FOREVER
 I believe I know YOU from “ Yesterday “  Please help me --- REMEMBER
As She spoke : the Lyric of Her voice : brings memories   -----           I
Envision YOU “  my little Sister ’ Long ago Lost in LOVE; in  ---   LOVE
Through the mirrors of YOUR EYES : Brother, Sister : Me and  --  YOU
Loving Parents , from a Time in History :  where my Heart is of   ---  MY
Searching Soul, “ alive comes the past “ :  growing up with MY   ----  SISTER
Together we speak of “Forever LOVE” with an opened Heartfelt  ----  SPIRIT
As we meet AGAIN in Time KNOW ALWAYS that I LOVE YOU  ---   L Y N E T T E 

     Dedicated To My Kindred SPIRIT Lynette Chachere  “ Spirits Together “

Author’s Note : The origin of  “ End Line Word “ Form Is a Dedication Where the
Vertical Line is the “Dedication” and the Body  “ IS the Why “ Thank-YOU to all 
Who have Supported Dane and I in Our Endeavor To create a New Form of POETRY
Dealing with Honor to Each Contemporary YOUR Participation Is Astounding ALWAYS YOURS…

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Poor Scarlett Never Learns(New Form by Dane Ann and HGarvey Esquire)

Scarlett in "Gone With the Wind" goes                   --- AFTER
Ashley even though she has thus far had in           --- ALL,
Two husbands, and says she'll think about things    ---TOMORROW
She marries Rhett and                                          ---IS
Never satisfied with her life, always wanting            ---ANOTHER
Man. But when Rhett leaves her in the end it's a sad---DAY

This POEM is an Example of a New Form of
POETRY Dane-Ann and HGarvey Daniel Esquire are trying to sanction
They call it “ End Line Word “ Poetry Thank-YOU

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No Tears for Death

The Choir sang “Rejoice in the LORD Always”  -----      REJOICE
I Knock at Heaven’s door, His voice says come   -----      IN
I gasp at the sight of Glory, in a whisper I say oh  -----    MY
Since Our Everlasting Day : I wait patiently for    ----   DEATH
This is the Eternity my Heart has been waiting   ------      FOR
To be One with God ,Together Always You and   ----         I
Holding hands with Cherubim and Seraphim as We  ---  JOIN
The myriads of Angels, speaking tongues, Singing   ----   MY
Salvation’s song: with My Dearest,  Only Most   ------  BELOVED
My Wife, My Life, My Heartbeat for ALWAYS  ------        LENORE
To Praise; Father, Son, and Holy Ghost for Eons of  ---  FOREVER

Inspired By Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen"s "End Line Word" Contest
Dedicated To my "Nubbies" L E N O R E ( 1st Place )

The Essence of "End Line Word" Form Thank-YOU POETRYSOUP for
YOUR Support and Participation

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Waiting - (End Line Word Poem)

WISHING TIME FLIES-(Although we're apart we survive with hope)

The day soon comes when you and ------------I
So eager to see, touch the other’s face ------ Will
Finally meet and not have to---------------------Wait
There will be no more bitter tears ---------------For
I will be at home with ------------------------------You

FORM:  End-Line Word Poem

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Dark Pathway

The Heart of LOVE enveloped YOU and  --   I
In the course of EVERLASTING LOVE I   --   Failed
My minute blacken heart would not let you -  In
Looking back through time I do see a Pure  -- Life
The watches, Grandfather clocks of  Time  --    Running
Oblivious to the feeling of pain from  Falling   --  Down
Stumble over nothing along midnight Black    --   Paths
Following an unseen grotesque horned being   --   Leading
My uncleansed Soul across my Death’s river    --   Toward 
An Eternal Damnation living in a blazing Hot    ---    Hell
Dedicated To my POETRY Brother, Ruben Ortellao ( YOUR Turn )

Author's Note : This is a New Form of POETRY Dane-Ann and I are Trying
to get started We Call It " End Line Word POETRY " 

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Audrey (End-Line Word Poem)

You are an amazing woman                              AUDREY
No one can come between me and                        YOU
I can be a "butt" sometimes but you                     KNOW
So damn compatible are you and                            I
Soon I will give you a warm and sticky kinda        LOVE
Poetry Soup knows about me and                          YOU
Just remember I'm your king and you're my       QUEEN!

