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Illusion... illusion
Ooh what a confusion

Entering the world of spirituality, while
Keeping an eye on reality

As conclusion of this confusion
Reality has always been the illusion 

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little bird in the sky

Little bird in the sky
Come sit with me
So I can tell you why
Little bird in the sky
Please teach me how to fly
So I can set myself free
Little bird in the sky
Come sit with me

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My quiet place, not so quiet

My quiet place, not so quiet
Headphones in, let's begin
Music and dancing inspire me
Begin of words within

Emotions turning into words
Dancing the pain away
Everything and everyone that hurts
Writing what I can’t say

My quiet place, not so quiet
Headphones in, let's begin

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I don't know where I'm going But I am on my way

I don't know where I'm going
But I am on my way
Not afraid of not knowing
I don't know where I'm going
This does not stop me from growing
Living my life day by day
I don't know where I'm going
But I'm on my way

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As Time travels

As Time travels …….
Time has no destination
He travels from train station to train station
Situation after situation at a different location

As Time travels….
Making friends along the way
Friends meant for a life Time
Or friends for  one single day

Time goes by…..then he met a Lie
All looks well………
Until he past trough hell
Why oh why did this Lie… say hi

Time to call his old friend, Truth
He always has the answer
Truth said it is Time to say…….goodbye
To this trouble bringing Lie

As Time travels….
Next to him an empty seat
Distance after distance
Making no difference

As Time travels….
Thinking the end is near
He hears someone say……..
“Are these seats taken, my dear”?

“I am Patience and this is my sister Faith
Tell me why are you traveling this late”?
“My name is Time and I have no place to go
I just sit….and wait, wait….and wait”

As Time travels…….
Having a long and deep conversation
Explaining about his desperation ….
His longing for an unknown location

As time travels…..
Listing to Faith and Patience
Understanding all wise words they have to say
Take your Time just live your way….. day by day

“Excuse me, my I intrude and say
Don't forget there is no such thing as regret
All the things in the past weren't meant to last
Standing still is a waste of Time… should be a crime”

“Outspoken stranger may I ask?
You know my name
And I wish to know the same”?
“Destiny ………that's what they call me”

As Time travels…..
He called his friend back home
“Hello ….Hope my dear
I know long Time no hear”

“We have some catching up to do
I really like to meet with you
Because I met this amazing lady
I think she is the one…..maybe”????

In Time……….
Time will tell …. If all goes well
As time travels…….
With his Destiny

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Farwell 2011 and Hello 2012

In a wink of an eye 2011 went by
Wasn’t it just yesterday I gave 2010 away?
2012 is now replacing you
There is still is so much I wanted to do 
Ooh well I am not in a hurry
Because if I do
Time will be very blurry
A lesson learned well
Carefully taught by 2010
Timing is everything
What, How, Where and When!!!

2011 I thank you
You made me see what is true
I am grateful
Explaining to me how to be faithful
To the teachings of life
So 2011 I say Farwell
To you my dear good friend
With all my heart
I’ll cherish every moment in time we spent

2012 in a week you and me will finally meet
I am pretty sure
Our time together is going to be SWEET
2011 has been talking a lot about you
Dreaming of the things we are going to do
Can’t wait to get to know you
What will you bring me?
Where will you take me?

2012 I am ready for you to show me
Everything you are supposed to be

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I wish for a tree

I wish for a tree
Far away from home
Quiet by the sea
I wish for a tree
Just for me
In a hammock all alone
I wish for a tree
Far away from home

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This planet These humans

This planet
These humans
I do not understand
All they do is demand

They take and break
Have no time to wait
They wait to break
Take without the wait 

Money is all
This planet
These humans
 It will make you fall

Take it all 
These humans
On this planet
You take for granted

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My way

They ask.....
I answer.......

They hear.....
But don’t listen

They talk and tell…
They say and command

They do all…..
But try to understand………

Ask me again…..
And I hope you listen

Cause all I have to say….
I am doing it my way

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Between you and me

So differently alike
Almost the same
Do not share a name

Common opposites
Made to sing a song
There's no right or wrong

Realistic fantasy
Dreaming the reality
Between you and me