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Poetry for kids is a resource of funny and hilarious examples of poems for children. This page directs children to poems and other poetry websites that may be of interest to them. It also provides ideas to kids for poetry projects.

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Poetry For Kids Written by PoetrySoup Members

These are examples of poems for kids written by PoetrySoup members. This collection of children's poetry is an ever expanding archive. Submit your poetry for children or just read and enjoy.

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PMPoemTitleCategoriesFormPoetDate Posted
Premium Member Poem Phone Bone Delight dog,for children,funny,Rhymewilliams, john12/07/2016
DON'T MAKE A PIG MAD animal,appreciation,baby,LimerickSecrease, Rita12/06/2016
curfew childhood,fear,for kids,gHaikuGargiulo, Jayson12/04/2016
Our Little Possum for kids,nature,poetry,Rhymebuck, Old12/01/2016
Santa at The shopping Mall boy,celebration,children,Free verseDe Beaulieu, Darlene12/01/2016
Christmas Baking food,for kids,happy,RhymeDe Beaulieu, Darlene12/01/2016
Premium Member Poem The Paper Clip appreciation,beauty,birthFree versevaso, arthur11/28/2016
A Note To Santa child,christmas,for kids,RhymeBAVERSTOCK, JOHN11/28/2016
Premium Member Poem CHRISTMAS EVE AT SANTA'S WORKSHOP christmas,for children,fuCoupletALLISON, JAN11/28/2016
Tokyos Premium Car Wash car,for children,fun,funnLight PoetryBAVERSTOCK, JOHN11/27/2016
Who am I children,for children,girBioMcMurtry, Kate11/25/2016
Ode to Candy children,food,for kids,frOdeMcMurtry, Kate11/25/2016
Premium Member Poem o,d,i,b,f desire,for kids,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/20/2016
Premium Member Poem p,m,n animal,for children,fun,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/20/2016
Premium Member Poem i,s,a,s,a,s for children,voyage,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/20/2016
Premium Member Poem s,l,s animal,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/20/2016
Premium Member Poem m,l,c flower,for children,gardeRhymeLawton, Patricia11/20/2016
Premium Member Poem A prayer for the Love of a Child angel,bible,child,for chiFree verseParveen, Tahira11/14/2016
being a man christian,father,for kidsVersebrooks, john11/13/2016
Premium Member Poem A Farmer And A Child blessing,children,christmCoupletReynolds, Nikki11/12/2016
Premium Member Poem A LIFE WITH LOVE body,for children,future,Free verseWhite, Darren11/11/2016
Premium Member Poem Do You Hear What I Hear for Isabell christmas,for children,fuRhymeTurner, Daniel11/10/2016
Premium Member Poem i for children,imagination,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/10/2016
Premium Member Poem t,w,w,i,n,d appreciation,for kids,houRhymeLawton, Patricia11/10/2016
Premium Member Poem p,j,s for children,nonsense,sicRhymeLawton, Patricia11/10/2016
Premium Member Poem w,w,t,t,m animal,for kids,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/10/2016
Premium Member Poem w,l for kids,weather,winter,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/10/2016
4 U addiction,care,deep,emotiRhymeBradshaw, Joseph11/09/2016
Premium Member Poem Little sweet Angel through the love of Christ angel,bible,blessing,chilFree verseParveen, Tahira11/06/2016
Another poor little spider crazy,for kids,fun,Light PoetryBroadbent, Robert11/06/2016
Premium Member Poem Fish in my Hair childhood,children,fantasLyricvaso, arthur11/06/2016
Waste of time for kids,Quintain (English)Kalake, Tokollo11/04/2016
The Meaning of Life desire,for children,for hFree verseMartinez, Christian11/03/2016
Premium Member Poem fireworks firework,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/03/2016
Premium Member Poem So So The Clown - The Quatrain Style character,fantasy,for chiFree versePetersen Potter, Dorian11/02/2016
Premium Member Poem t,f for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/02/2016
Premium Member Poem b,a,s animal,cat,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/02/2016
Premium Member Poem n,w for children,fun,kindergaRhymeLawton, Patricia11/02/2016
Premium Member Poem m,t,t,r animal,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/01/2016
Premium Member Poem m,l,s animal,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/01/2016
Premium Member Poem b,b beauty,for children,fun,iRhymeLawton, Patricia11/01/2016
Premium Member Poem m,p for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia11/01/2016
Premium Member Poem The Wicked Witches - The Trine Style for children,halloween,Free versePetersen Potter, Dorian10/30/2016
Premium Member Poem A Day In The Forest animal,appreciation,for cLight Poetryduggan, peter10/29/2016
Premium Member Poem Halloween children,fairy,for childrShapeRoper, Eve10/28/2016
Premium Member Poem d,and o,b,r for children,funny,RhymeLawton, Patricia10/27/2016
Premium Member Poem m,l for children,fun,humorousRhymeLawton, Patricia10/27/2016
Premium Member Poem t,m food,for children,RhymeLawton, Patricia10/27/2016
No Scary Clowns Allowed for children,halloween,psRhymeCrisci, Andrew10/27/2016
Bad Upbringing best friend,drug,emotionsDramatic monologueCrisci, Andrew10/26/2016