*Thx 4 contest Dane Ann through your contest I hope I wll
be able to make my butterfly smile again! 

*For Dane Ann Smith Johnsens contest  End-Line Word

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Power of God touches us through prayer

Restores strength to do things the best we can

A time to receive the Holy Spirit that makes us move

Yielding His love as we climb high mountains

Anytime we whisper it

Lift our hearts and follow His will

We run to Him and ask His help

Amazing graces, He will shower upon us

Yokes laid on our shoulders will be overcome

Soon, we can walk over sadness and trials

May 16, 2014 10a.m
©2014by Leonora Galinta

Note: This is a beginning and end lines acrostic poem

Sixth Place
Contest: Acrostic End-Line Word
Judged: 5/16/14
Sponsor: Poet Jared Pickett

First Place
Contest:Acrostic Time #1
Judged: 8/18/2014
Sponsor: Poetess PD/Linda

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Travel Light

Through winding roads, life leads where it   …………………………………………     Will 
Reaching rugged mountain peaks and valleys deep,  until   ………………. .    You
Eventually arrive at this conclusion- each day is a gift- best take it   ...    Slow

Too few  breathe deeply when shadows gather and when at night, lay ..    Down                                                                                                                                   
Recall the sweet moments, like an offspring's first smile   ............            And
Leave  out slights that sting and  bitter words with acrid     ……………………   Smell 
Like fallen leaves, the days turn to dust  and vanish beneath     ……………… The
Iridescent  sunlight and summer rains that water thirsty    ……………………    Roses
Giving new life to all who with gratitude, acknowledge the gift    ……………   As
Hope breathes tomorrows new chances to scale mountains   ………………      You 
Traverse and the raging, wild rivers you'll cross on this arduous   …………Journey    

 Note:  For Jared's "Acrostic/End Line Word" Contest
4th Place

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An Attempt

20 February 2010

An Attempt
By: Noel N. Villarosa

I thought, I will never propel on -------------------------------------- THIS
But perseverance jocundly push me to join what they called------- IS
HGarvey and Dane Ann new poetry is some ------------------------ WHAT
Meticulous and métier that never ------------------------------------- I’VE
Done before, but my mind hardly ------------------------------------ TRIED
Squeezing concepts to form what is needed ------------------------- TO
Satisfy the judge and outflank competitors on ---------------------- THIS
But I am sure everything must --------------------------------------- END
Not with a period but in a single -------------------------------------- LINE
Of congratulations to all who joined this contest of End line ------- WORD

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THE MODERN DAY SOJOURNER TRUTH Tired from the lack of work --------Trivial Lazy, I am not.-------------------Search Thinking about Non-Profit---------Self-Employment Freelance Writing, Tutoring, Virtual Administrator, etc…---------Thumbtack You can’t keep a real woman down.------------------Steadfast Many aspirations I have.----------------------------------Praying Gotta get up early in the morning.-----------------------------Mobile To define my purpose----------------------------------------Harmonizing To many negative thoughts------------------------------------Intune To why I continue to be down---------------------------------- Enthused This is not the measure I am in.------------------------------------Woman I am just as strong as [any] man.----------------------------------Sojourner! __________________________/ 04/17/2014 Form: Acrostic/End-Line Word 1st Place

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Magnificent and marvelous earth - an abode of ----------------HEAVEN
Obsigning man to live a life in peaceful secure------------------HAVEN
Thriving well to luscious fresh fruits and air surely -------------WILL
Home and support the best possibility of life, humans -------- BE
Enjoin! Counteract global warming and pollution--------------  PRESENT
Remember, each day IMMEDIATE ACTION is NEEDED NOW---   HERE

Elevate awareness! Empower all resources! ------------------- PRESERVE.
Abstain from greed and corruptible acts, instead, ------------- RESTORE
Resurrect nurturance and sensitivity, pour out nothing but---- LOVE
Torment the devil and be like that of a compassionate--------- MOTHER
Hunger! Thirst for better living here on our one and only ------EARTH...

