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Sometimes Sorry Is Not Good Enough

Maybe I hurt you and
Caused you to cry
I know the pain went deep
And this I won’t deny
I know I am to blame for
All your sleepless nights
The things that I said
I know it wasn't right

I never meant you any sorrow
And I never meant
 To make you cry
I am the cause of your pain
I accept all the blame
I called you cheap words 
And a lot of other stuff
Sometimes saying I’m sorry
Just isn't good enough

Somehow I felt what you
Felt deep inside
So much hurt and pain
Like a reflection in your eyes
Every breath you took
Filled with deceit and sorrow
Maybe your forgiveness
Will come on tomorrow

I can’t expect you to push
This all away
Maybe another time,
Another hour in the day
If I could take the words back
That caused you to cry
I would do it in a heart beat
And you know it’s not a lie

Nothing I can say right now
Will keep your heart still
I’m sorry, I apologize for
The way I made you feel
Even a broken heart is
One that’s hard to mend
This will follow me 
Until the very end
In your eyes I am the enemy
And you have to do what you must
But sometimes saying I’m sorry
Just isn't good enough

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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Insight of Life

Sometimes you think in life
That the end beats the beginning
And you look for your life
To have that fairy tale ending
You look at other people and
Say; you got success and
Tears fall down because your
Life seems like a mess

You fought many battles
But the war lies ahead
You should control your life
But your life controls you instead
Recording of negative thoughts
Play over and over in your head
When you should be sleeping
You toss and turn in your bed

If someone would care about 
How you feel inside
The pain it brings when all
They have to offer is lies
There’s this numb feeling when
You find yourself alone
The hurt twist your head
And your joy somehow has gone

You take a deep breath and
And try to count to seven
As you push through the anger
Trying hard to reach heaven
Just one little word you try
Hard to whisper in prayer
If God would only answer
You know that he’s there

Struggling in this life to
Do that which is good
What you know is best and
What you thought you could
No one ever told you that
This life would be fair
No one ever told you that 
The world would care

Now it’s your time to 
Build high upon faith
Believing you is somebody
With the keys to the gate
Which is your life that you
Fight to keep straight
Built upon love and a
Long way from hate
Think about this the next time
You feel sorry for yourself
Life becomes dusty when
You leave it on the shelf.

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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A Virtuous Woman

A Virtuous Woman 
There are different types of women 
As you may very well know 
I am here to talk about her,
 And her goodness I will show 
A virtuous woman is
 And talks of good things, 
 The joy of her love is strong, 
And happiness it will bring 
She works with her hands and 
Takes good care of her home 
She comforts her husband
 When he is feeling alone. 

She teaches her children and
 Trains them very well 
There is so much to be said 
About a virtuous woman but 
Not enough time to tell.
 Proverb 18 and 22 said; 
Whosoever finds a wife, 
Which is a woman,
 Find a good thing and obtain 
Favor in the Lord; 
They will remain together
 Till death do them part. 

A virtuous woman is not
 Slothful in business 
And serving the Lord 
Doing wrong will not be 
Found in her mind, 
Or even in her heart. 
Her husband trust her 
Every step of the way,
 He will never let her go
No matter what you say.

 She dresses accordingly 
To make her husband proud
She speaks with a gentle
 Voice, not very loud. 
She is always doing things to
 Get her husband praise, sometimes 
Just watching her
 Will keep him so amazed. 

A virtuous woman is strong 
And worth more than
 Rubies itself; and when
 Her family hurt, she 
Hurt more herself. 
A woman shall be praised
 If she is a woman that 
Fear the Lord. A virtuous woman 
Qualifies with mind, spirit,
 Soul, and heart.

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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The Smell of Christmas

The smell of Christmas

Looking through the kitchen 
Window starring at the sky
Singing soft melodies
As the hour passes by
Snuggle beside my oven with
 A cup of coffee in my hand
Watching the snowflakes fall
Like a blanket covering the land

The smell of pine aroma 
Lingers in every room 
 And baking apple pies
 All after noon
The smell of Christmas
Somehow fills the air
Lights twinkling on the tree
And toys everywhere

Friends and love ones
Sat down for a talk
With the holiday season
Embedded in their thought
Children around the fire 
Place eating cookies, and
Drinking milk
Dad relaxing in his chair
After a long tiresome trip

The holiday season is
Bringing good cheer
And the smell of Christmas
Lingers near
On a cold winter morning
Drinking hot tomato soup
And a jolly old man in 
His little red suit

Ham, potatoes, to 
The table they bring
A feast so good, its
Fit for a king
Prayers and love
That fills the air
And the smell of 
Christmas is everywhere.

