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Waiting - (End Line Word Poem)

WISHING TIME FLIES-(Although we're apart we survive with hope)

The day soon comes when you and ------------I
So eager to see, touch the other’s face ------ Will
Finally meet and not have to---------------------Wait
There will be no more bitter tears ---------------For
I will be at home with ------------------------------You

FORM:  End-Line Word Poem

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Audrey (End-Line Word Poem)

You are an amazing woman                              AUDREY
No one can come between me and                        YOU
I can be a "butt" sometimes but you                     KNOW
So damn compatible are you and                            I
Soon I will give you a warm and sticky kinda        LOVE
Poetry Soup knows about me and                          YOU
Just remember I'm your king and you're my       QUEEN!

*Thx 4 contest Dane Ann through your contest I hope I wll
be able to make my butterfly smile again! 

*For Dane Ann Smith Johnsens contest  End-Line Word

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Judge Not (End-Line Word)

There are some among us who deem themselves - JUDGE
But their own lifestyles are often - NOT
Open for criticism - LEST
You wish to open your own lives for retribution, oh, - YE
Best leave our judging to - BE
Done by One who is perfect, for when - JUDGED
By He it will be a final determination and He is more capable of rendering a - MORE
Consequential fate if His hand of judgment moves - HARSHLY

For Dane Ann's "End-Line Word" competition.

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Setting the Mood [ End Line Word]

Drakkar and Mulberry -------- Incense,
a fireplace setting, Sherry ---- and
conversation. I'm falling in ---- Love.
My heart is playing love  ---- Songs
as we embrace in this --------- Set.
I find this method to be -------- The
best way to set the ------------ Mood

Jared Pickett

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The Brides Eyes ( End Line Word )

Years ago He put a spark in Her eyes,  the Sweetheart -----  LINDA- MARIE
She “LOVED” him then , as she “LOVES” him now the ---      POETESS
With Her pen and paper , She writes Poetic Artistry So ----    EXTRAORDINAIRE
The LOVE in Her eyes, transfers to the ink; She winks my--   SWEETHEART
Any form, any style You read, know what She is thinking---          Of 
Her eyes sparkle now , YOU can see the  LOVE in Her -----     POETRY
A flavorful combination of words like a tasty Mulligatawny--      SOUP
your silent beau, you my “Soul Sweetheart” always you and--     I
 I light 60 candles upon my birthday cake for you I make a --  WISH 
Everlasting LOVE as shines in the mirror of Your Eyes for ---    YOU and RON
The Happiness of a long awaited LOVE an Entwinement of ---   ETERNAL
 Togetherness FOREVER to ALWAYS be a LOVE of Heavenly --   BLISS
                                         I LOVE YOU

      Dedicated to the Sweetheart of Poetry Soup ( and Me )
            Linda-Marie and Her Long Awaited LOVE, RON

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Hero (double acrostic, end line word)

Hostility does not deter the hero                    He

Endures the pain of arrows without an            Echo

Ringing complain wherever he                       Roams

Oneness of heart with his dreams he              Observes.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 03.02.10

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"Love's Immortal Souls" (end line word)

First blown into the nostrils of....MAN,
love’s intentional manifest.........BECAME,
the sacred core of men's........... ESSENCES,'
the living being , the sacred.......IMMORTAL,
surrogate of Source, a living.......SOUL!

Glorious grace manifest......AFTERWARDS,
by heavenly angels............SOUGHT,
in essence of heart........... SPIRITUALLY,
for it is immortality..........  WRITTEN,
in earthen clay are...........  THEY, 
immortal beings, for they....ARE,
and they shall be called......GODS!


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A Stitch in Time (End Line Word poem)

If you wait, it may be too late……………………...........A
Simple thought to make that…...………………........STITCH
An action which, wisdom proves not to hesitate...IN
Dealing with a problem large or small…………........TIME
Is of the essence needed to capture, as it.…….....SAVES
Future toil and trouble eight times out of..…….....NINE

For Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen's "End Line Word" contest.
I hope I did it correctly.

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The Voice of Joyce - (End Line Word)

Her Words carry me, to wherever She wants be to be   - - - -     I 
See Nature as it should be, so Natural, so Alive makes You  - - - BELIEVE
LOVE prevails Everywhere, in the Heart, Moonlit skies    - - -       YOU
Write from the Heart : a Heart full of LOVE : Emotions : You   - - -  DESERVE
The Praise in YOUR Comments; Well deserved, Your Poems are   - - - -  A
Song for the Earth : For Heaven :  songs of the tree, seas, Pauper and   - - CROWN
YOU the POETESS creating Poetic Artistry that Contemporaries Dream   - - -  OF
All Poets, for You, I climb mountains; gathering and Lovingly weaving   - - -   LAUREL
The gift of the Written Heart, Soul, and Feelings of the Mind of a Great   - - -   POETESS
In the Highest regard of Your Peers : someday I’ll be able to say I KNOW   - - -  JOYCE
Johnson : I in Her walk in HER Glorious POETRY daily Thank-YOU Mrs.   - - -   JOHNSON