Olive eloisa
5:17 pm
April 22, 2014


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Random Thoughts *37* Double Acrostic/ End Line Word

Ferocious winds, sleet turned -------------------- Snow.
Another day off of work, poetry -------------------- and
Time to shovel my drive. 25 MPH ----------------Winds
Hold me hostage in my abode. I ----------------- Keep
Enclosed, I rose from slumber. -------------------- Me
Rattled, never,  I have heat where I'm ------ Contained.
Whistling winds whisper in my ear as I'm ------ Shoveling
Inches and feet, pierced by icy sleet a ----------- Slushy,
Nasty mess. Continuing to fall, no break, the -- Snow
Teases me. My third cup of coffee, shaken, ---- Mixed, 
Encased in a thermos with Amaretto Swiss. ----- Icy
Rain, little spears, fierce in these windy ------- Conditions

Jared Pickett

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Attitude And Altitude

A  little lesson in life for                                your
L  earning experience, your                                   attitude
T  akes precedence to your education,                  plus
I   n every endeavor you will find                           your
T  houghts good or bad effect your                        choices
U  naddressed bad thoughts, ideas, and beliefs    equal
D  isaster, lowering your altitude in                        your
E  veryday, ordinary, and very common                   life  

Sponsor: Jared Pickett
Contest: Acrostic/End-Line Word
I found the end quote but the person
did not give the author of it credit 
therefore, I know not to whom to 
give credit.
Written: May 05, 2014

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Judge Not (End-Line Word)

There are some among us who deem themselves - JUDGE
But their own lifestyles are often - NOT
Open for criticism - LEST
You wish to open your own lives for retribution, oh, - YE
Best leave our judging to - BE
Done by One who is perfect, for when - JUDGED
By He it will be a final determination and He is more capable of rendering a - MORE
Consequential fate if His hand of judgment moves - HARSHLY

For Dane Ann's "End-Line Word" competition.

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The Brides Eyes ( End Line Word )

Years ago He put a spark in Her eyes,  the Sweetheart -----  LINDA- MARIE
She “LOVED” him then , as she “LOVES” him now the ---      POETESS
With Her pen and paper , She writes Poetic Artistry So ----    EXTRAORDINAIRE
The LOVE in Her eyes, transfers to the ink; She winks my--   SWEETHEART
Any form, any style You read, know what She is thinking---          Of 
Her eyes sparkle now , YOU can see the  LOVE in Her -----     POETRY
A flavorful combination of words like a tasty Mulligatawny--      SOUP
your silent beau, you my “Soul Sweetheart” always you and--     I
 I light 60 candles upon my birthday cake for you I make a --  WISH 
Everlasting LOVE as shines in the mirror of Your Eyes for ---    YOU and RON
The Happiness of a long awaited LOVE an Entwinement of ---   ETERNAL
 Togetherness FOREVER to ALWAYS be a LOVE of Heavenly --   BLISS
                                         I LOVE YOU

      Dedicated to the Sweetheart of Poetry Soup ( and Me )
            Linda-Marie and Her Long Awaited LOVE, RON

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Summer's inferno reprive

The days are drawing shorter the                ------  SUMMER'S
Heat and fun wind down, coolnes overtakes the ----- INFERNO
I feel frisky as a new kitten; granted a lengthy ------     REPRIVE
Of this smoothering heat                                 ----- TODAY
Grant my plea, give us lasting                        ------  JOY
The bright blue sky and clear views,              -------- COMES
Not often enough these days, yard work is a joy-----    WITH
The influx of butterflies and humming birds ------------  EACH
Looking for a succulent meal and a ----------------------  GENTLE
Home to last the winter's cold blustery ------------------- BREEZE  

End line word poem 

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Setting the Mood [ End Line Word]

Drakkar and Mulberry -------- Incense,
a fireplace setting, Sherry ---- and
conversation. I'm falling in ---- Love.
My heart is playing love  ---- Songs
as we embrace in this --------- Set.
I find this method to be -------- The
best way to set the ------------ Mood

Jared Pickett

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Hero (double acrostic, end line word)

Hostility does not deter the hero                    He

Endures the pain of arrows without an            Echo

Ringing complain wherever he                       Roams

Oneness of heart with his dreams he              Observes.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 03.02.10

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Lovers Apology

L.ife isn't fair and we ask                   ...Why
O.ur hearts need more than our body..Does
V.ictims of craving attention and         ..Love
E.nchanted by what we can't              ..Have
R.eaching for more and failing             ..To
S.ex without loves still does                ..Hurt

Why Does Love Have To Hurt
Why Does It Have To Cause Pain

A.ll the questions, but mostly               ..Why
P.assion can take over as it                 ..Does
O.ver and over we can't forget            ..It
L.over you take what you can't            ..Have
O.nly I still want you                             ..To
G.iving in to the hurt it will                    ..Cause
Y.ou Will only cause me                         ..Pain  

For Contest Acrostic End Line Word
Sponsor Jared Pickett

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"Love's Immortal Souls" (end line word)

First blown into the nostrils of....MAN,
love’s intentional manifest.........BECAME,
the sacred core of men's........... ESSENCES,'
the living being , the sacred.......IMMORTAL,
surrogate of Source, a living.......SOUL!

