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Best Sharon Ruebel Poems

Below are the all-time best Sharon Ruebel poems as chosen by PoetrySoup members

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Egg Shells

No more walking on egg shells
or stroking one mans pride

My wounded heart is open now
and at last so are my eyes

No more empty conversations
pro claiming he's the best

If truth be known his actions shown
He's just like all the rest

There is so much to be thankful for
I'm healing from the fall

But he's the one who's suffering
He could have had it all...

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Popcorn anyone

~Summer is Natures intermission~

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Face to Face

Face to face at last

Perpetual gaze is held

No words are spoken

Hands reaching out with purpose

You grab the last cookie first 


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A wall between

Loves call awaits me

    Or perhaps it is knocking

        What if I answer

            Once opened finding no one 

                Only a wall between us

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Loves Reflection

Behind me in the mirror 

Hot breath gently on my neck

Red satin bow falls to floor

Exposed gift adored... 

Contest: Red

Sponsored by  Francine Roberts

Form: Dodoitsu

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Maybe in time


holding back the tears

reading an old love letter

it made me smile then

perhaps i should wait longer

they say that "time heals all wounds"...

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A New Day


Away all sorrow

   Move swiftly into the past

      Today's a new day

        Wanting only happiness

            Tomorrow is further still...

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No Goodbye

    All the people gone

        not wanting to say goodbye

            next to you i sit

                frozen unable to weep

                    the earth falls from my small hand...

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Springs lullaby

Spring skipping past Winter blows a kiss

Frost gives way to lush green carpet

Old twigs become new houses

Robin eggs match the sky 

Winters forgotten 

Springs lullaby

Welcome life

A new


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Angel Kisses

Snowflakes so silently fall

Like Angel kisses

Winters breath upon my face

Their departure traced