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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Congratulation on Your Graduation

Congratulation on Your Graduation

Congratulation with my 
Blessing and my love
Who have achieved and accomplish
The first part of your world
You made it through the first grade,
The third, and now twelfth
Congratulation: I know
You are proud of yourself

God made an angel, and
You are special in this world
With parents pushing you
Along with prayers and love
You mastered the best in your field, 
Knowing that you can learn it
Congratulations child
Halleluiah! You’ve done it!! 

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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What I Dreamed that Night

What I Dreamed That Night

Looking out of the window
While snow fell to the ground
Reminded me of a dreamed
And the peace of mind I found
Before I fell asleep I
Had many questions
 In my heart
On how to love and 
Somehow please God

I tossed and turned trying
To fall asleep
Pleasing God was like a tape
In my head on repeat
I tried to push away
The cold feeling inside
I remember about twelve O’clock
I finally closed my eyes

I dreamed I was in heaven
Oh what a beautiful sight                                                                               
Big golden gates, and
The streets shinned so bright
There were fluffy white clouds
Standing all around
I floated on air, and
My feet could touch no ground

When I walked closer to the gates
They began to swing open wide
Seconds later I found myself inside
There were Angels flying 
Above my head
Welcome home child;
That’s what they said

You wondered in your mind
What it takes to please God
There were many questions
You planted in your heart
Up here there’s peace
You’re happy and free
Take a look around and
Tell me what do you see?                                                                      

I see a city with streets
Paved with gold
I see many of God’s
Created souls
Setting around the table
Eating honey and
Drinking milk
Even My gown is
Now made of silk

I see three gates in the south
West, North, and East
The saints setting around
Having a wonderful feast
I spent my time seeking 
God the whole summer
Point me in his direction
I need to ask him something

I want to please him but
I don’t know how
I need to get an answer                                                                              
From God right now
The moment I spoke
A bright light appeared
I knew from that moment
My faith wasn't seal

I wanted to see his face
But the light was too bright
I couldn't see him, only feel
His present in my sight
He said its easy if
You want to please me
The answer is plain
And so simple you see

God began to tell me what
I had to do and it didn't seem clear
His voice began to fade and I 
Couldn't really hear
His voice kept fading
Until I open my eyes
Not knowing what
To feel inside                                                                                       

Suddenly the sun through
The window shinned bright
And I remembered what
I dreamed that night
I wanted to know how
I could please God
This was something that 
Always burned in my heart

I walked to the door
And I looked out side
Suddenly it hit me as
Tears ran from my eyes
I believe that I went to heaven
And had a conversation with God
I believed in that dream
 With all my heart

He said the answer is plain
As can be
A voice whispered saying                                                                    
Just have faith in me
What I dreamed that night
Let me know it’s not too late
And to please God;
All I need is faith

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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What If God Took A Vacation

What if you realize one day
You needed God’s help
And no matter how you tried
There was nothing to be felt
Sick on your bed and the
Doctor’s has given up hope
So with the little strength 
Left in your hands you
Write someone a note

You said you look for God
And he were nowhere
 To be found
At the point in your life you 
Needed him he somehow
Let you down
Your children running wild
And there are bills to be paid
Drive by shooters, shoot
In your home, and now
You are afraid                                                                                   

So you feel like God has
Taken a vacation from all 
The mess down here
Just the thought of God on
Vacation has arose
 Your deepest fear
You call God with prayers
Only his answering machine
Picks up the slack
He said I’m on vacation
If you need anything it’ll
Wait till I get back

When God needed you
Just to spread the word
You refuse to do the job
Because you lost your nerves
He needed you to help your neighbor
And help the homeless out
You said I can’t give away my money
So you sat in a corner and pout
You thought you had it made                                                                  
With your brilliant education
It’s not helping you now
Cause God’s on vacation

So what if God took a vacation
And left this world alone
Where would any of us be
When he return home?
This is how God feels when
He gives you a task
He wants the job done and
He wants it done fast
So when God give
You a plan to carry
To the nation;
And you refuse his orders
Then to him you’re on vacation 

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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I didn't know what to Do

I didn't know what to do 
One day I was hungry 
And my family was too 
So much of stress, 
I didn't know what to do 
I sat and wondered what 
 My next meal would be 
No apples or oranges 
To fall from the tree 
I went to my neighbors 
 And ask for bread 
Only enough for our self; 
 That’s what they said 
The look on my children face; 
I just couldn't forget it 
The store manager said; 
No money no credit 
By now I was tired 
 And my eyes fill with tears 
I have to feed my family, 
But no one would give. 
My children crying for food, 
 And I didn't know what to do 
If only I knew some way 
 To help me pull through. 
On my way home 
I passed this church 
I heard good singing 
That I like very much 
The doors of the church 
 I fasten my eyes 
I walked slowly through 
The door, on the inside 
The preacher walked down 
 And took my hand 
He said; you going through, 
 But God understand 
The message was clear 
 As the bible on my shelf 
I needed the faith 
 To believe for myself. 