YOUR POETRY so Enchanting , Enticing the PEN , will Live FOREVER in   - - - -   M Y
Heart ; My Heart will Always hold YOU in highest  Esteem, Gifted POETESS - -   LAUREATE

Inspired by and Dedicated To POETESS JOYCE JOHNSON with My Deepest Respect

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When I see your Face... (End line word)

No one knows why, where or . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . When
Our time to pass will come, but heed the words . . . . . . . . . . I
Need to say, because it is important that you . . . . . . . . . . . . See
How much you mean to me. That when I see  . . . . . . . . . . . your  	
Face I know how much I mean to you in the smile upon your . . .Face
It is God who put you on my path so that I may grow and . . . I
Thank Him, for you have made a difference. So please . . . . . See
that the words you say, the things you do toward . . . . . . . . . the
People that you know, affect their mind and heart. Your. . . . . face
they won't be able to forget. Waste not your time with gains . . of
power and treat the people that you meet as if you would . . . . . . God.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 02.14.10

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Picture Album ( End Line Word Poem)

The hour is growing...     Late
Finding comfort in the . .Night
Lost in a dreamlike..... .Reverie
I turn  pages over and .  .Over
Crying , seeing your.... .Pictures
The sorrow and joy it...   Brings
I will never forget ........  You
Knowing we can't go..... Back

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Your Song ( End Line Word Poem)

Don't be afraid to.. ...Sing
Celebrate your own ....Life's
Old and new ...........Songs
Sweet melody of.....Each
Lingers at the end of ...Day

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The First "End Line Word" POEM

I have no intention to plagiarize, First “ End Line Word “ poem to meet my Eyes
My fellow SOUPERS, I shall Quote : “ End Line Word “ poem Lenore once Wrote
A POEM, the Form without a name : 46 years ago From Lenore’s Golden Pen came
POETESS’ AND POETS please receive the first End Line Word POEM : “I Believe”
Often We PEEK into the Future : Touch the Past : Can “End Line Word” Ever LAST
Emerald  Eyes, Shine with “Earned“ Pride : Great Writers On POETRYSOUP by HER Side
Together we are Creating History : The Origin of “ End Line Word “ Still a  “ Mystery “
Inspiration of YOUR Soul moves through Time  NOW or THEN it’s All Still Rhyme
True : the Heart Speaks, the Mind : Writes ; “ In Morning Sunshine “ or “ Moonlit Nights “
Heavens POEMS Sent to Us from a Beautiful “Yesterday Land”  Through Time they Stand
Optical Collage : the Future, the Present, the Past : Pen Feelings, of the Heart, Eternity Last
Unique and Loving Dedication; from the Heart : the Soul : POEMS for POETRY’S Edification
Tears of Passion, down Her cheeks cascade: Creative Poetess LENORE : In Poetry’s Parade
As She Floats on the Float: in a sea of ecstasy , She shakes Hands with Dane and Kisses Me 
How very Sweet ; You remember Me, so finally ; the form ‘End Line Word” becomes Reality
Emulated my POETS in “Present Day”  : has brought a Creation to Life; from YESTERDAY
Always the Tomorrows reflects the Time before The First “End Line Word’ written by Lenore
Remember as YOU read from the POETRY Tree, Lenore long ago Planted the SEED
The First “ End LINE Word “ Form You should read : “ Dandelion - The Golden Weed “

Author’s Note :  ?? “ Acrostic “ ??

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" End Line Word " Promotional POEM

Have You ever thought of the past and said what   -------   IF
Suppose the greatest POEM written was written by  ----   YOU
It wouldn’t be written by me, because I just can not  ---   WRITE
Beautiful POETRY, alluring beginning, a satisfying  ---       “END”
As You sign Your book,  smile at the length of the    ----   “LINE”
Future POETS, standing, waiting, hoping to have a   ---    “WORD”
With the Author, the laurel crowned Poet Laureate of  ---   POETRY
From that time on, each morning You rush to read Your  -- Soup MAIL
Praises from YOUR  Loving Loyal fans, most of all From  ---  ME 
                                                                           --- THANK-YOU

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Come What May "end LINE word"

.                                                           come what MAY
                                          good things come from GOD
          we may not know his method or way He will BLESS
  perhaps he'll save you from trouble or give a gift to YOU
despite what you did, where you were; God knows WHERE
                           if you say a prayer He will listen to YOU
             you can call out to God no matter where you ARE

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Awakening Spring (double acrostic and end line word)

Around the corner, the sun will show its new face after                               A
Well earned time of having endured through the cold of                              Winter.
Anticipation is felt as nature burgeons and animals wake                            Anew
Keenly sensing the coming of spring with all its love felt in its                      Kaleidoscopic
Emergence of colors everywhere and its fragrances brought by the             Elements.
Nature at its youth, feeling the excitement throughout, that we all                Naturally
Instinctively experience rebirth within the fiber of our hearts; yet still          Intimidated,
Not having yet forgotten the frozen breath of the dying icy season. But        Now
Gratitude moves into the soul from the lessons learned, and we thank         God.