Glorious grace manifest......AFTERWARDS,
by heavenly angels............SOUGHT,
in essence of heart........... SPIRITUALLY,
for it is immortality..........  WRITTEN,
in earthen clay are...........  THEY, 
immortal beings, for they....ARE,
and they shall be called......GODS!


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The Voice of Joyce - (End Line Word)

Her Words carry me, to wherever She wants be to be   - - - -     I 
See Nature as it should be, so Natural, so Alive makes You  - - - BELIEVE
LOVE prevails Everywhere, in the Heart, Moonlit skies    - - -       YOU
Write from the Heart : a Heart full of LOVE : Emotions : You   - - -  DESERVE
The Praise in YOUR Comments; Well deserved, Your Poems are   - - - -  A
Song for the Earth : For Heaven :  songs of the tree, seas, Pauper and   - - CROWN
YOU the POETESS creating Poetic Artistry that Contemporaries Dream   - - -  OF
All Poets, for You, I climb mountains; gathering and Lovingly weaving   - - -   LAUREL
The gift of the Written Heart, Soul, and Feelings of the Mind of a Great   - - -   POETESS
In the Highest regard of Your Peers : someday I’ll be able to say I KNOW   - - -  JOYCE
Johnson : I in Her walk in HER Glorious POETRY daily Thank-YOU Mrs.   - - -   JOHNSON

YOUR POETRY so Enchanting , Enticing the PEN , will Live FOREVER in   - - - -   M Y
Heart ; My Heart will Always hold YOU in highest  Esteem, Gifted POETESS - -   LAUREATE

Inspired by and Dedicated To POETESS JOYCE JOHNSON with My Deepest Respect

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A Stitch in Time (End Line Word poem)

If you wait, it may be too late……………………...........A
Simple thought to make that…...………………........STITCH
An action which, wisdom proves not to hesitate...IN
Dealing with a problem large or small…………........TIME
Is of the essence needed to capture, as it.…….....SAVES
Future toil and trouble eight times out of..…….....NINE

For Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen's "End Line Word" contest.
I hope I did it correctly.

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Picture Album ( End Line Word Poem)

The hour is growing...     Late
Finding comfort in the . .Night
Lost in a dreamlike..... .Reverie
I turn  pages over and .  .Over
Crying , seeing your.... .Pictures
The sorrow and joy it...   Brings
I will never forget ........  You
Knowing we can't go..... Back

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When I see your Face... (End line word)

No one knows why, where or . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . When
Our time to pass will come, but heed the words . . . . . . . . . . I
Need to say, because it is important that you . . . . . . . . . . . . See
How much you mean to me. That when I see  . . . . . . . . . . . your  	
Face I know how much I mean to you in the smile upon your . . .Face
It is God who put you on my path so that I may grow and . . . I
Thank Him, for you have made a difference. So please . . . . . See
that the words you say, the things you do toward . . . . . . . . . the
People that you know, affect their mind and heart. Your. . . . . face
they won't be able to forget. Waste not your time with gains . . of
power and treat the people that you meet as if you would . . . . . . God.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 02.14.10

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To my one and only Love  ---    BARBARA JEAN
Entwined Together You and   ---           I
In a Heavenly Eternity of    ----         LOVE
My Heart Evermore Beats for   ----     YOU
Embraces Your Heart; In Love  ---  ALWAYS
Everlasting Love, for Eons of   ---   FOREVER 

Inspired by Mac McGovern’s Contest “ Anything Goes Again “
Dedicated to Poetess Barbara Jean Gorlick With all my Love

Author’s Note : This POEM is an Example of a New Form of
POETRY Dane-Ann and I are trying to sanction
We call it “ End Line Word “ Poetry Thank-YOU