I prayed and I waited, 
Setting quiet as a mouse 
Mid-day the next day, 
God sent an Angel to my house 
A knock on the door, 
 I open with a smile 
Please come in and sat a while. 
He said; I tried to call you, 
 I did my best 
To bring to you 
 this very last check 
When you got fired from your job 
They fail to give you your last pay 
This is what brought me 
 To your house today. 
It clicked in my head 
What the preacher had said; 
God understands, and he sent me bread 
Tears ran down my face 
As I walked up my stairs 
It’s a miracle; God do answer prayers 
He has saved me 
From the trouble in my life 
And for that I will 
 Sleep well tonight. 

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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A talk with the devil

 A talk with the devil 

 One night while watching television 
 I suddenly fell asleep 
And when I open my eyes 
 This stranger I did meet 
A wild looking creature, 
 Bolder then I had seen 
Somebody shake me and 
Tell me this is a dream. 
I did not want to be here, 
 This is a mistake 
Wake me; shake me, 
 Before it is too late. 
The creature began to laugh, 
 As he laughs so hard; 
You are down here to stay 
So said the Lord. 
You had your chance 
 To live a Christian life 
But you didn't count on 
 Taking this deep sleep tonight. 
Listen careful my child, 
 Don’t you hear the bells? 
You missed the streets of gold 
 And ended up in hell 
I started to scream and plead to God; 
 He never heard me as 
 I stood there in the dark. 
 People was crying and gritting 
Their teeth; my night gown caught on fire 
 From the intensity of the heat 
 I yell out with pain saying 
 Forgive me, this is a mistake 
I realize it was the devil when he said; 
 Take your place I appointed 
You in the lake. 
All while you live, 
 I stayed hard on your back 
You down here with me 
And there is no looking back 
I showed you things 
That drew you from God 
Not giving you a chance 
 To receive him in your heart 
Oh foolish one, how foolish could you be 
I did not want you in heaven, 
 But down here with me. 
You did not have to come here, 
 Or allow yourself to be fool 
I do what I want, 
 I got nothing to lose. 
I know how heaven look, 
 But I did not care 
I want all of God’s people for myself 
Maybe you should have loved 
 God without a doubt 
The day I got unruly up there, 
 He simply put me out. 
.I got all kind down here 
 With me, young and old 
I am out to kill and 
Destroy all of God’s souls. 
As I talked with the devil 
 My heart did ache 
My head hung in shame 
 Because I knew it was too late 
I scream loud as I could 
To the top of my voice 
Suddenly I open my eyes 
And grabbed for my heart. 
I remember everything 
 I had seen that night 
I had no time to waste, 
 To get my soul right. 
I got one more chance 
 To try to save my soul 
I got one more chance 
 To walk the streets of gold. 
You may say that this is a poem, 
 And you are right 
But what if you fall asleep 
And go there one night? 
Do whatever it takes 
 To live the holy way 
Time waits for no one, 
 It must be today. 

Copyright © Lillie Williams

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A Recipe for going to Hell

A Recipe for going to Hell 
First you start with the devil 
1 cold heart 
2 cups of whiskey 
4 cups of jealously 
5 cups of hate 
3 cups of adultery 
21 teaspoon of lies 
And a lot of backbiting 
You take the devil and mix him with the 1 cold heart, then you go around tearing God church apart 
You take the 2 cups of whiskey, and mix it with the 21 teaspoon of lies; you then persecute God’s saints, and ignore their humble cries 
Mix the 4 cups of jealously with the 5 cups of hate, don’t worry about heaven, you will never enter the gate 
Now last but not least; you take the 3 cups of adultery and mix it with a lot of backbiting; you are on your way to hell now; Ain't this exciting? 
This is a recipe that I would not use, nor would I sell, and if you use it today, it’s a recipe for going to hell!

Copyright © Lillie Williams