Sweetly, we turn our eyes to the heavens above for the blessing of its          Smile
Pleasantly blowing to us in fragrant love with the breezes and the waters,      Preparing
Rebirth of nature, and the birds sing us their songs of love while                   rigorously
Investing their all in the building of their nest for their offspring,  so              impatient,
Nagging at times to their loved ones, then making it all a fun game to play.   Nature
Gathering their families and I remember my parents for whom I thank          God.

By CarolineCecile
Copyright © 02.20.10

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Detention of Love(end line word)

take my pure sweet senses into---------Love 
ecstasy before my soul completely---- Defies
dries up and withers in infinity-------------Prisons
taking me to the end road ----------------Thereof
creeping out of my spirit of love---------Cry’s
for you my darling resonate all----------Reasons

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Grandmother's Joy (Poetic form: End Line Word)

Grandmother’s Joy

Remember, God has a plan for every human--------------------BEING 
His creation project definitely deserves an-----------------------A
When He passed around joy, He really blessed-----------------GRANDMOTHER 
He gave her grandchildren and the joy that each visit----------BRINGS 
That this is a great plan is obvious to-----------------------------ME 
Because their visits are a great source of ------------------------JOY 
And pleasant memories of them live in my heart and mind ---EVERYDAY!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 27, 2010
Poetic form: End Line Word

Dedicated to my grandsons.  (No granddaughters, yet!)

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It's So Intoxicating {End Line Word}

fly above fruited grains my feathered ------- Friends
dip dive encircle the sun's orbage ------------- Don't
lusterious valleys and mountaintop ranges  --  Let
forbidden flights go un captured by other winged --- Friends
document footage of their performance ------- Drive
dedicated knowing their feeling a tad -----      Drunk

Tribute To Friends

Entry For Dana Ann Smith-Johnson's
End Line Words Contest

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Friendships (Poetic form: End Line Word)


Life is full of wonderful—MEMORIES.
Whether visiting at home or traveling—ABOUT.
Moments shared with friends are good, really—GOOD.
There is no amount of money worth more than true—FRIENDSHIPS.
Some friends have very strong loving attachments that last and --LAST
It is those bonds and affections that one must most assuredly rate as an--A
Friends may come into one’s life and stay briefly; others friendships last a—LIFETIME.
Perhaps connections come because of similar interests, kindness, acceptance –AND…
forgiveness.  Yes, the real friend-keeper is the ability to forgive both here and --BEYOND.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 27, 2010
Poetic form: End Line Word

Dedicated to HGarvey Daniel Esquire, Co-Creator of this form of POETRY
Called " End Line Word “ Thank-YOU HG.  You are the one!

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Double Acrostic-End Line Word-IMMORTAL PERSONS

Inside their souls grows an imagination turning concrete.......POETRY
Memory grows in fondness and nostalgia, remembering...........PAST
Mindful of time passing, migrating to unforeseen distance........ EVER
Omen of an illusive dream, of masses yearning for a vision....PEACE 
Renegaded, represseed, reposing in hope, unable to find..........LOVE
Tragedian stages the pose to act out his new silly trick...........TABOO       
Advanced technology is not a blessing, but a curse to all.......... FEAR  
Loquacious talks convincing Nations that his intentions are..TRUTHFUL
Pacific minds unifying the implacable roars of many voices...JUSTICE
Economic strides to make way for an age of prosperity....... AMERICA
Revering the wishes of the Natives who lost their land..........COUNTRY
Sudden triumph for the bold American troops defeating.........TALIBAN 
Odious racism dividing society, which needs true unity........ HARMONY
Noble thoughts define the fortitude of valorous souls.............HISTORY
Shakespeare's plays are very efficacious in their scope..........WORDS

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Replenish the Earth (End Line Word poem)

Replenish the Earth

Every atom, element, molecule, non-living and living were created by---GOD 
All things, from intra-atomic “dry” parts to creatures, and man, God----- COMMANDS 
These, He planned, created, ordered, organized, and blessed to benefit---MAN, 
Even before His work was made fully formed, God said, ------------------“REPLENISH
Earth and man now know: limited resources, extinct creature, and…------THE 
Needs: conserve resources, and protect wildlife; we, must replenish------ EARTH…”

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 3, 2010

Poetic form: End Line Word

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Surprises! (Poetic form: End Line Word)


There are pensively calm times when one ponders –-------------------------LIFE.
And there are the times when one wonders what day it –---------------------IS. 
Sometimes there seems to be too many activities; the day is----------------FULL 
Thinking about one more thing seems impossible.  Then, comes the sigh ------OF 
relief.  It is time to stop and count your blessings for life is------------—-WONDERFUL. 
Because everyday God blesses His creatures with ----------------------–SURPRISES!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 27, 2010
Poetic form: End-line Word

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Valentine Forever (end line word)

My one and only------- Love
Forever I will be ------    Your,
Completely fulfilling-----  Desire
Take my heart ----------       Beyond
Into the Heavens glowing -   Infinity

I thought I would try one,,hope you enjoy